Title: I Have To Know You

Name of Song and Artist of Inspiration Song: Stripped by Depeche Mode also featured Girlfriend by Pebbles

Characters: Bella, Edward, Rose, Alice & Emmett

Disclaimer: All the characters, songs, and products mentioned are not mine but of their respective owners, like Stephenie Meyers, Depeche Mode, & Pebbles

A/N This is my entry to the NaughtyHeels Anonymous One-Shot Contest. I was fascinated with the review I got and didn't expect it to be so well received. The contest had lots of great entries and I was thrilled to be among some great authors.

6 a.m. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

"Oh my God, I hate that stupid alarm. I need more sleep." I pull my pillow over my head and hit the snooze button.

"Bella, get your ass up!" Charlie knocks on my bedroom door just like he has every morning for the past year since I came to live with him. My mom and Charlie split up when I was a kid and when Rene decided she was gonna go on tour with her loser boyfriend that plays in some shit band that covers The Doors' music it was Forks for me.

It's the first day of my Sr. year, and it's going to be totally bitchin'. "Seniors '88," I couldn't help but squeal out loud.

My boyfriend Jake and I have been talking so much about the next step in our relationship and I really think things are going to happen for us pretty soon. Fuck under-shirties-over-undies it's been 6 months for fuck's sake. This kitty is getting anxious.

It's also so rad that this year has been good to me as far as my looks. I finally fill my bra and cleavage is my friend. My hair was finally grown out from the gnarly Pat Benetar cut I got in the 9th grade. It's to the middle of my back and it took the perm Alice & Rose gave me. With the layers I had cut into it I can totally fix my bangs a whole 5 inches tall. My dead ends lightened up and they totally look like red highlights.

"Bella!" Charlie's anxious to get me up and out the door on the first day of school. It's not like he has a date or anything, this is bogus.

"I'm up!" I yell back to him as I flip the blanket off of me. I'm sleeping in my very favorite Frankie Says Relax t-shirt that my mom gave me before I came out here. I almost contemplate wearing it to school. If I had done that last year Alice and Rose would never have let me sit with them at their table. Rose on several occasions has admitted to me that I was like a lost little puppy needing to be adopted and transformed into the fine-ass, fly, bitch I am now.

I felt weird playing Barbie to the Wonder Twins, but they're the school's princesses and I promised myself I would not be the loner kid reading in whatever random corner I felt shielded me from prying eyes. That shit got boring quick and with Rose and Alice I get two rad girlfriends who let me be me underneath all the silly clothes I'm told to wear. It's a win win I think. Not only that, I get access to all the parties. I'm a total wall flower, but it's fun to watch the youth of Forks, WA party hardy.

I contemplate the outfit we put together last night on our three-way call. Oh my God that is the most amazing invention ever. I don't know how people lived without call waiting and the three-way. Once, we totally had like 9 people on the phone all at once. Parties are few and far between and all the rain makes outdoor life almost impossible especially if you're serious about avoiding flat hair so the party line is the shit for this boring one whore town.

Speaking of Jessica, I hope she doesn't try to weasel her way into our group like she did all last year. That girl just annoys me, but I do sort of owe her for getting that idiot Mike Newton out of my facial. "Yuck, gag me," I shake my head in disbelief that I went out with him once and he thought I would give him head.

That's when the phone rang, I bet its Alice.

"Hello." I asked trying to remember if we decided on my red acid washed jeans or the laced leggings.

"Remember, we decided on the leggings and the granny boots. And, hi, what are you doing?" I can't even answer back before Alice cuts me off. "Hold on bitch, I have another call…" and just like that Alice clicks over to answer.

"Okay. Leggings? Check. Turtleneck? Check. Herringbone sweater? Check." I'm grabbing each item as I go over the outfit again and wait for Alice to click back on the line.

"We're back." Alice chimes in.

"Good morning, whore" Rose is on the line as well, "Don't forget to double up your scrunchy socks. I'd totally mix the black and white ones up but alternate the colors. That would be so rad." Rose is the daring one as far as socks, and if she says mix them up. They get mixed up.

"Hi Alice, Rose. Are you guys almost dressed?" I finally say. I could hear someone going insane with the hair spray.

Rose spoke again. "I'm doing my hair, I'm almost done. My mom must be trippin' if she thinks I'm going to eat bacon. Hold on." Just like that she was off and I could hear her put the phone down and walk away. Then Alice finally spoke.

"Bella, I'll be over to pick you up in 45 minutes and remember, first you mousse, then diffuse, then more mousse before you fix your bangs. And if I so much as smell that gagatrocious Dr. Pepper lip-gloss, your ass is grass. Bye." I didn't even say goodbye when the phone clicked.

I went into the bathroom to get dressed and ready for the day. I was in the AP program at school so I didn't have any classes with Rose or Alice, but lunch was our time and afterschool I stayed to watch their cheer practice, while I read. Jake would sometimes ride his dirt bike to our school from the Res High School and then hang out with me at my house until Charlie came home to interrupt our grope sessions. But that was last year's routine and I'm anxious about how this year will play out.

I start on my bangs and bend over to rat'em out with the pick side of my combo comb. As soon as I think their tight enough and slanting at the perfect angle, I straighten up and pick at the loose strands then spray the hell out of them. In Forks you can easily use three bottles of the supersized Mega Hold Aqua Net in a week, but better stiff than limp. I giggle at the double entendre and continue the stream of spray. Some of the spray gets in my nose and throat, which causes me to gag and cough hysterically.

"Holy shit, Bella I can smell the spray all the way down here." Charlie yells at me from the bottom of the stairs, which is my cue that Alice is in my driveway. That's when I heard the dinky little horn blow of her stupid '67 pink Carmengia. It's ridiculous how much she thinks she's just like Molly Ringwald. Although, if it weren't for that stupid car I never would have seen Jake with new, pervy eyes.

Alice found her car in a junk lot and her dad provided the fundage to bring it back from the dead. Jake did the work on my recommendation and that's what brought us together. I never thought of Jake as boyfriend material because we played in the dirt when we were kids, but seeing him shirtless in his Levis 501's bent over the engine of the car was enough to make my squirrel try to get that nut, as Rose so eloquently put it.

I grab my back pack, my right boot, a scrunchy for later and as I stumble down the stairs Charlie hands me a poptart. He backs away from me jokingly, trying to "avoid permanent eye damage" from the stiff hair. That joke is old, I think.

"Bye dad. See you later." I mumble as I put the poptart in my mouth and head out the door.

"Hey Bella, I told you that perm would take. Your hair looks great, but I don't think it's going to fit in my car." Alice giggles at her silly joke, also old, but she may be right, between the two of us in this tiny car, I don't think anyone will be able to see where her hair ends and mine begins.

"Ha, ha, Alice, did I get the back right? My dad called me down before I could add more mousse to the back." I can't stand when girls tease the hell out of their bangs then stand them a mile high and the back of their head is flat.

"Yeah I saw it before you got in, it's tubular. Speaking of which, is Jake coming over tonight?" She smirks and waggles her eyes at me suggestively.

"Yeah, like he called me last night, and he got his dad to ask my dad to go fishing after his shift. They're going to camp out, so we totally have the house to ourselves." I notice Alice flinch and her mouth pops open; before she speaks I cut her off.

"No Alice, this is why I picked Monday, you cannot invite anyone over, it's mine and Jake's night. Promise me you will not tell a soul." I raise my eyebrow at her and wait for her to promise.

She scrunches up her nose and grunts at me. "Alright, I promise, but you have to let me set it up for you. I'll skip 7th period and bring over all the necessary items for your first time."

Wait. What?

"What are you bringing?" I couldn't imagine anything other than my vagina and Jake's dick being necessary. I shook my head in confusion.

"Geese, Bella you're such a spazz. Jazz made me a mix tape of love songs for our first time. It's really romantic, I'll bring that. Do you have a boom box in your room?" I nodded yes. "I'll make sure you have protection in your side drawer, don't you remember what we learned in health class? The last thing you need is to get knocked up on your first try. Don't worry about it, relax and make sure you have a tic tac." Alice blurted out without a single breath but, I barely heard a word after protection. That made me nervous and I began to panic a little.

"Alice? Do you really think I'm ready? I mean we're still in high school." I shook my head frantically and couldn't speak anymore.

"Doy, Bella, you're a Senior and a virgin. Probably the only one left in the world. Stop trippin' and relax. It'll be fine. I promise." Alice turned into the school lot and we were both surprised that Rose and Emmett were waiting for us by Emmett's IROC. Rose never stands outside longer than necessary. The humidity could cause serious damage to her do.

She looked worried, or mad when she looked at me and I began to panic thinking I screwed up my hair or something.

As I opened up the door of Alice's car I heard Emmett's car thumping to Pebbles. I wasn't totally against Pop music, just most of it, but Pebbles was cool, I loved her song Girlfriend.

…Girl, make a list
Go out and find yourself a new bad thing
Girl, you need a trip
'Cause he's not worth the misery and
Just remember how he would tell you lies
And then pretend that everything is so sweet
Why should you sacrifice
If you're not satisfied
He's just a canine runnin' 'round in heat
Emmett ducked inside his car to turn off the radio.

How could you let him treat you so bad, oh
You know you were the best he ever had, oh, oh, oh
How could you let him treat you so bad, oh
You know you were the best he ever had, oh, oh, oh

"Hey, I like that song." I turned to walk to Emmett, trying to avoid Rose, but something was up. I could tell.

Alice went to Rose. "What's your damage, Rose? You look freaked. What's up?"

"Um, Bella, we have to talk." Rose nodded once at Emmett and he quickly grabbed his books and walked off, but not before he padded me on the back. Now I'm trippin'.

"What's the deal, Rose?" I have no idea what could possibly be up.

"Bella, last night Emmett went out to our spot to drop of some supplies for this weekend," by spot, she meant Emmett's dad's cabin where they routinely have sex. "And, on his way up there he ran into Jake. He was with some other girl." She paused and waited for me to answer or for my reaction.

"What? Are you sure it was him?" My heart began to race and I felt my neck and face burn with rage.

"Yes, Emmett stopped and pulled him off the bitch and beat him shitless, at least that's what he said he did, and I saw his hand it looks really banged up." Rose grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the entrance. I'm sure her hair was more important than the fact that her boyfriend beat up my boyfriend because he was with some girl.

"Why? What were they doing? Did he even ask who she was?" I stumbled trying to make sense of the news.

"Bella, they were on the hood of her car, butt naked in the woods, fucking like animals. Emmett liked him; he wouldn't just kick his ass if it were innocent."

My world collapsed under me, I began to hyperventilate and gag and freak out, but no tears. I ran for the girl's restroom and locked myself in a stall.

Alice and Rose followed me and stayed with me until almost 3rd period to help me recover enough to make it to class. I was numb, as we all finally went to our classes. I never wanted to see him again. It was over. I would die a virgin. Cue Depeche Mode. I pulled out my walkman and popped in my cassette and didn't even worry about getting caught wearing my headphones during class. My hair will surely hide them.

Rose and Alice didn't know that I was into new wave, they only listened to pop and loved New Kids on the Block exclusively and expected me to. No thanks. So I always carried my cassettes of The Smith's, The Cure, Depeche Mode and Psychedelic Furs with me when they popped in their music. There's only so much New Kids on the Block you can take before your ears bleed.

I can't remember if anybody talked to me or if they even noticed my zombie 'tude at all, but I could tell something was up from all the stares and failed look-aways. This is Forks High School, by now everybody more than likely knew I was cheated on.

I walked into the lunch room and scanned the room for my girls. Try Walking In My Shoesplayed loudly in my ear and drowned out the hum and chatter of the usual group of kids that went to our school. Everyone was congregating and reacquainting themselves. I couldn't help but notice something was grabbing their attention. I thought about how stupid that seemed. These kids knew each other since kindergarten and they were hovered and whispering and sneaking glares at something. Before I turned to see what all the buzz was about I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see Alice signaling to pull out my headphones.

"Hey, Alice," I say. "What's everybody got their ass in knots, for?" I turned to follow everybody's stares and Alice grabs me by my shoulders and flicks me around to face her.

"Oh my God, Bella, don't look. There is a new kid and he is sitting alone at our table. He was in the attendance office when I went in to get a tardy slip and he is FINE." Alice grunted the word fine for emphasis. "I nearly lost my shit with his voice. He's wearing a black leather jack and Doc Martins. Doc. Fucking. Martins. I wonder if he's killed somebody?" I didn't get the connection, but didn't care to ask, because I was curious and really wanted to turn around.

"Anyway, are you okay? Are you still bummed about Jake?" Alice fails to realize that it's only been a few hours since I got the news of my boyfriend cheating on me and that we haven't even formally broke up. It was definitely over, but still. Yeah I was bummed, but not really. That's got to be weird.

"Um, yeah, I guess there's not going to be a first time for me after all. I just can't believe Jake would do that to me, but the craziest part of it all is that I'm not mad. Is that weird? I mean I thought I liked him and was ready for the next step, but what pissed me off most is the way I found out. Not that he cheated." Amazingly, it only took Mr. Smith's lecture in AP English to help me come to terms with my ex-relationship.

"So, can I look?" I began to turn so that we can head towards our usual table and the new kid. I was intrigued, leather and Docs, who wouldn't be?

Rose & Emmett finally joined us before I could turn around Emmett grabbed me and pulled me in for a bear hug. I secretly enjoy his hugs because there is nothing sweeter than big brotherly love so I let my body relax and sink in as he flails me back and forth like a rag doll.

"Bella, babe, I'm so sorry about you and Jake. I thought he was a stand up guy. I never would've guessed he was such a dog. "I just closed my eyes and nodded, not knowing what to say or feel. The absence of feeling is what had me more upset. I mean Jake and I were great friends and making out with him was okay, but looking back it did sort of feel wrong, maybe that's why we never took it past third base. But to cheat on me, his ass will be thoroughly dealt with. Just not now.

"Well, did you at least rip him a new one, for me?" That was all I could come up with as a response as Emmett finally put me back on my feet.

"Fucked him up real good, babe. He won't mess with you ever again, if he knows what's good for him." Emmett winked at me and tried to pat me on the head, but quickly retracted his hand. Being Rosalie's man, he knows better than to mess with the hair. So instead he playfully pretended to punch me in the jaw.

"So have you girls welcomed back Edward yet?" Emmett raised his hand and waved at someone behind me and nodded his head at whoever Edward is.

Alice and Rose yelped in unison at his question.


"Yeah, Edward's back, he enrolled today. Let's go sit with him." Emmett reached for all three of us and pulled us under his arms easily corralling all three of us like a big haired harem towards whom I assume is the new kid, now known as Edward, and apparently back.

When I turned in his direction I finally got a look at the guy in question. At that single moment three of the most unbelievable things happened.

My Heart stopped.

My brain exploded.

My Squirrel also exploded.

Oh my God, I don't know who Edward is, but I have to know him. Just then he looked up from his book that he was reading and smiled at us collectively and nodded his head at Emmett. If I'm not mistaken he looked directly at me with questioning eyes.

Of course he would Bella, I'm practically new here. He wouldn't know who I am. But his gaze lingered on me and it felt like I was floating towards him. All the noise of the cafeteria vanished and all I heard was the distant buzz of Depeche Mode floating towards my ears from my earphones that were wrapped around my neck. The melody was melancholy and rhythmic and its tempo kept pace with the ethereal moment I was having with Edward.

Edward. The guy I was destined to offer my virginity to because his godly existence demands it. I don't think I took a single breath as the green lasers of his eyes pierced my being and brought me to him. Wow, that was deep. I'll have to write that in my diary later.

"Bella? What the hell is wrong with you?" Rose finally brought me out of my stupor. She waved and snapped her fingers at me. Apparently, I was missing the introductions.

"Sorry, I'm still a little out of it." I shook my head and dropped my eyes to the floor. My neck and face were surely flushed and red with the embarrassment I felt for practically drooling. Thank God they think I'm a mess about Jake, that's my out and I'll take it. For now.

"Whatever, that was weird, Bella." Rose added. "Anyway, this is Edward, who we had no idea was back and transformed into what you see now." She waved her hand over him and shook her head in disbelief as she took him in. "We grew up together. But he moved away Freshman year. How are Dr. and Mrs. Cullen? My mom will want to know your mom's back in town." Rose smiled and we all took our seats around Edward.

"Hi, Bella, girls. Yes, I'm back and yes I've changed a little, but not that much." His voice was magical and he smiled a half smile and shook his head a little, possibly embarrassed by Rose's introduction.

"We're back I should say. My dad's work was finally finished and my mom really missed home, and I wanted to graduate with my friends, so we came back. I'll tell my mom to call yours, if she hasn't already." Edward added, but I thought it was weird that he never looked at Rosalie, instead he continued look at me.

I couldn't bring myself to look up at him directly, but I could definitely feel his eyes on me. I hope I wasn't imagining it. I also noticed that Alice was uncharacteristically quiet. She obviously didn't recognize Edward in the attendance office and that made me wonder what he looked like in 8th grade. All I know is that he is absolutely beautiful now.

"Alice? What's your damage?" I was intrigued by Alice's silence.

"Huh? Um, Edward I can't believe you're back. You didn't even call or tell us this was going to be a reunion year. Jasper would have loved to have said goodbye before he went back to college. Did you know that we're together now?" Alice's voice turned into a whisper. Obviously these two have a history.

Fuck, I hope there's not a stupid girl rule that would prevent me from liking this guy. I'll have to ask Rose later.

Edward finally turned his gaze over to Alice. Thank God.

"Yes, Jazz and I called each other quite a bit. As a matter of fact you can thank me later. He called me to ask if he should ask you out and I told him that would be awesome, because I knew how much you crushed on him." Again he flashed the crooked smile. There was a deep sincerity in his voice and that made me even more intrigued to find out the back story. I'll have to bank that one for later.

Alice smiled and there was an unspoken exchange that brought the two of them closer and just like that old friends were back together as if nothing ever kept them apart.

I learned in our 40 minute lunch break that even their parents were also good friends. They grew up together and vacationed together. Also, that when Dr. & Mrs. Cullen moved to California for Dr. Cullen's job they were all terribly heartbroken and believed Edward would never return, especially not to Forks.

Emmett seemed especially glad to have another guy friend around since Jasper graduated early and is now in college and more so now that Jake was, for obvious reasons banned from the group.

But more importantly, I learned that Edward is beautiful and smart because he was reading Wuthering Heights, for fun. That's my favorite novel of all times. Also that he had a bad boy look that put Johnny Depp and Christian Slater to shame. His faded Levis were ripped in all the right places, his Doc Martins were weathered beyond flimsy, but he wore them as if to honor their loyalty. His faded black U2 Boy concert t-shirt was probably his favorite from the state it was in and his black leather jacket with about a million zippers smelled gloriously of Drakkar Noir and cigarettes.

And I cannot fully express the magnificence of the hair. An altar should be raised in homage for worship of the hair. The color alone was unbelievable, I've never seen an auburn so brilliant, it was short, messy and spiky in the front and long and tussled in the back a little passed his collar. I've seen the look on MTV but never imagined the desire I would have to run my fingers through it.

I took a deep breath and looked away because I realized that I just sat and stared at him the whole lunch period. Of one thing I am sure, I have to have this guy.

When the bell rang for next period, Edward stood and looked at my books.

"Bella? Are you going to Biology? I think I have the same schedule as you." Edward smiled at me and reached over to take my books from my hand and grazed my thumb with his finger. The electricity that I felt by his touch stunned me.

"Uh, um, yeah, I have Biology now. Are you also in AP classes? I didn't see you in English, I'm sure I would have noticed you." I practically whispered every word, because I couldn't get my mouth to function correctly. God, I'm so lame.

"Yes, I sat behind you, you seemed a little distracted. Who's Jake? And why is he banned?" Edward led me out of the lunchroom by my elbow and waited for me to answer.

"Oh, he as of this morning is my ex-boyfriend. Emmett caught him cheating on me and kicked his ass and I've yet to hear from Jake. Not that it matters. It's definitely over." I managed a smile and placed lots of emphasis on "over" to make sure he understood just how over it really was and how ready I am to move on.

"He sounds like a complete idiot. I don't see how he could possibly have wanted anybody else besides you. Seems to me you're better off." Edward let go of my elbow and motioned for me to enter our Biology class, but I stood frozen and stared at him.

Did he just say what I think he said?

I smiled at him and appreciated the moment he allowed us to have in the doorway, but Mr. Banner called class to order and we were forced to look away from each other and take our seats. The whole class period was a blur, we found a table to share and there was a weird magical force field fully charged with an almost palpable pulse that drew me to him, and if I'm not mistaken I think he feels it too. We both squirmed and stole looks from each other. I'll have to review my notes later to see if I even wrote anything coherent.

When the bell rang Edward stood up before me and held out my chair for me.

"What's your next class?" Edward leaned in and was only centimeters from my ear when he spoke. I felt his breath on my ear and it sent shivers all over my body. I had to reach for the table to steady myself before I could speak.

I drew in a breath and managed to produce sound from my mouth, I don't remember what I said, but Edward seemed disappointed.

"Oh, well I have PreCal, then Chemistry maybe I'll see you afterschool. Do you have a ride home?" Edward led me out by my arm again and I cherished his touch. I was also saddened by having to part ways. Apparently, I mentioned my schedule and it didn't coincide with his, bummer. But he wants to see me afterschool, this is promising.

"Um, yeah, Alice usually takes me home, after cheer practice. I'm not a cheerleader, I just sit and wait 'til she's done, then she takes me home." Geeze, Bella babble much, I'm such a spazz. I turned my head to shield my obvious blush from the verbal spewage I just threw down wishing I had a rewind button to start over. That's when Edward gently placed his index finger on my chin to turn me to face him.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod…seriously, is he going to try to kiss me. Now? I shouldn't let him. I'm fucking barely rebounding. Fucking Jake I wish he never existed…wait. I'm over reacting. He doesn't want to kiss me. Calm down Swan. Game face, Eye of the Tiger.

I cleared my throat and breathed in to settle myself but, I couldn't move my eyes away from his. Thank God he can't read minds, he'd surely runaway screaming.

"Well, if you don't mind, I can give you a ride home so you don't have to wait for Alice. Your Chief Swan's daughter I gather?" Edward somehow managed to pin me against the wall in front of my next class and placed his hand on the wall beside my head, which also put him a few inches from my face. I noticed that he was breathing in deep through his nose.

Is he smelling me?

"You wear Eternity." Not a question but a statement.

"Yes, Alice bought it for me as an early birthday present." I grabbed a wad of hair and turned my nose into it to see if I could smell it too.

"You smell amazing. And you haven't answered my question." He leaned in closer to my neck and took another pull of my scent. I think I might have come in my pants.

"Yes, Charlie is my daughter. I mean, I'm Charlie's dad." What the fuck is wrong with me.

We both laughed at my obvious mental retardation caused by Edward smelling me, and I nearly lost my shit again hearing him laugh. He is going to be the death of my virginity. I hope and pray to all the gods that it be true.

"And yes, I'd like a ride home, if you don't mind. Maybe we could do our homework if you don't have to be anywhere." Please say yes. Please say yes. I know homework is lame, but please say yes. I flash a flirtatious smile, which I'm sure is not at all how Rose taught me once, but I'm sure she would be proud to know that I managed to work it in.

"Yes, that would be great. I'd really like to get to know you and maybe you can fill me in on what I missed while I was away. Emmett is killing me with his Vanilla Ice persona, what's with the stripes shaved into the side of his hair? And I never knew Forks High School would allow such blatant over usage of spandex. Only Rosalie could pull that look off." Edward shook his head puzzled by his friends' style of fashion.

"Yes, they stand out considering standard issue garb for the Fork's High School student is jeans, sweatshirts and Kaepas, but we do our shopping in Seattle. Well, I should say, Alice and Rose do the shopping in Seattle and I let them pick out what they like for me. But I get full veto power on color and Spandex is a definite foul." We laughed again and I'm so pleased at how easily we can talk to each other.

It's as if we've always known each other, like there's a connection between us that eliminates the newness of our friendship or hopefully relationship. I'll have to cross my fingers, eyes, toes and vagina for the latter.

"Well, I guess I'll see you afterschool, Bella Swan, daughter of Chief Charlie Swan. You might want to write that down." Edward leaned in and tipped my nose with his and I nearly passed out and didn't care that he just made fun of me. I returned his crooked smile with what I hope wasn't a stupid giddy grin, but with a hopeful smile and turned to walk into my classroom.

Edward stood at the door and watched me until I sat in my desk and then he waved at me as he walked away.

Of two things I am sure. Edward has to be mine. And if I'm right, I think he very strategically placed his books over his crotch.

I think I gave Edward fucking Cullen a hard on. My squirrel is back from the dead and running circles in my mid section.

The next two hours were the longest of my life, when the final bell rang I think I got from my locker to the parking lot in record speed and I was ever grateful that I didn't trip in these ridiculous granny boots. But in my haste to get to Edward I didn't meet up with Alice or Rose to tell them of my plans and not to mention that I didn't know what Edward drove. I looked around and thought about what I should do. God, if only we all had portable phones. Yeah, like that will ever happen. Well maybe, if we all became drug dealers. Geeze now I'm babbling nonsense to myself.

I didn't see any sign of Edward so I decided to run over to the gym where Rose and Alice would be, hopefully I don't miss Edward on my way back in.

When I finally reached the girls I was totally out of breath from running, and it took me a minute to catch my breath before I could speak.

"Hey Bella. What's up?" Alice was stretching and not even looking at me as she bent to touch her toes and press her nose to her knees.

Rose was stretching her calves and didn't even address me.

"Um, Alice, Edward offered to take me home, is it alright with you that I go with him?" They both flung around and gasped so quickly to face me that it startled me and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Holy Shit, Wonder Twins. What the hell?" was all I could manage and I was fidgeting trying to get back to the parking lot before Edward thinks I ditched him. Rose was the first to speak, but not before looking at Alice's face. There was a weird momentary silent exchange with them too and now I have to know what's up with that?

"Bella, do you have the warm fuzzies for little Eddie? That's my girl, you sure recover quickly." Rose reached over and slapped my back and then reached further down to pop my bra strap.

"Ow, Rose, you're such an ass. But if you must know, I do think I kinda like him and I think he might like me back. Jake's history and I'm ready to move on, like he obviously has. No need to dwell, right?" I look to Alice to see what she thinks because it's clear that there is something going on with her.

"Bella, I'm so glad you like Edward. He's perfect for you. It's beautiful when two closet nerds find love, lust, or whatever it is your people call it." Alice's giggle reassures me that I'm not overstepping any girl rules, but I find it hard to believe that Edward could ever be considered a nerd, he oozes of Joe Cool like a motherfucker.

"Nerds? What do you mean? Edward is not a nerd." Why am I so defensive? I was once a proud nerd, but Alice and Rose helped me overcome my nerdiness with the style makeover. Plus, they let me be myself inwardly, except on Friday nights when I'm dragged to football games and house parties. I was warned that I would be FUBAR if I so much as smelled like a nerd in Rosalie's presence.

"Oh my God, Bella, you should see pictures of us when we were kids. Edward wore these hideous glasses, was buck toothed, and his mom couldn't control his fucked up hair so she practically slimed it down with this horrible greasy hair goop. Oh, and I can't forget the hideous Buster Browns. The boy didn't stand a chance to ever get laid and when Alice shot him down the summer before they left we thought he was going to kill himself." Rose laughed so hard she didn't even realize where her diatribe ended.

Alice and I both looked at each other and I had to ask her about that. She read my thoughts before I even spoke she answered my unspoken question.

"Bella that was a long time ago, he had a tiny crush on me, but I was always in love with Jasper. I really think he only asked me out because Emmett dared him to. It's nothing and you should totally go for it. He's obviously grown into his teen years bodaciously. Had I known then, maybe I might have said yes. But you two seem to fit perfectly. Go for it." Alice reached over to hug me and then pushed me away.

"Thanks Alice. I have to go, he might be waiting." In an instant I was off and running again.

When I got to the parking lot my heart nearly fell out when I noticed that the lot was nearly empty and Edward was nowhere in sight. I stood around and waited for a minute, but I recognized all the cars and none were new or ones I hadn't seen before.

Edward left without me. My body felt as if all the blood was being drained out from my toes. I had a knot in my throat and choked back the sob that wanted to escape. Why was I being so emotional about this? Maybe these are the feelings I should have had about Jake cheating on me, but he was the furthest from my mind.

I don't know how long I stood in the parking lot frozen into a state of shock. The whole time I beat myself up for ever believing that Edward fucking Cullen would remotely be interested in me. I mean he's gorgeous and could have anyone he wanted; he was just being nice because I was new to his group of friends.

Finally, defeated by my own self doubt I slowly turned and walked back to the gym, hoping Alice wouldn't ask me why Edward ditched me.

The ride home was quiet and Alice only spoke to me as I got out of her car.

"Bella, I'm sure there's a good explanation. Don't give up hope. I really think Edward likes you too. And don't forget tomorrow you're wearing your mini bubble skirt with the white tights and your black granny boots. I'll call you later and we'll three-way with Rose." I just nodded and shut the door of her car and walked to my porch at a snail's pace.

When I finally went in I could hear Alice speed away.

Charlie was out until possibly mid morning tomorrow and that reminded me of the plans I initially had for this evening and that was like salt in the wound and the tears that I fought off all day finally beat me. I must have cried myself to sleep because I woke up in my bed fully dressed and it was dark outside. I had no idea what time it was, but my stomach said it was hungry o'clock.

I dragged myself off the bed and changed into my Frankie Goes to Hollywood t-shirt. I pulled my hair in my banana clip and went downstairs to make myself a sandwich.

I sat at the table in the kitchen and nearly jumped through the roof when a loud knock on the door startled the fuck out of me.

"Jake." I mumbled. "Who the fuck does he think he is. I'm not answering the door." I stood my ground and took another bite of my sandwich when he knocked again. That pissed me off and I jumped up readying myself for battle.

I stomped every step as hard as I could and squeezed my fists tightly as I walked to the door I growled out my commands for him to leave.

"YOU CUNT FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER! YOU BETTER LEAVE BEFORE I GET CHARLIE'S GUN! YOU HAVE TO THE COUNT OF THREE! ONE!" I finally reached for the door and turned the deadbolt to pry it open, because I really wanted to see his expression as I sent him packing. The nerve of him showing up here after what he did.

"TWO!" The door flew open and I was shocked when I realized it wasn't Jake at my door.

"EDWARD!" His face was twisted with confusion, but he didn't even flinch or react to my ridiculous greeting.

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" Was all he said, but he didn't miss the opportunity to scan me from head to toe and back again.

I realized that my t-shirt barely covered my polka dot undies and I recalled saying something about a cunt fucking motherfucker. My whole body must be beet red from my flush.

"Oh my God. I totally thought you were Jake. I'm sorry about that." I pulled the door to cover my state of undress and to hold on to, because I was confused as to why he was here at whatever time it was.

"I came to see if you were okay, when you didn't show up, I figured you decided not to let me take you home, so I left. But I couldn't rest 'til I was sure you made it home, but I didn't have your number and Alice's line's been busy all night, so I drove over hoping I remembered where the Chief lived, because we came here for dinner once. By we, I mean my parents and me." Edward shook his head nervously and then simply shut his mouth when he realized he was babbling.

It's good to know that I'm not the only one that suffers from momentary mental retardation. Could it be because of what I'm wearing? My mouth turns up into a huge smile. He does like me.

"Oh. Yeah, I had to find Alice and tell her I was riding with you. I guess it took longer than I thought, but you're here now. Do you want to come in?" Please say yes. Please say yes.

"Won't your dad be mad, it's 11:30?" Edward looked behind me then around to the drive way that was empty and then back at me with hopeful eyes.

"Char…my dad is fishing; he won't be back until tomorrow. Can you give me a minute? I'll let you in, but I've got to get some pants first." I giggled hoping he wouldn't notice my mortification.

"Oh, please don't feel like you have to on account of me." Edward's devilish smile made my lady bits twitch. These undies are ruined.

"Um, let yourself in. I'll be down in a minute." I shut the door a little more to give me some coverage as I bolted up the stairs. I could hear him enter and shut the door and then walk around in the living room. Oh, dear God I hope he's not looking at my old school pictures on the wall.

Finally dressed I came back down and motioned for him to join me on the couch. I turned to face him and smiled at him. There was an air of anticipation and it didn't escape me that we were all alone in my house. Could I possibly let things happen this fast? I barely met the guy today, but there was something about him that feels so right.

"Bella, I don't know why I had to come and check on you. Honestly, I thought maybe I read you wrong and you ditched me afterschool." What's he getting at? "But for some reason besides your beautiful eyes I feel drawn to you, like I can't get enough of you." Just then he reached to cup my face with his hand and he used his thumb to caress my cheek.

My heart skipped a beat, my stomach turned cartwheels and my squirrel was spraying perfume on in anticipation. I had to adjust my sitting position to get comfortable.

"Edward. I feel the same way. I feel like I've always known you somehow," There isn't a shred of doubt that when we look at each other's eyes we're feeling the same thing. "It's like you can read my mind and I have to have you near me. I was more heartbroken thinking you ditched me than by the news of Jake cheating on me." I shook my head confused by what I said and how easily it was to say it. But I never lost sight of his eyes.

His eyes, liquid pools of the most beautiful green that can only exist in supernatural beings. His eyes owned me and I wanted him to have every bit of me. Wow, another deep thought, that's two for the diary.

"Edward? Would you like to hear some music?" I cleared my throat to bring us back to reality. This was getting too intense too fast.

He also cleared his throat and closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Yeah, that's cool."

I got up and pushed play on my cassette deck on the stereo by the TV. I knew I had left the Depeche Mode mixed tape I had planned to give to Alice for her and Jasper's camping trip, but she didn't think she would like it.

I gulped when Stripped began to play. Of all the songs to come on. That is my pick for the ultimate "fuck me" song.

Shit. I. Am. Screwed.

I took a deep breath and slowly turned to walk back to the couch. I was startled to find Edward directly in my path.

"That's an amazing song. It's one of my favorites. I didn't take you for a new waver." Edward caressed my bare arms slowly up and down sending me into near convulsions.

I looked up at him and was again surprised to find his face and mouth so close to mine. We were both panting and my heart felt like it was going to implode.

"Bella, please tell me if I'm going too fast. I can't help myself being this close to you. I promised myself that my Senior year was going to be the best year ever, especially being back with my friends. I never expected that it would be even greater than I hoped by meeting you." Every one of his words was a whisper in my ear that melted me to my core. This way too fast, but it feels right.

I couldn't fathom doing it on Charlie's couch. My room wasn't an option either, because my stupid bed is the creakiest bed ever. I got lost in the melody of the song and the lyrics gave me the inspiration I needed.

I reached over to turn up the volume knowing full well that it would sound clearly in the back yard. I reached for Edward's hand and pulled him towards the back door, picking up the throw blanket on the way out and sending up my thanks to the heavens for this unlikely clear sky and full moon.

When we reached the grassy clearing Edward understood what I was doing. He helped me lay out the blanket and then stepped closer to me and took my face in his hands.

"Please Bella tell me this is okay with you." Edward leaned in and touched his nose to mine.

"I want this. I want you. But you should know, I've never…" My whole body trembled and I couldn't find the words.

"Then we'll learn together. I've never, either." Edward admitted this was his first time as well, and I felt like this wasn't just to get it over with. This felt right and it felt like it was the beginning of something new and wonderful.

With that realization, I closed the gap between us and kissed him. As if by magic the lyrics of the song played louder and more meaningfully as we explored each other wantonly and anxiously.

…Come with me
Into the trees
We'll lay on the grass
And let the hours pass

Take my hand
Come back to the land
Let's get away
Just for one day

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone
Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

Has nothing on this
You're breathing in fumes
I taste when we kiss

Take my hand
Come back to the land
Where everything's ours
For a few hours

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone
Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

Let me hear you
Make decisions
Without your television
Let me hear you speaking
Just for me

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

Let me hear you speaking
Just for me

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

Let me hear you crying
Just for me

The music set the pace and the melody, with its rhythmic tempo guiding us into the unknown. Our kiss grew with intensity and I opened my mouth granting him entrance and he did the same. Edward's hands traveled from my face to my back slowly leaving a trail of burning flesh and desire. That's when he leaned into me to bring me down to the blanket. He hovered over me as I finally felt the blanket flush against my back. The contrasting cold against my burning flesh sent shivers throughout my body.

"Are you cold?" Edward asked me without pulling away from our kiss.

"Hardly." I replied

He inhaled and our kiss was rapid and needy. He finally released my mouth and traveled down my chin to my neck at the same time his hands made their way up my torso under my shirt. With a sudden boldness I released his hair I tangled in my hands and quickly pulled my shirt over my head.

"Oh my God, you don't know what you're doing to me. You have to warn me before you move like that underneath me." The whole time he spoke his eyes and hands roamed taking in my almost naked body.

Again, feeling empowered and needy I reached for his hair again, and pulled him in for more kisses. I licked his lips and in a breathy raspy voice I begged, "More." His mouth was like the life giving fountain my body needed.

He was also over the top. With my one word he crumbled above me and our need for each other was urgent, desperate and it was not enough. In what seemed like a second of flailing hands, legs, and clothes we were stripped down to only our underwear.

We both had to stop and catch our breath and I shied a little as I noticed his eyes making the circuit of my exposed body once again.

"Bella. You are so beautiful. I have no words. I've never imagined a being as glorious as you." With that he dove in and took my left nipple in his mouth.

I moaned and writhed beneath him relishing in his sensational touch. I could feel my nipple pebble when he sucked and nibbled on it. When he released it he was panting and the breath that blew across the wet delicate skin drew out an even louder guttural moan from deep within me.

He registered what just happened and leaned over to my other nipple and loved and teased it with greater fervor and then purposefully blew on the wet skin so that I could repeat my reaction.

"The sounds you make. Please, always make those sounds for me. Only for me. Oh Bella, I need you so much. Can you feel how you're driving me insane." With his words he pressed and rubbed his hardened length against my thigh and I had to have more. I needed him.

"More, please. Edward. Always for you. Only for you. I need more." I wasn't even finished speaking when I flinched in protest to his moving away from me. That's when I realized what he was doing.

He reached into one of the million zippered pockets of his jacket and I saw the small foiled package. Thank God he came prepared.

I helped him put it on because I was curious about how it worked and we fumbled through it a bit, but as soon as it was on securely we both looked at each other intently and the realization of what was about to happen hit us at the same time.

We gasped each other's names in unison and frantically pawed and kissed each other. Our chests rose and collapsed in a matched pace. Our hands explored, caressed and squeezed as we settled back into the blanket that was now a jumbled mess beneath us.

Edward positioned his body between my legs and held the tip of his engorged manhood at my entrance.

"Bella, please tell me you're sure about this. I'll stop if you need me to." Edward held my chin and never dropped his gaze from me. His eyes told me everything I need to hear to be absolutely sure about this, and I was positive this was right.

"Please Edward. I want this. I want this with you. Only you." I never spoke truer words.

I could feel Edward hesitate, but he pushed into me slowly and delicately. He was careful not to cause me pain, but it was inevitable. I moaned and I clinched my teeth tightly trying to absorb the pain and relish in the ecstasy of the moment. Before I knew it he was all the way in and he paused to kiss me. I felt a tug at my heart when he kissed me and he whimpered into my mouth as if he was trying to keep from crying.

The intensity of the moment and urgent desire changed in us both and it was an entirely different emotion that I think we both were feeling. This was the most romantic moment of my life.

"Bella, are you okay, can I continue." Edward breathed heavily between every word he spoke.

I could only nod and reached my hands around to cup his bottom to pull him towards me. As I did his moan went from a breathy gasp to a guttural moan as he stroked in me a few times.

That sent me over the edge and I didn't care about the pain I felt. I enjoyed it and with each stroke the sensation was more delicious and I hungered for more. I pressed my palms harder into his butt cheeks hopeful that he understood it to mean that I wanted him faster and harder.

I was so lost in him I couldn't remember my name much less any words that could express my need for more. Instead I moaned and breathed and panted underneath him. I could feel the intensity increase and I wondered if I was about to experience an actual orgasm. Everything I read about sex suggested that it was nearly impossible to get one your first time, but from what Alice & Rose told me about it I think it's going to happen.

My body tensed and I clinched my teeth together trying to muffle my near screams. We didn't have any neighbors close by, and the music was still playing in the background, but I know it must have been loud. I couldn't help it.

Edward's head had been buried in my neck for a while and he whispered my name in my ear over and over along with other words that were barely intelligible. But he must have noticed me tense up because he pulled his torso up above me.

"I want to watch you come, Bella. Come for me." Edward increased his thrusts and this new position sent him deeper inside me and I lost it.

I writhed and twitched and I could no longer contain my voice. I screamed his name. It echoed in the trees beyond our lawn. The intense pressure I felt on my clit made me wonder if it really didn't just explode all over Edward.

I dug my fingers into his biceps and the pain I must have caused him sent him over the edge. He grunted and slowed his pace and with three forceful thrusts I could feel his length pulse inside of me.

His body collapsed on top of me and he pulled me into his arms as he rolled onto his back. Still inside me, the shift in our positioned moved his now spent penis inside of me and it hurt a little. I winced and hissed and he noticed.

"Bella, I'm sorry, here let me pull out. Are you ready?" He held the rim of the condom with his index finger and thumb and then slowly retreated from within me.

"Are you okay?" he kissed my forehead and repositioned himself next to me on the blanket facing me.

I was still reeling from what just took place. I could only nod yes and hoped my grin conveyed how truthfully wonderful I felt right then.

"I never imagined it would be so great. Bella, you do understand that this wasn't just some whim, I need to know you. I want to have you in my life. Will you let me?" Edward's declaration verified what I was feeling and I was elated. I wanted to tell him he had me at hello, but that would be about the cheesiest thing I could ever say and I didn't want to sound stupid.

"Yes." It was all I could muster. The cassette ended and we laid in the grass under the full moon holding each other in silence.

This year was most definitely going to be the bitchin'est year ever, f'sher.

~The End

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