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Chapter 3

Cold Shadows


The bane of my existence.

It wasn't exactly that I disliked being a demi-god. I mean, don't get me wrong. Being the son of Poseidon, defeating the Titan Lord Kronos, and saving Olympus was just plain awesome. I mean, how many other kids have bragging rights to that?

Mind you, then there was the other stuff. Like being plagued by monsters, having more than one Greek god wanting to obliterate you, and then school. I, personally, hate it. I can't seem to get past one year without getting expelled. And despite what my mom and Annabeth say, I just don't get it. Trust me, I'd LOVE to live a normal life. The problem is, I can't. So, what exactly is the point to it? I could go to school, and become a lawyer/monster killing demi-god. Yeah, that would work real well.

I turned over in my bed, looking at the minotaur horn on my wall, sighing. Sixteen months. Sixteen months since the fall of Kronos. Sixteen months since the changes at Camp Half-Blood. New cabins had been built, and campers where coming in daily. The gods were keeping their promise.

For now.

I groaned, pressing the pillow over my head, doing anything to try to get back to sleep.

Six months ago, I had the first stress birthday I've ever had in a long while. No monsters out to kill me, nobody dying, no prophecies to fulfill. Sure, there was the random monster straying over into the camps borders, but with the magical walls protecting the camp, and Olympus stronger than ever, things have finally quieted down for me.

Well, until tonight that is. When I had a dream that kept me up all night.

I saw Olympus burning. The while pillars crashing down around, the pantheon of the gods destroyed. The air was thick with the sound of swords clashing against swords, and the howling of wolves. And despite the flames licking against the heavens, the sky was thick with rolling clouds, with an icy blizzard raining down on everything. And amidst all of this destruction, all of this chaos, I could see a single figure in a dark blue cloak ascending the white marble steps to the Temple of the Gods. I somehow followed it, and found myself in the Hall of the gods, with my father's and the other gods thrones empty. Even Hestia's flame was gone. The Inner sanctum of Olympus had been completely deserted. The figure threw back his head and laughed insanely, walked to the center of the hall. I couldn't do anything. From underneath its cloak, the figure produced a spear. They twirled it in the air, before plunging the head of it into the marble floor, cracking it. The cracks began to spread out towards the thrones, the fissures pulsing with a strange light that alternated between black and white.

They whispered something, and somehow, I could hear it. One word.


And thats when I woke up screaming, and bashed my head against the top of my bunk. Which is ironic because I am still the only member of the Poseidon cabin. I sighed, rubbing the back of my head where the lump still remained. Things never could just be... even semi-normal, could they?

When day break finally came, I wasn't sure what to do. I was exhausted. I was exhausted physically because sleep hadn't come that night. And I was exhauster mentally because I kept running the dream over and over in my head.

Tiny flecks of snow covered the grass and cabins of Camp Half-Blood. Which was rather interesting because Dionysus, or Mr. D, usually kept it as warm as a tropical island. But now, a soft snowfall was falling. The lake had a thin layer of ice over it, and I could see the naiads swimming beneath it. The strange thing was, even though there was only a light layer of snow, it was freezing. Like someone had put the entire camp into an ice box.

Oh, and did I mention the few frozen campers here or there, standing like ice statues? I ran out of my cabin, uncapping my sword, Riptide, and ran over to closest camper. It was Clarrise, her face covered with an inch of ice. Now, normally I don't like Clarrise. We've had our disagreements in the past. Like her dad wanting to kill me. Didn't really go to well with the whole Ares family. But nobody deserved to be frozen twice.

I crouched beside her, trying to triangulate the sounds of fighting. There was nothing I could do for her until we managed to defrost her. The clash of swords and spears were nearby, and for a second, I was afraid my dream was coming true.

Creeping quietly, I edged around the side of the cabins until I could see Thalia's tree. What I saw turned my blood cold… if you'll pardon the unintentional pun.

The campers, clad in greek armor, were at battle with half a dozen creatures I had never seen before. They kinda resembled Hyperboleans, which I had only seen during the Battle of Manhatten. But they were larger and seemed more human proportioned. And judging by the large axes and armor that they bore, it seemed like these things meant business. Clusters of campers were trying to bring one down, but with a sweep of its hand, it sent them flying.

Another camper was running away from one of these things. The creature blew some sort of icy mist, and the camper became encased in an inch of slick ice.

It wasn't even a contest. The Campers were being pushed back. And judging by the ground gained by these things as they marched up the hill, the magical barriers of the Camp were doing squat to help.

It was then that I did something really stupid. I charged into battle yelling my battle cry of "For Poseidon!".

Now, hindsight is a beautiful thing, and afterwards, I was able to realize why this was so stupid of me. I'll give you three reasons.

One, I didn't regroup or form any sort of plan with the rest of the campers. Together, we might've been able to do something. Second, all my battle cry did was alert one of the giants that a new punching bag had entered the fray. And third, I was wearing no armor.

Oh sure, I was invincible and whatnot from the Curse of Achilles, but while being invincible MIGHT keep a giant axe from cleaving you in two, it does, in no way, prevent you from being sent flying about sixty feet and sent crashing into the walls of a cabin. And let me just say, that really, really hurts.

I managed to pull myself out of the snow just in time to see one of the giants yank a Hephaestus camper off their feet and send them spinning over the cabins. I clutch Riptide, and charged back into the fray. But their armor was thick, and my sword just kept bouncing off with a shower of sparks. Six and a half years of hero training was all that kept me alive… or at least being sent back into another wall. But not even that was enough to bring one of these things down.

With a roar, the giant swung its axe, and Riptide flew out of my hands as I tried to block it. He grabbed me in his giant hands, and practically squeezed the life out of me. He held me close to his mouth, and let me tell you, giants need breath mints.

"Sie sind ein reizbares einer, Sohn der See." it rumbled. "Aber Ihre Tapferkeit ist bewundernswert sogar zu mir." Now that I was closer, I could see how truly human these giants were. They had the most frigid blue eyes I had ever seen. They were almost handsome… in a 'we're-gonna-kill-you' kinda way.

Suddenly, an arrow grew out of one of the giant's eyes. Then I heard a clear, piercing sound: the call of a hunting horn blowing in the woods.

Suddenly, it seemed like a deer and a whirl of blue ripped themselves from the forest and charged at the giant holding me. Only as they got close did I realize it was two boys, one a year younger than me dressed in a deerskin tunic and the other a year older in a blue cloak. I had never imagined anybody could move that fast.

The boy in deerskin held these cruel looking hunting knives in his hands and he leapt onto the giant's hand, digging them in deep before ripping them out and stabbing them into the giant's arm. For a second, our eyes met, and I felt as though I had seen those eyes somewhere before.

That was just before the giant gave a roar of pain and was forced to drop me. He tried to swipe at the deerskin boy, but the kid flipped over the fist. The giant tossed me aside like a rag doll into a snow bank and tore after the boy. I got up, cold and covered in snow, to see the boy darting this way and that, with a bow in his hand, firing arrow into the chinks of the giant's armor. But all they seemed to do was annoy him like bee-stings.

But the entire time, the boy laughed. A mad, twisted laugh, like this was all fun for him. Even when the giant managed to catch up and send him slamming straight into a tree. He never stopped laughing.

I saw Riptide close to me, and I made a grab for it. Suddenly, the boy in the blue cloak appeared before me. He placed his foot on the hilt of my sword, and stared down at me with his ice blue eye.

"Do not intervene. Right now, the wolf is hunting among the sheep. Stay your hand lest he bites it off." the boy said, before turning his eyes to the woods. I followed his gaze towards where about two dozen young girls came out of the woods, their bows drawn. The Hunters. I recognized my friend Thalia amongst them, charging into the fray with her shield Aegis strapped to her forearm.

"Permission to kill?" one of the Hunters asked. Thalia waved her spear at the giants, who had just noticed the new arrivals.

"Permission granted."

The Hunters let their arrows fly. Silver arrows stabbed a giant in the neck, and another in the chest. The Campers redoubled their efforts and began to push back against the giants. One of the giants managed to avoid the first barrage, and came charging at the Hunters. Thalia made short work of him with her spear, stabbing him in the throat. He and the others dissolved into mounds of snow, and each time one did, the hill blew with an icy breeze. Soon, the only one left was the giant the deerskin boy was fighting.

By now, the giant was sluggish, with numerous cuts and gashes along its body as it still tried to crush the boy. Drops of red blood the size of my fist dripped from its body, melting the snow as they fell.

The boy spat out a globule of his own blood, and gave a grin, showing his bloody teeth. He must've cut his mouth sometime along the way. He spun his knives in his hands, as if he was twirling the world's deadliest conductor batons.

"Come to me my prey. Let my blades sing their song. Let their edges kiss your skin." the boy said, with a mad gleam in his eyes.

"Unverschämter Hund!"

The giant swung his axe down, and that ended the battle right there. With a crunch the blade sank into the frozen earth, and missed the boy as he rolled to the side. As he got up, he threw the knife with such accuracy, I knew that not even one of Apollo's kids could repeat it. The knife went right through the back of the giants ankle, and I heard it slice his Achilles tendon. The giant lurched and toppled in the snow. With a great crash he fell forward, his head only a few feet from us. With a great roar, he tried to get back onto his feet, but his legs just wouldn't hold, and he lay still. His icy breathe was haggard, and he numbly opened his good remaining eye to stare at us. It widened as it fell upon the blue cloaked boy.


"Ja. Mich." the boy in the blue cloaked responded. He then bent down, to get closer to the giant. I could hear the words he whispered. "Dinge rühren, Folstag. Sie waren ein Narr zu versuchen, sie aufzuhalten."

"Now THAT," the deerskin boy said, walking over to the fallen giant, "was a good hunt." He bent down, and with a sickening sound, ripped his knife out of the giant's ankle. He then proceeded to climb onto the giant's back and sit on his neck, looking at us. The boy held his knife, inspecting it as if it was some sort of curio. Then he held is close to his mouth, and I watched as his tongue licked at the blood along the edge of the blade like the knife was a lollipop.

"So then, Eric, he's your father's enemy. His head would make a fine trophy. Would you like to kill him?" the boy asked. Eric, the one in the blue cloak, gave a faint smile.

"No. You may claim him as your kill. Good hunting, Wolf Hunter."

The boy's eyes got a joyful gleam in them, and he spun the knife in his hand.

"A good hunt indeed." he said, as he began his work.

I was pretty miserable that night.

I mean, the food was excellent as usual. You can't go wrong with barbecue, pizza, and never emptying soda goblets. The torches and braziers kept the outdoor pavilion warm, but we all had to sit with our cabin mates, which meant I was alone at the Poseidon table. Again.

We even had more tables than when I first came here. The half-bloods of the minor gods had their own tables now. Unfortunately for them, some of these tables were pretty quiet as usual.

At least Hepheasteus, Aphrodite, Hermes, and Apollo had some campers. I saw that Clarrisse was defrosted again, and was creaming one of her siblings at arm wrestling. The Artemis table was full up of her Hunters, and Thalia gave me a wave when she saw me. We would have to talk later.

When we had all been seated, Chiron made the customary toast to the gods, and thanked the Hunters for their help. But it seemed he had a few other announcements to make.

"Now it has come to my attention that there are some rumors flying around. About the events that took place earlier today." he said, looking at all of us. "Now I can assure you that Argus is looking into this, and I have sent word of this to Olympus. Whatever those creatures were-"

"You mean you don't know, Son of the Old One?" came a voice from the side of the pavilion. Three children seemed to materialize out of the darkness, as though they had suddenly appeared. But I knew that they couldn't. Nobody had THAT kind of power. With a goose bumps up on my arm, I had the faintest idea that they had been there this entire time, and nobody had noticed they had been there. Until now.

I recognized two of them. The boy named Eric and the other one in the deerskin who had killed the giant. The third one was a very exotic looking girl in a cream robe and long dark hair. The one who had killed the giant had spoken. He seemed more sane now, though I still saw a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"Their name is that hidden in the dark ice of the north, through the blizzards and the cold wind that blows down from the mountains. They go by many names… but to us, they are the Jötunn, the Frost Giants of the North." the boy in the blue cloak said.

There was a sudden outburst of talking amongst the tables. I had never heard of those creatures before. I looked at Thalia and found no answer in her gaze. It was clear she had never heard of them either.

Chiron's tail swished back and forth nervously.

"Er… ah yes. Allow me to introduce our new campers. These are… er…" Chiron fumbled. The girl gave a gentle smile.

"My name is Nala." she said. "He's Eric. And this is Adam." she said, putting her hands on the shoulder of the other boy. He gave a scowl and looked away from the stare of the campers.

"Oh goody. More campers. As though my punishment will never end…" Mr. D said from the counselor's table. One of the kids from the Ares table stood up.

"How do you know about these... Jun ... Jew.."

"Jötunn?" Eric said, closing his good eye.


"Because its our hobby." Adam said, his silver eyes reflecting the torchlight. "We kill them for fun."

There was even more murmurs from the rest of the tables, and Chiron had to stomp his hoof to restore order.

"Yes well… if you could take your seats, we can continue with dinner." he said. To Adam, that sounded like a good idea.

He began walking over a table where a boy sat by himself. Adam recognized him as the boy that the giant was holding when they arrived at camp. Under great duress from those blasted Hunters.

Just thinking about them made Adam want to grind his teeth.

As he neared the table, he was stopped by one of the satyrs.

"Hey um… sorry… but camp rules, you know?" the satyr said with an apologetic smile. "Unknowns are suppose to sit with the Hermes table, since he's the god of travelers."

Adam furrowed his brow, and pushed the satyr aside.

"Nala, tell the goat if he gets in my way again, it won't be hotdogs roasting on the BBQ." Adam said. Eric helped the goat and muttered an apology.

"We already know our parents." Nala explained hurriedly to Chiron. She went to him, and whispered something in his ear.

"What?!" Chiron asked in shock, and earning the look of several campers.

Adam sat down at the table, across from the boy. He had already made it clear that Sibuna was not to reveal who he was. Not yet anyway.

"Hey." Adam said to the boy.


Adam noticed the boy was scanning his face. He was doing likewise, seeing if he could read anything behind it. Adam stretched his hand out towards the boy in greeting.

"I'm Adam." he said, trying a smile. The boy shook his hand.


"Is that short for Perseus?" Adam asked. He saw the boy stiffen. "I'll take it as a yes. Not too many Percy's at the only camp for Half-Bloods. Your reputation precedes you."

"Thanks, I guess." Percy said. "What sort of reputation?"

Adam gave an almost playful smirk.

"Oh, you don't know? You're a titan killer. Hero of the prophecy. Son of the Sea God. They even call you invincible." Adam said, calmly. He saw a flash of something in Percy's eyes and was delighted by it. Was that fear? Why would Percy be afraid of being called invincible?

"Oh really? Who says those things?" Percy asked, with a small smile.

"Just things I hear in my line of work. From monsters. Usually right before I kill them." Adam said. "Did you like the show earlier?"

"Show?" Percy asked, clearly confused. Adam pulled out his knife and gave it a gentle throw into the wooden table where it shallowly embedded itself before he pull it out and repeated.

"With those Frost Giants. That was fun." Adam said. Thunk. "I saw you charge in there. Pretty brave." Thunk

"Or pretty stupid." Adam thought silently to himself.


The knife went over and over into the table.

"Um. Yeah. Brave." Percy said, with a small frown. He eyed the knife a bit warily. "You seem pretty handy with that thing."

Adam held the knife up for him to see.

"Like it? This beauty and its siblings have put many a monster to sleep." Adam said, almost wistfully. He didn't want to mention Artemis's knives, but how could he not when he used them against the giants? Besides, they were beautiful. He could handle them like they were a part of his own body, and they weighed next to nothing! They deserved to be mentioned, even as if nothing more than his own knife's siblings.

"Yeah, what is that? Its not celestial bronze, is it?" Percy asked, looking closer at it. It reflected the light beautifully, and was the brightest, coldest metal he had seen.

"This?" Adam asked, feeling the point. "This is Heavenly Silver," he said, proudly.

"I've never heard of it."

"I wouldn't be surprised." Adam said. He pressed down harder on the point, and a bright red droplet of blood formed against his finger. "Celestial Bronze passes through humans, but kills monsters. Heavenly Silver does the job for both of them. Very dangerous. Not for beginners." Adam said, with an underlying hint of friendly mockery. "I see you use a sword. Don't get me wrong, a sword does the job. But Heavenly Silver is way too fragile to be made into a large object like a sword, or a spear. So, its impractical for Half-Bloods. Unless you can use it like I do."

"Five minutes together and they're already talking about weapons." Eric said, sitting down on Adam's right, while Nala took his left. "I swear, you must both be trying to compensate for something."

"Leave them alone, Eric." Nala said, smiling at Percy. "Don't mind either of them. They're nice, they really are." she said to him.

"So are you really Perseus Jackson?" Eric asked.

"Shouldn't you know that already?" Adam grumbled, tucking his knife away. Eric gave a grunt and tapped his eye patch.

"Just making sure." he said, his icy eye staring intently at Percy. "Because if you are, then your-"

"-reputation precedes me. Yeah, I heard." Percy said. Things were becoming a bit uncomfortable for him as he saw the eyes of most of the camp members glancing at them. He decided to change the subject. "You're sitting at the Poseidon table, but I doubt you're my siblings. Whose kids are you?"

Adam suddenly gave a frown, and averted his eyes. He gave Nala a tap on her knee to inform her that she'd better do the talking, lest he lose his cool.

"I already talked to Chiron about it. He said this was alright. Adam doesn't know who his is. Our parents don't seem to have tables at your camp however." she said. Percy shot straight up like he'd been shocked.

"What? No way! The Olympians promised to acknowledge all of the Gods." Percy said. Nala gave a small giggle.

"Well, there's your problem right there." Nala said, covering her mouth to hide her smile. "We're not Olympian offspring."

Silence hung in the air. Percy stared at her as though she had just grown broccoli out of her ears. Adam could only discern one thing from Percy's look: Um. Okay. What?

"I'm am the child of Odin the One-Eye." Eric said, closing his good eye. "A Norse god."

"And I'm the daughter of Anubis." Nala said with a smile that flashed her white teeth. "A Egyptian god."

Percy was aware that every eye in the pavilion on them now. "That can't be. They're just myths." Percy said, meekly.

"Says the guy whose dad is supposingly God of the Sea." Eric said, opening his eye again.

"You're saying Poseidon isn't real?"

"You're saying Odin isn't?"

"No I'm… I just thought…"

"Thought that the Olympians were the only ones?" Eric asked tensely. The pavillion was dead silent now. "While the Olympians carry Western civilization on their backs, the Norse gods are Northern Civilization, and the Egyptian are South." His nostrils flared, though he kept his voice even. "Russia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Iceland. These are my family's lands. Maybe not as great as America, but just as important. We were once just as great and powerful as you Olympians. And while our Half-Bloods aren't as numerous as yours, We still do exist."

"I didn't know." Percy said defensively.

"Nido, leave it. You're beginning to irk me." Adam growled dangerously. Eric closed his mouth, and seemed to back down. "You think because you struck a deal with a well, you know everything. Shut it, and show a little gratitude before I remove your other eye."

"Gratitude? Why-" Percy began to ask, but Nala suddenly stood up.

"I'm hungry. Comeon, let's go get some food." she said, tugging her friends up. As walked quickly away from the table, and she gave a disappointed look at Eric. "You shouldn't have done that."

Eric didn't respond, but merely grabbed a plate of food. He strode over to the sacrificial brazier with all eyes upon him. Eric scrapped part of his dinner into the fire.

"Father Odin, accept my offering."

The flames in the brazier jumped and burned white for a moment, and a fierce cold wind snapped through the pavilion, carrying the scent of snow. The flames returned to normal, and Eric stepped away.

As Eric walked back, Adam grabbed his arm.

"What on earth do you think you're doing?" Adam hissed through his teeth.

"Let them see us in awe and fear, Deer Runner. It will set them into confusion, and through their unknowing, we grow closer to our goal." Eric mumbled to them both.

"Oh!" Nala whispered softly, as she caught on. She took a plate of food as well, and hurried up to the brazier.

"Lord Anubis, accept my offering."

The flames jumped up dark and hot, dispelling the cold air that had just blown through. The smell of the dry desert came from the brazier, and Nala was illuminated by the purple light. It returned to normal, and she stood by Eric.

Adam still didn't get it. Awe and fear? What was…. oh! He finally understood what Eric was talking about. Something that only he could do.

Adam took his own plate, and slowly went up to the brazier. He could feel all of the eyes in the pavillion on him. He looked over to the Counselor's table, where Dionysus and Chiron sat. Towards Poseidon table where Percy sat. Towards Artemis table, where the Hunters sat.

He'd give them all a surprise.

Adam dumped his entire plate of food in, and then whipped out his knife. He slashed the palm of his hand, and then held it over the brazier, letting the blood dribble down into the flame.

"Titans, hear my prayer!" he said, loudly for all to hear. Then he made a silent prayer. "And mother, it is time for my second wish…"

Too many things happened at once for Adam to register. The pavilion exploded in a chorus of shouts and yelling. Out of the empty air came the sound of a clock tower, so loud, it sounded as though they were standing in the face of Big Ben. He saw some of the campers get up in shock get up, in shock. A grin moved across his face as he saw fear in Chiron's and Dionysus's eyes as the brazier erupted in a column of roaring golden flames. But he did have enough time to register Thalia tear out of her seat and grab him by his tunic.

"What in the name of the GODS ARE YOU THINKING?!" she screamed at him. She shoved Adam, and a shock went through his body that sent him flying across the pavilion. Adam cracked his head against a column, though he struggled his feet. He saw nothing but red before his eyes, and he wanted to send his knife spinning into the Hunter's throat.

Some of the Camper's gasped. Even Thalia paled and took a step back. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to… I…." she said. Adam saw she wasn't looking at him though. She, along with everyone else, was staring at the holographic image above his head.

Adam looked up, and saw that his wish had come true. A white crescent moon resembling a bow, and a silver arrow though it, floated above his head.

Adam looked over to see Chiron speechless. The old centaur had nothing to say, but could only stare in awe at the sign. The hunters got up and knelt as one, bowing their heads.

"All hail the son of the Huntress." Thalia whispered. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

Adam's face suddenly flushed with anger. Something wasn't right. None of the other campers were bowing. Why weren't they bowing?

Blood rushed to his cheeks as he realized why. The Hunters of Artemis didn't bow their heads out of respect. But out of shame.

Adam suddenly felt like his back was against the wall. He looked around wildly at the eyes staring at him. At Percy looking at him. He could practically hear their thoughts. Mocking, tormenting laughs inside their heads. What was he thinking? Being the son of Artemis wasn't a thing to be proud of. It was a disgrace! How could he be so foolish?

Adam's hands clenched into fists, and he tried so hard to keep from screaming out.

For the first time in many years, Adam no longer felt like a hunter. He was cornered. Those eyes and faces surrounded him. They were like predators. Waiting for a sign of weakness. So they could leap in. And bite. And kill. And eat.

Adam had become the prey.

The thought terrified him. Fear! He wasn't suppose to fear! Fear anything or anybody! Yet here he was, scared out of his wits. The fact that Adam was terrified only scared him worse. He did the only thing he could do.

He ran.

Thalia watched as the boy in the deerskin tunic vanished into the gloom. He looked the same a rabbit caught in a snare; terrified. She wasn't sure what to think of right now. Her head was spinning.

"We need to have a council of cabin leaders." Percy said, from across the room. He stared straight at Chiron.

"That means now."

"Okay, that took way to long." Percy said, fifteen minutes later as the cabin leaders gathered around a ping-pong table in the rec room.

Mr. D and Chiron sat at one end of the table, while Thalia, who looked miserable, sat at the other end. Percy, Annabeth, and the others sat on either side. Percy started the meeting on a very positive note.

"What the hell is going on?" he asked, looking around the table. It was clear that the most uncomfortable ones here were Thalia and Chiron.

"It appears… we have some unforseen difficulties…" Chiron said nervously. He sighed, stroking his beard. "Egyptian and Norse Half-Bloods. I shall have to send word to Olympus about this…"

"What I want to know," Clarisse said, looking at him, "Is how they can exist? What gives, Chiron?"

The centaur looked at Mr. D almost pleadingly, for help. Dionysus looked up from his wine magazine innocently.

"What? You expect me to know? I'm a young God, remember? I don't keep track of those dusty old Titans, let alone anything else before them." he said. "Although, by what the boy was saying, it seems those myths were true."

"So let me get this straight." Annabeth interrupted. "The Olympian Gods thought these others Gods were just myths."

Dionysus stared at her. "Western Civilization, remember? I had no intention of marking my calendar for scouring Russia for some norse gods that may or may not exist." he said, turning a page in his magazine. "Vodka is a terrible drink. No flavor. Whatever these gods are though, they're origin must be pre-Titan. Otherwise somebody would have heard of them."

"Forget the other two. What about that one kid. What's his face? Adam." Percy said, standing up. He looked right at Thalia. "Floating moon over his head. I'd like to guess what it is, but its impossible."

"Percy, from what I have seen these past few years, nothing is impossible. You are a prime example of this." Chiron said.

"This is different!"

Dionysus actually put down his magazine to look at both of them.

"Shall I just incinerate him and be done with it?" the wine god asked, tilting his shades. Purple fire lurked beneath his eyes.

"Mr. D, there's no prophecy involved. We don't know what will happen." Chiron pleaded.

"Regardless of, it still appears that Artemis has broken her oath. She has borne a child. What's more, she has seemed to have broken this oath a long time ago." Dionysus mused. "The safest bet would be to kill him now. Before he becomes too powerful."

"But how could Artemis break her oath?" Annabeth asked.

"Same way Percy and I were born. Our fathers' vows meant very little to them. That's the only reason we exist." Thalia said bitterly. "But Lady Artemis held to her vow so strongly. She's always has." Thalia looked like she was about to break down. Or break someone's head. "But like them, she had to fall in love with a human."

Percy was taken aback. Normally, Thalia was so tough, he didn't think anything phased her. But the idea that her goddess's honor had been ruined was shattering her.

"So? Who cares?" Percy said quickly. "So she broke her vow… gods do that. Mr. D is the only one I've seen not break his."

Mr. D furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance.

"This is punishment, Pedro Jorgenson. Not a vow. And I do not like it one bit. As soon as I've served my sentence, I am opening a bottle of Mourquet and drinking it with my wife." he said.

"Point is, I don't get what the big deal is." Percy said.

"Percy, Artemis's vow defined her. She is… was… known for the Eternal Virgin as a reason." Annabeth said.

"Okay, so yeah. So she broke that. But what about Zeus and Poseidon? The Great Prophecy stated that a child of the big three was either going to destroy or save Olympus. Their oath worked for a little while, but then they broke it." he said. "Thalia and I weren't suppose to be born, yet you didn't kill us. We helped save Olympus!" Percy said. "And Artemis has been hunting monsters forever. She hasn't done anything wrong, really. She made that vow herself, so she must've broken it for a good reason." he said, looking around at them.

"To break her oath is one thing, but she went beyond that, Percy. She had a child." Chiron said.

Percy's face grew red. "So? Hermes, Apollo, Ares and Aphrodite have tons of kids! There's dozens of them. Artemis should be allowed to have a child too."

"He's still too dangerous." Mr. D said.

"But he's just a regular half-blood!" Percy protested.

"I doubt there will ever be such a thing." Mr. D said apathetically. "Unfortunately, he's just about as much of a headache as you were, Peter Johnson. As Artemis's first born, he posses massive potential. If I'm lucky, his mother will turn him into a pine tree as well and we can all be done with it." he said, picking up his magazine.

"What do you mean?" Percy asked. Chiron frowned, and looked at Thalia.

"I have noticed among my years teaching that the older the generation of children a God had, the less powerful they seemed to become. A perfect example of this is you Thalia. Hercules was also a son of Zeus, back when Zeus was first having children. He completed his impossible labors, and had such strength that he defeated many of his enemies with his bare hands." the old centaur said, stroking his beard. "Forgive me, but while you are truly powerful, you as nowhere near as powerful as Hercules was. Theseus is another example. Percy, when you first arrived to camp, you paled in comparison to him." Chiron said sadly. He stepped over to the window and pulled back the curtain a bit, staring at the camp outside. "This new child however is Artemis's first. Today, I saw abilities that I had not seen in a long time…"

After speaking, Chiron gave another longing sigh and looked wistfully at the Artemis cabin barely visible against in dark.

"We cannot forget that Adam knew things." Chiron said gravely. "Or that he sacrificed to the Titans. Part of me hopes he did so out of ignorance or anger. I felt something stir in the dark. I pray it is not what I think it is." he said. Chiron made a three-finger claw with his hand over his chest and pushed outward; a sign meant to drive away evil.

"I'm speaking to Zeus about this. I should be able to convince to let me fry the kid." Mr. D muttered to himself. Chiron let the curtain fall back into place.

"It is late. We should get some rest. We can discuss these things in the morning once we have had time to sleep on them." Chiron said.

Percy and Thalia got up to leave with the rest of the camp leaders, but Chiron stopped them. "Percy, Thalia. Wait here for a minute." he said. He waited until everyone except the three of them remained, and then shut the door. Chiron turned to them with a strange look in his eyes.

"Thalia, can you tell me how you came across Adam and his friends?"

Thalia told him everything, but she left the part out about how Adam had threatened her Hunters. Chiron seemed interested in how Adam had reacted to his deer being shot though.

"I need you two to talk to Adam. Make him feel welcomed at the camp. I can only imagine that he must be very confused and very upset with everything that has occurred." Chiron said. "Some of the other campers… they may not receive him to well. Can you make sure things try to go smoothly for him?"

Percy nodded, but Thalia looked unsure. After a moment, she nodded as well.

"I will for Lady Artemis. He must have so many questions." Thalia muttered, shaking her head.

"You should talk to him tonight." Chiron said. He opened up the door for both of them. "In the meantime, I will send word to Olympus about his and he others' existence. The Council must be informed constantly." he said.

Thalia left without another word, but Percy saw that her cheeks were wet. After a few moments, something struck his thoughts, and he turned back to Chiron.

"Artemis's child. Adam. You're… you're really looking forward to teaching him, aren't you?" Percy asked. Chiron gave a sad smile.

"It seems you noticed." the centaur said. "It has been many years since I've had a chance to train anyone like the heroes of old. Maybe I'll get my chance with Adam… if he doesn't disappoint us first."

Thalia walked through the pathways of the camp silently. Things had changed since she was last here. They was a whole new section of the camp for a cluster of cabins for the minor gods. It was even larger than the U shaped pantheon of cabins for the Olympians. She saw lanterns dotted here and there as campers went among the circle of Minor cabins. They were laughing, and having a good time. For some reason, the Olympian cabins were unusually silent tonight.

Thalia sighed, her breathe visible in the cold evening air. She stared up at the moon, a giant disc of yellow against a sea of night framed by an archipelago of stars.

She wasn't sure what to fell anymore.

Part of her was so ashamed. Ashamed for Artemis. Thalia felt like both of their honor had been disgraced. What was the point of the hunters anymore now? Their own oaths of being eternal maidens? Were those vows even good anymore? Part of her felt like a joke, like she had been slapped n the face. Thalia felt like she had the most responsibility for this disgrace out of the hunters, even though she had no control over it. Here she was, Lieutenant of Artemis's Hunters… and she could do nothing about this situation…

What was it that Artemis had always told them? That they were they lucky ones. They had not become silly like other women, forgetting themselves and chasing after men. They remained eternal maidens, bound by a sisterhood of comrades.

And yet Lady Artemis had fallen in love with a man.

It was like everything Artemis stood for had been ripped away from her.

"No." Thalia told herself. "That's not true." Artemis may have had a child, but she was still goddess of the Hunt. The Hunting of all wild creatures was within her sphere, and that included monsters. THAT was what the Hunt was all about. THAT was the purpose of the Hunters, and had always remained Artemis's mission. They would continue it for her in her absence as they always had.

Her pride slightly healed, Thalia lifted her head. Things seemed down, but nothing had truly changed for them. If any of the campers said anything, she could only remind them of how promiscuous their parents were. Or hit them in the face with Aegis.

She allowed a brief smile on her face at the mental thought. Yes. She would defend Artemis's honor. And who knew? Perhaps some good could come out of her son. Adam had all the makings of a Hunter. It was a shame he was a boy, however. It would have been interesting to have had him with the hunters.

"I said let me in! You have no right, this is my cabin!"

The fighting up ahead took Thalia out of her deep thinking. The cabin of Artemis was truly a beautiful one. It was made with white stone with a large crescent moon protruding from the side. The door and window frames were made out of live wood that bore leaves and flowers in the summer and spring. For winter, they were bare now. Thalia knew that inside there were plenty of warm bunks for her Hunters' use, whenever they came to the Camp.

However, the situation taking place in front of the cabin was getting ugly.

Adam stood in front of the cabin, moon's full light illuminating him fully. His skin seemed to glow gently, as though he had been taking showers in liquid moonbeams. Adam's stance was braced, and his fists were clenched as though he was ready to fight. Or flee.

The Hunter's gathered around the doorway, barring his way into the cabin. One of the Hunter's even had her bow aimed at him.

"Get out of the way!" Adam said, angrily.

"Hold it! What is going on?" Thalia demanded loudly, getting their attention.

"Lieutenant!" one of the Hunter's cried, "We found him in our cabin and we had to force him out. He keeps trying to get back in!"

Adam seemed to clench his teeth, his silver eyes filled with something.

"You can't just kick me out! I'm supposed to sleep here too!" Adam shouted, casting his hand out to the side.

"What about your friends?" Thalia asked. Adam gave a 'humpf'.

"Chiron said they could sleep in the Big House. But he told me I had to sleep here, since I'm… I'm hers…" he said, hissing the last part out angrily.

Thalia was stunned. Chiron had not mentioned any of this when he spoke with her only a few minutes ago. Yet she knew the rule that all Campers were to sleep in the cabin built for their parent. But…

She couldn't let a boy stay in the same cabin as all of her Hunters.

Even if he was the son of her goddess?

Thalia was torn. The cabin had only been built out of honor for Artemis and for her Hunters to use. Did he really have as much claim to it as they did?

Adam looked at her, and then back at the Hunter's blocking to door. He clenched his fist until his palm began to bleed again, and he shut his eyes in anger.

"Fine. Keep your stupid cabin." Adam said evenly.

"Adam…" Thalia began, but Adam held his bloody hand out to her, making her stop.

"No. I get it. And I don't care. What right do I have to question her Hunters? You're her chosen ones. Her favorites." Adam said. He said 'her' with such loathing, like he couldn't stand to say his mother's name.

"You don't understand…" Thalia said, taking a step towards him. "It's not like that…"

"I understand just fine. I get it! Just LEAVE ME ALONE!" Adam shouted, clamping his hands over his hears. His eyes snapped open, and his stared up at the moon with such phenomenal hate.

After a silent moment, Adam seemed to realize where he was. He took a few steps back, eyeing Thalia warily, before fully turning and flee.

Thalia watched as Adam ran away from the closest thing to family he had.

Because that was all that he knew how to do.

Everybody has an innate fear of the dark. And they should. They don't know what the dark contains.

They say that at night, there is no such thing as the impossible. In the dark, the imaginary become real. Every child fears the monster in its closet or under its bed. Those monsters like the dark though. Just as we feel safe during the day, the feel safe during night. Night hides them. In Nyx's gentle screen, they can hide. They can go about their plans unseen by the rest of the world.

Not all monsters hide under the bed though. Monsters take on all shapes and forms. Sometimes, the scariest monsters are those we feel safest around. They like the dark as well.

This is how one particular monster found himself; hiding in the dark. A tormented soul, crouching in his kingdom of trees and shadows, stared down upon Camp Half-blood and the warm, safe light that permeated it.

Adam stared down with hard eyes as the camp. He was sitting against a free, his bow and knives laying on the ground next to him. Chiron had told him these woods were filled with monsters. That's suited Adam just fine. He wasn't afraid of the monsters in these woods.

Just the monsters down at the camp.

No! THEY should be scared of him! If they only knew… Adam wished he could tell them, to see the terror on their faces from what he had planned. He was going to give them such a show.

He couldn't wait for it to begin. It would soon. Adam knew that much.

And when it did finally happen, Adam was going to tear the heavens down star by star. And finally, when there was a new Olympus shining in the Heavens, would he rest. Until then, he was going to let his hate consume him. His hate is what made him strong. Because he was the only one left. The only one leftover from the War.

Adam took a shuddering breathe, staring down at his palm. He had wrapped it with some dock leaf and bandages. It would heal soon enough. He had to be patient though. Adam knew that if a hunter moved to quickly, his prey could get away. Patience and accuracy was the key.

They were going to all pay though. Adam wouldn't forgive them for what they did. For the humiliating defeat. For turning all of his hopes and dreams to ashes. The Old One had promised him his revenge. Now Adam was going to cash in what was rightfully his.

Adam rested his head against the bark, closing his eyes. He began to control his breathing, trying to cease the fire in his limbs and the pounding of his heart. Could he ever find rest?

Adam heard a twig snap, and his knife was suddenly in his hand as he turned towards the sound of it. But he relaxed as he saw the stag standing in the beam of moonlight near him, grazing. It was just Elaphe.

"Gave me a scare buddy." Adam said with a gentle smile. The deer raised its head and stared at him. "Yeah, I know. I over did it today." The deer walked over and lay down next to Adam, resting its head in his lap. "Well you don't need to be so reproachful about it!" Adam said, with a sad smile. Elaphe closed his eyes, and nuzzled Adam's stomach. "Yes, I promise you don't have to sleep in the stables." Adam said, stroking the deer's neck. He suddenly wrapped his arms around it, cradling the deer's head. "You're my only friend, you know that, right?" Adam whispered. "Things are gonna get better…"

Adam closed his eyes, feeling warm and safe at last. Sleep was the balm of all woes.

Tonight, he had to sleep. For tomorrow…

It began.

Rachel Dare grabbed her chest, her eyes wild as she stood up, knocking over the brazier of incense she had been crouching over. Her eyes glowed green, and a raspy voice emmenated from her body.

"Returning, returning, returning. It is always returning. Returning through the dark and the fire and blood. He is returning, and they are returning, and it is returning. But too late… we are far too late… returning, returning, returning…"

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