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"Darren!" I turned around to where the voice came from. Harkat was running towards me, trying to catch me up.

"Hi Harkat! What's the matter?"I stopped and asked.

"Paris wants you in the hall."

"Now?" Oh great. I was just going to see the new species of spider Seba discovered.

"Yes, apparently he said it is urgent."

"Guess Seba will just have to wait. Thanks for telling me though." I said as I headed towards the hall.

I entered the hall and found Paris, Vancha and Mr. Crepsley sitting around the table, discussing something. I walked over to them. "What's happening?"

"Took you long enough." Vancha said, pretended to be annoyed. "Are you a turtle or something?" I rolled my eyes.

"Just come and sit down first." Mr. Crepsley said. I sat down beside him. "Now,"

"Darren do you believe in Magic?" Vancha suddenly said.

"Huh?" Did he just say…magic?

"You are confusing him here." Mr. Crepsley glared at Vancha for interrupting him.

Vancha shrugged. "Well I don't know where to start..."

"Darren, what do you think about attending a school of magic?" Paris asked. What? They were making me more confused now. Before I could say anything he began talking.

"Magic and wizards do exist. My friend, who is a wizard, is the headmaster of a magic school called Hogwarts. We have got a situation here. There are rumours about the vampaneze, and we think that they are going to attack the school."

"Why would the vampaneze want to attack a magic school?" I asked unsurely. Vampaneze? Magic? I couldn't see a link between them at all.

"Well you see, same as us, we have our enemies and so do the wizards. Their biggest enemy in threat for them is a dark wizard, called Lord Voldemort. Recently we have found out that the vampaneze and Lord Voldemort have teamed up. We assume the vampaneze is helping Voldemort to attack the school in order to get his help to go against us."

"Is that bad?" I asked.

"Yes. The wizards might not know how to fight physically, but they know how to cast strong and powerful spells which could kill in a second."

"So how's this related to me?"

"The wizard friend that I am talking about, whom name is Albus Dumbledore, sent a letter to us wishing we could help them. Since the rumors about the vampaneze have not been confirmed, we are going to send only you and Larten to the school, reporting back if anything happens. You are going to disguise as a student."

"Why would I have to be a student?"

"Because we don't want them to panic," Mr. Crepsley said. "in the wizard's eyes we are still the mysterious evil blood-sucking creatures. The only person who knows about us is Albus."

"I guess that's true. So what about you Mr. Crepsley?" I asked him.

"I am going to accompany you to the school while I hide in daytime and keep an eye at night."

"Oooo…looks like our little Prince is going to learn some magic!" Vancha said in a mocking tone.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah right and I can kick your hairy and smelly arse with magic when I get back."

"Hey my arse is not hairy and smelly!" Vancha retorted. "And how the hell do you know what it looks and smells like?"

"Fine, I am not sure about the hairy bit but the smelly bit is true. Your arse STINKS! I can even smell it from here!" I said, giggling.

"Van, he does have a point. You can probably kill someone by sitting on their face or by a fart. It is lethal." Mr. Crepsley said as he and I burst out laughing. Paris had a grin on his face as well.

"So shall I try sitting on your face to see if I could kill you Darren?" Vancha asked, face reddening a bit.

"No thanks." I said, still laughing my head off.

"Well I guess Darren and Larten should go get really then. You two will be leaving today since it takes some time to get there." Paris said.

Me and Mr. Crepsley stopped, got up and headed towards our room to get ready. Magic? This was going to be interesting.

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