A/N: Okay so I thought long and hard about writing this. I didn't set out to continue my O/S at all, but in it Edward shows up at the end all Punkboy and FOINE! And then they do it. Truth be told my favorite Edward is Nerdward and this story line came to me suddenly. This Edward is more to my liking and I hope you like him too.

This picks up right before school starts. It's 1987 and the kids' first day of their senior year from Edward's POV.

Chapter 2 – Edward's POV

Knock. Knock. Knock. "Edward it's time to get up," I could hear my mom call to me from the hall. "Breakfast is ready, get up and come down, before I leave."

I rolled around and stretched and wondered why the alarm didn't go off. I sat up and pushed the blankets off of me and rubbed my eyes when I remembered. Everything is still packed in boxes. I was too tired from the drive from Los Angeles to bother unpacking my room. I was just glad to find my blankets and sheets.

I'm home. It's been the longest three years of my life and I'm finally glad to be home. It's the first day of my Sr. year and I am stoked.

Carlisle and Esme are my parents and we moved to LA the summer after my eighth grade year for my dad's job. He's a doctor and when he was asked to help do research and care for patients with AIDS, he couldn't resist. No one wanted the job because of the danger and risks involved, but Carlisle was bored with small town medicine and he "couldn't say no to humanity."

No one knew why we left other than it was work related and leaving my best friends was the hardest part. But I was excited about the possibility of living in LA, I mean who wouldn't be. Forks, Washington is a far cry from anything LA had to offer and I was ready for a change, hoping that I would have a fresh start somewhere where I wasn't just the little pencil neck, know-it-all, nerd that hides behind his giant friend, Emmett. Jasper was just as smart, or smarter than me, but was blessed with good looks and he shot up a foot taller than our whole class, so he wasn't picked on like I was.

Rosalie also made sure none of the girls ruined my life because she had everybody threatened within an inch of their lives if they so much as looked at me wrong, which gave her exclusive rights to torture me. I was skinny, gawky, four-eyed, buck toothed, and my hair was a ridiculous mess that my mom slimed down to tame. She also picked out my clothes, as a matter of fact she still does, because I wouldn't have the slightest idea what was in style.

I sat at the end of the mattress that was on the middle of the floor and looked around at all the work I had to do, wishing I'd just listened to my dad and had the car towed and flew in with them. But no, I was pumped to finally have my car finished and I wanted to break it in. It's the freshest ride, Candy Apple Red '67 Mustang Convertible. I found it in a junk yard and had it fully restored. James helped me with it before he died.

I breathed in a big sigh at his memory. James was a patient at my dad's clinic, he was a hemophiliac and was transmitted the AIDS virus through a blood transfusion. He was my age and was handed a death sentence when he cut himself with a screwdriver. He was mad, he bullied me, he nearly kicked my ass on several occasions, but when my dad told him about my car he asked to help me restore it. I hated him, but I couldn't be mean to him. Neither of us had any friends, so we bonded as well as we could, which meant we tried really hard not to kill each other.

I was so wrong about LA. My dad had to keep his job a secret because the AIDS virus sparked fear and turmoil in the city and we were targeted several times by protesters who rallied against the clinic's existence and it became dangerous for us to be out and about. My mom had to home-school me and we were driven around with body guards and police escorts, even to the grocery store. I was so alone, but my dad's work was extremely important.

My mom and I volunteered at the clinic, just to have social interaction with anybody, even if they were sick. All the myths surrounding the dreadful disease are crazy, and people's fear of it made life hard for me.

I missed my friends, I missed my home, I even missed going to school. Forks may not be LA, but its home. When James died, I freaked out and that's when my mom insisted we come home. I was grateful, because the thought of being able to finish high school in an actual school and graduate with my friends, if they even remembered me, was the best news I'd gotten in a long time; that, and my bitchin' ride.

"Edward, are you coming down? I laid your clothes out for you in the hallway," I could hear my mom call to me from the first floor. Even screaming up the stairs, her voice sounded sweet.

"I'm up! I'll be down in a minute." I looked around and fixed my stare on the trunk that sat next to my bed. When James died his mom came to our house to thank us for being nice to James. She said that she was well aware of how horribly rude he was, but under the circumstances it was to be expected. I was shocked when she gave me a note with a trunk key. In that note that he wrote before he died he basically bequeathed his most prized possessions to his only friend. His words were crass, but he considered me his friend.

I've yet to open it. It's too hard. He was an ass to me and I don't know how to feel about it. When my parents were packing for the move I thought about leaving it, but it made it here somehow. I scratched my head and stared at the trunk and kicked it.

"Edward! I'm leaving! You better get your ass down here Mister!" Holy shit, Esme Cullen swore. I'd better get going. She means business.

I ran down stairs and met my mom at the breakfast counter in the kitchen. She was dressed and ready to go and was pouring me a bowl of cereal.

"I'm sorry about the cold cereal, but I haven't been to the grocery store. I'm just glad your dad thought about grabbing this at the convenience store" I couldn't believe Esme was serving Cap'n Crunch to me, from a gas station.

"Crunch Berries? At least there's fruit." I smirked at her and she smiled while she poured the milk.

"Mom I could have done this myself, you don't have to baby me anymore, remember I'm a senior this year and can get my own cereal. I've been doing it since I was eight as a matter of fact." I shoved a spoonful of the sugary mess in my mouth.

"I know, dear. It's your first day back and you drove in so late last night I just wanted to make sure you had a great first day. All your transfer paperwork was faxed in Friday, so you should be set. You'll just have to stop in the office and get your schedule." While she spoke she dug around in her purse and pulled out two little black rectangles and handed me one. "These are our new beepers, our old ones don't get coverage here, so if you need me page me. The number is on it already, I'll page you your father's new number so you'll have it. I hope you have a great day and make sure you tell the kids hello for me." Nurturing and efficient, that's my mom. In a blur she picked up her keys, purse, coat, and rambled off the rest of her itinerary and was out the door, with a quick "I love you. Make great choices."

I still had an hour and half before school, so after my cereal I showered and stood over the trunk with the key in my hand and forced myself to look inside. Knowing James, it probably only contained dirty magazines, and pot paraphernalia. As I lifted the lid I was hit with the smell of tobacco and marijuana and the very distinct smell of Drakar Noir. James swore that Drakar was the shit for landing babes. I stared at the contents and didn't know what to think. Mostly it was clothes; his black leather jacket, and tons of concert t-shirts. Underneath were his black Doc Martins, four pair of ratty, faded old Levi's and a thick black leather belt with four rows of silver spikes all the way around it. I mostly saw James in his pajamas, but I knew he was into punk rock. Why would he want to give me his clothes. I pulled out a shoe box wedged underneath all the clothes and sorted through it. There were lots of cassettes, a pack of Marlboro Reds, a bottle of Drakkar, a huge tub of Dippity Do, and rolling papers.

Well, I don't know why he thought I would want this, but if it was all he had, then who am I to judge. With a sigh I flipped the lid shut on the trunk, but noticed it seemed too heavy as it fell shut. I opened it again and inspected it. It was rounded on the outside, but inside the lid had a red felt flat surface. I tapped it and it shook the felt, which indicated it was hollow, so I fidgeted with it until I pried the felt loose and off. Just as I suspected, dirty magazines, porn videos, and a rather large bag filled with pot and four joints already rolled were hidden in the lid of the trunk.

I snickered at the contents and was about to close it up again, when I noticed the sheet of paper folded in half addressed to me. I pulled it out and unfolded it.

Hey Assward,

You can have my shit since I'm dead, maybe it'll get you laid faggot. Seriously, the cologne works, wear it.


P.S. Thanks man.

I don't know how long I sat in front of the trunk remembering all the fights and almost good times I had hanging out with James. I liked the music he made me listen to, I envied all the crazy things he did and talked to me about. I was never as bold and adventurous as he was. He laughed at me when I told him that I thought he was selfish for being so wreck less in his condition, how any little cut could be the death of him. His response was, "Since I'm going to die anyway, might as well live it up."

The first real trouble I ever got in was with him. His mom caught us sneaking back into the clinic in the middle of the night after we snuck out to see The Clash in concert. He got an "Oh, James." I got bedpan duties for a week. I also inherited his horrible language. I still struggle to hold back on the "fucks and motherfuckers" that escape me on occasion. Luckily Esme hasn't fallen victim to my raunchier vernacular.

I shook my head out of the stupor I was in and glanced at my watch. I was going to be late if I didn't get dressed and out the door in five minutes. I look at the mountain of boxes that were strewn all over my room and couldn't remember which has my clothes in it. So without thinking I just grab whatever I could from James' trunk, and reused my socks and underwear I had on before. After all, I am a dude and James would be proud that I didn't let my mommy dress me. I barely had time to brush my teeth and slab on some hair gel when I was out the door. The leather jacket was heavier than I would have imagined, I guess all the zippers and hardware weighed it down. I just hope it doesn't scratch the leather seats of my car. And I'm also a little grossed out by the fact that my clean feet are in dirty socks in even filthier shoes. At least they fit, and I don't have time to worry about that or I'll be late for school.

I sped through the curvy highway that leads into town and I could feel my stomach turn once I was near Fork's High School. I had planned on calling Emmett this morning to let him know I was back and hoped he would meet me before class. I wasn't sure if my old friends would still want me around considering we barely spoke. I was forced to be secretive about our lives in LA and every time we spoke on the phone there was a possibility of it being tapped, which meant fewer phone calls and then none. Jasper was my only life line to my previous life in Forks, he was the only one who knew what my father did and with him gone I hoped that Emmett would accept me back into his life.

I pulled into the parking lot and quickly noticed two cars that stood out above the rest. The Red Camaro, IROC Z parked next to the pink Carmengia screamed Emmett and Alice. Jasper was right; he said I would know immediately who drove what once I saw them. There was an empty space next to the little pink roadster, but I also noticed that there was a huge oil stain on the concrete. Whoever parked there must have killed a beast of a car, but since it was empty I chanced getting my white-walls dirty and took the space anyway.

Nobody was around, so despite my speed I was still late. I grabbed my backpack and headed for the office. I remember coming to visit this school in the eighth grade and touring it at the time. It seemed so big to me, I wonder if anybody will recognize me considering most of us practically have known each other since elementary school. I looked around for familiar faces, but peeking into the classes I couldn't see anyone's face, especially the girls, their hair was so big it was all I saw.

I finally found the office and went straight to the counter where a portly older woman sat at a typewriter tapping away furiously, staring intently into a stack of papers, while holding a pencil between her too red lips. Not stopping her work or to bother looking up at me, she mumbled, "Can I help you?" through her teeth that now gripped the pencil keeping it in place.

"Uh, yes ma'am. I'm Edward Cullen. I'm here to pick up my class schedule." I leaned into the counter and looked around hoping this wouldn't take long. As soon as I said my name she stopped her typing and flung her head up to meet my eyes.

Her expression went from happy to curious to what I think is appalled. I began to wonder if I had something on my face when her mouth fell open and her pencil unceremoniously fell out of her mouth, bounced onto her robust chest and then to the floor. Her eyes trailed me from head to waist, the rest of me was behind the counter, but if it hadn't been I'm sure her travels would have included all of me.

"Well, hello, Edward. Mrs. Cullen called and said you would be by this morning." She turned around and began digging through a pile of file folders contemplating each one until she reached what I assumed was mine. "Yes, here it is, Cullen, Edward A. All of your paperwork seems to be in order and I was just now typing up your schedule." She turned to give me another look with a questioning furrow of her brow. "Um, you're taking all AP classes, is that correct?" Her tone was condescending.

"Yes, ma'am," I didn't understand why that would be something she wouldn't believe, my better that 4.0 GPA was written all over my transcripts, and then it dawned on me. I was dressed like a gang member, or street thug, possibly even a murderer in her eyes. This is a first. Most older women usually doted on me, I never repulsed them.

"Okay, well, if you think that it's too much for you, just come on back here and we'll have to get written permission from your parents to change your schedule." With a quick yank of the sheet of paper trapped inside the typewriter she leaned forward to hand me my schedule, but not without sizing me up again.

"I'm sure it's fine and I think I can handle the work load." Her attitude was getting on my nerves, how dare she assume that I couldn't handle AP classes. She continued to stare at me and then finally turned around back to my file.

"Oh, you were in Los Angeles, and I see that you had to be home-schooled." Again, she turned to look at me and huffed. "Well, son, if your grades are legitimate I hope that you don't ruin them getting into any trouble," She said pointedly," we were so happy to hear your parents were coming back to town. The hospital just hasn't been the same since Dr. Cullen left, but it is beyond me why parents think a small town is the answer to unruly children."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Is this bitch serious? She thinks we're back because I'm some kind of bad kid. "Listen lady, I'm just trying to get my schedule, if we're done here, can I go? I don't need you to assume anything about me or my family, which is all wrong, by the way. So mind your business." Holy shit, where did that come from? I've never raised my voice to anybody, much less and older woman.

Her look of horror almost made me laugh, I straightened up and started to turn for the door before she stopped me, "Have a seat, Mr. Cullen; I will not have you speak to me that way."

So much for a quick exit. She motioned for me to sit and quickly picked up her phone and punched in three buttons and waited, never taking her evil gaze away from me.

"Principal Jones, can you come to the office, please. I have a situation I need your help with." Shit, she's calling the principal on me, on the first day of school. What the hell is going on? This was supposed to be a good day, now I'm in trouble. Me? I've never been in any kind of trouble in my life. I began to sweat and fidget in my seat and worry how this will affect my permanent record when I apply to college, and what my mom and dad are going to do when they find out. Shit. Calm down Cullen, turn on the charm, everybody over 30 loves you. You're the poster child for wholesome for God's sake. I inhaled a few deep breaths and waited for a minute when Principal Jones stepped in.

He stepped behind the counter and leaned over the desk. Without a word or a look in my direction they whispered back and forth to each other. I could have sworn he was holding back a chuckle, when she covered her mouth and whispered directly into his ear.

He stood up then straightened his suit jacket and cleared his throat. "Mr. Cullen, come with me, please?" Great, my first day back to school and I'm in trouble. "Can you please call Mrs. Cullen and transfer the call to my office as soon as you get her?" He motioned for me to follow him and we headed out of the office. By this time first period had let out and the hallway was filled with kids making their way to second period. I tried to avoid the stares and comments directed at me by staring at the floor as I followed Principal Jones to his office.

This is so humiliating and I was beginning to think this day couldn't get any worse when I suddenly was forced to an abrupt stop. Fuck, did I just run into a wall? I looked up and couldn't believe what just happened. I ran straight into the back of a gigantic beast of a guy.

"Hey! Watch where you're walking, asshole." The beast spoke as he swung around to face me.

"Mr. McCarty, I'll ask you once to watch your language in the hallway." Mr. Jones was ahead of me, but turned around when he heard the commotion.

"McCarty? Emmett McCarty?" I said, as I looked up at the massive giant.

"Yeah, who the fuck are you?" He looked at me questioningly.

"Emmett, it's me, Edward Cullen." I motioned between us, hoping he would recognize me and calm down.

Just then his intense gaze softened and his mouth shot opened in a huge grin.

"Hell yeah, Edward motherfucking Cullen, what the hell are you doing here? Are you back, man? For good, I mean." He swung his arm around my shoulder and began jarring me around in a half hug and nearly knocking the wind out of me when he pat my back.

I was glad to see a familiar face and be welcomed in spite of the fact that I'm still in trouble, and Mr. Jones is waiting for me standing in front of his office door.

"Um, yeah, I just got in last night, and I'm trying to get enrolled, but I've had a bit of a snafu," I motioned over to the principal's office and hoped I didn't just make things worse.

Emmett turned to look at the Principal and laughed out loud.

"You? In trouble? You must be trippin? So, what punk, did LA turn you into some kind of badass? Are you a Crypt or a Blood?" Emmett was making some hand motions, which caught the attention of the principal.

"Mr. Cullen, my office, now! Mr. McCarty, class!" He motioned us away and Emmett laughed as he turned to leave.

"I'll catch up with you later, Edward. The girls are gonna shit when they get a load of you. Do they know you're in town?" I shook my head no and followed Mr. Jones into his office hoping that I wasn't in any more trouble.

I waved Emmett off and shrugged my shoulders with a look of defiance hoping he thought I didn't think this was that big of a deal. But in reality I really was shitting bricks at this whole situation.

I walked into the principal's office and shut the door behind me. He was already on the phone, with who I assume is my mother. He never said more than "Yes, Ma'am." Or "I understand." And he nodded his head quite a bit, which is a stupid gesture, because it's not like she can see him do it. His demeanor changed rapidly and I wondered what my mother could possibly be saying to him. It's as if she's ripping him a new one.

He turned his back to me and began rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand. Finally, he seemed to be at the end of the call "Yes, ma'am I'll see to it myself." I'm toast.

My mother would never approve of my language. Shit.

"Yes, ma'am, she can be a bit bitchy, as you say." He responded.

I perked up and listened more intently, could Esme Cullen possibly have called another woman bitchy. This is getting interesting.

"Yes, ma'am and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. No ma'am, you're absolutely right, we should be thrilled to have a student of his caliber in our school. Yes, I'll see to it myself that he gets to his classes without any further delay, thank you Mrs. Cullen. Bye." He hung up the phone and looked at me completely defeated.

"That was your mother, apparently she and Mrs. Cope had an exchange of words before I was transferred in, and I did not get the full story from Mrs. Cope." His face went from smug to apologetic to embarrassed, "Mrs. Cullen informed me of what really happened and I apologize for having kept you from your first two classes this morning."

Could this be true, I'm off the hook, that easy. "So can I just go to class?" I asked.

"Uh, yes, but I don't appreciate the language you used with Mrs. Pool. It would be nice if you apologized for your tone and then you can head off to class."

"Yes sir." I nodded at him sheepishly, I didn't want to go back to face Mrs. Bitchy, but I left my schedule in the office and wouldn't know where to go otherwise. Why should I apologize, she's a judgmental bitch and I just stated the obvious.

I made my way back to the office, the halls were clear of anybody because second period was well underway. When I entered the office, Mrs. Bitchy was again, fast and furiously typing away and didn't even acknowledge me entering. I leaned into the counter and noticed my schedule was still there. I grabbed it hoping I could make an easy escape without having to udder a single word.

As I backed up towards the door I stopped mid step when a tiny creature rushed by me in a flurry and practically jumped around the counter barrier, making her way to Mrs. Bitchy.

"Hi, Mrs. Cope, did you miss me?" The girl flung herself at the old bat and embraced her in a half hug forcing Mrs. Bitchy Bat to stop her work.

"Oh, Alice, baby girl, how are you honey, did you have a nice summer?" her saccharine smile was almost too much to bear so I continued my backwards decent from the room.

Alice? Could it be? "Mrs. Cope, I've got my schedule, thank you and I apologize for taking up your time," it was all I could think to say, because I stared at the beautiful girl still holding her in a vice grip. It is Alice, but she doesn't seem to notice or care to notice that I'm here. Should I say something?

"Yes, well son I hope your mother's right about you, now hurry along." She barely turned her head to speak to me as she was practically peeling Alice from her grip. Just then Alice turned to look at me and she eyed me from head to toe and tilted her head at me questioningly. We both rolled our eyes at the obvious sneer Mrs. Bitchy Bat gave me. She doesn't know who I am. I don't want to embarrass myself so I just let it be for now.

What happened next made me laugh out loud as I hurriedly exited the office. Alice spun Mrs. Bitchy around in her office chair and taped to her back was a sign obviously just placed there by, whom I'm positive was my best friend and childhood crush, which read "WILL FUCK FOR FOOD".

Alice. I snickered at her antics.

I stopped outside the office door to look over all my classes and where I'm supposed to be at this time. I realized second period was almost out so I looked for the bathrooms to wait for the next class.

Finally, at the edge of the hallway I found both the boy's and girl's rooms next to each other separated by a rusty old water fountain. As I walked past the girl's bathroom door I could clearly hear a girl cussing up a storm, something about 'him being a dog, and that she (I guess the girl she was speaking to) was too good for his bitch ass. That she needed to find somebody to lay her to show him, (the dog I assume) that his pencil dick means nothing to her.' Girls and their drama, and who knew that Fork's girls were so crass and hardcore.

I hope she wears a condom. I snickered at my stupid inner dialogue and walked into the bathroom.

It smelled horrid and there were disgusting paper towels clogging three of the four sinks almost ready to spill over onto the damp muddy floor. I stood at the door wondering where else I could go to kill fifteen minutes until the next class. Library. I hope it's well equipped.

I couldn't help but notice my image staring back at me from the full length mirror that was adjacent to door. Could I possibly have changed so much in three years? Emmett barely recognized me and he shook his head when he inspected my clothes. Did I look like a gang banger? James' clothes were more punk if you asked me, and certainly not my style, but surprisingly comfortable. My usual khaki slacks, and button downs aren't that bad, but very preppy in comparison. James used to make fun of how fitted my clothes were. That I was so out of style because everybody knew that all clothes should be oversized. I hate that style, Alice is a tiny little thing still but her herringbone blazer was probably four sizes too big on her. All the girls, I noticed were practically drowning in their tops, which is a shame, most girls have lovely bodies and it makes no sense to cover it up with all that clothes. The only trend that makes any sense to me now is spandex. Too bad Kelly Bundy made it where only slutty girls will wear it.

I took another look at my ensemble and wondered if it had anything to do with Alice not recognizing me. Then again, I did grow a whole foot, where she hadn't, the last time she saw me. My hair was professionally cut at a trendy LA salon, my mother's farewell treat to us all. I didn't know what to do with it at first, but apparently lots of gel is good. I also wear contacts too. I refused to wear my glasses anymore when Sally Jessie Rafael stole the only style that didn't make my nose look bigger than it is. Oh well, I guess my arrival being practically secret didn't help either. I'm sure we'll resume our friendship and this year won't be a total bust. I hope.

I made my way into the dinky library and sighed. This will not due. The library in my parent's home is bigger than this. I noticed a comfortable looking chair next to a window on the far wall and headed straight for it. I pulled out my copy of Wuthering Heights and began thumbing through it. I've read this book over and over and it doesn't matter where I start, I will easily get lost in it. Before I knew it, the bell rang and I went to my next class, French IV, this should be easy enough. Thanks to my mom, I am fluent and I only take this for the easy A.

I found the class easily and made my way to the back of the class. I normally sit in front, but my clothes would suggest that I was rebellious and therefore I decided to play the part. What could it possibly hurt? I've lived a very boring life so far. I've never had a girlfriend, my first three years of high school were spent with my mother instead of a real school, therefore no actual school activities. I focused more on getting into an elite university and didn't care, but I realized that I missed out on a lot; especially in the girl department.

The girl's in the bathroom spoke so openly about their sex lives and I immediately was reminded of the horrors of AIDS. "Protection is essential" was my initial thought totally missing the point. I'm a teenager and it didn't even occur to me that I could be the guy that lays the girl who needs to forget about the dog.

James may have treated me like shit, but if anything good came out of knowing him, was me realizing that you do only live once and fun should be included.

As the rest of the students made their way into the classroom I looked to see if I recognized anybody from grade school. But everybody was so different that I soon lost interest and returned to my book. Just after the tardy bell rang, the teacher instructed everybody to greet me and introduce themselves to me because it was my first day. I looked up to see who would be first, but since she said it all in French, apparently no one understood her and they all just stared at each other, shrugged or didn't even care to look up.

At that moment a girl came into the class. Her chin was tucked into her chest and she never looked up, apparently too distracted or indifferent about her tardiness. Her steps were slow and forced but she took a seat in front. I couldn't see her face underneath all the hair, but her presence struck me.

"Salut, Mademoiselle Swan. Comment allez-vous?" Mrs. Finley greeted the girl. Miss Swan. Swan? The name sounds familiar, but I couldn't place her. If only I could see her face, maybe I'd recognize her. The girl looked up and pulled something near her ear and responded.

"Désolé, je suis un peu égaré." Whoa, she spoke French. Distracted? I wonder why? She then covered her ear with her hand and that's when I noticed the tiny wire underneath the cascade of beautiful curls. She must have earphones on. God, how I wish I could see her face. It would be my luck that the only girl I could possibly speak French with be butt ugly.

Her body seemed nice enough. At least from what I can see underneath the giant sweater. Her back seems petite and when she sat down the hem of her sweater got caught on the back of the chair and I got a quick glance of her rear. She wore leggings underneath and they hugged her tight little ass like a motherfucker. Great, my dick is erect for someone's ass that I only saw for a whole two seconds.

But she speaks French and her hair is amazing and her ass; oh, her ass, I can only pray that she have a really cute face. Like it would matter, she probably already has a boyfriend, her French is probably a fluke, and I doubt she's into nerds.

There's nothing like a little self deprecation to deflate an erection for a mystery girl's butt. The class continued and before I knew it, it was time for fourth period. I glanced at my schedule to locate my next class. AP English. I wonder if she'll be in that class with me? I looked up but she was already gone, when a girl practically jumped in front of me.

"Oh my God, you're like new here, right?" There before me so close that I had to step back a bit, was Jessica Stanley. I will never forget that face. The face of evil incarnate stood before me and in all the excitement of returning to Forks, I totally forgot about the one thing I swore I never would miss about this town.

"Uh, yeah, sorta, I guess." She didn't recognize me either. Good.

"During roll call, Mrs. Finely called you Monsieur Cullen, right? But the only Cullen to go here moved like in 6th grade, a real goofball, you wouldn't know him, he's a total geek. So where are you from? Did you just move here? I'm Jessica, by the way. I'd be glad to show you around the school, if you need help. I'm very popular and I can introduce you to all of my friends, if you'd like," she spoke without taking a single breathe and I didn't know what say to her. She hasn't changed a bit. "Oh, my God," she continued, "You should totally sit with me at lunch."

"Um, I'm going to be late for class. I have to go." I ignored every question or whatever it was she said. I hated her my entire childhood and I didn't want to be her friend now. Thank God she didn't recognize me. Where was Rosalie when you needed her? Rosalie used to protect me from Jessica in grade school after she thought it would be funny to pants me in gym class and yell out "Edward wears tighty whities!" It was a memory I would desperately want to forget, but never will. Rosalie pushed her down hard onto the gym floor and told her to never mess with me again.

I stepped around her and darted off in the direction of my next class. I practically ran into the room hoping that Jessica wasn't following me and was relieved when I saw her turn off into another direction. I looked around for an empty seat and my heart skipped a beat when I noticed Miss Swan sitting in the front row. Her head was down buried in her folded arms.

Damn, what does she look like? I had to know. There was a desk opened right behind her and I took it quickly as other students began to filter in.

The second I sat down I was assaulted by the sweetest smell; strawberries, flowers, and sunshine. I inhaled deeply and could also smell Eternity. I memorized that scent from thumbing through a million old magazines in my dad's clinic. The ads were so alluring, and for a kid without friends or access to porn it was all I had to masturbate with. Geeze, what a time to think of that, now my dick's hard again.

Fuck, this girl is driving me crazy, and I don't even know her or what she even looks like. I leaned forward to get a better whiff of her scent, hoping no one noticed and as I got closer I could hear the distant sound of music. She must have earphones on. They're on pretty loud; Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus, I'd know that drum beat anywhere.

God, given the chance I would be her Personal Jesus…wow, that was cheesy even for me.

She'll never go for me, I have no game. What could I possibly have to offer a girl as rad as her? She's obviously smart, because she's in AP classes, and from what I can tell she seems really pretty, and mysterious. It's the first day of school, the first day of our senior year and she could care less. Would it be weird of me to tap her shoulder and introduce myself? What would I say? "Hi, I'm Edward Cullen, will you be my friend?" I'd probably sound like Screech or Steve Irkell. Even I knew that would be lame.

As the class came to a close, Miss Swan barely even moved from her position. She simply turned her head up to look at the teacher. I still have no idea what her face looks like. When the bell rang for lunch everybody stood in unison and practically ran for the door. My attempt to finally get a glimpse of her face was foiled. Damn the luck. I looked around and noticed everybody going in one direction so I followed the crowd into the lunch room. I looked around hoping to find Emmett or Miss Swan, but came up short.

What I did see was Jessica Stanley flailing her arms wildly at me motioning for me to her table. I looked around to see who she sat with and nearly turned to run out of the room. Fucking Mike Newton and Tyler Crowly were at her table. The motherfuckers who made my life a living hell were still her friends. I'd recognize them anywhere. Fuck that. Not that I'd want to sit with Stanley anyway, but I hoped that I wouldn't have to sit alone at lunch.

I noticed an empty table and went straight for it. I was truly disappointed that I haven't seen any of my old friends. Do they ditch lunch? It's raining outside, so they wouldn't be at the quad, certainly by now I would have seen Emmett or Alice again. At least I know they're here. Everyone stared at me as I took my seat and they began whispering to each other and there were a couple of sneers and gasps. I don't know what I did wrong, but sitting here really bothered some of them.

I pulled out my book as a distraction from the weird vibe I got from all of this. This day was supposed to be a great day and so far it is possibly the worst, except for my mystery Swan, I looked up again and searched the room once more for my friends, for her, for anybody that I remembered being nice to me. Surely, Angela, Erick or Ben were here somewhere.

Finally, I recognized someone, Emmett, and he was holding my swan. He was squeezing the life out of her, could she be with him? I distinctly heard the teachers address my swan as Miss Swan. Jasper had said Emmett and Rosalie were together. I looked at the group of them again and quickly recognized Alice standing with them and also a tall gorgeous blonde wearing the most skin tight dress ever. Upon a closer look I recognized her. It was Rosalie. Wow, time was truly amazing to her. She's fucking gorgeous, who knew that the chubby girl that used to arm wrestle all the boys for their lunch money and never lost would be so hot.

Sweet, that means they know my swan, and I could possibly be introduced. I sat up straight and hoped they saw me. Emmett spoke with the girls and then looked up at me. I couldn't hear what he was saying through all the buzz of the lunch room. He lifted his arm and waved at me and nodded his head as if to say hello. I didn't want to appear too eager nodded as well.

He then gathered up all three girls under his arm and began walking towards me. From my sitting position I couldn't see my girl through the crowd of students making their way to their seats. Finally, I was going to meet her, my swan. The path cleared and I had a clear view of her face; her beautiful, sad face.

Time froze, all the noise of the lunch room faded away, I could only hear my heart thundering against my chest, I was immediately drawn to the abyss that were her deep brown eyes and I couldn't tear away my gaze. My beautiful swan. She mesmerized me and I was speechless. I suddenly forgot where I was and someone was speaking to me, but I couldn't stop staring at my life. I have to know her.

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