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This idea came from a thought after searching through the whole archive and finding almost no Sasaki oriented material, and especially no Sasaki romance fics. People here seem to think that Sasaki would never have a relationship based on what they read in the novels.

And aprilfool1993 set a challenge to people who had a tendency to write based on their gender to flip how they work. If you're a guy, you have to make a social/relationship one, and a girl must write a sequence/event/action based one.

And so, I take two challenges at once.

I'll make Sasaki fall in love.

(Hear a collective gasp).Yeah, some yell, "That can't work!"

Shall we see?


Fool In The Rain Chapter 1


Leaves, high in the trees, are all across the scope of ones vision. Springtime has almost come.

Or so anyone could think, but the sky was a maudlin plane of chrome, parallel to the land below, carrying with clouds tall and wide both the mist and mood of a sad and rainy day, obstructing the great Helios from his role of warming the land and whisking away the agents of winter, leaving the world in a state of transition. Cold has held the grounds long enough, and is drifting away, slowly replaced by the warmth that is yet to wax full.

In Kouyuen garments and a glass state of mind, she steps through the park, a black book bag in her left hand. Eyes forward to the train station a few hundred feet ahead, her shoes avoided the opportunity to become heavy weights, saddled in cool water from the many puddles left behind by the last season, yet to be taken by the next.

It would be fun to splash around a bit.

It would be.

But these shoes wouldn't dry out.

And schools about to start...I'd probably get scolded for something that stupid.

The station was just up ahead. The train was not on the track, so she would have a few moments to wait.

And she stood there. The benches were inviting, but she knew not to take a seat, as her train could show any second.

Automobiles were running quietly in the distance. People coming here and there, with their kids, brothers, sisters, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends.

With others.

A Rumbling transited out from the distant end of the track. Her pass was good for regular travel, flipped out and in her right palm.

The light rail was coming closer, and the small crowd walked forward to the yellow line beneath their feet to enter.

As the train slid to a stop, all the doors jolted before opening. Everyone who needed to stepped off. Two people spoke as they walked, "Listen, I know how you feel, but its not working, which is why..." the door shut behind her as she made it aboard. As she looked around, she spotted a seat, one that faced forward rather than sideways, so she would look down to the front.


In front of her, a moderately tall youth, with a placid expression, whose uniform was distinctly different from the boys in her school, was holding on one of the loops above his head with his left hand, standing even though there was plentiful seating in the traincar.

His other hand held up a cell to his right ear, and his expression was serious but calm. He was listening.

"I'll tell him to stop with his stupid games... I know, he doesn't care what I really say...If I could, yes...He does have to, he sits in front of her...alright, I'll try to. Bye."

As his phone clamped shut, he turned his head behind him as if to look to something that wasn't there with an expression of mild anxiety. Then his eyes noticed Sasaki looking his way, only for the fact her seat faced forward.

He smiled, as if he figured out or discovered something.


She was mildly surprised by his levity. His phone conversation seemed quite heavy. He was definitely good at changing his mood.

At least, maybe hiding it.

He finally took a seat and continued to smile to himself, not looking her direction.

The rush of the train over the tracks was the overriding sound between them.

He continued to think to himself, and she could percieve that he would do a few things...

Every once in a while, he would look to the south, or the northeast, as if sensing something she couldn't.

He would fidget, as if he was seriously worried, and grasp his cell.

If he saw she was looking at him, she got the same smile from him.

This pattern continued for the next 20 minutes. After a while, she figured out that he was two things.

A paranoid boy.

An actor.

When the train slid to a slow halt in the station closest to her school. She noticed the boy in front of her also got up to exit.

As she left the station, she found oddly that the boy would pull out a piece of paper that was full of scribbles, as if he wasn't entirely sure where he was moving.

When she was 5 feet away from her, he shoved the paper deep in his pocket. Considering that he was this early in the morning, he obviously wasn't going to be late for anything.

Very conscientious.

She was tempted to ask him a question.

She spoke.

"What's wrong?"

He looked to her direction, as if noticing a teacher had spoken directly to him. His expression of awareness turned into that same old face.

"It's nothing. My driver was out ill today. I usually am driven across town, but...well, at his age, he is more prone to serious illness."

Can't tell if it's a lie, but if its true, he might have money. He didn't say it was family.

He looked to the crosswalk and spotted that the light was about to change. As the walking man replaced the palm, he stepped forward.

Going my way?

She continued to follow him, not because she wanted to but because he really was going her exact way.

His mood was consistent for the rest of the short walk to the area she was getting to. They exchanged no words.

At the bottom of the hill is the Kouyuen Academy, a prestigious and refined private school for those who had far superior grades than average. Sasaki came here, not because she necessarily wanted to, but because working hard now would pay off for her in the future.

It was here that she noticed that the boy was walking up the hill that all the students go who could not competitively score on the entry test. He was going to that other school, the standard prefectural school, the somewhat infamous North High, where the teachers were slow and the AC and central heating had yet to exist.

She paid little mind to it now. But...

Why would a rich kid go to such a bad school?

And as she entered the front doors and continued into the hallway of her own school, a very stupid looking boy walked nearby, muttering angrily to himself.

"Stupid sister. Don't hang up on Haruhi when I say to, I didn't mean it. Ah...hell to pay later."

And the frowning young man walked up the hill, heading towards fate.


You'll see the next chap soon. This is a slow setup. With a character like this, you can't hurry love. PSHOOOSH!HAHAHAHA(had to say that.)

I was tempted to work in elements of songfic in, but decided against that. While writing, the music I was listening to was things with the images I wanted to work in:

The Rain Song, over the hills and far away, and Fool in the rain by Led Zeppelin, Riders on the Storm by The Doors, Sweet Talking Woman and Turn to Stone by Electric Light Orchestra.

And I was in a room where Linkin Park and Disturbed slipped into my ears from my young uncle playing 360. Don't know how it's affected this but i just had to.

As part of this pairing, I had to push Kyon out of it. Maybe however, I might tempt the creation of a more complicated pairing set, but for now, I'll be writing.

Note: I read the baka-tsuki trans no. 4 and 9 in april, and I don't intend to reread them until I can get them in paper form, so if any slipups occur in relation to either Sasaki or Kouyuen Academy, my bad.

The disclaimer: Nagaru Tanigawa owns these people, not me.