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When You Say Nothing At All
By: AnAmericanMom

Chapter One: Disaster Strikes

Tom Quincy's brow furrows as his phone rings in the middle of a very important meeting with the lawyers involved with Jayden's case and Darius, who as always, was there to protect his family. He recognizes the number instantly as Speiderman's, his mind instantly thinking one thing; Jude. He stands, facing both gentlemen, interrupting Darius as he speaks in a worried tone. "If you two will excuse me a moment, I need to take this." The look he shoots Darius Mills, just before exiting the elaborate office, tells him everything he needs to.

He flips open his phone, taking a deep breath, as he puts it o his ear and answers, "What's wrong?"

He can feel his entire world shattering as, his lung constricting as he fights to breath, listening with wide steel blue eyes to the teen rambling quickly on the other end of the phone. He waits, until the boy is completely finished and out of breath to say anything at all, "What exactly does it say?" He flops down into the nearest chair in the reception area, oblivious to the few occupants it has and the bewildered secretary. He doesn't even notice every single person jump as his free hand, balled into a fist, slams down hard on the arm of the chair he occupies.

His tone is livid when he finally speaks again, hushed words whispered into the receiver of the small black cell phone. "Yes, that's exactly what I think Kwest. Get back to the house, now, to hell with the speed limit Kwest. I mean it. Darius can fix any trouble it causes later. I'll be on the next flight home." He twists his fingers, snapping the small bit of plastic closed with a loud crack, in the same moment he's standing, storming back into the lawyer's office and interrupting them once again.

Speid's on the front porch steps when Kwest comes screeching to a halt in the driveway. Kwest climbs out of his sedan in record time, slamming the door shut and locking it as he quickly closes the distance between himself and Speid. "Anything?" He asks, completely out of breath.

Speiderman shakes his head as he answers sullenly, "Not yet. Quincy called back though, said he'd be here in a couple hours. Darius is flying him out on the jet. Actually, he should already be on it."

"Good. Listen, Speid, this isn't your fault. There's nothing you could have done."

"I guess. I mean, I know… But, she's my best friend, my sister…"

"She's my sister too. Shit, that's the phone." Kwest moves around Speid, darting into the house and snatching up the phone. "Hello?"

He feels his blood suddenly run cold when the voice on the other end of the line comes through, husky and bitter. He swallows, listening to the familiar voice, trying his best to remain calm for Speid's sake as well as for all those involved. "Look, T's coming back, we'll pay anything… Just… She's sick man, don't do this…" His fists clench, listening carefully and remaining as composed as possible. He starts to say something further, only to have the line suddenly go dead on him, hearing Jayden's soft cries in the background.

"Was that?" Speid asks, carefully.

"Yes. I don't think this is going to be as easy as we thought, money won't be able to fix this…"

"You seriously thought money would?"

Kwest shrugs, "We'd both hoped it would, yes. Where's the note?"

Her lungs burn with every breath she takes, feeling as if her internal organs are literally on fire. Her eyes even seem to burn a little, fiery red lashes fluttering against her pale cheeks before her eyes open. She can hear muffled sounds of a man speaking in the distance, the voice sounding familiar, though she doesn't take the time right now to worry about that. As soon as her eyes open and focus, she looks around the room, realizing instantly she's not bound to the bed she's lying on. She rolls to one side, spotting Jayden who appears to not have woken up yet.

No sooner has she rolled over look at him though, the shifting of her weight triggering it, the four year old begins to cry out, terrible panicked, frightened, sobs. She scoots towards him; glad whoever has taken them didn't bind them, and actually placed them together, making it easy to pull the sobbing child to her chest despite her weak state. "Shh, it's okay, Jay. It's going to be all right."

"Jude!" He cries, turning to wrap his small arms around her neck tightly, burying his tear soaked face into her neck as she shushes him. "I wanna go home!"

"I know, I know… Don't worry, Tommy will get us out of here, I promise." She glances around the windowless room, realizing now, that's why whoever has taken them didn't bother to bind them. There's only one door, and she can almost guarantee it's locked.

It's then that the door to the room opens, shutting just as quickly, a lock slipping into place, the man finally turns to face them with a lazy smile on his familiar features. She tilts her head slightly to the side, her bright blue eyes narrowing slightly as she studies the man approaching them. "Is that… Hunter?"

He chuckles, the sound instantly grating on her nerves only to get worse as he begins to speak, "I'm honored, Jude, to see that you remember me after all these years."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Such a stereotypical question, I think I'm a little insulted. No matter. You're a smart girl, can't you figure out why I might have done this?"

"Hunter… It's been five years. Besides, what good is taking Portia's son going to do? She locked up or in rehab or something, she won't even know!"

He laughs, openly, as he sits down on a chair across from the bed, lounging back against it as he folds his hands across his stomach. "What happened to Tom's intelligent little minx? You've always been the single most import part of his life. Just like my sister was mine. It's their fault I have nothing now and it's high time they paid a price for that, don't you think? Besides, revenge is no fun when it's too quick."

She winces, something about the look in his cold eyes sends shivers down her spine, she clutches Jayden tighter to her, one arm wrapped around him while the other comes up to cradle his head to her chest. "Just let him go. If you wait until everyone's asleep, you can put him back in the house and no one will be able to find you. He's just a baby…"

"You don't seem to understand though, Jude. I need him here as much as I need you. You have been the most important part of Tom's life since you stepped into it, but now, there's also this little boy. Isn't there? He doesn't even know if it's his, and he's still as important to Tom as you. Funny, isn't it? Besides, wherever Portia is, the news will still get to her and it'll cut her all the more that she's powerless. She has to rely on her ex-husband, has to hope that regardless of what the tests conclude, that he'll still be important enough to save. She has to hope, locked away, that he's not willing to just let me keep him in exchange for you."

"Tommy would never do that! No matter who his father is!"

"You know that, and I know that, but do you honestly think she does? Did you know there's a chance he's mine?"

"You're lying."

"Oh, you're right, it's highly unlikely. Truly, the chances he," He pauses to nod his head towards Jayden, smirking as he watches her clutch the boy tighter to her chest, "Is Tom's. Portia and I were careful, and our opportunities to be together were far less frequent than his infidelity with my sister. Of course, I think you also had a little to do with his final decision, to break things off with her. I doubt you were aware of it at the time, but he's always been in love with you, just too stupid to realize it. After all, realizing you love someone so much younger, when she's too young to have a hope of returning the affection… It's a troublesome thing. The fact that no one, not even his wife, was as important to him as you should have told him something though. He should have left my sister the hell alone, like I told him to."

"You, obviously, know what really happened with the car. So, why are you still trying to punish Tommy for what happened?" She figures, the longer she keeps him talking, the better her chances of escape and the more time she can buy Tommy to find them if she can't get them out of here safely on her own.

"If he had stayed away from her, like I told him to, she would never have taken his car that night! If it weren't for Little Tommy Q, I'd still have my baby sister!" He nearly growls out Tommy's name, standing so quickly from the chair he knocks it to the floor behind him with a loud thud. He storms from the room, slamming the door shut behind him as he locks it again from the outside.