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Previously on Consequences Of The Truth:

Everyone was taken aback by the calm and almost nice way that their leader was acting. Though no one would dare to question it.

"I will stay here with Anthony while you three get to work. I'll press the call button if no one arrives within the next couple of minutes." Ducky took the initiative to volunteer to stay by Tony so the others could feel better about stepping away.

On that note, Gibbs led Abby and McGee over to the other end of the room where they sat down on beds and chairs to get started on going over evidence for the current mission they were still on as well as the latest phone call from the terrorist group. Time was of the essence now.


Consequences Of The Truth

Chapter XXI

Elsewhere in the Hospital – Employee Locker Room . . .

"I heard you! And I'm telling you Sayed - the man is not that critical!"

A young nurse with shoulder length dark brown was whispering at a higher volume that she meant to, no one else was even in the locker room at the moment but she still wanted to be cautious in case someone walked in. She had been paged by her former lover Sayed - Sayed Ulman, he was inquiring about one of the US Federal Agents that had been brought in for treatment.

"Why, what's so special about that particular patient anyway? And where the hell do you get off paging me and then demanding private information that I could get fired for giving out? Jeez you don't even ask me how I am doing for cryin' out loud!"

"Calm the hell down Latelle! I am sorry I didn't ask about your well being, don't forget – you are the one who broke up with ME in the first place so don't go acting like I don't care about you, I always have and always will dammit! This is a critical matter . . . my brother Saleem . . . he's dead okay! And THAT agent is the one who is most responsible for his death."

The young nurse brought her hand up to her mouth as she opened it in shock of what she had just heard. "Ohh my gosh – okay okay calm down. I am truly very sorry Sayed, I mean it - very, very sorry. But how? What happened?"

"Listen, I will tell you more later but right now I don't have time. I am sorry, but you are absolutely positive he's not going to die?"

"Well he's not on my floor but from what I heard, he's in bad shape but he's showing signs of improvement the last I heard."

"Okay thank you Latti - I mean it. Now I might need another small favor from you so would you mind if I page you again soon if I do?"

"Well, it's against my better judgment but . . . okay. Only because I am sorry for the loss of your Brother and I want to do what I can to help. But it better not be anything too crazy – I know how you can be when someone crosses your family and friends. My ex-boyfriend before you still has scars from his run in with you. Just promise me you won't do anything stupid!"

"Sorry Latti, it might be too late for that and to be honest, I don't think anything can stop me."

The next sound Latelle heard was dial tone as she realized her ex was no longer connected. Saying a silent prayer to herself for his safety she walked out of the locker room to head back to her station.

Isolation Ward . . .

"Abby" Gibbs had them all trained so well that just by the tone he used to just say their name – his team knew he wanted sit-reps on whatever they were researching individually.

"Yeah, okay so I was able to figure out what 95% of the compound was that was used on Tony. This lab is way cool I mean for being in another Country, they have some awesome –"


"Well, unfortunately there are a few components that have been altered so much that there is no way I can tell exactly what they consist of. Even having some drops of the actual compound taken from the hypo they used to inject . . . him . . . with . . ." she couldn't help by steal a glance in Tony's direction to make sure he was still doing alright. Gibbs caught the look of pure despair and fear that were reflected in her eyes and decided to cut her some slack.


"Okay well boss I was thinking more about the threat we received and aside from getting a bomb sniffing dog in here to go floor to floor looking for any signs of explosives – I don't know how we can determine if they are calling our bluff or not. So then I started thinking that if it's Tony's blood they want then, well let's give it to them." Ignoring the look of shock and anger on Abby's face McGee kept going.

"I don't mean that literally of course. I mean they want to see Tony die in return for his part in Saleem's death then let's make them think he already died."

Gibbs was never more proud of his junior agent than he was right then. He had come a long way from the self conscious and nervous McGee that used to work down in the NCIS Cyber lab! Abby;s facial expression melted as she realized Tim would never have done anything to hurt their Tony, she felt ashamed that she had jumped to conclusions!

"That's some good work McGee." Gibbs complimented him, "It would be easy to do considering I already told them that Tony was in bad shape earlier today." Then turning to Abby he started barking out new orders.

"Abs, go out and have them page Tony's main physician – the fewer people who know of this plan, the better. We cannot risk the fact that anyone in this hospital could have ties to these terrorists."

McGee, get on that laptop over there and see if you can find a local TV news station that we can use to get the word out of Ton . . . of our plan." He couldn't get himself to say the words 'Tony's death' aloud even knowing it was only going to be an act.

Walking back over to Tony's bed he decided to fill Ducky in on the plan while they waited for the doctor to arrive.

They would have to make this look as realistic as they possibly could no matter how hard it was going to be for the team to even imagine Tony dying.

To Be Continued . . .

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