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Chapter 35: Blessings


I didn't know what Surprised me more, the fact that Shiki had announced he wanted to marry me for the first time or the fact that his mother's first reaction was to burst out crying.

Either way, I couldn't form a coherent thought. I looked helplessly at Shiki, hoping for some instruction as to how to react but got nothing.

He was just as scared as I was, and in that moment, seeing his beautiful face so lost and speechless everything fell into place for me.

I had to be strong, for him.

For us.

I touched his shoulder and gave him a quick kiss, taking him by surprise.

"Go and hold your mother, let her know it's going to be alright," I whispered, answering his questioning gaze. With a light nod he went to stand before his mother who's small frame was shaking, her face in her hands.


"No! I don't want to hear it! You too! You're no different from that brute!" she accused pointing a finger at him.

"You also want to leave me...here...all ...alone..." she sobbed slowly falling to her knees.

"No mother, that's not it," Shiki softly assured her kneeling beside her.

I watched as he wrapped his arms around her as she continued to cry.

"You're all I have...all I had..." she went on.

"No mother, I'll always be here for you," he promised.

Before she could respond a man walked in. He looked like one of Shiki's controlling uncles.

"Not even five minutes in the house and you cause your mother a breakdown," he commented dryly walking over to them without looking my way.

He had a cold, hard voice that sent chills down my spine and for some unknown reason, I strongly disliked him.

I could see Shiki tense as his jaw clenched and the loving hold he had on his mother became more protective but she didn't seem to respond.

"Now that you have arrived home, an arrival I've been anticipating for some time ever since I heard about the recent events that began in your school, I need to talk to you about many things. The more urgent matter at hand being that your mothers mental health has taken a down turn," he began.

"The other matters are to be discussed in private," he continued finally looking at me with cold dark green eyes set under dark brown heavy eyebrows and matching hair that was tied into a low ponytail.

He was trying to make me feel like an outsider, which in a way, I was but I held his gaze with a cold one of my own.

"I've just announced that I'm going to marry her. Anything you have to say you can say it here and now, she's going to be apart of the family," Shiki spat at him.

His words were my saving grace.

"And Look at what that did to your mother," he said in a low calculating voice with a small gesture of his hand towards his mother.

"Very well then, the girl-"

"Her name is Rima," Shiki cut in. He was mad, very mad.

"Rima then, can join us for dinner. I've made reservations at a nice restaurant of our kind for tonight. Be ready by then. As for your mother, Elenor!" he called out making me jump a little, and soon enough, a maid came out and with a slight nod went to retrieve Shiki's mother.

Before she could reach for her, he bared his teeth at her in warning. She stepped back and watched as he lifted his now silent mother up in his arms as if she were a small child.

I realized now that this was how it always was for him. He always had to be the one to take care of his mother, to protect her, even when it should have been the other way around. My heart ached for him. For the pain he went through for countless years.

"I'll take her to her room," he said in a tone of voice that left no room for arguing. His uncle made a move towards him and not knowing what his intentions were, in the blink of an eye I stood blocking his way.

He regarded me with amusement.

"Looks like you found an interesting girl here my dear nephew" he smirked. If I could, I would have fried him right there.

"Rima," Shiki's voice called my name and silently, without looking away from his uncle I followed him up the grand dark marble staircase.

"I'm sorry things turned out like this," Shiki said in a low voice as he closed the door to his mothers room behind us.

"You can see why I didn't want to return."

He sounded so broken, so tired.

Turning to face him I lightly pushed him up against the dark walls of the hall.

"I'm here for you, whenever you need me," I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his waist, burying my nose in the base of his neck and I knew.

I knew that this was where I wanted to be, no matter what. This was the man I wanted to hold for all eternity.

"Thank You Rima. You always save me," he answered back holding me close to him.

Drawing back a little I looked into his deep blue eyes and closing mine, brought my lips up to his.

Gently placing his hands on either side of my face he held me close, his kiss sweet but filled with urgency.

I'll always be here for you. Always... I thought to myself as I too gently placed my hands on either side of his face.

As we walked into the room, it felt like a totally different world. Everything that happened in the last few days didn't seem to have happened at all. Everyone was eating, talking and enjoying themselves as if they had no care in the world.

Me and Shiki had gone through hell and countless of the relatives of those who sat here enjoying themselves fought and risked their lives to fight for equality for our kind, and yet it seemed to have been for nothing.

Taking our seats I couldn't help but wonder what his uncle would have to say. I barely wanted to look him in the eye, let alone hear him deliver Shiki some negative news.

"As you know your mother always had a frail mental state, however with what happened with your father, it only got worse. For a while she was making progress but when we got word of the alliance war between you and the hunters, she rather quickly began to worsen. I am afraid that the nws you just gave to her will only complicate things rather unfavorably for you," he informed Shiki after we had ordered our dinner. Dinner that I knew we weren't going to eat.

"Unfavorably? How so?" Shiki asked in calm but deadly tone.

His eyes flickered to me and we held each others gaze. I could tell he didn't want me here, to spare me from any trouble. I tried to send him all my support telepathically.

Before he could answer we interrupted by the waiter who brought us our entree's.

"You see, the whole time, from the very beginning, your mother made it very clear that she wanted you to sty by her side. We noticed that when she was making progress it was solely due to the fact that she had fed from you and had spent time with you. She told everyone stories of when you were a child. She talked about you non stop. But then she began to get the idea that you were never going to return home. She would go into these fits of hysteria calling out for you. She would often have to be sedated for her own good."

As I watched him speak, I felt repulsed. How he so calmly told Shiki all this as if he were discussing the weather with him. He felt no sympathy at all. He watched as she would break down and acted like it was nothing.

I looked at Shiki who sat listening carefully, but I could tell.

I could tell that he was slowly breaking inside as he heard all this for the first time. Even worse was I feared that he was blaming himself. I wanted to reach out and hold him, to protect him from all this.

"So we have made a decision and pulled you out of the Cross Academy Night Class. You are to return to your mother who so desperately needs you for her well being."

The words were a stab in both out hearts. Looking at each other we saw the horror reflected in each others eyes.

I could barely stay seated, let alone act as if this was nothing in front of all these other guests.

"Rima can stay-"

"I'm sorry but that's not a possibility right now. Your mother is very vulnerable right now. Bringing her around would only repeat today's episode. She would feel threatened and think that you really are trying to leave her. That you really are going to leave her. There is no telling what kind of turn she will take after that."

Cutting into his steak and taking a bite i could see that he would do everything, say anything to make sure that I was separated from Shiki.

It was a choice that was so easy, but so hard.

A choice that no man should ever have to make.

The choice between his emotionally unstable mother who needed him or me, the girl he wanted to marry, the girl he almost lost his life for without hesitation.

I couldn't help the tears that began to surface.

It wasn't fair. Why? Why did Shiki have to suffer so much?

It seemed that fate was always trying to tear us apart, always going against us.

This was why his uncle was having dinner with us in public, so we would behave.

So we couldn't openly protest against him with an audience. He was betting that Shiki would succumb to his cruel words that were nothing but weapons against his heart.

And looking at Shiki I could see that he had won.

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