This is my FIRST Naruto Fanfiction who I'm going to write in English (normally I only write in Italian, my native language), and the first fic with many PWP situations and other disturbing and cracking details (using and abusing of the Oiroke no Jutsu, underage sex, slavery with or without mind washing, and so on).

I'm going need your help, TFFers, with beta reading and suggestions.

Rando, Suido, Yumedo.

Chaos Path, Water Path, Dream Path.

Warning: this FF contains disturbing elements for many, many minds.

Especially mine.

If even this detail can't scare you… well, there isn't my problem.

The mental health is yours, not mine (MINE psychic stability, together with my sane neurons migrated into Lapland years ago).

Naruto is © of Masashi Kishimoto, and Bleach is © of Tite Kubo.

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Prologue: Starting the Path

Long, long time ago…

The battle has been long, cruel, painful and tiring.

A traitor of those who maintained the balance of the living souls and the spirits and his accomplices, seeking power and supremacies, had fight the people who has, in the past, been their comrades, their brothers and sisters in arms.

Peoples who has called them friends, but who they have betrayed without a second glance.

They had assembled troops capable of competing with their former comrades, only for discard them in the moment of their defeat.

This betrayal had caused even their last 'allies' to turn against them.

Now… now only the mastermind of that atrocious war was standing in front of his enemies.

In a hoarse, distorted and gurgling voice, he yelled to his foes.

He shouted to deny its defeat.

To deny the victory of his enemies.

Of the people who he's been betrayed.

Of the people who has used as tools of his darker schemes.

His illusions shattered, his weapon broken, his loyal accomplices dead or passed on the enemy's side; his powers reduced to a flicker, a mockery of their former glory.

He raised a hand, lifting the cursed item that had allowed him to elevate the powers of his now disappeared army and of his (now dead or revolting) former best soldiers.

A gem of darkness shone in the moonlight, his' fouls powers active.

With a grin, the traitor stuck the remains of his weapon in his body, activating at the same moment the artefact's capacity.

The madmen was hoping to cross the boundaries of his' 'species' powers and those of his former "servants'" species, adding them to its own, and also to merge with his own weapon to increase the scope of it's powers.

His foes, regained their sense after the shock of their nemesis act of stupidity and power greediness, made their power flare and attacked the fool. Too little, too late. VERY late.

The wave of different powers, strikes and others attacks impacted against the hated traitor.

Whose face was partially covered by an ivory white coloured mask.

When the explosion dissipated, he smiled, laughing ... and then writhing in pain.

His body exploded and imploded on itself, twisting and mutating into a new alien and monstrous form.

A form surrounded and masked by darkness, with ten demonic tails and a single, horrendous eye.

Ironically, the traitor had been betrayed by himself.

Specifically, by his dark side.

At that moment, IT was nothing but a beast in the throes of his instincts, devoid of intellect, wit, inventive or cunning. And those were the true, terrifying weapons of the renegade. Without them, it's nothing but raw power without direction or control.

Taking advantage of the momentary lack of control of the creature, those present threw back their shots against being.

A tidal wave of power went to hit the horror, injuring seriously it. Enough to allow the fighters to seal it away.


But the heroes of that battle knew it: no matter what seal they have created, one day, the beast would be released from its prison. A powerful foe of the past has been teaching them that truth.

But this frail time of peace would allow them to be able to prepare the final confrontation. Prepare themselves to finally destroy the abomination.

But the mere creation of the Beast had taken heavy consequences.

Worlds that were separate were now one. The word 'History' lost any meaning, places that before were now were not anymore, or were something else.

In the aftermath, the Ancient Ones, so the survivors of that sad war named themselves, adopted some 'shells' to masked themselves into the masses of normal humans and scattered, while paving the return of the Creature.

Some time later, the Creature freed himself from its prison.

With a scream of absolute rage, the monster announced his return on the mortal's realm.

The Ancient Ones were not unprepared. They were waiting, ready to end its threat.

Those of them who were seeking the knowledge had studied their enemy and its new form and nature. They had understood that seal it 'elsewhere' would not have helped in the long run. Neither could they kill him, because it was too powerful to simply 'die'.

A 'young' Ancient, too young to have been able to actively participate in the previous battle, but strong enough to be one of them, had found the final solution.

Using the power he had discovered, the power born with the 'merger' of the previous 'worlds', with the merge of the forces of the Life and the Death, would seal the Being inside his only body.

Only one 'living' body could serve as a secure prison for the Abomination, the Ten Tailed One-Eyed Monster – Human Heating Ghost (Jubi no Hitotsume – Jikininki).

He had been, during the upheavals caused by the Jubi's 'birth', contaminated by its power. His eyes had assumed a form similar to that of the only eye of the monster.

Eyes with a ripple-like pattern around the pupil, with a greyish-purple iris and sclera. The young Ancient called his eyes whit a strange, yet appropriate name.

Rinnegan, the Samsara Eye.

The evil being, out of his prison, roared with joy, anticipating the destruction that it could bring to the whole world.

Is only, twisted eye, so similar to the young Ancient's eyes but so different, with nine comma-like signs disposed in three of it's ripple-like lines around it's pupil; opened wide with amazement and horror, seeing the vastness of the forces deployed by the enemies of the man who was before becoming itself.

With a brief but heard screaming, the forces of the Ancient rushed a second and last time against the being, loading in that massive attack all the bitterness they felt towards their fated enemy, their anger and their desire to close that bloody chapter of the world's history.

After a brief but bloody and destructive battle, the creature was again reduced into a pseudo – dead like state.

In his mind, the creature laughed. They could not kill him permanently, just seal it away.

And no matter how strong their seals were, in the end it would still have escaped from its prison, each time stronger and powerful than before.

-It's time.- Said the young Ancient One, hand clasped on his shakujo, starting the enchantments and the 'hands seals' that had designed for that battle. For his final sacrifice. For the sake and peace of alls.

Realizing the danger, the demonic beast tried to move his huge body, to channel his immense power. Everything to be able to get away from the threat that was perceived in that moment.

Because from that prison, he felt within himself, it would never be able to escape.

Too late: the ritual was complete. Raising his Shakujo, the Ancient One spoke the words which conclude the new, unique seal.

-This is your end, Jubi! Akuma Kurau Fujin (Demon Devouring Seal)!- And with these words, the immense body of the Jubi was grabbed by an ethereal hand appeared from the chest of the Ancient One, lifting it as if it weighed nothing, and dragging it into the body of his new jailer.

-It's the end, now?- Asked a very old and scarred Ancient One, bald and with a long white beard, clutching the bleeding remains of his left arm, supported by those who had always regarded as his sons. He was tired, with the only wish to be able to finally rest in peace.

-As long as I live, yes. But ... I doubt my body will last as long as yours ... no, the stress was excessive. I doubt that I will live more than a normal human being .- Replied the man who has transformed himself into a living prison.

-You can always teach us how to perform that ritual, to give us the opportunity to continue to imprison him inside our bodies. Although it was a traitor, originally he was one of us, it is our duty to prevent him to destroy everything and everyone .- He said one of the Ancient One, one of the most reasonable and self sacrificing.

-No… it can't working. Ju…- One of the 'scientists' began to speak, only to be immediately interrupted by the young one.

-Don't call me with that name. Names possess power. If it can know my name, it can be tried to break the seal.- Explained the young one with a worried tone.

-I can perceive it. Despite the seal it is still conscious. It can perceive what happens to me. We cannot risk its freedom.- He added shortly after, his face pale.

-Then… how can we call you?-

-Call me with the surname the normal human use. Rikudo Sennin.- Said the (now identified) Rikudo Sennin.

-And for the Jubi?- Asked the their 'youngest' member. In the sense of time from which he had become one of them, before the outbreak of that absurd war.

-This, little Soul Keeper, is something that it's up to us .- Reply a guttural voice, coming from a 'beast' of large size, the 'face' covered with a mask similar yet different to the Jubi's, with a horned beetle – like body.

Nine other similar creatures were to its sides, staring at the Sennin.

They were big, strong, proud ... and alone. They were the last true survivors of their species.

The last of their kind. And they wouldn't disappear without demonstrating for a last time their strength.

-When I die, I will divide the powers of the Jubi into nine parts. Sanguijuela Gris …- He said, pointing to one of the beasts with a leech-like form -…will be the channel for the energy, and his 'brothers' will devour the Jubi's powers' pieces. Removing forever the possibility that it may rise again.- Rikudo explained to his colleagues.

-Our minds and memories will be fade, but we will gain powers and abilities that we haven't in the past. We will be free from the hunger that has always oppressed our people. For us, that's a good price to pay.- Said one of the beast, this one resembling a huge turtle with a spiked shell.

-As for the Jubi's body, even after my death it will remain imprisoned within me. And before my death, I will further seal myself in a place inaccessible to anyone. Even if its soul will be reincarnated, it couldn't regain its body and the access to its terrible, original powers.- Finished Rikudo, getting up from the ground.

The old leaders of the Ancient One heaved a sigh of relief, closing his eyes.

-Then… then it's finally over. Good. I'm so tired… I think I can finally rest in peace. She is waiting for me… I made her wait for a so long time. I hope she has forgiven me the waiting… Now… now I can enjoy my retirement. Pfff … ironic. Millennia to be afraid of this moment… and you know what? I do not care no more…- And with this last sentence, the old leader took his last breath, his body who begin to dissolve into a light mist illuminated by a dim blue light.

-Our past age is dead. Now is a time for a new force. The force discovered by Rikudo.- Say one of them, a giant with an half fox-like appearance.

-The Age of Chakra, uh? Sounds good. I can't wait to see if this new era can make strong fighters to challenge!- Say a bloodthirsty Ancient One with a crazy grin, turning and going away from the group, he's adoptive daughter on his side.

-Where will we go now Kenchan?- Asked the girl to her adoptive father.

-I? I will go to new battles, where my and my best enemy's swords choose to guide me. You? You'll have to find your way to live.- He said, a giant axe-like weapon bearing two crescent moon-shaped blades fused together at the backs, with a large looped chain connected to the shaft at the end of the handle appearing on his back and his chipped and seemingly worn-down blade in his right hand.

-But… Kenchan…- Managed to tell the girl before a blow to the neck make her lose consciousness.

-When she'll wake up, tell her who I'm sorry, but this time, she can't go with me…- Said the warrior to his comrades, going away from the Last Battlefield.

One after another, the Ancient One separated from each other.

There's some who's going to seek a last place to rest, tired of battles, fights and deaths…

There's some who's going to create themselves a new life, for themselves and for their loved ones…

And there's some who's simply going to find something to do, to fighting the boredom.

Time passed, lives arose or disappeared, cities rose or fell, borders created or broken.

Also, the last day of Rikudo Sennin's life finally arrived.

As promised, the ten Creatures helped him to destroy forever the power of Jubi, devouring that and becoming the nine Bijuu; while with his last breath Rikudo sealed himself, his body and Jubi's body into the Moon.

The two sons of Rikudo Sennin, after their violent separation given by the ambition of the major, chose each his own way.

The major, heir to the eyes of the Father, chose to become a warrior. Later, he met a 'mercenary' Miko, daughter of two Ancient Ones, and fathered a family with her. Their descendants became known as the Uchiha Clan.

The minor, heir of Rikudo's chakra, chose to become a doctor. Later in his life, he met and choose to join a family that lived in a number of islands who they controlled.

Islands surrounded by numerous whirlpools.

The family was called Uzumaki. They was fishermen, sailors, merchants and swordsmen.

Centuries later, two branches parted peacefully from the Clan.

One of them became known as the Senju Clan of the Forest.

And so, a new story start…

Author's Notes:

Well, it's been long, but I managed to finish the prologue.

A good result, considering that it is the first time I write a fanfiction FULL in English.

The part on the link from the Uzumaki Clan, the Senju Clan and a third clan is a quote from the fanfiction New Chance, wrote by Helktos, who I use in this FanFiction with his authorization.

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