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Depths of Space, Saturn, the Sol-System.

In the cold, barren depths of space, a lone object slowly drifted through the void, tumbling end over end on its solitary journey, having traveled light years without seemingly reaching it's intended destination.

Not that time mattered, as there was nothing living within the strange, oval shaped chunk of rock. Nonetheless, it possessed a form of consciousness, enough to determine that it had yet to achieve its objectives, and as such, should continue onwards until such time as it had.

It had already passed several planetoids in its search, and had been greatly disappointed thus far. Most of the prior ones had been towering gas giants, with an atmosphere too chaotic for it's purposes. The closest planet since clearing the asteroid belt had been an even greater letdown, as while it possessed a solid planet; it lacked any form of ecosystem outside of microscopic organisms.

However, as it drew closer to the third planet, its sensors detected numerous energy readings, a clear sign of a relatively advanced civilization. On top of that, it seemed to possess a stable environment, one that could easily support it during it's mission.

Course set, the pod advanced towards the blue planet, clearing the moon in an arc, it's hull reddening as it tore through the atmosphere in a freefall, unaware, and unconcerned, with the scenario unfolding below

It was all falling apart. Nunnally was gone, the enemy knew who he was, and the Black Knights were being swamped by the sheer multitude of Britannian forces, with no apparent end in sight.

Such were the thoughts of one Lelouch Lamperouge, formerly known as Lelouch vi Britannia, son of Emperor Charles zi Britannia of the Holy Britannian Empire and his fifth wife, Empress Marianne Lamperouge, otherwise known as the Revolutionary Zero, leader of the Black Knights, the so-called champions of justice.

The former prince glared, leveling a handgun at his former childhood friend turned mortal Enemy, Kururugi Suzaku, the two of them glaring into each other's eyes, as if daring the other to shoot. The Honorary Britannian had cornered the former prince in the midst of his escape, shooting off his helmet, revealing his identity after almost a year of secrecy.

Instead of being stunned, it only seemed to infuriate Suzaku, the two of them coming to what had once been referred to as a Mexican standoff, both slowly gauging the best moment to pull the trigger.

The problem was, Lelouch was too stricken to think straight at the moment, his desire to remove the interference and track down his lost sister, Nunnally, conflicting with his unwillingness to shoot his former friend

Suzaku, however, had no such compulsions, especially since he had FINALLY cornered the man that had not only undermined his efforts to improve the system, but had taken his love from him, in an apparently staged massacre.

"Get out of my way, Suzaku." Lelouch warned, his features grim, though there was a light of mania in his eyes, akin to those of a cornered cat, the exiled prince cursing himself for wasting his Geass on the brown haired teen before him on something as redundant as 'live'.

"Not this time, 'Zero'." Suzaku countered, emphasizing the name of the teen's alter-ego, his features dark as he leveled his own weapon at his friends face "I'm bringing you in for crimes against the Empire."

"The empire is the one that committed crimes!" Lelouch snarled, his other hand waving to the side as he kepthis own firearm levelled at Suzaku's head "You keep preaching about changing the system from within, but all that does is let them sink their claws deeper into society!"

"I don't need to explain myself to a TERRORIST." Suzaku stated coldly, his green eyes boring into Lelouch's purple ones, the teen having no reason to fear Lelouch's power of Geass, since he'd already been 'marked' before "Now come quietly, or I'll be forced to shoot."

"You fool!" Lelouch snapped, whipping his handgun at his friends face, only to yell as Suzaku fired first, knocking the weapon from his hand "Damn!"

A second shot fired out, this one catching the exiled prince in the shoulder, spinning him around and knocking him to the floor, where he lay grasping his injury, eyes wide.

"This is Suzaku Kururugi." the honorary Britannian announced, speaking into his mouthpiece as he approached the stricken prince, his features cold and unexpressive "Have subdued Zero, moving in for capture-!"

Red light bathed the area around them, Suzaku looking up in alarm, his eyes wide with shock as an object rocketed towards them, wreathed in fire, the very air rumbling from the force of it's planet-fall.

'A meteorite?!' the Knight exclaimed, gaping up at it in shock, his eyes flicking to the sprawled form of Lelouch, who seemed to be going into shock from his injury, as he was simply lying there, face up on his back, right at the center of the rock's landing zone.

For a moment, time stood still, the background going silent as Suzaku gazed at the twitching, gasping form of his onetime best friend. It would have take the briefest of seconds for him to rush to Lelouch's aid, pulling him out of the path of the falling chunk of space debris. It would take more to carry him safely out of the blast radius, but Suzaku had undergone military training, and could easily carry TWICE the exiled prince's weight at a sprint.

He was actually stepping forward to do it, as murdering Terrorist that he was, Suzaku wouldn't be able to look himself in the mirror if he allowed Lelouch to die like this. Executed for his crimes after being found guilty, maybe, though he'd prefer the prince simply be locked away for life, when the world seemed to black out, as a single word tore through his mind.


Automatically, his body moving of it's own volition, Suzaku turned his back on his downed friend and ran, full speed, as far away from the blast zone as possible, his thoughts filled solely with the thought, the overwhelming NEED, to survive no matter what the costs.

He was still running when the earth seemed to jump, sending him crashing face first into the dirt, just as an explosion tore through the air behind him, dust and shrapnel pelting him from all sides as the shockwave rolled him over.

He lay still, as he'd been instructed, his military training rising instantly to mind as he covered his head and waited the blast out, only raising his head from the ground when the noise died down, blinking in confusion as the effect of Lelouch's Geass faded away.

He gaped, eyes widening in horrified disbelief as he gazed down at the crater that had been dug by the impact. Easily fifteen feet deep, and a good thirty feet in diameter, the walls of the crater looked partially melted, testament to how fast the chunk of rock had been going when it ploughed through the atmosphere.

At the bottom of the crater lay the rock itself, Suzaku's eyes widening in awe as he gaped down at the glowing, almost crystalline form through the steam that was rising of it.

The was no sign of Lelouch.

"Suz…aku…" a broken voice called out, the Knight jumping in surprise as his headset sparked to life, the voice fixing into that of Cornelia li Britannia, Third princess of the empire, and his commanding officer "Kururugi Suzaku, what is you status? What happened up there? Report!"

"I'm alive, milady." The Honorary Britannian reported, his voice seeming oddly distant as he spoke into the mouthpiece "The explosion was caused by a meteor of some sort…I was caught in the blast radius, but am unharmed."

"A meteor?" the purple haired princess wondered, her voice laced with incredulity, and a hint of intrigue "Sounds like something for the R&D team…" she muttered, only to get back on track almost immediately "what's your status, have you restrained Zero?"

Something clattered against Suzaku's feet, the Honorary Britannian looking at object that had brushed against his boot, bending down to pick it up. It was half of Zero's mask, split down the middle from his gunshot, the remainder of the lens had been shattered by the impact, the once flawless obsidian sheen pitted and dented.

"Zero…has been terminated." Suzaku reported, one hand on his mouthpiece, the other holding the remains of Zero's mask up to his face "Repeat, Zero is dead."

Unbeknownst to Suzaku, a third party was witness to the revolutionary's death, Kallen Kozuki looking on in horrified disbelief, her heart shattering as she held the other half of the man's broken helmet in her trembling hands.

At the bottom of the crater, heedless to the events that were already transpiring around it, the pod slowly set about carrying out it's prime directive.

It had been most fortunate, as despite the rough landing, it had happened across a test-subject almost immediately, and if the readings it was getting were accurate, a subject that, as the examinations proceeded, matched all of the requirements it's masters had included.

Verification received, it promptly set about it's secondary objective, the gem giving off an ominous glow as it transmitted it's findings into space, the signal surpassing the speed of light as it left the Solar system behind, to alert the masters that a suitable planet had been found.

Deep within the gem, the specimen lay naked, his clothes having been dissolved by the assimilation process, black hair wafting softly, an almost peaceful expression on his face, as if he were suspended in an artificial womb.

On the inside though, a certain, dark haired prince was screaming at the top of his lungs, as a pain akin to nothing he'd dreamt tore through every fiber of his being.

Code Tekka: The Geass Knight.

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