The Drop

Summary: Set during Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. What if Alex had died during the search to find the stone? What if Jerry and Teresa found somebody else? What if ten years later they were both married, and had kids? And what would have happened to Max and Justin? R&R please. My first Wizards of Waverly Place fanfic, so please be nice.

Chapter One

Alex's POV

Justin sighs in frustration. "It's impossible! How are we ever going to get across?"

"Oh, quit moaning. I've got a trick up my sleeve," I smile. A few minutes later, both me and Justin are standing nervously on the levitating stone. "Are you ready to jump?" I ask nervously. Justin nods.

He does a little run up and jumps up onto the next levitating stone. I follow hesitantly, and land steadily on the stone.

"Well," I laugh, "isn't this fun?"

"Alex," Justin says angrily, "don't you realise how serious this is? You need to concentrate, you could die easily."

"Well, I do, but I'm just having too much fun to care." I take a run at the next stone, not really looking where I'm going. My feet just stop short of the stone, and my fingers grabbed at thin air. A couple of second later, my fingers grab the stone.

"Alex," Justin cry's. "Hold on! I'm coming to get you." Justin runs and jumps onto the stone. The stone rocks violently and my hands fall off. I'm falling.

"Justin, " I shout, "I love you."

And then I plunge to my death.