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Chapter 21: Was it a mistake? Part 2

The door knocked and Rachel went to answer it.

"Yes?" she opened it and saw a lone person standing in front of her.

"Is X'ondir home or should I just await his return?" the guy said as he was pointing a gun at her.

She didn't have time to react as he must forced himself in and backed herself in and Jean saw this guy coming towards them she went to use her powers but he quickly reached into his pocket and threw something at her as it clamped around her neck as another one went around Rachel's neck.

"Now then mutants, tell me where is X'ondir?" he asked.

"We're not telling you and how're you going to make us?" Rachel asked as she went to use her abilities but nothing happened.

"Ah that collar there is a power dampener, your powers are useless right now." he said. "Now where is he?" he asked them again.

"Go to hell." Rachel responded.

"I have a terrible memory." Jean said as the assailant responded by flicking a switch as it sent jolts of electricity through her body.

"AHHH!" Jean and Rachel both screamed as the collar tortured them.

"Not so smart now are we?" he mocked them. "Guess we'll wait here until he arrives." as he continued to torture them.


Both men were making their way back by flight as Alex held on to his son as they were overlooking the city and decided to have a chat while making their way back to Alex and Jean's place.

"How serious is it between you and Rachel?" Alex asked his son.

"I asked her to move in with me." Connor said.

"That serious, how long have you been dating?" Alex asked.

"Few months now, I wasn't sure about trying to date again but meeting her and then her finding out about me made things much easier and less complicated." Connor said.

"There's always complications but you work through it, just like me and your mother did." Alex said.

"Dad I'm starting to think that I might be putting her in harm's way by her living with me and think she should stay at the mansion where she can be protected." Connor said as they flew over a building.

"Son I know exactly how you feel, when me and your mother were partners I was concerned that me being her partner was putting her in danger constantly but I also knew she could take care of herself and that day happened when she rescued me from this mercenary who had it out for Zargonians." Alex told his son of his mother's heroism.

"Heard about that, didn't he use torture methods on his victims to get what he wanted?" Connor asked.

"Yeah he used anything he could think of but he liked to use those collars." Alex said explaining the villain's methods.

"What happened to him?" Connor asked.

"After I put him away he broke out and went underground." Alex said as that sounded a bit odd for a guy with a grudge.

"So he hasn't shown up? Why hasn't he come after me yet?" Connor asked.

"This guy's clever, watch yourself with him he makes moves you won't see coming." Alex warned his son as they made it back to the apartment as Connor touched down on the rooftop and changed back.

The door there was opened after Connor broke the lock on it a week ago not realising it was opened from the inside as they walked back down to the seventh floor and along the hallway to the apartment as then Alex noticed something.

"Door's unlocked." Alex whispered.

He opened it and entered seeing both Jean and Rachel sitting there and had collars around their necks.

"CLICK" the sound of a gun was pressed to Alex's head.

"Not a sound or a movement and you stand over there no sudden moves." he ordered them both to do so.

"Who the hell are you?" Connor asked as he was forced to stand next to the women.

"Revenge." he answered bluntly.

"Really you're now going with that? I thought you called yourself Payback?" Alex said as he got pistol whipped to the back of the head for his troubles.

"Alex!" Jean frantically said as Alex was on his knees clutching the back of his head.

"If you hurt him I'll-"

"Now, now halfbreed you'd better do as I say before I kill your father." PayBack said as he pointed his gun at Alex's head and Connor backed down as the mercenary threw him a collar. "Put it on now." he ordered him as he did just that.

"Why are you doing this?" Connor asked as he stood next to the women.

"X'ondir has a price on his head and I'm only collecting the merchandise, I work for a client." PayBack said.

"Who?" Connor asked.

"That's confidential now I'm taking your father and once I'm clear the collars will deactivate." PayBack said as he grabbed Alex by the hair and yanked him up to his feet as he then used some device and opened a portal of sorts and they went through it.


The portal opened up and they were in a unknown location as both PayBack and Alex emerged as he threw Alex to the ground holding his bruised head.

"Where are we?" Alex asked.

"I have him, can I kill him now?" PayBack asked getting ready to blow his head off.

"No…he is not to be harmed bring him to me." an unidentified voice ordered as PayBack dragged him over to him.

"What do you want with me?" Alex asked as he was thrown in front of the said voice.

"I have a mission to fulfil and you will help me." the voice said.


The collars finally disarmed themselves and just as quick as he could Connor grabbed the collar and began looking it over.

"I think I can track this guy down." Connor said as he fiddled with the collar and began taking it apart.

"You can do that by using this thing?" Rachel asked.

"Not hard to do when you know your tech and besides after the stories I've heard about this guy dad could be in serious danger without his powers." Connor said as he continued to work on the collar as then something happened. "Got it." he said as it was beeping.

"What's going on?" Jean asked.

"I can track him down, this is emit the same frequency as his collars and I can use my hearing to find dad and stop him before he does whatever to him." Connor said as he transformed into his costume. "Both of you stay here I can handle this but if you don't hear from me within the hour then you can do something." he said to them.

Rachel came up to him and they kissed. "Be careful." she said as he kissed her on the forehead and smiled as he opened the window and flew out from it and began tracking the origin of the frequency.

Hang on dad I'm coming!

He flew at super speed as time was of the essence for the fate of his father was hanging in the balance.


Alex was now strapped to some device as wires were hooked into him and he was powerless to stop whatever was about to happen to himself.

"What're you doing to me?" Alex asked as the sound of machines powering up was heard.

As then mechanical arms were prepping him and the machines. "I am making final preparations for my transfer."

"Transfer? To what?" Alex asked as he looked at everything and took a shot in the dark. "My body." he said.

"Yes, I require a physical form and with yours I will finally achieve my objective."

Sequence beginning in 3...2...1...

The machine began it's work as the transfer was very painful for Alex as he could feel his entire body and mind slipping into nothing as he could not fight it as everything went black.


Almost thereit's just a few clicks from here.

Connor then landed and made his way there on foot as he needed to take this guy by surprise in case he has one of his own as he used his super speed to get a little closer to the location and was only feet away from where his father was being held.

Ok just try to sneak up on em and save dad, easy as pie.

He didn't think and just went right for the door as he broke it off it's hinges and entered the building he kept his guard up as he descended down the stairs and finally reached the bottom and he found the place hooked up with computers and some device and standing there was Payback awaiting him it seemed.

"So you're here at last halfbreed." PayBack said.

"Ok where's my father?" Xtreme asked.

"He's around but you won't be!" PayBack said as he pulled out a gun.

"Really? You know it's useless right?" Xtreme said.

"It's not just any gun, it's a Zorkin gun and one hit and your dead." PayBack said as he had him at point blank range.

"True I make one move and I'm dead but what if I do this." Xtreme said as he raised his hand and began to concentrate and with one move he threw the gun out of his hand unarming him as he just supper speeded right up to him and forced palmed him into a wall taking him out.

"DAD?! DAD?! DAD?!" Connor called out to his father as he heard footsteps behind him and turned to see it was his father alive and well.

"Dad? Thank god you ok?" Connor asked.

"Yes but you won't be and neither will every mutant on this planet!" Alex said as he used a telekinetic blast to throw Conner up into the air and pin him to the ceiling.


"Ah!" Rachel said as she felt some mental pain.

"What's wrong?" Jean asked.

"It's Connor I can feel him being attacked by…Alex?!" Rachel said not believing it.

"What?! No he wouldn't…" Jean said also not believing it as she tired to get a mental reading on Alex.

She looked for his signature and found it but what she found wasn't Alex…

"Oh…my…god…" Jean said as she could not even say the words to explain it.

"Mom…what is it?" Rachel asked.

"We have to save Connor now, he's in great danger." Jean said as they quickly left in a hurry.


Meanwhile Xtreme had no defence against his father or that's what he thinks as his strength was too much for the young half breed as the full blooded Zargonian was punishing him.

"Who the hell are you?! Your not my father!" Connor demanded from this stranger in his father's body.

He just rushed at him and landed a flurry of blows as he started pounding him into the ground.

"I am the end of all mutant life, I am the saviour of humanity…I am Bastion." Bastion said revealing himself.

"Who?" Connor asked as he then blocked an attack from Bastion with his telekinesis and nailed him with a huge fist to the face throwing him back a few feet into the air.

"You will soon see Zargonian or is it Masters, Connor." Bastion said knowing his identity.

"You know who I am figures since your in my dad's head, how do you know about us?" Connor asked.

"A being by the name of Azreal was searching for your father but he only found you and I had intercepted his ship's transmission when he arrived on this planet, then I observed you and then him and knew your father would be my new vessel, I hacked into SHIELD databases and found the one called PayBack and hired him to bring your father to me." Bastion explained his plan.

"But him and not me?" Connor asked.

"He is more powerful than you and after he lost his power I restored it with a small dose of radiation now I have a body and I will wipe the filth of mutants from this Earth and rule it." Bastion proclaimed.

"And just to say your not the first homicidal machine I've met so I say…"

"Rachelcan you hear me?" Connor called her telepathically.

"Connor?! Are you ok?! We're going out of our minds an-"

"RACH! Need you to be calm I'm stalling him just do me a favour and ask Logan if he's got the stuff on him?"

"What stuff?!"

"He'll know what I mean."

"Connor I know your facing Bastion listen he's a monster he will kill you!"

"He's in my dad's body I gotta get him out first."

"No wonder Mom went crazy with worry, Connor try not to die."

"Love you too."

"…and that pretty much sums up why I am going to kick your ass and send you back to the scrapheap!" Connor finished his rambling.

"As you wish but you will fall to my feet or die your choice." Bastion said.

But Connor responded with a telekinetic blast and then just took him crashing out of there into the sky as they flew all the way over New York City and ended up on the outskirts of New Jersey.

They both got up quickly and the fists were flying as one blow after another was being exchanged between Bastion and Connor.

Connor got a right to the face but Bastion recovered and hit several gut shots and a huge haymaker to the side of his head sending him crashing to the ground below as then he began charging up and then shot out some electricity as it sent a few million volts through the young half breed.

"AH!" Connor screamed as he was being electrocuted.

"This body is incredible! He has unlimited power from a never ending power source and his abilities are impressive." Bastion said as he continued the shock therapy on Connor.

"You might have unlimited power but there's a difference between us!" Connor shouted while getting shocked.

"And what is that?" Bastion asked as then something came towards him.

It was a small grenade as he caught it, looking down he saw some of the X-Men.

"You think a primitive device will stop me?" Bastion said as it exploded and was surrounded in a cloud and began to cough violently and then fall from the air and to the ground as Bastion had no idea what was done to him.

"How…cough…did you…cough…" Bastion was shocked he was taken down so easily as Connor was up and he approached him.

"It's a package deal, you get our powers you get our weakness also." Connor said as Jean was next to him and used her telepathy to knock Bastion out as she did just that.

Rachel rushed to her boyfriend's side as he was still smoking from the electricity.

"You ok?" she asked him.

"I'm good, we need to get Bastion back to his lair and reverse what he did to my dad." Connor said.


They were back at the building where the machine stood as Connor was trying to figure it out while they hooked Bastion back into it.

"Can you work this thing?" Logan asked.

"It's a complex machine, incredible design and beyond most tech I've seen but in more short terms, it's no biggie." Connor saying he can work it.

"Wait didn't you say there was another guy who kidnapped your dad?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah but he's taking a wall nap." Conner said pointing to the huge hole in the wall. "Ok all set." he said getting the program ready.

"Hope this works." Rachel said as she was giving support to her mother who was on edge for Alex.

He started up the program and it was reversing it's own commands as Bastion screamed he then went silent and the program stopped as did Alex.

Connor rushed up to his father and got him out of the machine and laid him down as he took his jacket off and used it to cushion his head.

"Uh…." he began to wake up.

"Dad?" Connor asked.

"You…are done for." he said.

"It didn't work?!" Kitty said.

Rachel noticed herm mom's face was not of fear but joy.

"To take you over my knee and spank the living hell out of you!" Alex said to his son as it had worked.

"Dad!" Connor said as both shared a moment.

But then the ground began to shake and out from below came a giant robot they all knew too well.

"A SENTINEL?!" Logan shouted as he got his claws out.

Alex got to his feet and he looked to Connor and he knew what his father was thinking.

"I WILL EXTINGUISH ALL MUTANT LIFE!" it was Bastion inside the Sentinel.

"Not today tinman!" Alex said.

Both father and son wrenched their fists back and in one huge unison hit Bastion with one blow which sent him flying into the air, out from Earth and flying right into The Sun.

"And that's how you solve a problem." Alex said.

"Hit it until it breaks." Connor came in.


The entire incident ended with Connor taking PayBack to Federation prison, everyone else had gone back to their homes as both Alex and Jean were having the talk.

"Jean about what happened before." Alex awkwardly trying to talk about it.

"I know, we're both alone and I just got divorced and your still adjusting to life after years away and now your worst enemy is back so it's understandable." Jean said trying also to make sense of it.

"But I have thought about it and I guess we acted on impulse and I'm ready to admit that I want more." Alex said.

"You want this?" Jean asked.

"After I lost Alice I didn't think I could love again until I met you, I tried to keep my distance from those feelings because I still loved my wife but now I want to move on with you." Alex said admitting his feelings for her.

"Alex…I don't know what to say." Jean said a bit speechless.

They just embraced one another as they gave in to their feelings.


"Connor can you come here a sec?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah wha-OH!" Connor walked in to see his girlfriend in the buff.

"I have something to tell you ." she said as he was mesmerized.

"What is it?" Connor asked in his entranced state.

"It's about this mystery woman your dad's with." she said.

After a few hours Connor was lost in thought…

"WHAT?!" he shouted.

Another disaster averted but now a new situation has arisen. Will Connor be mature about this or go ape nuts?

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