Okay, so unbelievably long time without any updates! I kind of lost the thread on this story, and haven't really had much time to update in a REALLY long time… But hey, here goes. I am hoping to get this story finished fairly soon as there are only a couple more chapters left to right ( I think).


"Right girlies, this is it. The big one. The all important job for us to pull off." Miss fritton stood, addressing her school with an unusually sombre face. "If we are caught there is a chance you will spend many years in prison, this is not our usual gaff, but something above and beyond. For this reason anyone who does not wish to take that risk, may leave now. No first or second years are allowed to take part" She took a deep drag on her cigarette; "everyone in the lower years, or who doesn't wish to be involved can leave now. If you stay at this point, you are involved, end of."

There was a pause, then from the back someone shouted out; "what happens if it goes wrong? What we doing this for?"
Miss Fritton took a deep breath, unsure how to word this without giving the game away. "We are doing this to help Flash and Dodger, and a few others close to them. If we do not succeed they will likely go to jail. However, this does not need a large group, there is no need for guilt."
Most of the school slowly left the dorm, whispers spreading thick and fast through the crowd as they walked, no one able to miss the tension in their head mistress' face and posture.
When only a few remained, mainly those who knew that it was more Kelly than Flash whose life would be destroyed by their failure, the motioned for them to gather closer together, sighing when she saw the twins were still present.
"Tanya, Tara, I thought I made it clear that first years were not going to involved!"
"But we want to-" Tanya began
"We love Kelly and Flash loads and loads and we want to help them"

"What makes you think it has anything to do with Kelly?" Miss Fritton responded, perhaps a little too snappily.

"Well, when Annabelle told us to come up here,"
we did",
" but then we took the secret door"
"and went to the roof"
"and we saw flash and dodger carrying a body"
"so we ran to the art room with the glass roof"
"and we heard you all talking and you said it was Kelly's dad"
"so yeah. We wanna help" They finished together, giving their best puppy dog eyes. Miss Fritton surveyed them closely. Silence fell for a few minutes as the older girls tried to process everything they had said and Miss Fritton tried to decide what to do.

Then; "Fine. But when I tell you that you have done enough, and that you need to come back here and pretend you didn't even know it was happening; you listen to me, you do as I say and you never speak a word of it to any other person ever again, ok?" She hated commanding them this way, telling any of her girlies so strictly that they must do something, but in this situation anarchy was not the correct system. This time they had to be organised and completely on the ball, and all follow their plan, whatever that ended up being, completely to the bone, or all their futures were in jeopardy. Sighing for what felt like the millionth time in the last hour, Miss Fritton turned once again to her rather shell shocked looking sixth formers, all still staring at the twins as though willing their story to insert itself back into their mouths, apart from Andrea and Taylor who both seemed unphased.

"Girlies, you heard what the twins said, Kelly's father has been killed. Her little sister murdered him in her hospital room- don't give me that face Chloe, you chose to stay- and Flash and Dodger bought the body here to hide it. We are going to bury it in the new basements floor, an upside of all the repairs still taking place from the fire. The first years can dispose of flashes car in the far field, he will be able to obtain himself a new one soon enough. The issue is the hospital CCTV. We need to get in, get the CCTV and get out, without alerting any of the cameras, the police or the staff, and make sure we are ready for the police when questions start being asked about where he has disappeared to."

From the corner, unnoticed by the girls and their much loved teacher, Flash stood watching, as soon as it was apparent how much he and, more importantly, Kelly needed their help, fear was overcome by determination in the eyes of all of them, even the Posh Totties. This was a demonstration, he found himself thinking, of just how dedicated the girls really were to their head girl, to his Kelly. It allowed, just for that moment, as he watched them burst into action, splitting into groups, discussing explosives and distractions and computer software, all brainstorming to find a way to salvage this mess of a situation, him to feel hope starting to warm his heart. Hope that they would get away with this, that he and Kelly and Ruby would get the life he wanted for them, together in his house, comfortable, happy.

If anyone could pull this off, it was this group of teenagers, and he had never felt so much compassionate for them…