"Alex," Justin cried. "No!"

He jumped onto the last stone, and then jumped onto the other side. He put his head on his knees, and curled up into a big ball. It was hopeless without Alex, he couldn't do it by himself. It was too much…

His Mum and Dad were as good as lost. And him and Max would soon begin to fade away.

At that moment in time, Justin both hated and loved Alex. Hated because she was the one who's made this whole big problem, and she'd just left the world, without even solving it. She'd been careless, and hadn't been concentrating like he'd told her to. He just wished he could say I told you so. And then he loved her, because she was his sister, and he's miss her. How could he not? They'd had there moments. So yes, she had been annoying at the best of times, but he loved her deep down.

Justin decided in that moment, with tears running down his face, that he wouldn't give up hope. He'd continue looking for the Stone of Dreams. He had to keep hope … he had to keep hope … he had to keep- Justin drifted into sleep.