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Chapter 2: Staff meeting

The door opened as Logan entered first to see some of them were present as then Connor stepped in behind him.

"Hey Logan who's this?"

As all eyes were on Connor, Logan went to introduce him.

"Everyone this is Connor Masters, he's the new Student Teacher, he'll be taking the Computer Science classes." Logan introduced.

"Connor these are our Senior Teachers, Scott Summers, Bobby Drake and Emma Frost." Logan introduced everyone.

"Nice to meet you." Scott said shaking his hand.

As he turned to Bobby to shake his hand.

"Same here man." Bobby said as they shook hands.

He then turned to Emma as she smiled.

"Charmed Mister Masters." Emma said as they shook hands.

"Thank you and please everyone call me Connor." Connor said.

"Where's everyone else?" Logan asked.

"Kurt and Rachel are in the danger room practicing with their students, Danni's in the library prepping for the test, Ororo's out back, and Alex's out." Bobby answered.

"I guess we'll go to the danger room next." Logan said.

"Danger room?" Connor asked.

"You'll see when we get there, see ya guys later." Logan said as he motioned to Connor to follow.

"It was nice meeting you all, I'll see you soon." Connor said as he followed Logan.

"He seemed nice." Bobby said.

"Yeah but wonder what his powers are?" Scott asked.

"We'll find out soon." Emma said.

Logan lead Connor to the elevator which they both stepped into and Logan pushed the button to go down the bottom floor.

"Nice elevator, does this lead to your danger room?" Connor asked.

"Yeah and the medical ward, when we get down to the danger room expect to see a good light show." Logan said as Connor raised an eyebrow to this.

As the elevator stopped they arrived on the floor where the supposed danger room is as Connor had to ask.

"Why do they call it the danger room?" Connor asked.

Logan actually laughed at that." Thanks kid I haven't had a good laugh in a while." Logan said in between laughing.

"Uh okay but still why do they…" BOOM! He was cut of by a loud noise.

Logan led him to a door which opened as they stepped into what looked like a control room as it had a window view of a huge room, Connor saw there are two people already present there, one was a girl and the other looked like some sort of blue demon.

"Hi Logan, who's your friend."

"Connor this is Rachel Summers and the elf there is Kurt Wagner, guys Connor Masters our new Student Teacher for the Computer Science classes." Logan introduced.

"Good to meet you ya, I'm glad we have a new Teacher here." Kurt said as he shook the three blue furry fingers of his.

"Pleasure to meet you Mister Masters and it's Rachel Grey now." Rachel said shaking is hand.

"No problem Miss Grey, and please call me Connor." Connor said as Rachel smiled.

"How're they doing down there?" Logan asked them both.

"They're working as a unit but still they need to work better as a team." Rachel said looking on.

As her class and Kurt's were on separate teams and both were in a simulation where they must defeat the other team while trying to avoid any traps set for them in a jungle environment.

Connor was impressed with the technology used to create this environment and the entire set of traps used in this was designed to challenge them and use their powers in a life or death situation.

So far, it was three on one as it seemed Kurt's team was going to win, with Connor looking on as he saw Three identical girls closing in on a boy who was on Rachel's team and for some reason looked very calm as the rest of his team mates were tied up as the three girls went for one final attack it seemed but the boy began to glow as he then unleashed a flash of electricity as it stunned the three of them as he had won the challenge for his team.

As the simulation ended he was greeted by his team mates.

"Way to go Julian!"

"Nice one bro!"

"Ok everyone class is over!" Rachel said over the comms.

The classes came out and met up with the four Teachers as the students attention was shifted to the man next to them.

"Who are you?" as three identical voices were directed at Connor as he nealy thought he was seeing things but they seemed to be triplets wearing matching blue outfits and blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Uh my name's , I'm a new Student Teacher here." Connor answered.

"Really? What're ya taking?" A student asked.

"I'm taking the position as your new Psychiatrist wanna make an appointment?" Connor joked.

"Since when do we need a Psychiatrist?" another student spoke.

"Yeah I mean I know we act a bit crazy sometimes but…

Connor was laughing as was Kurt, Logan and Rachel as they saw how seriously they took the joke.

"Sorry kids I was joking, I'm actually the new Computer Science Teacher." Connor said in between laughs.

"OHHH." most of them said in unison as a few laughs were heard.

"Ok I think it's time we moved on, I'll see ya later." Logan said.

"Ok Logan and it was nice meeting you Mr. Masters.!" Rachel said.

"Yes till we meet again mein friend." Kurt said.

As both Logan and Connor left.

"He was cute." Rachel said.

"You say that about everyone ya." Kurt said.

"Yeah well he was a definite, wonder what his powers are?" Rachel asked.

"Not sure but we'll know soon." Kurt said.

They then stopped into the library and Connor was just completely in awe as he saw the range of literature there which was making him feel like a kid in a candy store as they began to look around the different sections.

As he was enjoying the tour of probably one of the biggest libraries he had seen…


As both him and Logan heard the curse they went to investigate as it was in the central part of the library and the archive computers were there as two girls who were seemingly trying to get a computer to work.

"Stupid piece of crap! They can put a man on the moon but they can't have a computer that doesn't crash!"

"Problems Half pint?" Logan asked.

System's down again, I swear it's like this thing has a mind of it's own!"

"Rise of the machines."

The two girls looked to Logan and saw a man their age right next to him.

"Who's your friend Logan?"

"Sorry this is Connor Masters he's the new Student Teacher for the Computer Science class, Connor these two are our other Student Teachers, Half pint by there is Katherine Pryde, she teaches World History." Logan introduced.

"Nice to meet you and please call me Kitty." Kitty said as they shook hands.

"And this is Danni Moonstar, she teaches the Arts and Crafts classes." Logan introduced.

"Pleased to meet you Mr. Masters." Danni said shaking his hand.

"It's a pleasure myself and please call me Connor." Connor said.

As Danni blushed at that remark.

"Sure…Connor." Danni said.

"Hey Connor, if you're a Computer Science Teacher can you fix this problem?" Kitty asked directing to the computer they were trying to access.

"Sure let me have a look." Connor said as he went to take a seat and try to solve the problem.

He looked at the screen as it showed "Network unavailable" as Connor quickly typed in a few commands and began to defragment the link and then something came up as it was a link to an IP address and the link was from a website and the content was being downloaded by the user as he traced the user to the mansion and a name came up.

"I found the problem." Connor said as they all came to see what it was. " It looks like someone is downloading content from this site and it's blocking up the server." Connor explained.

"Who's doing it?" Danni asked.

"Someone called Frostyman99." Connor said.

Kitty's eyes widened "Bobby." she muttered under her breath.

"I have a guess at what he's downloading so I won't look at it…bbbuuuuttt I can replace it with something more…suitable of Mr. Drake." Connor said.

"I haven't forgotten about last week, it took me hours to get the smell out of my clothes!" Kitty said.

"Or when he replaced my notes with Playgirl magazines." Danni said.

"He took my beer." Logan said.

"Ok then let's do this." Connor said as he began their revenge.


Bobby was at his desktop computer after hours of Teaching.

"Ok time for some midnight action! And tonight's selection is…WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" Bobby shouted.

As a bunch of ads just popped up by the hundreds and crashed his computer completely.

"AWW MAN!" Bobby shouted as it was heard throughout the mansion.

After exacting their revenge with Connor's help Logan, Connor, Danni and Kitty walked through the hallways and to the front door of the mansion as Connor was leaving.

"So Connor when are you starting?" Danni asked.

"Uh I guess tomorrow." Connor said.

"Well I guess we'll be seein ya tomorrow bright and early." Logan said as he went to open the door for him to leave.

"Yeah I'll see you all then." Connor said as he took leave.

"I like him already." Kitty said.

"You can say that again." Danni said.

Connor made sure he was out of sight as he ducked into an alleyway, then he had his hand on his belt buckle and pressed a button on it as something activated.

He was covered in light as his outfit changed, he wore a sleeveless black shirt with a silver X shape lining on the centre of it, he wore black combat pants with black boots, and a black trench coat with red on the inside of it and except for his mouth the res of his face was covered by a black mask.

"It's hero time!"

As he flew up in the air and was on patrol of New York City, he flew at some speed but then he heard some gunshots as he just flew down to the source of it and saw the bank was being robbed…as usual.

He flew down to the entrance and walked right in.

"Heeelllooo! Anybody in?"

As then he walked into the main hall and saw there were four masked bank robbers and they were armed with weapons as he also saw several hostages.

"Okay gentlemen, drop your weapons and surrender now or I'll have to use force, which means using my little finger."

"Whack the sucker!"

They all started shooting at him as then he just stood there and the bullets just bounced off of him as he just waited until they ran out of ammo as they did, he disappeared within a blink of an eye he managed to get behind one of them and sent him flying into the wall knocking him out.

The robbers were shocked as they tried to load up their guns with one of them just hiding from him as the other two were on their own as he walked towards them with more shots being fired at him but he continued to do so as he just grabbed both ends of their guns and just crushed them like paper as they just dropped their destroyed weapons and ran for it but he stopped them as he kicked a trashcan as it rolled towards them at some speed and took them both out.

"Hey hero! He turned to see the last one holding some sort of a switch " Time for some boom-boom!" as he pushed it and a timer went off.

He acted fast as he sped past the assailant but knocked him into the side wall and heard the ticking coming from the vault as it was a giant bomb.

"This thing's enough to blow the entire building to hell! Better get rid of it."

He used his strength to carry the bomb away as he sped out of there and flew up into the air and just swung it into the sky as it flew up and up and eventually clearing the atmosphere and into space.

"In space no one can hear you."

He flew back down to check on things as police did arrive as he made sure if everyone was ok.

"Is everyone ok?" he asked an officer.

"Yeah I take it this is your work?" the officer asked.

"Guilty as charged." he replied.

"Well you do realise you caught a gang we've been after for months now, they'll be doin time all thanks to you…uh…

"I'm just…Xtreme." Xtreme said as he flew off.

The debut of Xtreme (who I own!) and now with his doule life what adventures will our hero have?

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