This is the first chapter of a challenge I received.

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Chapter 1

Seras Victoria had just gotten back from a mission of killing ghouls that she and her master had. She walked through the dark corridors of one of the lower levels to get to her room. Once she walks in her room, she takes a hot shower before she changes into a pajama. She then takes a book off her bookshelf before grabbing her I Pod and going into her coffin/bed. She gets under the covers and starts reading a new chapter of her book as she listens to her I Pod that she has put with shuffled songs. She listens to it while she reads the book. She hardly notices the songs that come on next because she is so engrossed in the book that she is reading.

She keeps listening while being engrossed in the book for a while until a nostalgic song starts playing. As soon as that specific nostalgic song starts playing, all memories that she thought she had forgotten come rushing back to her in a massive flood of memories that goes into her mind. As she is finishing the chapter she was reading in her book and the song keeps playing, she realizes things she finally remembers, like the reason why she chose to live that night in Cheddar. The reason, was not a thing at all, but rather a person who Seras still holds a lit candle for in her heart, whom shares an important piece of her heart with her master, Alucard. When she finishes the chapter that she was on, she pauses her I Pod and puts it and the book she was reading away after she places her bookmark in her place in the book. After things were put away, she cuddles up beneath the sheets and before she goes to sleep, she murmurs the name of the person, who has become her reason for living, in a soft whisper, "Light."

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