I do not own Twilight, but if I did, Jacob would never had ended up with a demon spawn instead he would have ended up with Leah like it was supposed to be.

Jacob's POV

Everything was dark and gloomy. All the happiness seemed to be torn from the world. I hated everything. I hated everyone. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Nothing was supposed to be like this. She was supposed to love me. I was the one she was supposed to be fucking. But I wasn't. Reality was never the way it was supposed to be. Renesmee was supposed to love me. But instead she love Nahuel. Instead she was fucking Nahuel every time I was not around. When I would go to the Cullen house I could smell them on each other. The first time I almost phased when I realized what happened. If Leah wasn't there to pull me out of the house, Esme would be replacing all her stupid expensive pillows and all the other useless shit she has in that fucking house. This fucking behind my back has been going on for about six months now, she knows I know. She has to, but it doesn't stop her from running into my arms every time I visit. I hate her for playing me like this. She still talks about our future and the life we will one day have when she is "ready" to accept the imprint. When will that be? When she is done fucking the hell out of Nahuel. She still calls wondering why I haven't visited. Every time I see her I feel the imprints strings snap some more. They have withered down to mere threads. The love and compassion that once filled my heart for her are replaced with hatred and anger. I am good at hiding it from her stick up his ass fucking annoying leech of a father.

I am no longer their little watchdog. Sam wanted to begin phasing less so he could grow old with his imprint, just like it was supposed to be. So I took over as Alpha for both packs. Leah was upset at first until I named her my Beta. She loves bossing the rest of the guys around. I wish we could all just stop phasing. But having the Cullens around results in other leeches always creeping around. Everyone wants to see the half human half vampire. She has probably fucked half of them too.

You would think my so-called friends such as Emmett or Bella would let me know about her little games. But they don't. They act as if nothing is going on. I haven't been to the Cullen house in over a month. Renesmee has called me almost everyday leaving me a message asking why I haven't been around. Even Edward and Bella has called. Fucking hypocrites, pretending they actually care about me while they stand by and let Nessie fuck another guy behind my back.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. Text message from Nessie.

'Are you coming over today? I miss you.'

Why? Is Nahuel not around to keep you company. That girl is so full of shit.

'Yeah. I need to talk to your family about vampires being in the area.'

I replied back. I wanted to make it clear I wasn't going to see her. There had been a vampire's scent in the area and I had to let them know to keep an eye open. I may have hated their guts at the moment but I want going to hand them over to get killed. I still cared for Nessie, even if it wasn't in a loving way. Once she and Nahuel went public with their relationship, they would be leaving and I could stop phasing. I would be forgotten about and be left alone to live my pathetic useless life. I got another text from Nessie.

'Yay! I can't wait!'

Go ahead, fake your enthusiasm. I don't give a shit anymore. I stopped walking and realized I was outside Leah's house. I walked to the porch and let myself in.

"Wow Alpha come on in," she said from the kitchen. I sat down on her couch and changed the channel to the a game. "Hey I was watching a movie!" Leah was the only person who could make me forget about Nessie.

"Which movie?" I asked helping myself to half of the sandwich she had on her plate. She rolled her eyes at this but allowed me to have it. I was the only person who would act this way towards Leah, and I could only do it when no one was around other wise she would literally break my nose.

"A walk to remember," she stated. I looked at her smirking. She was always full of surprises. "Shut the fuck up, Jacob. I am a girl and I am allowed to like chick flick movies."

"Sure, sure," I said grabbing her soda and chugging the whole thing.

"Oh my God, Jake. Now get your fat useless ass up and get me another soda." she commanded. I laughed and got up to grab us both another soda.

I sat back down on the couch and handed her the soda. "So," I started. "I need to head over to the Cullens later. Mind coming along?" She looked at me annoyed.

"Why the fuck would I want to tag along to the Death Manor?" she said taking a bite out of her sandwich.

"Because I need you there with me," I stated staring at the television. Leah was the constant in my life. She had somehow become my go to person. She was my best friend now, even though if I told her that to her face she would probably throw tampons in my face.

"Argh," she screamed. "Why do you do this to me Jake? You know how much I hate going there and watching them pretend everything is okay. I hate her for what she is doing to you." My moment of forgetting all about this shit was over.

"Fine Leah," I growled. "If you don't wanna go just say it. No need to bitch." I buried my head in my hands letting out a frustrated growl. Why can't things just go as fucking planned!

I heard Leah sigh next to me. I then felt her arm pull me into a hug which I gladly accepted. She leaned back and I rested my head on her stomach. This is how Leah and I were now. When Nessie first began screwing Nahuel, Leah was the first person I went to, I spent the night crying in her arms. She didn't say anything she just held me all night. We never spoke about it again, but I knew she knew I was thankful for her being there. She knew how it felt to lose someone you loved. I believe that is what brought us together. The world was going on outside of us, but when we were together in her house, we could sit there and feel sorry for ourselves.