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Chapter 6

The next night, after everyone wakes up and gets ready and after both vampires have finished their blood pack dinner, the group sets off to follow all the leads they have collected as a group. While the group heads to follow the leads, Seras goes with them while she texts someone unknown to the males in the group back and forth. And since none of the guys understand Japanese, they won't be able to figure out the conversation of text messages that is going on.

Hours later they find their leads take them to the same place, a nightclub in the downtown part of the city called Nightly Heat. Pip looks at it and says in a heavily French accent, "Well this is the place Millennium will be meeting at tomorrow night to get new recruits, and to have a meeting regarding their future plans." Alucard says, "So what are we gonna do now that we know this?" Seras gets an idea and pipes up and says to the group of males, "We go to this nightclub tomorrow night disguised as young people wanting to have a good time in order to go in undercover and blend in." All of the men look at her surprised at the genius idea the sole woman in their group came up with and the brilliant strategy she is implying to work to destroy Millennium indirectly from the inside. Even Alucard was giving his fledgling a surprised look after hearing this plan of hers. Once she tells them of her plan, Alucard, Pip, and the Wild Geese automatically agree to it after hearing it. She then says, "So is everyone good for tomorrow night?" The males all nod, which earns a smile from Seras.

The group then walks back to the hotel and the males discuss with her the plan's details for tomorrow night. Any of the males' questions are answered and explained by Seras Victoria.

When the group reaches the hotel, Alucard and Seras go into the hotel suite that they share while Pip and the Wild Geese go to their small room across the way from the vampires' suite.

Alucard then gets bored so he decides to find out more about Millennium and leaves Seras alone in their room, while he goes to find more information. Once he is gone and she sees he has left her alone, she gets the package of documents she found from its hiding place and opens it then reads them. Once she is finished reading them, she makes a few important phone calls on her cell phone so the numbers cannot be tracked.

Once she finishes the last of the important calls, her master returns to their suite and falls asleep after entering the suite. After he falls asleep, she hides the package of documents in a place where no one but her can find them before she goes to sleep.

Elsewhere on another part of the city, Soichiro Yagami reactivates his son's arranged marriage to Seras Victoria. After he has done that, he walks up the stairs and knocks on his son's door. His son says, "Come in dad," before he walks in. His son Light says, "Hey dad, what's up?" Soichiro then answers, "Light your arranged marriage with Seras Victoria has just been reactivated after I have received information that not only did she survive the massacre in Cheddar Village, but she is in this very city right now as we speak and she is safe and alive." He then leaves the room of his son. After his dad has left his room, Light Yagami finishes his homework quickly and excitedly before he goes to sleep speechless with thoughts running wild in his genius head.

Author's Note: I know this chapter is short and it's the sixth chapter but there are more to chapters to come so tell me what you think.