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Chapter Three: When it Rains, It Pours

Jude had fallen into a troubled sleep again, until Jayden's cries wake her. "Hey, easy, honey, shhh… What's wrong?" She asks, groggily.

"You're hot… and… and… blood," He whimpers out quietly. He touches her nose, the tips of his small fingers coming back bloody, as he holds them up for inspection.

She swallows thickly, sitting up and using the thin blanket on the bed, to try and stop the flow, as she tries to soothe him. "Hey, it's okay, buddy, it's just a nose bleed. It'll stop soon, and Tommy will make it better as soon as he comes for us, and he will." Her muffled voice, filled with as much faith as she can muster up, as much for his sake as for her own.

It's been a couple of hours since Hunter has come in to try and rile her up, even longer since she last heard any signs of him. She knows Tommy is doing everything he can to find them, every fiber of her being tells her that. It does nothing to erase her terror with the knowledge that the room and conditions they are in are extremely bad for her medical condition, that she's missed one of her appointments at the hospital.

On the other side of Toronto, no one has moved, remaining almost like statues, waiting either for the call with their location to formulate a plan, or for Hunter to call again. No one is certain which call is preferable anymore.

Each of them nearly jumps out of their skin when Darius' cell is the one that breaks the silence, his booming voice following, "You're on speaker again, go."

"We've got a lock on their location. They're in what looks like an abandoned warehouse on the edge of Toronto, about thirty minutes south of G-Major. I'm heading there now, to personally evaluate the situation, to assess the safest course of action. From this point my communication will be limited to text or relayed information through my associate, Clark. I'm wearing an undetectable wire in case I can't relay information he'll be able to hear everything I do; once I arrive."

Tommy starts, "I should…" only to be interrupted by Anderson.

"No, Mr. Quincy, you may cause more harm than good at this point. If he sees you, he may do something rash, just to spite you. Or, he may take you as well. The best thing for all of you is just to be ready once I have the situation contained. I'm almost there, Clark will call you, Mr. Quincy, if I can't communicate with Mr. Mills.

When the call ends Tommy is on his feet in an instant, nearly knocking the chair over in the process. "I can't just sit here!" He slams his balled fists onto the kitchen table in helpless frustration.

"We don't have a choice, dude, we can't risk doing anything yet." Speid voices carefully, shrinking back as Tommy glares at him.

He knows it's not the kid's fault. He doesn't even blame him. The man is just angry, frustrated at the waiting game. He hates feeling helpless. If he is honest with himself, he really blames himself, his past, for the situation. Hunter, in Tom's mind, is right. He may not have heard him blame him, but he already did, for Angie's death which resulted in the mess they are in now. He should have just stayed away from her from the very beginning.

All this time in therapy, which he's certain he'll need a lot more of after this ordeal, he's come to realize that he got involved with Portia and Angie to avoid dealing with the fact he's always been in love with Jude. It's always been her, but he wouldn't let himself see the truth them. Now, Jude and Jayden are paying the price for his denial.

His phone rings suddenly, pulling him out of his brooding thoughts. Looking at the ID he answers with caution, not knowing if it's Hunter again or Clark. "Hello?" He puts the call on speaker as he answers, motioning for everyone to remain silent.

"Did you know she bleeds really easy, but that it apparently doesn't stop as easily? Does she bruise as easily?" Hunter's voice comes over the line, taunting him.

"Please, take me in her place, she needs to go to the hospital. She's due for treatment. Jayden's just a baby. Release them and I swear you can have every penny I own and do what you want with me," Tommy pleads.

"There's no fun in that. If I wanted you I would have gone for you in the first place. Your girl being sick is just a bonus, it makes it all the easier. I don't even have to get my hands dirty."


"Please," Hunter mocks, "I bet that's what my sister said when she tried to stop you from leaving her. It didn't stop you from throwing her away for your career and a child you couldn't have!"

Amid Hunter's tirade, D's phone lights up in his hand with a text, having silenced the device the moment he knew Tom's call was from Hunter. He shows Tom the message.

Keep him talking, I can hear him. Distract -A

Tom nods, anguish in his tone and his features, "I was a kid, man, I know it doesn't make it better. I know It doesn't change anything, if I could go back and change things, I would. I would give anything to have listened and left her alone. I was selfish…"

"You were!" You still are! All you're thinking about is how you feel! You want me to do what suits you! This is my ga-" He's cut off in the middle of his rant, a loud thud following. The sounds of shuffling and crying before the line goes dead.

"Damn it!" Tom yells, knocking the kitchen chair across the room into the counter in frustration. For the moment he's not sure if Jude tried to attack him or if Anderson got him.

They don't have long to wait, before Tom's phone rings again. He doesn't even get a chance to do anything but put it on speaker before a new voice comes on the line, "Mr. Quincy, Anderson and Marks have apprehended Mr. Smith. The paramedics are almost there to ensure miss Harrison receives immediate medical attention considering her condition. Meet them at Toronto Memorial," Clark tells them quickly.

"On my way, thank you!" He ends the call, heading for the door with the others on his heels.

"You're in no condition to drive, T." Darius says, his tone broking no argument as he unlocks the Benz he has parked behind Tom's Viper.

He doesn't argue, getting in the passenger seat as Speid and Kwest pile in the back.

Darius has Clark alert the authorities about the situation and the vehicle they are in, to avoid being pulled over as he floors it towards the hospital. They are pulling up at the same time as the ambulance carrying Jayden and Jude. He's doing the same thing the moment he's out of the car, scooping up the boy on his way, he doesn't stop running until he reaches the stretcher they're unloading carrying Jude.

He's out of breath when he reaches her, clutching the boy to his chest, the child's face buried in his neck. Breathless he pleads, matching pace with the stretcher as they start wheeling her in through the ambulance bay, "Girl, I'm so sorry-"

She cuts him off before he can go any further, placing a shaking hand on his. "It's not your fault, babe. We're okay. I knew you'd find us."

Her words only increase his guilt, he doesn't get the chance to say anything for now as they get her into a room. Jude's doctor is already there and ready to get to work. Clutching Jayden to him, he steps out of their way to give them room to work. One of the paramedics that brought them, approaches the pair. "Sir, it might be a good idea to have him checked out too. I'm concerned about dehydration, I also don't believe they were fed during their time there."

"I don't want to leave her, and I don't think he will either. Is there any way you can send someone in here?" Tommy asks; concern, fear, and exhaustion evident in his voice. He's not sure any of them will want to separate for a while after this ordeal.

"I'll go track someone down personally." The young paramedic takes off down beyond doors that only medical personal can enter, to track someone willing down. Under ordinary circumstances he might have handled things differently. These were no ordinary circumstances, and he is young enough to know exactly who they are. The paramedic's initial concerns are accurate and the moment that Jude is settled into a room, a smaller bed is brought in for Jayden. They are both hooked up to IV fluids, Darius had called to have proper food delivered to the room. There was no way his family was going to be forced to ingest hospital food.

When the food arrives, it requires a fold out table with it to hold all the options; all things he knows will appeal to both his super star and the little boy. He watches, silently, as the little family gathers on Jayden's bed to dig in. They were supposed to already know, but neither of them had stuck around to get the final answer on Jayden, the fear for their lives had taken priority over something that, truthfully didn't matter a whole lot. Even if the child isn't, considering his sister's situation and his own insane work schedule, the logical thing is for him to be with Tom and Jude. They have already taken to each other in a way that is natural, pure.

The silence is broken when Tom motions for Darius to exit the room with him, leaving Jude and the rest of their motley with Jayden. He's speaking the moment the door closes. "I know you have it with you, whether you've looked at it yet or not doesn't matter. I don't even know that we care what the truth is. The only truth that matters is how I felt when Hunter had them. The thought of losing Jayden is just as painful as the thought of losing Jude. So, regardless of what the DNA results are, if you're able to get Portia to agree or have the legal authority to do it on her behalf; Jude and I want him. Not just because chemo has given us only a few chances at our own. Just what they could harvest before the treatments started."

The stern man looks at the younger one, a man he has watched grow up in the time since he fell in love with a sixteen-year-old girl headed for the top of the world. Taking a deep breath, he processes it, dragging the moment out, even though he had already suspected as much. "I see no reason for things to change. It takes a village whether he's yours or when you two have others. When they're home and this is nothing more than a faded nightmare, we'll sit down and see what those overpriced lawyers found out. You're right, regardless of the results; the three of you are already a family, that is all that matters. They are safe, back with all of us where they belong. You ever need anything, you come to me." For such a shrewd businessman, he has a heart of gold.