On this day it could the worst day of the Russo family forever. Sometimes things happen, even to the people who sometimes don't deserve it.

There are times that something may happen and you could say it was a close call, or a near miss.

We tend to count our blessings for everyday life when we step out of our house to work or school in the morning.

Forgiving and forgetting for those who make us angry everyday making new friends and taking care of our family is what we know best.

In this story, my very first just Alex Russo story tells the tale of Alex her friends and what may come of her family. Especially with her relationship with her brother Justin.

Harper and Alex had returned home from school on a day that was a half day.

"I can't believe you did that" Harper accused her best friend Alex as they walked into the house.

"Harper get over yourself" she told her friend straight up and annoyed as she walked towards the fridge.

"No I won't Alex you know how I felt about this" she stomped her feet almost in tears.

"I know Harper but you never said I couldn't" Alex told her shaking her head.

"I called dib's on him!" Harper reminded starting to raise her voice.

"I never heard you!" Alex yelled at her.

"Yes you did!" Harper screamed back pointing her finger at her.

"You know what Alex Russo; I'm tired of you doing this to me!" Harper turned and rushed to the door and ran out of the substation sobbing.

"Harper wait!" Alex called after her as she ran after her friend.

Alex chased Harper down the road. "Harper stop!" she continued to yell out trying to catch up to her. But Harper didn't stop she kept going.

"nothing is going to make me forgive Alex for this one" Harper thought to herself as she cut through a side street breaking her silence she heard Alex yelling behind her.

Harper went to cross an empty side road as Alex caught up with her.

Alex ran out trying to get close as Harper got to the other side.

"Please Harper stop" she said trying to catch her breath. Harper turned to see her friend begging her.

"Alex come on..." she started to say. " I know you don't want to hear this, but please just hear me out" Alex interrupted her and said in one breath.

Just as Alex was about to tell Harper what she wanted her to hear a car came fast around the corner of the road and hit Alex.

"Alex!" Harper screamed watching the car connect with Alex's body as she rolled up the hood and half way up the front windshield and rolling back off.

The car went into reverse driving off into the other direction. As Harper ran to Alex's side.

"Oh my god Alex are you okay, don't move" she spoke in panic trying to look for her cell phone.

"Great the one time I don't have my phone something happens" Harper says to herself as she's looking at Alex. She notices Alex's cell phone hanging out of her out her pocket.

Harper carefully took the cell phone and called 911. As it rang Harper looked at Alex and kept saying "it will be okay, it will be okay just stay awake"

Fade to black

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