Tech's Life before Life

This is my next story for lack of a better title. I really like Tech so I centered this story on him. Tell me what you think (please no bad comments)!

Chapter 1: Mysteries

Tech fiddled around with his invention. He was still working out the kinks. Lexi walked in through the door to his lab from behind him.

"Hey, Tech," Lexi said, "What are you doing now?"

"I'm trying to fix this thing to work like one of those grenades but more efficiently," explained Tech, "but, for some strange reason, it doesn't do anything when I pull the-" His device started beeping in his hands more and rapidly and then louder and more high-pitched. "Uh oh, this doesn't bode well for me." It exploded, leaving a dust pile in the place where Tech used to sit. He quickly regenerated. "Why does this always happen to me? Perhaps I shouldn't have used that old soda can Duck threw away for a conductor."

Lexi shook her head and rolled her eyes. "I can't argue with you there, mostly because I have no idea what you're talking about. Well, you better take a break from this. Ace wants to talk to us."

Tech rolled his eyes as he set down his work. You telling me that he's finally taking a break from you to talk to us about something important? He was smart enough not to say this out loud.

True, Lexi and Ace had been going out for almost 2 months now and wouldn't break up from each other long enough to focus on work anymore, and it had been annoying the other Loonatics for quite a while, but they hadn't told them. They didn't want to upset Ace and Lexi. They cared about them (they had even encouraged the relationship in the first place), but for some reason they couldn't bring themselves to tell Ace and Lexi that their love life was a little-what's the word?-insensitive of the rest of them.

Tech got up anyway and walked out with Lexi to meet Ace, Rev, Slam, and Duck in the meeting room.

"Good," said Duck, "the coyote finally took a break from his vacation in Techno World. Or should I say 'Geek World'?"

"Keep that up and I'm telling everybody you still sleep with your teddy bear," said Tech, "Whoops, too late." Duck shut his beak.

"Hey there, Lex," said Ace, bringing her next to him.

"Hey, Ace," said Lexi, hugging him tightly.

Duck opened his mouth and pointed his finger at it when the couple wasn't looking. Rev stifled a giggle. He held it back so that Ace and Lexi wouldn't notice.

"Well, gang," Ace said, "We've got a problem." He turned on the screen to reveal the news.

"Police City Officials today announced that another person was found unconscious yesterday. Just like the past few attacks, the victim has no memory of the past week, woke up with slight blackness in vision, and a blackout occurred in the area at the exact moment they fell. A few items were reported in the area to be stolen, lost, and/or missing and no signal was left in the vicinity to refer to who or what could have committed the crime. There will be more news later after clues have been found pertaining to the attacks."

Ace turned off the TV. "This has been going on for at least a week now and we thought that we should do some investigation of our own. There's got to be some reason why the criminal would leave the victims unconscious and not kill them instead if they were going to do all this. And for another thing, what were they stealing, and how were they doing it without leaving any trace of clues or anything?"

"Perhaps I could-" Tech was interrupted by a loud bang on the front door. "Hang on, I'll get it." He got up and opened the door. "Hi, Tech" was all he needed to hear before almost screaming as he slammed the door and blocked it shut with his body. The other Loonatics gave him strange looks. "You don't want to know what beast is behind that door."

Another loud bang resounded throughout the building (louder this time) as a woman's voice called out, "Tech E. Coyote! You open this door!"

Tech sighed and his ears drooped to his sides. "How do I get her to go away?"

"Simple," said Duck, "You-"

"I was talking to Rev," said Tech, crossing his arms as his ears raised back to their normal height.

"Well, there-are-several-ways-to-do-that, Tech. You-could-yell-at-her-or-scream-or-even-use-one-of-your-crazy-tricked-out-inventions-to-"

"On second thought, I might as well let her in," said Tech.

"Of course, you should, Tech," said Lexi, "You might as well give her a chance."

"I did already and it didn't go so well," said Tech.

Slam babbled in agreement with Lexi and Ace gave him a look that pretty much said, Open the door, Tech. Tech backed up off the door and opened it.

Behind it was a girl coyote about his age. She very well could have been his twin. She had hazel eyes and brown fur. She wore a lengthy skirt and a sweater. She smiled smugly. "Hi, Tech. Miss me?"

"Yeah, right," said Tech, chuckling under his breath sarcastically, "Long time, no see, Rita."

"Rita?" Duck asked, whispering to Rev who shook his head, "Is she one of his old college girlfriends? Oh, wait, he didn't have any."

"I can hear you over here, Duck," said Tech.

"Wow, Tech," Lexi said, at a loss for words, "She could be your sister."

"That's because she is my sister," said Tech. The other Loonatics were shocked. They didn't know Tech had a family. He had never told them.

Rita walked in. "OK if I come in? Whoops, too late."

"I can see where he gets it from," said Duck.

Rita looked at him. "You know, it's been a while since either me or Patrick spoke to Tech."

Tech groaned. "Don't tell me our brother's here, too."

"Relax," Rita said, "He's waiting outside. For some reason, he thinks that he's able to fix our car or something. I don't know what's wrong with him. Tech was always the smart one. Patrick never could figure anything out."

She was interrupted by a loud explosion from outside and a car alarm going off.

"See what I mean?" Rita asked, gesturing to the window.

Ace opened the window and saw a car on fire outside. A boy coyote came up after them. He looked almost a year older than Tech and Rita, but was still about the same age. He had fur of a shade darker brown and eyes that were exactly the same as Tech's hazel-tinted green eyes. This was undoubtedly the Patrick they had been referring to.

"I was able to dodge the explosion," said Patrick, "Please tell me you convinced him to let us stay for the night and fix our car for us already."

"I was getting to that, Patrick," said Rita through gritted teeth, "He still doesn't like us. He'd never agree anyway. Although it looks like he has enough company already."

"Did Tech not tell you about being a super hero with us?" Lexi asked, not noticing Tech giving her the "kill" sign from behind Rita's back until after she had finished saying it.

"What?" Rita asked, turning to Tech, "How come we weren't told about this?"

"Because every time I try to talk to you, you insult me," said Tech.

"That's not true, you little nerd," she said, punching him in the arm. She then understood what he meant. "Oh, you mean that." Tech nodded. "Maybe we should stay somewhere else."

"Unless there's a hotel within the block, I doubt we'll find anywhere else," said Patrick, walking off with her, "You know how bad my feet are for a coyote."

"Wait," Tech sighed. "Guys, what do you think?" He turned to his friends and walked closer so that his brother and sister couldn't hear his next words: "Please say 'no'."

"Well," said Ace, "they, uh-"

"You can stay for the night," said Lexi, "but only one night."

"What?!" Tech cried. Too late. Rita rushed up and hugged him so tight he couldn't breathe, Patrick waiting by the door to give sympathy to his little brother.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Rita cried.

"See why I wanted you to say 'no'?" asked Tech, whimpering as he spoke.

Meanwhile, in a darker corner of the city-planet, a worker at the hospital was the last one to leave. The hospital had been the only one about 10 years before that, but, after the comet hit, more and more had become needed and the city was forced to build more. He shut down the computer system and was about to get up and leave, when the lights started flickering. Something moved around behind him. Something was lurking in the shadows of the building. He turned around in his chair, but he didn't see anything. He turned back to arranging his stuff before leaving. Suddenly, a hand reached out and grabbed him from behind, throwing him back off his chair and onto the floor with a sore head. He turned to face his attacker and gasped. A tall girl with glowing hazel eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses stood over him in a cape, outlined by darkness so that he couldn't see what she looked like.

"Who are you?" asked the worker.

"I'm Black Out," said the girl, "Who else? You know, these filtered hospital lights are so annoying on my eyes." She waved her hand and all the lights went out. It was complete darkness. "I believe you have something I want."

The worker stuttered. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Very well," said the girl, holding her hand out as a small but dark vortex formed around her fingers, "I guess I'll have to take it myself." She pushed her hand out at him and the vortex surrounded his head and knocked him out. "When you wake up, I'll be just a memory. Too bad that memory will be gone." She waved her hand by the computer and it turned on. "If I use my powers for this, they won't be able to find any fingerprints." She chuckled softly as she found 5 files that she was most interested in and 3 that she already had. She waved her hand again and the files were printed out. She took them and left, knowing that this wasn't the first time she had done it and she planned to do it again. She waved her hand again and the files were deleted from the computer system (all 8 of them) and all energy in the area went out along with it. "Another day, another theft, another blackout." She held up the paper to reveal the information that she needed on her next victims and laughed as she left.