Part 7

Bakura woke up in shock, he was all sweaty and shaking, he watched his surrounding.

He saw that he was still in the village and that Kari was there with him.

Was it just a nightmare or dream he was not sure. It felt so real.

Suddenly a bright light shone Bakura squinted his eyes. A female voice started speaking and said.

I have backed down time to prevent this disaster that you caused to happen. What do you mean?

She ignored him and continued. Soon after you left the village and go to rest in a cave, you got captured that you sure noticed in your so-called dream.

And do not worry Karie will not remember anything of it because it havent happened. Why, I remember it then.

Because it's necessary. Now I'll help you bring her home. Say your goodbyes.

Va! Men. Nej, men du har sett hennes framtid. Och den inte omfattar dig i detta World.

To save her from this horrible fate, you must bring her back. You were never meant to be together in her world you just a fictional character.

And one more thing it is best that she only remembers you as that. A fictional character.

Bakura looked sad on Kari and woke her up and said Kari, it's time for you to come home. While he was thinking you might not remember me as real but I will always love you.

The End