Chap. 2:

Carter is sitting on a stool in the Asgard core room, having a discussion with McKay. They are trying to come up with solutions to the current power issues facing the Daedalus. Realizing that a good start would be to damage Michael's cruiser, "we need to take out the cruiser's main weapons."

Looking at her, desperation etched across his face, "yeah. With what?"

"We could launch a 302 attack." she offers, and then she hears, "that's what I was thinking."

She can't believe that she just heard the voice that spoke those words, as Keller had radioed to tell her that he was not going anywhere any time soon. But as she looks at McKay and they turn to face the entrance to the core room, she stares at the owner of that voice, shock written across her face, "Colonel. Dr. Keller said you were out of commission."

Walking towards her and McKay, Ronon by his side, grimacing and bringing his hand to rest over his injured side, "she...revised her diagnosis. Look, we may have an idea."

"Maybe a way to get Teyla back." Ronon adds on.

Carter and McKay listen to the plan and thirty minutes later after explaining the plan to Caldwell and getting his approval, Carter follows John off of the bridge, really worried by how his color has worsened in the short amount of time since he'd come to them in the core room. Not missing his hand going to his side again as they clear the door to the corridor and calling after him, "John, what really happened in the infirmary?"

"Nothing." he grits out.

Reaching out her hand to stop him, she feels the heat radiating from him and worried as hell that he's going to do more harm than good to himself, "so you're telling me if I go down there right now and talk to Jennifer, she'll tell me that you're fit for duty?"

Locking eyes with her, "I'm just trying to do a job."

"So am I and part of my job is determining whether or not you're gonna be a liability on this mission."

"Colonel, I have more respect for you than any commanding officer I've ever had, but I'm getting on that Jumper, end of story. I'll surrender for court marital when I'm done."

She is so taken by this that it takes her brain a second to realize that he is now walking away from her, towards the armory. Shaking her head she hurries after him and reaching him before he enters the armory, she grabs his shoulder and turns him to look at her. Before she can say anything though, "Sam, it's Teyla. I'm gonna bring her back."

Squeezing his shoulder gently, completely understanding where he's coming from, "I know."

Turning to head into the armory, but realizing that she has yet to let go of his shoulder, he looks at her, "tell Lexi I had to, if things go sideways."

Finally letting him go, "John, be careful and don't worry, she'll understand. But I know that I won't have to."

He smiles at her and turning he walks into the armory and gears up. She watches him for a few more seconds and then heads up to the bridge to get ready for the battle. Silently offering up a prayer to whoever is listening that her last words will be true.