Chapter Three

Theos POV

We were just arriving back at mine after our patrol quite late to find Kim and Alex asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

"Damn." Embry and Jared said at the same time.

I gagged but the others laughed and Paul walked up and pulled Alex of off Kim, which resulted in a dangerous growl from Embry and a screech from Alex.

"No. Sleep." She mumbled grumpily as she rubbed her eyes.

"Mm, no. Give me Alex back." Kim mumbled as she slowly woke up.

"Give me back." Alex muttered as her head lolled against Paul.

"Nope. Although - you are getting a bit heavy Paul said, which emitted another louder growl from Embry, who was being held back by Quil, Seth and Sam. Alex screeched and punched Paul in the shoulder.

He dropped her so she fell to the floor, and then Embry escaped from his hold and rushed over to help her up, where she blushed and thanked him. Ew.

Over our time here Alex had gotten really close to Kim and, unfortunately, Embry. And, much to everyone's surprise, Paul and Leah, but they all had a sort of love/hate relationship. Everything had been a bit hectic the past week. What with finding out I'm actually a werewolf and the reason we moved from England was because my dad wanted me to be with my 'pack'. Alex is kind of observant, so naturally, she knew something was up. She was getting really aggravated with me, because she knew I was keeping something from her. Also, Embry had 'imprinted' on her. I attacked him when they told me. It's really fucking sick. She's his 'sole mate'? Stupid magical freaky shit.

"That hurt!" Paul yelled as he rubbed his arm, then his eyes widened. "Wait! I actually felt that!"

Alex looked at Paul, amused as she moved away from Embry's hold and sat down next to Kim again.

"And?" She asked with her eyebrows raised.

"How did you hurt me?" He asked her, and her eyes widened in anger. She jumped on him and they fell to the floor.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" She screamed as she straddled him, her fist above his face, threateningly.

Embry whimpered; he looked like he was in pain from having to witness his imprint on top of another man. Serves him right. The idiot shouldn't have gone and imprinted on my sister. Paul noticed this and smiled smugly as he put his hands on her thighs. Alex still remained oblivious to what this was doing to Embry; she was infact still oblivious that Embry had any feelings for her in that way, which was totally uncharacteristic of her. And I liked to remind him of it daily.

"Just, that you're so small." At this she scoffed. "And that I don't, er, hurt easily." She narrowed her eyes at him; I bet you she knew that there was more to this than he was letting on. But he wasn't very well going to come out and say, 'well, that's because I'm a werewolf and I should barely be able to feel your punches'.

She rolled her eyes after giving him another punch in the chest, and sat down on the couch next to Embry who smiled down at her brightly.

"What have you guys been doing today?" She asked us all, but she had her eyes locked with mine, she tried to ignore when Embry put his arm round her shoulders.

"Just out, Lex." I said sternly and returned her strong gaze. She was really pissing me off. I knew that it was hard for her, not knowing what's going on, she hates it when she doesn't know something. Ever since mum died and Dad stopped caring, Alex turned into our mother. But I had enough problems going on at the moment, even if it was really nice of her. I was only a year younger than her, I didn't need her to baby me.

She nodded and turned her gaze to the floor, but I, nor Embry, missed the hurt that flittered across her face.

"School starts again next week." Seth said, trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, you're in our year, right Lex?" Quil asked, motioning himself, Embry, Paul and Jacob.

"Yep." She said nodding as she looked up at Embry and smiled, which he quickly returned, he looked like an idiot.

She leaned into him as he continued to smile down at her.

"You got any food?" Paul enquired as he sat on what he had deemed 'his chair' as it was the biggest one.

"I don't know Paul." She said as she clenched her jaw. "Its probably in the kitchen, where most people keep the food."

"Go look, will you?" He asked her sweetly and the other boys all gasped in mock surprise and horror. They had quickly learnt that Alex had an anger to match Paul's, and you shouldn't treat her like that. Alex was a totally for the whole woman's-rights thing. I am as well I suppose.

"No, I won't. Do you want to know why?" He smirked and nodded. "Because I'm not your fucking slave!" She screeched and he pouted at her.

"Emily always makes us food!" He wailed and he glared at Embry. He had moaned before that Embry could have imprinted on someone who actually wanted to make them food, like Sam's imprint.

"You're so sexist!" She screamed as she leaned forward and kicked him in the shins. "Why should I have to get you food, when I don't want any. I don't know why Emily does it, but you shouldn't take her for granted, barely any women are like that nowadays." She said and Sam nodded in agreement. Paul huffed and walked into the kitchen muttering to himself.

Embry moaned at the loss of her body next to his and pulled her into him, where he then wrapped his arm around her and buried his head in her hair. I groaned. He's such a fucking asshole. Why did he always have to touch her and talk about her in front of me? We always had to listen to how she 'smelt so damn good', and how she was 'the most beautiful girl to ever grace Earth', and other cheesy shit like that. Not exactly what you want to hear about your sister. I broke his nose when he started to talk about her body though; that's just way to far.

She turned to stare at him in confusion with her eyebrows furrowed together. She was always confused when he would do something like that with her. She really didn't think he had any feelings for her.

Paul walked in smugly holding a packet of malteasers as he sat back down. Alex and Kim gasped in shock.

"You dare touch our maltesears?" Kim asked incredulously with her hand over her mouth. Jared smiled at her lovingly as he wound his arms around her. All this imprinting stuff was making me feel sick.

"You wouldn't dare!" Alex whispered as he ripped the packet open and took out the first one. He smirked and winked at them as plopped it in his mouth. She gasped out in rage as she jumped on him once again and stole them away.

He tried to grab them back but Embry manoeuvred her so she was sitting on his other side so he was in-between the two of them. She smiled smugly to Paul and thanked Embry, who beamed back at her.

"What do I get for thanks?" He asked her as she offered them to Kim and Leah.

"What would you like?" She asked innocently as she ate a one and laughed.

A low growl emitted from him as he stared at her, which set her off in more laughs as she thought he was doing it on purpose as a joke. I almost jumped on him and tore him to pieces. Very almost.

Instead, I kicked him in the shin, which took him out of his trance, and he gulped.

We went on, talking and joking for a couple of hours until Laura came in.

"Alex!" She shouted and Alex whimpered and hid behind Embry, which made them laugh. "That stupid boy of yours has been calling me for the past ten minutes! He says you wont answer your phone." She thrust her mobile in Alex's face and Alex quickly jumped up and grabbed it as she squeaked with excitement.

"Josh?" She asked while jumping up and down.

"Hey girl!" His voice came through and Embry was trembling with anger, because of our werewolf-enhanced powers, we were all able to hear, well everyone except Kim, but I think she got the gist of what was being said.

"Ah!" She screamed down the phone as she leant against doorframe after she bounced across the room.

"I can't believe my mum didn't let me come see you off!" He whined.

"I know, don't worry." She said while smiling. "How is my favourite boy then?" She asked with a giggle. Embry was staring at her with pain etched across his face and if he wasn't sitting down, I'm sure his legs would have given way. I smirked evilly.

"I'm fine babe, how are you doing? What's it like over there?"
"It's okay, I miss you and the girls loads though." Sam was trying to calm Embry down while Alex rambled on, totally ignorant to what was happening around her.

"I miss you so much too. Any cute boys there?" Josh asked eagerly which set her of laughing again.

"You'll have to come up and see for yourself, eh?" She replied.

"I don't know, I think I'm saving myself for your brother." He said and she started laughing again as all the guys turned to me. I groaned and rubbed my forehead in embarrassment.

"Damn, I've got to go help my mum out. I'll call you later, yeah? Bye, I love you." He said and Embry's head snapped up to look at her as she smiled to herself again.

"Okay, bye. I love you too." He let out another wolf-like whine.

"Fucking man up Embry." I said as I punched him the shoulder.

Alex passed the phone back to Laura and thanked her as she walked back over but stopped when she saw all their faces.

"What? Guys, what happened?" She asked. Embry just whimpered as he looked into her eyes. Jared looked at Kim, silently pleading her for help.

"Erm, was that your, err, boyfriend?" She asked quietly and they all winced when she said boyfriend.

This set Alex and me into hysterical laugher.

"Josh? Boyfriend?" She asked in-between laughs as clutched my side.

"Did you not hear the way he was speaking?" I asked and all of their faces became confused.

"Or what he asked about boys? Or when he practically admitted his undying love for Theo?" She added, at the last question I think I blushed. Ew.

"So?" Paul asked angrily, obviously not happy about not understanding what was going on.

"Josh is the gayest guy you'll ever meet, you idiots!" She laughed.

Embry visibly relaxed, "Are you sure?" He asked and she laughed again.

"As sure as I've ever been, about anything - in my entire life." She replied, shaking her head as she sat next to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "What happened though? You looked like you were in pain?" She quizzed, as she looked at the others worriedly.

It went quiet quickly and became really awkward which only added to her confusion.

"Er, your brother tried to kill me!" He shouted and she mock gasped and tsked at me as she rubbed Embrys arm comfortingly.

"You poor thing!" She joked as he pouted.

"I know!" He huffed and pretended to be upset as he pulled her into a hug. "It hurt so much!" She laughed as she put her arms around him and rubbed his muscled back.

"Aw, nasty Theo!" She mock scolded. "Kiss him better, Theo." She commanded and I chocked in disgust and Embry pulled away, equally as disgusted as the others started to laugh.

"Hey Seth!" Laura said as she fluttered her eyelashes at him.

"Erm, hi." He said back nervously as he scratched his neck.

"I'd feel better if you kissed me." Embry muttered quietly as he leaned back into the sofa.

"What?" Alex asked him, but he just shook his hand, dismissing it, as Quil and Jared snickered.

She shrugged and leant back as well to watch Laura flirt with Seth, and he blushed and laughed nervously.

"I'm getting a drink, Can you some help me Alex? I need to talk to you" Laura asked and sent Alex a meaningful look. Alex nodded and asked if anyone else wanted one.

A couple of us nodded and she smiled apart from she stopped at Paul and kicked him again. "You can get yourself one, ass." She said before following her sister out.

"Dude! Keep control of your imprint!" He muttered cradling his shin. "She kicks damn hard for a human!" Embry smiled smugly at him.

"Talking of imprints and humans, you have to tell her." I said. "Soon. She knows something's up, and it's getting really hard to keep lying to her." Embry's smile disappeared and turned into a frown as he sighed.

"I know man, I just don't know how. I mean, she'll probably react like you, right? I don't want to freak her out."

"Nah, she's really understanding about stuff like that. She's really open-minded you know?"

We heard a smash and Alex shout. "What the fuck Laura?"

Laura huffed and marched back through the living room ignoring Alex.

"Don't you fucking walk away from me!" Laura sighed and turned around.

"I only asked you because I thought you'd be cool with it, I know you not one either." She said and raised her eyebrows.

"You're thirteen, I'm sixteen! That's totally different." Alex screamed and her eyes were wide as she followed Laura outside. I rolled my eyes and went after them. "Who? Who have you met?" Alex said as she calmed down a bit.

"This, guy from Forks. He's amazing. Not that you'd understand!" Laura snarled and I felt the others come out after me. Nosy fuckers.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Alex turned to stare at me and raised her hands in the air. "Our darling sister, just asked me for –"

Laura cut her off. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up, Alex! Do you have to go around shouting it in front of everyone?" She screamed and motioned everyone behind me and they shuffled nervously.

"Oh." Alex said, she blatantly hadn't noticed anyone else there in her blazing fury.

"Yeah, oh. You have no clue, Alex! About anything. You'd never understand what its like between me and Andrew, because nobody will ever love you like he loves me."

"Come on, Laura. That's out of order." I said and tried to pull her away.

"That's not the point, Laura! You've only known him for three weeks." Alex shouted.

Laura screamed.

"Stop acting like you're my fucking mother Alex! Because your not. And if mum were alive, she'd probably be more accepting than you. But I can't go to her. Do you know why I can't go to my own fucking mum about what's going on in my life? Because she's dead, and its all because of you!" Laura shouted. But then her eyes widened and she covered her mouth, instantly regretting what she said.

I heard gasps from behind me but my eyes were on Alex. Her breathing caught and she took a step backwards, as if she'd been slapped. Hurt and guilt flashed across her face and her eyes welled up with tears.

"I- you – I'm – she – sorry." She mumbled but kept her eyes on the ground as she walked backwards. She looked in our eyes for a split second and mumbled sorry again before stumbling away

"Fuck you, Laura." I said as I shook my head at her, she winced.

Embry went to run after Alex but I stopped him. "Leave her for a bit." He scoffed and pushed past me. I rolled my eyes, if there was anything I knew about Alex, it was that she didn't want to be around people when she was upset. I've only actually seen her cry a couple of times.

Alexandras pov.

I heard the Embry and Paul downstairs and I screamed in frustration. Today was my first day at the school here and, damn I was nervous. I was always so freaking nervous! It's so infuriating. I make myself angry! I'm so fucked up.

I sighed as I looked at the mirror. It's not going to get better, I told myself. I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs towards them.

Embry looked up and smiled brightly at me. That's what I lo-liked. That's what I liked about him. He always smiled so genuinely all the time. I knew he'd never be interested in me, but Jesus. It's only been a couple weeks and I'm practically obsessing over him.

"Hey Embry, hi ass hole." I smiled brightly at Paul as I addressed him and he flicked me in the head while Embry laughed.

"Bitch." He muttered as I went to get my shoes. I gasped and stared at him. He just glared at me.

"Will you hit him for me?" I asked Embry as I fastened my necklace he nodded and went over to Paul and punched him in the shoulder. I swear I heard a crunch but Paul seemed fine after a couple of seconds so I dismissed it.

"My saviour!" I screamed and jumped on Embry. I nearly laughed at myself, any excuse I'm getting to jump on him, I'm taking. Such a retard.

He smiled brightly at me as Paul scowled and muttered something about being whipped, which I ignored.

I pulled away and put my other shoe on.

"You should be a little bit nicer to me, I'm giving you three a lift to school." Paul said.

I scrunched my face off. It had been a couple days since my little run-in with Laura, and I was still finding it pretty awkward around her. I can't believe she said all that in front of everything. And also, I'm still completely guilty about it, and it must be really hard for her. The fact that she even looks at me is a mystery. I don't blame Dad for not being able to look at me.

Laura and Theo walked in and we made our way to Paul's car. I sat in the back with Embry and Theo as Laura sat in the front, flirting with Paul. Damn girl never gives up.

Embry put his arm around the back of the car seats and I could feel my body leaning into him. Damn it. I just can't stop. Its like there's an actually pull towards him. I always find myself doing it. It's like I need to touch him. Stupid, stupid me! I leant forward to scratch my ankle and when I sat back I left a good sized gap between us. Well as good as it's ever going to be when I'm sitting in the back of a car with to overgrown guys. Embry shuffled towards me. Damn it! Its like he knows what he does to me.

We pulled up outside the school and I practically jumped out the car. I saw Kim across the 'lot' as these silly Americans call it, and I practically ran at her. She smiled and hugged me back.

"Trying to steal my girl again, Lex?" Jared asked as he wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing her on the neck. I laughed as the guys and Laura came up to us.

Embry put his hand on my lower back as they led us to the front of the school. I could practically feel my skin burning under his touch. A couple of the girls I passed glared at me. Right, it's my first day and I'm walking in with a bunch of six foot something incredibly muscled guys. I have no idea how Kim can take this.

We went up to the office and me, Theo and Laura got our timetables.

"Damn, well, at least we have quite a few classes together." Embry said as he compared ours.

"Aw, Lexie! We only have two together!" Paul shouted. I sighed sarcastically and hung my head as they laughed.

"Come on, we've got Physics first. See you guys later." Embry said and we started to walk towards are class and Theo and Laura walked of in a different direction.

Embrys hand brushed against mine as we were walking and I pulled away quickly.

Its like he electrocuted me! How can he do this to me, with just his touch? It's so weird.

"Jesus, Lex. Your hands are freezing!" He said as he pulled them into his warm ones, trying to heat them up.

"I'm always cold." I said non- nonchalantly with a laugh and he pulled my hands to his mouth and I felt his warm breath against my fingers. I smiled up at him. Damn, I must have looked an absolute idiot.

"I'll have to heat you up, eh?" Paul asked suggestively with a wink. I laughed and punched him in the arm. Embry growled and started to shake.

I put a hand on Embrys cheek so he'd look at me. I laughed as his deathly glare softens as his eyes met mine. "Its okay, yeah?" I said and he nodded smiling at me.

He really does smile at random times. What a sweetie.

"This is our class guys." Kim said as we came up to a door. All my nerves flooded back. Damn it.

The teacher introduced me to everyone, which was absolutely humiliating and then I kind of ran to the back to sit next to Embry because he saved me a seat.

The lesson went well, it was so much better than I thought it would be as it was the start of the year and I hadn't missed a load of stuff.

The second lesson I had, English, I had Paul and Leah in but there was a seating arrangement. I was sat next to this raven haired girl and Paul sent me an apologetic smile, while Leah just snorted at me.

I turned to the girl and smiled at her. "Hey."

She looked up at me and rolled her eyes. I felt anger boil up in me instantly. I was just trying to be nice! Who was she to make me feel humiliated for being polite?

"So, are you after Embry, or Paul? Though I guess whores like you will probably go for both." She said looking me up and down. I just gaped at her for while.

What. The. Fuck.

I didn't actually realise they had girls like this. There was always the popular girl in movies and books that had to pick on the weird girl who was friends with the hot guys, but really? She thought she was so damn fine that she could act like she owned them?

I raised an eyebrow at her and laughed. "I'm not after any of them." I said as I stopped laughing. I heard Paul growl from his seat across the room. Ah, I knew I fought with him all the time, but he could be such a cutie.

"But, you keep trying to scare of any girl who speaks to them, and I'm sure you'll bag one of them. I think Paul really likes you, even if he is seeing a girl who is twenty times more beautiful than you, I'm sure you could win him over with your charming ways." I said sarcastically while smiling at her with fake encouragement as I sat down.

She turned to Paul and saw that he was glaring at her. She turned to the front and huffed. She's like a toddler who didn't get her toy. I rolled my eyes.

As soon as the bell went to signal end of class, Paul was by my side.

"You okay? Want me to rip her to pieces?"

I laughed as I picked my bag up. "I'm okay Paul. Thanks." He smiled down at me and put a protective arm around me and growled as we walked past the girl.

We were still laughing at the shock on her face as we met up with the other guys outside on a bench. Leah was just rolling her eyes.

Embry looked kinda pissed when we got there. I swear to god that he's bi-polar.

"What you laughing at?" He asked as he pulled me to sit next to him. He's really protective as well, I feel like I'm his dog or something. Paul dropped his arm back to his side and laughed at something with Jacob.

"Just something this girl did, don't worry." I said and smiled at him. He smiled back but he still looked pretty annoyed.

Seth and Theo came up to us and I smiled brightly at them. Damn I love Seth. Hes lovely. Actually, all these little La Push gang boys are. Apparently, from what I heard someone saying in Physics, they were part of a gang and Theo was like there new apprentice. I didn't believe that for a second though, there was something going on, without doubt, but they defiantly weren't in a gang.

Seth bounded over to us, smiling like he'd been given the greatest news ever, I laughed and looked up at Embry. He was just staring at me, like so intently. Its like he could see right into my soul. I blinked a couple times but he didn't stop it so I just turned away blushing. What the hell?

He'd do that every so often and I'd just completely loose my breath. I could practically hear my heart thumping against my chest. He probably does it to everyone, get a grip!

Theo must have seen how uncomfortable I was because he hit Embry in the arm.


"Sam said Emily's invited everyone 'round for dinner tonight." Seth said smiling. He was always happy. Bless him. I feel really protective of him, like I'm his mum or something. Weird. You just never see him angry or upset, and if anyone ever made him like that, it would have to be pretty bad, and I'd probably kill them. He always seemed to be able to see the good side in everything. I'm like, the totally opposite.

"Cool, you coming?" Embry asked me, I looked to Theo and he shrugged and nodded.

"Sure I'll call dad after school."

The rest of the day went fairly similar to how it had in the morning and after school we dropped Laura of at home, who was kinda miffed that she wasn't coming, and we were at Emily and Sam's house.

We were all lounging on the sofas, well, Seth and Theo were on the floor because there wasn't enough room and they were the youngest.

I was leaning against Kim with my feet on Embrys lap. I could tell Jared was kind of annoyed because I was keeping him from snogging her. Muhahaha.

Rachel, Jacobs sister and Pauls Imprint, had just walked in and Paul like ran at her. He was kissing and fussing over, asking her if she wanted anything and if she was okay and all this stuff. She just rolled her eyes and sat down in his spot. But instead of Paul moaning like he would if anyone else had stole his seat he just smiled at her and sat on the floor. We laughed, I made a whipping sound and motion with my hand, they all laughed more but Paul got really angry.

"What are you implying, Alex?" His voice was on edge and he was clenching his jaw.

I leaned forward and smiled sweetly at him. "You, dear Paul, are truly and utterly, whipped."

He growled at me! He freaking growled at me.

"Don't growl at her!" Embry shouted at him and I nearly fell of the sofa. Whoa, Embry was scary angry.

I put my hand on his arm to get his attention and he relaxed a bit, "Don't worry about it." I said with a smile. "Paul wouldn't hurt me." I turned to Paul and smiled brighter.

He just glared at me but just turned back to kissing Rachel.

"I'm going to start cooking tea." Emily said, "Coming girls?" Rachel and Kim sprung up and went straight to the kitchen, against Jared and Pauls protests.

Theo laughed quietly as me and Leah reluctantly got up. I kicked him.

"Yeah, come help as well Theo." I said and his smile faded, but he got up anyway. I smiled proudly, damn straight! This wasn't the olden days, the women don't slave away in the kitchen while the men sit around waiting for their food to be served for them!

"Nah, its okay Theo. We've got it. You boys relax." Emily said while smiling sweetly. What the hell?! I swear my jaw nearly hit the floor. She was actually going to let them sit around do nothing? I could feel my muscles tense as I tried to control my anger. This was so freaking sexist. I was expected to help out in the kitchen beacuase I was a girl yet Theo can sit there? Just because hes a guy!? This is so ridiculous. But I couldn't very well say that to her when she invited us over for tea, that would have been so rude. I unclenched my jaw and took a steady breath. I followed after Emily, she hadn't seen my whole freak out. I could hear Theo laughing from behind me again and I turned round and stuck my fingers up at him.

"Right, could you start cutting the carrots please Alex?" Emily asked and I smiled and nodded.

Embrys pov.

"Whoa, what was that about?" Paul asked Theo, who just laughed.

"Lex is totally against the whole, woman belong in the kitchen while men go out and work sort of thing. Because it's sexist you know?" He said shrugging.

"She wont cook?" Jared asked.

"Nah, she's been cooking for us for years, but she just thinks everyone's got to do equal amounts. She would never be a housewife." He said.

Paul laughed and clapped me on the back, "Gutted there mate."

Theo turned to me with wide eyes, "You don't want Alex to be a stay at home mum, do you?" He asked and burst out laughing.

"Er, well." I started. Its not like I didn't believe in what she wanted, its just I wasn't happy with the idea of her going out to work.

Theo laughed even more, so hard tears were coming out of his eyes.

Alex came back in holding a massive knife looking angry.

"Stop laughing asshole." She said pointing her knife at Theo, he stopped but still smiled madly at me. "Emily wants to know if you know when she others are coming."

"Oh, Jacob ain't coming. Erm, Sam and Quill are bringing the little-uns by in about an hour." Jared said and she nodded.

"Now, get back in the kitchen, woman!" Paul ordered and Alex's eyes widened and I could see her jaw clenching.

"I know I'm not that much of a fan for blood, but that wont stop me from stabbing you with this." Alex said sweetly as she played with the knife in her hands.

We laughed but Pauls' smile disappeared.

"About an hour, Emily." She called to the kitchen as she approached Paul. I grabbed her by the waist as Theo pried the knife from her hands.

"We hear you don't want to be a house wife then Lex?" Paul asked with a smug smile.

She straightened up and her eyebrows furrowed together. "Damn straight."

The other girls came back in and looked at her with their eyebrows raised.

"What do you want to do after school then?" Kim asked.

"I'm not sure. I've always been interested in the army but I'll probably go to a college." She answered and smiled brightly. It was like everyone but Theos jaw's dropped.

"Army?" Paul asked disbelievingly. Her head whipped round to glare at him.

"There aren't many colleges around here." Leah said and stared at Alex.

I could feel my face fall and I tightened my grip on her waist. There was no way I would let her leave me.

"I know, I've been looking and the nearest one in America is about a 2 hour drive away. Theres a really good college back home in England." I winced when she reverted to England as 'home'.

I could feel my body starting to tremble. No. No. No. She can't be doing this. She can't leave me.

"What!?" Theo screamed at her, now it was her turn to wince.

She sighed. "You knew I probably wouldn't stay here that long."

"So that's it? You're just going to leave? Have you talked to Dad about this?"

She scrunched her nose up again – I managed not to groan, so cute.

"You can't leave!" I whined and she bit her lip.

"Do you even care about me Laura and Dad?" Theo said and she turned to glare at him.

"Don't you fucking dare! You can't do that to me, that's not fair. You know full well that you guys mean the most to me, but I'm not allowed to do one thing for me?" She shouted and frowned at him angrily.

He groaned. "And you can't do that to me! Nobody forced you to do the things you've done. Why are you getting angry because we want you to stay here."

"Yeah, I'll just stay here all my life, settle down and get a prissy local job for the rest of my life. Mmm, sounds really nice to me." She said as she rolled her eyes and went to stand next to Leah, who nodded in agreement. I frowned even harder. I hated it when I wasn't holding her, it always made everything seem better when I was with Alex. Everything was going to be okay as long as I had her. And now, she's planning on moving away!

"Can you really expect Alex to live the lifestyle the way most of the women around here live, just because you want her too?" Leah said as glared accusingly at Theo and me.

"Yes!" I shouted and Theo laughed. Alex groaned and took the knife back from him. For a split second, I thought she was going to kill him.

But she didn't, she just went into the kitchen and we heard loud and almost violent chopping.

Leah rolled her eyes. "Do you actually even care about what anyone apart from you wants?" She muttered to me before following into the kitchen.

After that it went awkwardly silent. We all shuffled about, now knowing what to say as she listened to the sound of Alex's knife slamming against a chopping board. Thank god for that chopping board our Emily's counter would be in absolute shreds.

"Cookies?" Emily asked sweetly before scurrying back into the kitchen. Insert eye roll here.

We walked in just as they were serving tea.

"Thanks." We mumbled as we took our seats. I was sitting next to Alex and I could tell she was still angry.

"Why did you mash up the carrots?" Paul asked his face scrunched up as he let the carrots slip of his fork. The Leah looked at Alex with her eyebrows raised and she started to laugh.

She had the most beautiful laugh. Her nose scrunches up and she looks so cute. I bought my hand up, and before I could stop myself I was stroking her cheek. It always felt like electric sparks were going off whenever our skin met and I knew she could feel it too.

She coughed to get my attention and I pulled my hand away and carried on eating trying to act as if nothing happened although I could feel myself blushing. Yes, blushing. A fucking werewolf blushed.

I'm such an idiot. I need to just tell her. Maybe when she knows I imprinted on her she won't go off back to England. Because I can't afford the cost to move over there as well, and if I said I wouldn't enjoy not spending the rest of my life with her, it would be the biggest understatement ever.

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