Ok, so I'm aware that I haven't updated Of matches and stuttering in wayyy way way way way WAY too long, but I'm kinda off my imy game after book 5, which made me fall in love with Hammer Holt XD

SO don't read this if you haven't read book 6, because this has some minor spoilers. What did you guys think of book 6? It's horribly sad at the end, but one of my favorites so far, so Jude Watson is forgiven for book 4 (not my favorite XD)

So for those of you who HAVE read In too deep (book 6), here is the Hammer's POV when he rescues Amy from that cold-hearted Witch, Isabel Kabra (I can say it 'cause I'm a Janus XD) with his awesome-tastic paraglider (this is why I love him XD) it's VERY short, just a paragraph or two, but I thought the ending was just the way I needed to end it :)


It's not like I wanted to save her, or anything.

Ok, that was a lie; I did.

What can I say? The damsel in distress thing got to me.

But it wasn't like she was pretty, or anything.

Ok, another lie; she was.

Really, really, really pretty.

But here she is, facing death by shark attack (and that's a painful death), all because Ian Cobra (pftt, Cobra, you like? Dan told me about it; I love that little dude!) Batted his eyelashes and sent her right into a trap.

Like he did last time, and the time before that, and what he'll do forever if someone doesn't step in.

And I could be that someone, if she'd let me.

She never will though, and I'm ok with that.

I'm just full of lies today, aren't I?