Harry Potter: The Next Generation

A New Age Is Rising

Chapter One:

She was normal. She was un-popular. She was kind. She was funny. She was Miley. She was Hannah. But what else she was? Well, this is just what she was about to find out. That there's more than just two sides to this girl. That even having a double identity was nothing compared to this, nothing compared to this massive secret bigger than ones she already held beneath her grasp. It was now that this would all be revealed, on the first of August.

"Daddy, anyone home?" the eleven year old skipped through the door after a long day on the beach. You'd think she'd enjoy it, but that was hardly how the day had gone at all. No, first of all Lily, her best friend, was acting weird. Then Oliver ignored her. Now Miley really wasn't sure if she wanted to ever start high school, even if she was going with her friends. Maybe she could skip it all! Yeah, that was a good idea. Maybe.

"Here, darlin'!" her dad's voice rang out from the balcony, where Miley was only slightly surprised to see him excersising. She beamed widely, and walked over to him slowly. "Had a nice day at the beach?"

"No," Miley's smile dropped as she plopped down beside him. "Lily's acting strange, and Oliver won't even speak to me!"

"Oh, darlin'," her dad sat up now, taking a break from excersising. "You know they'll come through. It's just what friends do. Fall out for no reason, and make up suddenly the next day! You'll see, it'll be fine."

"Yeah, sure dad," she sighed, making her way back inside. How much longer until they'd speak to her though? Well, he must be right. When was he ever not right, after all?

After a small while, she was quite convinced. But she was wrong to be. All through the week, Oliver and Lily were being just the same and sometimes even worse.

"Lily! Will you just... act normal!" she complained, on the week anniversery of these strange goings on. She was sitting on the beach table, with Lily, as she nodded or shook her head to practically anything. Basically, she just was not her usual bubbly Lily. As for Oliver, he was just lingering around the table like a lost puppy. This was who she turned to next. "And Oliver, will you just speak to me already?"

"I am speaking to you!" Oliver looked around nervously. "See?"

"About time too!" Miley sighed. "Look, I tell you guys everything. You know I do! Just tell mewhy you're acting so weird!"

There was a moment of eary silence, until Miley finally rose from her chair and stomped off towards her house. As she opened up the door, all she could think of was the anger burning up inside her. A letter dropped onto her head as she entered, and her eyes fluttered over to her brother Jackson who was sitting in the kitchen. "Jackson, why did you put the letter in the top of the door? It's really not all that funny, you know."

"To stop me from opening it," he replied, getting up from the table and walking over to her. "It's addressed to you, see?" he pointed to the envelope, which surely enough read 'Miley Stewart'.

As Miley turned it over, she saw a crest in wax sealing it. But what really got her, was the message inside it. "Look, Jackson, this isn't funny. Okay, good prank, but make it a little bit more convincing next time you try to tell me I'm a witch, okay?"

"What? I didn't write that!" Jackson claimed, rolling his eyes and flopping down onto the couch. He switched on the T.V, chuckling a little. "Since when did I speak so formerly, let alone actually write?!"

"Well...That's a good point..." Miley joined him on the couch, carefully closing the door behind her. "So who did write this?"

Just then, the door opened suddenly and iterrupted them.

"Miley?" a familiar girl's voice called.

"Lily?" Miley looked over to the door, and surely enough it was Lily. She had a slightly guilty expression on her face, and a distressed Oliver tagging behind her with his head faced down.

"We've uh, we've come to apologize. Right, Oliver?"

He merely replied with a nod as they entered the house and strolled over to Miley.

"Look, you're right," Lily continued, leaning on the side of the couch. "We've not been all that honest with you. We... You're not going to believe me if I tell you. In fact, I'm not even sure it's worth telling you. But if I want to be honest to you, we'll have to tell you. Hit it Oliver."

"What?!" Oliver stared at her for a moment, until Lily sighed and turned back to Miley.

"Okay, so we're... We are wizards," she spat it out. "Well, I'm a witch. But that's not the point. The point is that we're going to Hogwarts, and the reason why we've been acting strange is because we have to leave to go all the way to England to go to this school, but we don't want to leave you."

Miley jumped up from the couch, laughing slightly. "So it was you who wrote that letter! Seriously, it's not funny! I don't want to speak to you-ever!"

"What letter?" Oliver stared at her in a puzzled way, but then his eyes drifted over to the letter on the table. His hand reached out to grab it, and as he turned it over he saw just what he had expected. "Miley! You too? It's real, it is! We're going to a magical school! All of us! It's real, we know it is. A wizard or witch will be coming to show us around and explain things, because we're Muggle borns! Oh yeah, Muggle-borns are people born to non-magical families by the way. They're coming next week and-"

He was cut off, as Miley cut out of her trance. "You're kidding me. You've gone too far now. Just-just leave!"

A week later, and Miley had not spoken to her friends at all. She only felt slightly bad about it, but even though she claimed to not believe any of what they said, all that day she could not leave the door. What if someone was coming to explain all of this to her? No... impossible. Her thoughts were cut off by a loud knock at the door, and she went hurrying over to it.

"Hello, are you Miley Stuart?" a tall woman with long blonde hair asked. What really baffled Miley, was how she was dressed. The woman wore long black robes, with a crest around the right.

"Yes... I am. You are?" she asked as politely as she could at this particular moment.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry!" the woman laughed slightly. "I'm professor McLeigh. Lovely to meet you, Miley!"

The woman held out her hand, which Miley eventually shook. Who used the word professor these days? "Why are you here?"

"Oh yes, I am here to explain everything about Hogwarts," the professor went on. "May I come in?"

Wait-wasn't that the school in Lily and Oliver's letter? Oh, they really had gone too far now! But the woman was already in the house and sitting down, so Miley nervously joined her. "This prank has gone too far, you know! Lily and Oliver put you up to this, didn't they?!"

"Look, I understand it's all very hard to take in," she continued on. "But I'm sure you've noticed strange things happen lately. Maybe when you've been angry or really wanted something to happen?"

Now that she thought of it, things had been weird for Miley. For instance, the fact that the night before, she'd really wanted her nails to grow like everyone else she knew. But she could not stop biting them! Only, the next day they grew just as long as everyone else's. After her little nod, the professor went on.

"It was magic!"

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" Miley questioned.

"Well, watch-" the woman pointed to the fridge with a long stick. "Accio milk!" The second she shouted this, the fridge door opened and closed with a carton of milk zooming out of it.

"How-did-you-d-do-that?" Miley asked, mouth wide open in a large O shape.

"It's magic, see?" the woman giggled, handing her the milk. "Here, thirsty? Now then..."

The rest of that afternoon was spent explaining about Hogwarts and magic to Miley and her dad, wih the occasional interruption of Jackson. Somehow, it all seemed so real and unreal at the same time. Miley felt special, even more than she did when she became Hannah! But that was the new question: if she was off at some magical boarding school, what would happen to Hannah?

Okay hope you enoyed it-I guess it's a lil' short and not exactly my best writing... But it'll be better! That is a promise! Also, I know she's 11 and her friends already know about her being Hannah, and she's already Hannah etc... But hey, it's a fanfic. It's surely gonna be OC sometimes! Hope you enjoyed,