The battle continued. One Federation starship after another getting destroyed as they tried to retake the station, a space fight of x-wings and TIE fighters trapped in the space around the station within its shields, several Jedi fighting to the death within the station which controlled by the Empire blocked and barricaded them from reaching command… the Emperor watched all of it from his suite on the station, laughing in defiance as the Federation tried everything to oust him and failing him on every turn. Vader's breath hissed through his mask, which turned to a sound, a disturbance in the Force. He turned round to face it as the Emperor spun round in his chair. Someone had slipped through the station's air vents… someone light of weight, dressed in a white form-fitting costume brandishing a light saber with a blue blade…

"Hello, father…" Leia Skywalker from Naboo jumped to attack him, his light saber taking her attack in stride. She bounced off of him, vaulted over his head and landed on her feet trying to strike him again, but he deflected that blow as well. The Emperor watched this duel and leaned back to study her pattern; it rather resembled that of the late Obi-Wan Kenobi. Vader struck out at her trying to humble her, but she was fast, bouncing off the wall and sailing over his head.

"Obi-Wan should never have taken you from me." Vader tried to get into her head. "You should be fighting at my side." The station trembled in the Federation attack.

"You killed my mother!" Leia dodged him and sailed under his legs, jumping to her feet to deflect his following blow, moving her saber left and right as he tried striking her.

"No, Obi-Wan killed her." Vader tried striking at her in the air. "He turned her against me." He struck hard and knocked her saber from her hand, it dropped and skidded across the floor as she dodged him and dived after it, but instead of it reacting to her command, it launched into her father's hand. Leia flew around him and out of the way to avoid losing her head to her own weapon.

"She was afraid of you!" Leia turned and dodged him. "She hated you!"

"Give into your dark side!" He struck at her with his blade, but she shot straight up and grabbed at the balcony to the upper floor. "Join me and I will complete your training!"

"Quite frankly, I didn't like going into the bathroom after you." She jumped for the chandelier and broke it off, riding it down to the first floor on top of her father to reclaim her light saber and come at him once more. The station shook once more. Outside in their x-wings, Wesley Crusher and Jennifer Kirk were trying to take out the station computer core or knock out the shields. Quark's nephew, Non, in his X-Wing blasted his way into one of the loading bays with a laser and blew it up with a photon torpedo, rocketing out at the last minute as two TIE fighters were engulfed in the explosion. The pressure could be felt all the way into engineering as Jadsia and Kira protected Miles and Dr. Bashir.

"How much longer?!" Kira was losing patience. Laser weapons were firing through the area between phaser weapons. There were too many troopers firing at them in the engineering room.

"They completely rewired it!" Squeezed under a terminal bay, Miles tried to figure it out. "They rerouted all the commands to the main command room." He tried accessing the deflector shield array and got a light shock. "I'm going to try hotwiring it. Maybe I can short it out if I direct more power from the forward array…" The station shook and he got knocked in the head. "Ow!"

"Whatever it takes, Miles!" Dr. Bashir knocked another storm trooper into the core. "I just hope our people know we're in here." DS9 trembled as Voyager struck at the shields with both lasers and torpedoes. The shield began wavering, but in their pass, the Empire fired the forward array at them, strafing a section out of the hull. On the bridge, Captain Janeway was knocked forward to her feet, but Luke reacted to help her. He was following his sister's fight with their father telepathically and the constant distraction was keeping him from fully following the battle.

"Commander…" Bel-Anna was at ops. "We just lost impulse power, hull breached on decks eight through twelve, I'm reading transporter signals from DS9. We're being boarded!"

"The shield is down!" Captain Janeway remained active. "Close off the bridge! Direct full power on their computer core." She led her ship to join the x-wings in the tertiary attack. Her phaser system burning across the station's hull as long as she still had it. Deep in the ship, Neelix and Kes locked themselves up in their quarters to protect themselves, but someone blasted the door. Storm troopers swarmed into their quarters.

"Kes, get behind me!" Neelix reached for the phaser he kept hidden, but something jumped across the room and landed in Kes's hand. A plasma energy blade erupted from her weapon, she jumped over her husband's head to protect him! Her saber deflecting laser blasts, Master Yoda's training keeping her moving and reacting unconsciously to their attack, destroying five of their weapons and severing one trooper's head from his shoulders. A gesture from her left hand incited a poltergeist attack of bric-a-brac on her attackers.

"Kes!" Neelix was stunned. "What did you do?!"

"Neelix, we have to get to the bridge." She took him by the hand and pulled him behind her. Pulling her husband behind her, she raced ahead of him to the turbolift, but as she turned the corner, someone was waiting in the corridor. Staring at her with orange eyes under his cloak, he grinned his red-skinned face to reveal a smile of sharp teeth. Ready for a worthy opponent, Darth Maul shrugged off his desert cloak and activated two ends of a long light saber spear.

"Neelix…" She kissed her husband. "Get to the bridge! I'll be right behind you!" She rushed to face the Sith Lord.


On the unshielded DS-9, another light saber attack was going on as well. The girl who had been spirited away from her father was now battling him, now known as Darth Vader. Luke grew up to be a valuable member of Starfleet, his sister a powerful Jedi knight taught by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and after his death, by Gui-Gon Jin himself. She was more adept to defeat him even as the Emperor watched. Bouncing off walls and deflecting his poltergeist attacks even as the station wavered and shook from the Federation trying to regain it, Leia could match him, but she wasn't sure if she could defeat him.

"I sense the good in you father." She appealed to the man he once was. "Let go of your anger… the conflict."

"There is no conflict…" He swung his sword at her weapon hand to weaken her, but she avoided him. Her long braid of brunette hair swaying around her, she launched around him once more, striking harder and harder as particles of plasma light flew around her. Her father's life support system was wheezing in and out in this battle. She was taking too much out of him. She struck at him harder and harder… then was struck herself from behind.

"Female fool…" Palpatine glided up on her. "You know now your father can never be turned back from the dark side." He struck her down with psychic lightning bolts from his hands, striking and pounding through her convulsing body as Vader lifted to his feet. Leia screamed in pain as her father watched. The dark lord now became aware of another more powerful disturbance in the force. He turned to the entryway manipulated by another Jedi Master.

"Anakin…" Gui-Gon made it to the scene a bit late but right on time. "You've changed since we last talked."

In that brief distraction, Leia's saber vaulted to her hand and she sliced off the Emperor's hands. From afar, Luke telepathically perceived her experience unable to help her. He had the transporter system of Voyager lock on her ready to pull her out, but he couldn't beam her on board as long as Voyager's shields were up keeping the Empire on board from seizing the ship. Nineteen Federation ships destroyed, at least twenty-two in critical condition, the rest were barely suffering battle damage so far… Chakotay rescued Kira, Jadsia, O'Brien and Dr. Bashir from the station to rendezvous with the Enterprise. Captain Solo and Captain Janeway were now leading the attack. On her ship, a fight of violent proportions was taking place even as the Imperial troopers tried seizing the closed off bridge. Kes fought Darth Maul through engineering, slaying storm troopers in her path, over the warp coil and through the computer bay. Using his knowledge of the Force, he triggered doors and blast shields to slow her, but she kept coming at him. When he closed one door upon her, she slid under the door, through the crack and came up fighting, her Ocampan powers and Jedi training almost a match for his ruthlessness. When he swung for her, she raced up and across the wall out of his way, somersaulting back to the floor and striking back at him with a flurry of plasma lights exploding from her weapon. However, she was not prepared for Neelix staying behind.

"Kes, how are you doing this?" He realized now this was not the woman he knew, but someone altered by the merged universes.

"Neelix!" Kes retaliated as Darth Maul swung away from her, turned from her and buried his sword into Neelix's chest with an evil grin. The Talaxian merchant was struck mute, blood rushing up his windpipe… No breath came from his lips, his eyes widened in shock and he swayed limply to his feet.

"Neelix!" Kes's eyes filled with tears to see the death of her husband. Years of emotions rushed to her in that Voyager corridor as the Zabrak assassin grinned over that feat. Unable to speak, Kes barely moved… Darth Maul had hurt her in her only vulnerable spot… her heart, her love for her husband. He swung his weapon ready to take her out as she paused in shock, but… something more powerful than the Force jerked it from even his grasp. When he looked again, he noticed Kes becoming bathed in bright light, her long hair extending from the energy once kept at bay in her body. What the Force once kept locked away, she now gave in to her Elogium… her race's transformation into beings of pure energy. Darth Maul stood in her glowing presence stunned by her race's power…

"Captain," Commander Skywalker and Janeway remained in orbit around DS9 as the Federation attempted to retake the station. "I'm reading a massive energy surge from Deck 18…"

"A weapon?"

"Negative." Luke barely answered as the ship rolled over sideways. A tremendous explosion from the cabin area knocked Darth Maul out into the vacuum of space just ahead of the massive light source pouring from Voyager. A great fiery bird of incredible size was being birthed from the body of Voyager, expanding in size, growing larger and larger… this Phoenix-force screeched it's high-pitched cry through the sector, her vast wingspan wider than the length of DS9 itself. From his cabin on the Enterprise, Ambassador Yoda lifted his eyes to the powerful force and became mentally touched by it. He watched as it poured from the body of the damaged ship and reached out with its talons to attack the station. Commander Chakotay on the Falcon had to veer clear of it.

"What the heck is that thing?" He asked out loud as his ship's transporter system was taken over by the powerful force. Aboard DS9, the Jedi Knights once transported aboard were being beamed off even as they were still fighting or trying to regain the station. The entity was beaming off the station everyone not connected to the Empire. With her friends and allies safe, Kes in her cosmic state lashed out and attacked the station itself over grief of the murder of her husband. It began exploding, collapsing and falling apart. The Emperor watched as Gui-Gon and Leia vanished before him just before he himself was sucked out of the station by the collapsing station. Once Leia and Gui-Gon were embroiled in struggles aboard DS-9, they were now in the transporter room of the Intrepid, the wounded body of Darth Vader at their feet, and Captain Solo taking the ship into full warp.

"Leia…" Wounded and defeated, Vader had shorn his mask. "Tell your brother… you were right about me."

"Father…" She didn't hate him as much now.

X-Wings were fleeing the station at great speed as Kes's new cosmic form ripped it apart. The surviving Federation ships were racing from the battle as TIE fighters exploded or forced to crash into each other. What she could not do as a mere mortal, Kes carried out as form of pure energy, but she was not yet complete. Her new cosmic form extended her fiery wings over several thousand meters and spread out from its devastation as it destroyed the station and the Empire in one explosion. Not yet finished, she detected one more thing left to do and swarmed from the station powered by cosmic energies. Catching up with the Intrepid and Voyager within seconds, she sighted a void of space near the station missing eight stars… diving into it and forcing open the collapsed wormhole there… freeing the first of the two ships within it. In her absence, Voyager reappeared in the restored universe devoid of damage. Places in the universe were restored, that which was destroyed was whole once more, the dead were restored to history, and anyone lost before now were restored to the living…

"Weapons are…" Tuvok tried blasting the ship free from the anomaly once at their screen but then the shaking stopped. "Correction, weapons are back up."

"Are we free?" Chakotay came down and looked at the helm then the screen. The expanding wormhole was closing now. The missing stars were suddenly appearing as if hidden behind darkened nebulae. The ship was free and moving out of the way ready to continue to DS-9.

"It just vanished." Harry was checking telemetry. The ships communications signal began chirping.

"Chakotay," From sickbay, Janeway's voice sounded interested. "Something happening I should know about?"

"Just a gravitational field, Captain…" He didn't have any answers. "I have it under control."

"Commander…" Tom was getting a new signal from the probe. "I'm reading a another ship in the expanse behind us…"

"A ship?" Chakotay responded nervously. "Put it on the screen…."

Their sensors picked up the vast cruiser coming toward them at cruising speed, not fast enough to be a threat but slow enough to warrant their suspicion. It was incredible immense, readings revealing it topped at over sixteen hundred meters long, easily dwarfing Voyager whose size was smaller than the thickness of its main hull. It was shaped as an enormous angular triangle, the tip coming out first as it passed over the Federation starship into the Alpha Quadrant. The crew was humbled by it's size. It was barely flat, thicker toward the stern with two vast ventral bays in its underside and a control tower at least one hundred meters high at the rear, it's main command bridge wider and thicker than the tower it rested on with two deflector-shield generator domes at two ends up top with an even higher communications tower. There was nothing in their ship's memory banks that remotely came close to this ship's design. It was possibly created by a superior race of beings foreign to their universe.

"Commander, we are being hailed." Back at ops, Tuvok revealed.

"On screen." Chakotay turned round again to see the image of a tall, very well built woman with long dark hair at the bridge of her ship before bay windows of endless space. She was clad in tan to light brown battle fatigues with a dark jacket open to her unbuttoned uniform and an impressive figure.

"This is Commander Leia Skywalker of the New Republic." The descendant of Jainen Skywalker, the son of the true Luke Skywalker, introduced herself. "My deepest gratitude to you captain and your crew for freeing us. We've been trapped in that time-loop for an estimated seventeen point eight cosmic years. If you hadn't blasted us free, we'd still be lost." She paused a bit before his holographic image on her ship. "I'm not familiar with your ship or your designation. Can you identify yourself?"

Harry and Tom looked at each other confused. What explosion?

"I'm First Commander Chakotay of the Federation Starship Voyager…" Her counterpart answered. "Captain, if you would like to transport over… I'm sure we could answer many of your questions…"