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Chapter One

Alex's POV.

"Alexandra!" I heard my dad call again as I was late. Damn him.

Today is the last day I shall be in England for a long, long time. So naturally, I wasn't jumping up and down about leaving as early as he wanted to. Neither me, my brother, Theo, nor sister, Laura, wanted to leave but I think I was defiantly dreading it the most.

We were going to be moving back to where my parents were bought up. It's on some reservation where they pride themselves in their tribe. It's a really small reservation. So small, that everybody knows each other. Isn't that fantastic?

The rest of my family all loved that idea, that you can walk down your road and know everyone there. But I hate that; you'd never be able to get any privacy. On top of this, I have to meet new people! I always go really weird when I meet new people. I always feel so on edge because they're judging you, you know? So I always end up acting like a totally fuck-tard and everyone keeps a distance from me after that. Which is perfect.

I finished the last of my stuff and took one last look around my room and my stomach twisted. I really was going to miss this place. I'd lived here all my life, and I'd been through so much in this house, and my dad just wanted to pack up and leave? Within a week, someone else would be in my room, calling it theirs, sleeping in it. I shuddered at the thought. This was my room. Its what I was used to.

I grumpily stomped out of my room and chucked my cases in the back of the taxi that was taking us to the nearest airport.

"Come on Alex, it's going to be nice at La Push." My dad said while he put some more bags in the taxi, although he didn't make eye contact with me. I had boring, long brown hair, I was 'curvy', which is really a nice way of saying not skinny and not clinically obese but anyway, I wasn't pretty, and I my skin wasn't that great. But I had bright green eyes, with hazel around the outside; I got them from my mother.

Dad said he fell in love with my mum the moment he looked in her eyes and it was hard for him to look at them because he reminded them of hers too much. The only thing I truly like about myself has to have a downside, fucking typical, eh?


I smiled brightly. I knew who that was, I spun around, well I span around, then stumbled and had to use the taxi to rebalance myself, but anyway, I spun around and saw my three best friends next to a couple of my sister and brothers mates standing their with their arms open. I squealed and tackled my friends to the ground.

We all hugged and I stared at them.

"Zara, Effie, and Abs; you girls are my true loves. And my heart will ache every second we are apart." They laughed and Zara punched me in the arm, calling me a retard but Effie started to cry. They knew I was just joking, but I really was going to miss them so much. They were my rocks. Even though that sounds so cheesy, it was true. I didn't think I would be able to live without them. They always knew how to cheer me up, and they totally accepted me even though I was a bit weird. I loved them so much. I tried not to cry but I could feel my eyes dampening. Damn it!

We hugged some more and I hugged a couple of Theo's friends that I was kind of close with. I really was going to everyone here. I put my I-pod on and had my music blaring.

Everything after that went by in a sort of blur. We drove, got to the airport, did all the airport things, and went on a plane, got another taxi. You know, that sort of thing. I just listened to my I-pod and generally ignored everyone. I don't usually act like this, the whole angst teenager thing, but today, I was a little fucked off. And it seemed like only minutes had past when I had found my way all the way in America and was pulling up outside my new hometown, La Push.

My stomach twisted once more as I stared out the windows and realised that I was indeed, out of England. And not going back in a hurry, I might add. It made me feel even sicker that I couldn't even see my friends back home. Home. I guess I shouldn't really call it that anymore. This was my new home.

I angrily stomped out of the car and slammed the door shut as I got out. We were seeing my dads' old friend for a bit while he got the keys for our house, because the authorities didn't want to send it to us in England. Not really what I wanted to do after hours and hours of travelling. I just wanted a shower, and to go to bed, not the whole reunion thing. I took in a deep breath as I stared around me. It smelt like it had just rained and there were woods surrounding the house. I didn't mind that so much, I loved the smell of rain.

I walked in after Theo and dad motioned for me to pull my earphones out. I rolled my eyes but I pulled them out anyway as I shut the door. I heard a snort and I turned to look at who else was there. Holy shit.

In the middle of the room stood eight incredibly large shirtless guys. Oh, did I mention they were all incredibly hot large shirtless guys? No? Well they are.

My eyes locked with one of the gigantic men and my breath caught. He was absolutely beautiful. And he was staring back at me. So I just stood there, completely dumbfounded for like a whole minute before my sister distracted me. She stood right in front of them and stuck on her perfect smile.

I know it sounds like I hate my sister, but I really don't. She's lovely! She's just a bit of a flirt, even though she's only thirteen.

"Hi, my names Laura! Its nice to meet you all." She tried to get their attention as the guy stared at me and the others nudged each other and laughed.

I got control of myself and went and stood next to Theo who was by Dad. Right, already made a fool out of yourself, good one Alex. I mentally slapped myself, why couldn't I have been all outgoing like Laura?

"So this is Joe and his son, Paul," Dad said, motioning his old friend and one of the guys who laughed at me earlier. He smiled at me. Idiot.

"Its good to see you again." Joe said as he smiled at us but his eyes lingered on Theo for a while longer and he had a knowing expression on his face. I turned to Theo looking confused but he just shrugged looking equally confused. "Oh, and that's my sons' friends, Jacob, Quil, Sam, Seth, Brady and Embry. Boys, this is Theo, Alexandra and Laura."

The one I had been practically drooling over was called Embry. I had to literally hold my self back from jumping on him when he smiled madly at me.

Joe looked at me and sighed after a little. "You have your mothers eyes, Alex." He said quietly, I looked away quickly after smiling sadly and nodding. Didn't I know it?

"Right, we've got to sort some stuff out, won't be that long." He said and him and my father left to go to another room.

"Erm, you can sit down if you want." Paul said and Theo and me sat down next to each other on one of the sofas, while Laura shamelessly started flirting with one of the boys, I think it was Brady. He looked really startled and was clearly not interested, but Laura remained blissfully ignorant as she fluttered her eyelashes at him.

I looked at Theo who was wincing. I shook my head. "Disgraceful." I muttered and we laughed quietly at our sister. A couple of the boys snorted and Laura turned to glare at us.

She got fed up with not getting a reaction out of any of the boys and sat back in her chair next to Brady, huffing. They others all still crowding around the boy called Embry, laughing and pushing him. Idiots.

Embrys POV.

I felt it as soon as soon she stepped out of the car. The feeling I'd heard the guys explain before, but only then did realise that they were right when they said it really was indescribable.

It felt like my whole world had shifted. It was like I had seen my whole life's meaning at the moment I looked at her. She had black skinny jeans on, and a music band t-shirt that clung to her body showing her curves. She was beautiful.

The wind blew and her hair wrapped around her face as she slammed the door and stalked towards the house after her brother.

Jacob smacked me on the shoulder to get me to breath but I couldn't. I was to busy willing my body not to run at her. I needed to though. I physically needed to touch her. Hell I hadn't even heard her speak yet, and I already knew that she was the one. The one I would love from now on for the rest of my life. The one I would grow old with. My soul mate.

Her dad motioned for her to take her earphones out and she rolled her eyes. Paul snorted but I just smiled insanely. If it wasn't got the whole imprinting shit, I knew I would have fallen in love with her instantly anyway. This girl had spunk.

When she entered my house, we locked eyes and I herd her breathing catch. I couldn't look away. She had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen in my life. It felt so right, to just look at her. I knew from then on, my life would never be the same. She was my life now. I could feel my body aching to move towards her, and if it wasn't for Sam's hand on my shoulder, although it wasn't holding me back, it was reminding me that it would be, err, inappropriate, I would have jumped her.

Then her stupid sister got in the way and was trying to get our attention but I just stared helplessly at her.

My heartbeat was going mental right now and I started smiling mentally when Paul's dad introduced me.

Alexandra. That's what Joe said her name was. What a beautiful name. Alexandra and Embry. Our names just fitted right with each other. Like everything was going to. Everything was going to fit because I'd just imprinted on her.

"You have your mothers eyes, Alex." Joe said and she smiled sadly and looked away nodding. I felt anger swell in my stomach and I wanted to smash Joe to a pulp. He'd just upset her; I needed to make her feel happy again. Calm down! I shouted to myself, in my head of course, I don't go around talking to myself. I'm not that weird.

She sat down with her brother as her sister tried to flirt with Brady. He looked really uncomfortable but I wasn't taking that much notice I was just staring at her, memorising her face and body. She muttered, "Disgraceful." To her brother and they laughed. Her laugh! I swear to god; my heart just stopped. She had the sweetest laugh I've ever heard in my life. And her smile. Oh my god. Her smile! It was so beautiful, her eyes sort of twinkled. Damn, I'm sounding like such a girl.

The boys turned around to me as Laura huffed at Alex.


"Did you just imprint?"

"Oh man, did you really?"

They all started whispering at me, all excited as they clapped me of the shoulder and I just stared at her completely dumbfounded. She looked up and saw me staring at her and looked into my eyes for a while, letting us getting completely lost in each other for a bit before her brother poked her in the ribs, trying to get her attention as he glared at me.

Right, because I was practically drooling over his sister, and he probably didn't like that.

I reluctantly pried my eyes of off her and stared at the guys, my eyes wide with fear.

"Wh-What do I do?" I whispered to them. As me eyes skipped to each of them. I had absolutely no idea how I was supposed to be doing anything. My mind had gone completely blank. I wasn't normally this shy and nervous!

Jacob smiled encouragingly at me while Paul rolled his eyes and shoved me towards her.

"Do you guys want a drink? Embry's going to go make some, aren't you mate?" Paul asked me and I just nodded, staring at her again.

"Yeah, thanks." Theo answered coldly and glared at me as he moved forward to shield her protectively. I let out a growl. Yep. I just growled at him because he got in the way of my view so I couldn't gawk at his sister.

His eyes widened and he began to get angry. Alex nudged him with her shoulder and he stared at her.

"What's up with you?" She asked him, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Ah! She had the voice of an angel. English is now my favourite accent. She was so unaware of her effect on me that she was genuinely confused by why her brother was practically shielding her.

"Nothing sis." He said dismissively but his eyes still bore wholes in my head.

"Alexandra, right? Will you help him with the drinks?" Sam said trying to divert the conversation. I shot him a grateful look quickly and nodded at her.

"Um, yeah sure. And its just Lexie or Lex or whatever." She said with a smile at him as she stood up and moved towards me. I felt jealously swirl around my body. Why was she smiling at him? I instinctively took a step towards her as I felt the need in my stomach grow. She looked at me oddly and laughed, "So; the kitchen?" She said, obviously confused again as to why I was walking towards her. Damn! I opened my mouth and shut it a couple of times, unable to form words. This is the girl I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, and I cant even talk to her. Holy shit, I think I just blushed! Blushed!

"Yes!" I eventually squeaked and hurried of towards the kitchen where I could hear her following. I also heard the guys laughing at me, and I knew that they would be taking the piss out of me for it later, but I didn't care right now; I was alone with Lexie.

I opened a cupboard and turned to her. I gulped at how beautiful she looked, trying to restrain myself again.

"So, Lexie. How come you've moved here?" I asked. I was amazed at myself that I managed to speak.

Her face flashed with anger as she flung her arms in the air in desperation and sighed.

"I don't even know!" She exclaimed and I chuckled at her as I got out the glasses. She was so lovely. "My dadjust decided that he didn't want us living in England anymore. He said it was time we moved back here. Said it was time for Theo or whatever. I don't actually know why though. There seems to be some hidden reason behind it all."

Realisation dawned on me when she said that. Or course; Her brother. His parents lived here, so he must of got the wolf genes in him like us. Those genes that enabled him to shape shift into a wolf, freely. But he obviously hadn't started yet as I couldn't smell it on him. "But I will find out." She smirked evilly at me and I felt my heart flutter. Fuck, I'm turning into such a girl.

"Oh sorry, I shouldn't really be ranting on to you about everything." She said, wincing while she took a glass and filled it.

"No, no, don't be sorry. Did you like it in England then?" I asked and I went to pass her another glass and our hands brushed. It felt like my skin was being electrocuted, but it felt good. She gasped, although it was barely audible and pulled away.

"Oh, yeah. It's kind of boring there but you know. Its nice and it's what I'm used to." She said and ran her fingers through her hair while she shrugged. I almost laughed. It was certainly far from boring here.

"I'm sure you'll love it here." I said and smiled brightly at her. She wrinkled her nose up. Holy shit. That has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Fuck, I really do sound like a girl!

"I don't know, it's such a small town. I don't think I'd fit in." I laughed while I took a piece of her hair that was sticking up in my fingers and pulled it to the other side of her parting. Her hair was so soft.

"I have a feeling you're going to fit in just fine." I said and winked as I slowly bought my hand down, letting it brush against her cheek. She laughed but she looked a little confused.

Her dad walked in. "We've got to go now Alex." He said and smiled at her. She just nodded and turned to me.

"Err, thanks for the drink, even though I didn't really drink it, but, you know what I mean." She said as she scratched her neck.

I laughed, "I get you. It's no problem." We followed her dad through and I err, admired her from behind. Then all of a sudden she tripped on something and fell flat on her face. Holy fucking shit. I didn't even catch her! I just stood there with my eyes wide looking like my whole world was crashing down. Which, practically, it was. The guys gawked at me. Right - help her up.

"Fuck, are you okay?" I said and I bent down, as she started laughing. She got up, ignoring my outstretched arm and rubbed her face.

"Ow." She mumbled and I took a step towards her. She looked up at me and laughed again. "Its okay, I'm alright." She said, I nodded and walked after her as she followed her sister towards the front door.

"You're such a klutz." Laura said while laughing and bumped her with her hip. But Alex wasn't expecting it and stumbled to the side and smacked her head on the wall.

"Fuck!" I shouted and caught her before she fell to the ground. She started laughing again as she rubbed her head with her palm. She leant against me a bit as she regained her balance. It felt so good to have her in my arms. It was like everything was how it should be, that nothing could go wrong. Arrg! This is so fucked up; I've only just met her! I shouldn't feel like this. Stupid imprinting shit. Reluctantly, I let her go as she stepped away.

"Holey shit, Laura!" She moaned while wincing although she was still laughing slightly. I smiled inwardly. I know it's just a couple of words, but I always say holey shit. Just another sign that we're perfect together.

I've officially lost all manliness I ever had.

"Alex! Stop swearing!" Her dad shouted from by their car as he talked to Joe. "And stop falling over!"

Everyone laughed but she rolled her eyes and put one earphone back in, although I saw her lips twitch upwards.

I smiled as I watched the way her hair falls around her shoulders. She started to walk towards their car and I felt my stomach lurch. Holy shit, she's leaving!

I laced my fingers through hers and pulled back so she was right in front of me. She looked surprised and confused as she looked into my eyes.

"I'll, er, see you later, yeah?" I said, she shrugged and nodded, still looking confused. I smiled brightly at her and she smiled back, although her eyebrows were still knitted together. I licked my lips; I was so close to her right now, if I just leaned down a littleā€¦

"Come on Lex." Theo said as he dragged her by her arm. She smiled at me.

"Bye." She said to everyone as she pulled out of her brothers grasped and sent him a warning glare. He backed of with his hands in the air. She looked so hot when she was angry. I could tell how Theo was scared; I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that look. Actually, I think I'd die if I were on the receiving end of that look. I heard Paul snort again.

So not a great sound for him. "Looks like you got yourself a handful their mate." He said and I could see him beaming at me from the side of my eye. I ignored him and watched as she drove away. My heart already ached. I missed her so much and it had barely been 10 seconds.

" Because, I know I would hate to have a clumsy imprint; her falling over all the time, always dropping stuff, constantly putting herself in mortal danger. Damn, I'd be surprised if she lives a week." He said while smiling smugly.

I turned to him, half absolutely livid, half worried shitless.

"Shut up Paul!" Sam said and Pauls smile faded. "I'm sure she'll be fine." Although, he didn't sound that confident. I bet you I die of a heart attack. We went back into the living room and sat down.

Conveniently, I got the chair she had been sitting in. She smells so good.

It was silent.

"So, what's she like?" Brady asked and I smiled brightly.

"Oh my god she's perfect!" I exclaimed with my eyes wide. The guys groaned. What? I had to put through their ramblings when a couple of the other guys had imprinted, so yeah, they can listen to mine too.