Things I Learned from Being a Little Sister of a Marching Band Guy

1. The instrument is holy. Do not presume that just because you are his little sister, he will let you clean his instrument. Even being given permission to touch it is a great privilege.

2. Your brother will be out all hours during the summer. It is because he is practicing his life away. It is not because he's older than you and gets to do all kinds of cool things.

3. When your brother finally does come home (see the above), DO NOT ask him a million questions. He is tired. And sunburned. And hungry. And he still has a million summer homework assignments to do. And he has practiced and marched for almost 12 hours straight.

4. Your brother does not play poker or any other gambling games during practice. Those are not really poker chips. They mark positions during marching practice.

5. Do not interrupt your brother while he practices at home. He is busy. He has a competition in 2 weeks. His band director will give him a terrible grade if they do not make first place.

6. Do not disturb his band uniform. Do not play with the plume. Do not make fun of the helmet. Do not pick at the cord trimmings. Do not scuff the shiny band shoes. You may stand in awe of its glory. You may make minimal contact with it.

8. Cheer loudly for his band. It doesn't matter if he can hear you or not, just do it.

9. Do not attempt to look for his face while he is marching on the field. You will not find him. There will be several close guesses. You are wasting your time.