Third Person [Normal POV]

"Oh no!" David looked at Torch apprehensively. "What are you going to do!"

Torch gave him a sly, mischievous look. "Secrets."

"Torch." David took her by the shoulders and gave her that look that only David can give.

However, although Torch generally disliked being touched at all by anyone, she did not twist away. Instead, she smirked and kissed him.

"Torch-! How on earth am I going to deal with you when you act like this?"

"You're not." Torch smirked again.

"No." David shook his head resolutely. "I am not letting you off. Torch, you tell me, or else-!"

"Okay, okay!" Torch squirmed out of his grip and then looked up at him with a suddenly appreciative look. "Hey, you're kinda strong!" She said, in a surprised tone of voice.

David rolled his eyes in a very David-like way, but Torch went on impishly, "You don't look like much, you know." She gave him a decidedly saucy look.

"All right, young lady, that is-" Suddenly, David stopped as he saw her expression. She looked so sick he was unsure whether she was going to throw up, faint, or both. "Torch?" He asked uncertainly.

"David." She said, quietly, and in a carefully controlled voice, "I want you. To do. Exactly. What I say. Without. Questioning. Me."

"Oookaay." David matched his tone to hers.

"Thank. You." Torch now sounded like a robot, or a vending machine. "Now. I want you. To go over to Spot Conlon. And I want you. To tell him- Laura needs a favour." Towards the end, you could here the pain in her voice.

"Yessir." David walked calmly over to Spot,- you had to admire the kid -bent, and whispered something in his ear. Instantly you could see a change in him (Spot). Note I said you could see a change in him; Torch certainly didn't. She was busy with Other Things.

Third Person (yet again)

Torch walked quite calmly (or so she'd have you believe, although she was really shaking with fright) over to Cocky and said evenly (well, sort of), "Hello, Cocky, I believe we've met. I also believe this young gentleman friend of yours and I have met."

Cocky looked at the figure still prostrate on the floor over with an expression of profound dislike and disgust. "I have no idea why so many people around here seem to think that this-this person, who, I might add, I ain't never even seen before, is me friend. I mean, he just attacked me."

Torch's throat constricted. "I saw." She said tightly.

"Oh." Cocky looked Torch over with an expression of interest. "I- see." She said.

Torch bent down to the person on the floor with an almost expressionless face, her eyes filled with pain. Just at the moment she jerked the mask off, David, Race, Spot, and Jeans came up.

Three big reactions from three people. Spot, a shocked look and the smallest strangled sound; Cocky, a gasp of horror; and Torch, a small cry of pain.

Cocky wheeled to face Spot. "Patrick," she whispered, her face stricken, "I'm- it's- I- your father!"

Of course, it was obvious that Spot knew his father, but her words caused a sensation.

"Your- father-" Jeans looked winded. Then she put her hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah." Torch muttered. "Too bad for him." She nodded towards Spot.

"I never knew you had a father," said Race before he thought. Then he put his hand protectively over Cocky's.

"You knew about this?" David queried of Torch.

Spot finally spoke. "Meeting. At the docks."


The meeting was awkward and quiet. "Who knows the whole story?" David said with his usual effectiveness, after several attempts had been made to sort things out.

Everyone looked uncomfortable. Everyone wasn't sure if they did know the whole story; because, after all, what was the "whole story"?

Finally, however, a noise was made. It was Torch clearing her throat. "Um," She said timidly, with unusual shyness, I think- I think I do. At least, I might. That is, I- well, I'll try."

Everyone looked at her, David with a "well go on then" expression; Jeans looked thoughtful, and very serious; Race looked very bewildered; Cocky looked shocked, and Spot looked as though he agreed: he nodded his head.

Because of the combined efforts of Spot's nod and David's "well go on" look, Torch took a deep breath and began in a very shaky voice, "Three years ago. . ."

BIG TIME HEADLINE! There will be no next chapter. =O You heard me right! Instead, watch for the sequel, "To Fire a Faith"!