The doctors and nurses rushed Alex through these large white doors.

Alex tried following, but they were just to fast. The doors slammed in front of her, she noticed the sign on the door written in big red letters.

'No entry, authorized personal only permitted passed this point.'

She was about to walk through the doors to find her body, when she heard a familiar voice echo through the halls.

"Alex!" yelled Harper as she ran down the hall.

"I'm looking for a girl, her name is Alex" she asked the nurse.

The nurse didn't answer. "Where is she" Harper asked again getting frustrated, with not getting the answers she was looking for.

Alex ran to her "calm down Harper, I'm right here" she waved her hands in front of her Harpers face.

"Please, miss calm down" the nurse got up trying to get Harper under control. She was being loud and making a scene.

"I will not, I want to know what happened to my friend" she yelled back.

"She was wheeled into the E.R." the nurse explained. "Please sit" she asked leading Harper to a chair. "I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I do." The nurse smiled as she walked back to the desk.

An hour had passed; Harper waited wondering if the hospital notified her parents yet.

Two boys walked into the hospital, they approached the nurse's desk.

"I'm looking for my sister, she was involved in a hit and run" Justin's voiced squeaked.

Max turned around looking at the people in the waiting room while Justin talked to the nurse.

"Look there's Harper" Max pointed out. Justin looked over his shoulder "go with her, I'll be right there" there was a hint of anger in his voice.

The nurse handed him a clipboard with an information sheet.

"What's this!" he asked confused looking it over.

"Please fill it out sir" the nurse asked.

"I don't even know how to answer this, my parents know everything!" he placed on the counter.

"Where are your parents" the nursed asked taking the clipboard to her side of the desk.

"On their way" he answered as he walked away towards Max and Harper.

Harper was dazed and totally out of it until she heard a voice.

"Harper" Max greeted softly.

Harper looked up and saw Max and Justin in front of her.

"When did you guys get here?" she asked them looking for Theresa and Jerry.

"A couple minutes ago" Justin responded. Shifting in his stance. Trying not to show upset he was with her.

"Did you talk to the nurse, they won't tell me anything"

"They wouldn't tell me anything either Harper, we'll have to wait" Justin took a deep breath and sat down next to Max and Harper.

Alex stood there looking at her brother's and Harper she was there that whole time with Harper she finally realized they couldn't hear her.

"I've got to get back in my body" she mumbled to herself and started towards those big white doors. Took one last look at them and disappeared.

Fade to black

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