Hogwarts: A New Generation

A New Age Is Rising

Chapter Two:

It was an extremely busy day today in this particular household. The eldest son had really upset their youngest daughter and my was the middle child pretty depressed. The parents were running around and around, picking up clothing from the floor and tripping up on various items. When would they learn? Ooh, Ginerva sure wished she hadn't thought that. Her son would learn, soon, but he'd be learning magic. She was sure he would do great things-but then, why was she worried? Well, what had gone on when she was there? A lot, exactly, and she was afraid of it running through her kids blood. Especially from Harry. Oh he was all to blame. He was where they would get it from for sure-they all knew that. But at least they wouldn't get any ideas-they hadn't heard the stories of their father.

But she couldn't hide it that long. He'd be famous in a way, James, without knowing why. People would come and praise his dad to him and he would not know why. It was only a matter of time.

"Lily! Albus! James!" she called her kids from upstairs where they were getting changed, James still packing last minute things. She sat in the kitchen, staring up at the clock and then down at the plates of food before her. Bacon, eggs and toast lay on each one in the shape of a smiley face.

The first to rush in was Lilly, small and cute and only recently seven years old. She had a cute look upon her face, a grin wide and betiful with her jet black hair waving in curly patterns down to her elbows. The only girl and the cutest. By far the one to keep up expectations with. "Mummy!" she ran in, taking a stool beside her mum at the high table and giggling at her smiley faced breakfast.

Next to follow in was Albus, grumpy and tirey-eyed. His half-ginger half-black hair was scruffed up and only half brushed, sort of reminding Ginny of Harry when they were younger. What a crush she had back then. It sure was embarrassing. Albus flopped down on his stool at the high-up table, almost falling off as it spun round.

"Look Albus-it's a smiley face!" Lilly pointed happily at his plate, identical to hers and their mums.

Albus grunted and looked down at it, aware of his mothers eyes on him as she cautioned if he'd fall into his food face first. He grabbed his fork and shuffled the food around, causing the nose to look more like a third eye. Quickly he gobbled the nose/third eye down and yawned.

Next to enter was the eldest. James showed less looks of his father than the other two, and didn't even look that much like Ginny. He had straight hair that covered his ears and looked as though it was black with bits of ginger. He was tall and broad, especially handsome. Today James looked slightly queezy but certainly not tired like Albus, but not gddy like Lilly. He was just plain and a little nerous. Taking the stool at the end of the table, James sighed at his smiley faced breakfast and cut up the bacon mouth.

"What's wrong James?" Ginny asked, keeping a smile on her face. She had a fair guess what was wrong-this was his last food at home until he came home for Christmas-unless he took the toll that Ginny and the others used to take around the holidays and stayed at Hogwarts. No-of course he'd come home! It was silly for her to think he wouldn't.

"Nothing," he sighed, eating a piece of bacon mouth."Just tired, that's all,"

Now that was a lie. Ginny knew that for sure. When James was tired he was grumpy and arrogant, not quiet and miserable. "Are you sure?" she asked, but at James' nod she left it there.

"Hey, everyone," a man stood at the doorway now, grinning widely at the scene.

"Daddy!" Lily jumped down and ran towards her dads open arms, giggling.

"How are you, princess?" he asked, carrying her back to her stool before taking his own beside Albus.

"Fine, daddy, but James doesn''t seem very happy," she informed him excitedly. "But I don't see why! I can't wait till I go to Hogwarts, I bet it's great! But for some reason James is all miserable and stuff."

Ginny put her head in her hands and sighed. She really did not need to bring that up.

"Oh, really?" Harry turned his head to the end of the table, where James was fiddling with his egg eyes. "What's up, son? It'll be great when you get there-trust me, I was nervos at first but once I got there-"

"I'm not nervous dad!" James looked up, cutting his dad off. "I'm fine!"

"Okay... Well," Harry turned back to his food, noticing the arrangment. "Ooh look! A smiley face..."

"Isn't it pretty?" Lilly said, looking over at his food. "Mummy really is good at arranging food, isn't she? It tastes great too!" she placed a piece of bacon in her mouth and quickly swallowed it down.

"It sure is," Harry looked up and grinned at his wife. "Lovely, dear, and she's right-tastes perfect!"

Ginny blushed a little, and James made a sicky-face before leaving the table and running back to his room.

"James!" Ginny Potter shouted after him. "Don't go back upstairs-we have to leave soon!"

They heard the langing of the boy running back down the stairs and out the front door. He waited out there, in the dark red ford angela that had been a present for Ginny last Christmas from her father.

"That boy," Harry shook his head, turning to Albus. "How are you then Albus? Awfully quiet..."

Alus looked at his dad, and yawned. That was all he needed to do really, Harry got the message.

"Ah... Anyway, shall we get going? You can bring the rest in the car Lilly," he told his daughter, swallowing down his last egg and looking at Lilly's half full plate. She nodded in agreement and Ginny helped her down and carried the food carefully to the car where James waited in the back left seat. Lilly sat on the right, leaving Albus in the middle. He didn't mind too much-it was fun to watch them as they drove along. Luckily James had brought down his trunks which saved a trip as it was already 9:45 am and they had to be at the station in time for the train to leave, with James in it, at 11:00 am.

About ten minutes into the drive, Lilly announced that she had finished her food and handed her plate to Harry who was not driving. Ginny would not let him, simply because it was her car.

They passed a lot of tall houses and long fields that Lilly took the time to search for cows and horses. When they passed a house, she would look at the curtains and pick which ones would make it her room. Though often there would be no little girls curtains and she would be left with no room, or they went by too fast. "Are we nearly there yet?" she moaned as they passed a completely empty dry piece of land.

"Half an hour to go," Harry told her. After that she just leant against Albus, who was asleep, and did up his hair all 'pretty'. By the end of the drive he had a nice big pink ribbon in his hair and lots of small bobbles sticking his hair up.

"Here we are!" Ginny announced, pulling off her seatbelt and getting the others out. Albus yawned and frowned as he noticed staring faces and quickly felt his hair. Almost immediately he took out all of the bobbles and the ribbon and handed them to Lilly, sighing.

"Okay then, son," Harry began, pushing James' trolly to the wall between platforms 9 and 10. "Here we go. Now, you just run through that wall and then you'll be there. Make it quick so no prying Muggle eyes can spot you at it."

James nodded, his hands tightening over the trolley. Before he had time to think about it, he was running straight for the wall. He was confident-and sure that he would be fine. It was true-soon he was going right through the wall. Lilly gazed at the wall and Albus bit his lip.

"That was amazing!" she jumped up and down. "Me next! Me next!"

"Okay then Lilly," Harry led her opposite the wall. "Just run for it, and don't be nervous. Okay?"

"Got it..." Lilly smiled happily, breaking into a sprint. She was through.

"Albus, you next," Ginny took Albus, who was slightly more nervous as though he thought he was still in his dream and would surely crash, to the opposite of the wall. "Ready? Go for it!"

Hesitantly, Albus ran for it. He was slow, but being two years older than his sister he was about the same speed. Amazingly, he was through. All three of them stood in front of the train as their parents ran through the wall. It was now ten to, and Harry helped load James' things onto the train.

"Ah, and I have a gift!" Harry announced to his son. "I mean, we have a gift. Here, it's your very own owl!"

Ron Weasley, good friend of Harry and older brother to Ginny was walking over owl in hand. "Hello, James, your parents asked me to bring this-so it could be a surprise. Er-here you go!"

James took the owl-a perfect brown barn owl. "Wow! I-I... Thanks!"

"Knew you'd like it!" Harry said happily. "Now quick-you don't want to be late. Up you get-up there!" he hugged his son tightly before handing him over to Ginny. Their son waved as the train steamed away into the distance...

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