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These are episodes of HM that I made up myself. The series is called Liley Love. This is episode 1 in season 1. There will be twenty episodes in each season, and probably at least three seasons and at least one mega long story, like a movie.

These episodes won't be very long, probably about 5 or 6 chapters, but if you count 5 chapters in twenty stories then that's 100 chapters.

There is going to be 6 chapters in this story because I've already written it all. I've also planned all of season 1 and at the moment I'm planning a big mega movie to come between season 1 and season 2.

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Lilly woke up from the nightmare soaked in wet sweat. It was her worst ever nightmare, where the whole school found out that she was in love with Miley.

Lilly shook her head. "Grow up, Lilly," she muttered to herself, "just get over that stupid crush on your best friend and concentrate on getting a boyfriend."

Lilly got dressed in her jeans and t-shirt and then set out to meet Miley at the beach like they'd agreed.

Miley woke up and smiled. The sun was drifting through the curtains, and it was a beautiful day. She was going to meet Lilly, see her perfect smile that never failed to make her heart beat faster. She'd had a crush on Lilly ever since about six weeks ago.

Miley walked to her wardrobe, and yawned, feeling tired. She got out her skinny jeans and sparkly black top, along with her black boots. She never wanted to fail to impress Lilly.

When she got downstairs, Miley gobbled down her breakfast quickly, before racing off to meet Lilly at the beach.

When they had both arrived at the beach, Miley and Lilly talked about the Hannah Montana party that were on that night. They talked about the outfits that they would wear, the make-up they would put onto their faces, the jewellery they would be wearing on their ears, wrists, ankles, necks. All the while trying to impress the other while all the while never noticing the love displayed in the others eyes.

"Lilly," Miley exclaimed, "you look…." Miley struggled for words trying not to make it do obvious the love she was showing. Lilly looked so beautiful that Miley wanted to step forward and snog her senseless. She wanted to caress her cheek, and feel every inch of her body. Miley gathered her thoughts. "You look amazing," Miley breathed.

Lilly, obviously pleased at the reaction, though she tried to hide it, said "You too, you look stunning." Lilly smiled at her, noting the way the black, slinky dress Miley had on showed all her curves.

Miley, noticing Lily's smile, made her heart jump. "Erm… shall we go now?" Miley asked. Lilly nodded, and they made their way out of the door to the party.