Thief King Bakur meets Kari

Kari is a Yugioh fan of Yugioh her favorite character is Bakura and she as big crunch on him she now his fiction but she still thought he was cool.

She had finished viewing all the sections on the computer and thought this was it well I've got Gx & 5D as well, but they sucks.

It was late so Kari was getting ready for bed. Kari was close to falling asleep when she heard something and it was on the way to her room.

She put the blanket over her self and tried to lock like she was sleeping and hope it would go away.

Unfortunately, she hadde not that luck she could see a shadow that looked like to be a man, she thought, O my God, it is a burglar.

The thief came closer now Kari began to panic now, he was so close he could touch her.

Then everything became black.

Later, Kate woke up but she was no longer in her room she looked around but hardly see anything it was so dark.

Her first thought was I've been kidnapped She began to panic and tried to get up.

But it was then she noticed that she has be chain to wall.

Kari tried with all her might to get away but for nothing.

She had just given up when she heard voices:Do you think the king will appreciate this gift.

Yes it is a nice piece of meat we have found and if not I'll take care of it if you understand watt I mean.

The both men laughed Kari heard this and thought take care of but then it hitt her OOoo No she thought then the door slam open.

The both men took of Karis chains and lifted her up rude and said come girl you will meat or king then they drag here away.