Not Papa

In which Arabelle prays for Erik. From chapter seven of 'Roses Blooming,' when Erik catches pneumonia and has a seizure. Also from Arabelle's pov.

Disclaimer; Phantom of the Opera is not mine. Arabelle, however, and her precious puppy Phantom are. I made her, and she is my precious.


I'm scared. I know what Mama said, that Papa has been through worse, but, I'm scared. Papa's my Papa, and I love him. I'll miss him if he dies.

What happens when people die, I wonder? Do they go to Heaven, like Mama says? Papa doesn't say much about Heaven. Or Hell. I don't like hell. It frightens me.

I know Mama think's I'm asleep, but I'm not. How could I sleep when Papa might be dying. I love my Papa. I need him. And I don't want him to die.

Out of bed, I kneel by one of the windows in the part of my room shaped like a circle with sides. I think Mama and Papa called it a tur-something. Turret? I think so.

There's a star out my window, winking above the trees in our woods. I love our woods. Not too long ago, Papa took me sledding. That's when he caught his cold.

Is it my fault, then? I didn't mean to get Papa sick. Papa's my best friend. I wouldn't want him to be sick.

Phantom snuffles in his sleep. I don't think he understands what's happening. I do.

I know Mama doesn't think I saw Papa today, but I did. I don't want him to twist like that again. It looked like demons had him. I don't want demons to hurt my Papa. People have hurt him enough, he doesn't need demons hurting him, too.

That one star is still shining. Papa used to sit up with me some nights, and tell me stories, while that star shown down on us. He even told me to make a wish, once.

Can God really hear us down here on earth? Would a prayer do Papa any good? Would it help him live?

"Dear God, can You hear me?"

I'm not sure what to say.

"My papa's really sick, God. Please, don't take him away from Mama and me. We need him. I know he's a lot older than Mama, and he'll be going to Heaven before either of us, but please don't call him away yet."

I'm crying. It's nothing I can help now. Papa's sick, and we may never get to play together again.

"I love Papa, God. He tells me stories, and takes me places, and plays with me all the time. He's the best ever. Mama says he's the Angel of Music. If he is, God, do You think You could spare him just a few more years? I want him with me as I grow up, God. Please?

"Papa got worse today, I think. He was lying with Mama, then he started shaking, and his arms were flying everywhere. God, I think demons were hurting him. Please make the demons leave him alone. Please let him get better, God.

"Mama says there are lots of ways to sin. Is keeping one of Your angels a sin, God? If it is, then I'll have to be a sinner, because I don't want to give up my papa.

"And God? I'm scared for Mama, too. She seems so sad. Will she get sick, too, God? Please don't take Mama and Papa. I love them both, God.

"So please, keep Mama well, and help Papa get better, God. So we can be a family again. Our house isn't the same with Papa so sick. Please help him, God?

"Just let him get better, and I promise to be good forever."

I promise...


For those of you who haven't read 'Roses Blooming,' don't worry, Erik doesn't die. He survives, I promise you. Anyway, I hope you all liked this, and please review.

Oh! And did anyone catch the quote from 'Phantom' by Susan Kay? It's that last bit of Arabelle's prayer. Erik says, in the book, of Christine "Let her love me and I promise to be good forever."