Ok dudes, I'm working on the true first chapter, but I want to post a miny-pool in this site.

I'm going to give Sakura a Bloodline Limit.

What do you prefer from this list:

a) An Elemental Bloodline (Naruto Standar): Hyoton, Mokuton, and so on.

b) A Spiritual Bloodline (A Bleach-like ability transformed in a Naruto Bloodline Limit)

c) A Body Type Bloodline (crazy and in Hentai version, of course): Shikotsumiyaku and/or similar.


d) Make her a Magical Girl (this is only a joke).




Posted a poll in my profile, on Il Terrazzo, DeviantArt and The Fanfiction Forum.

So far:

Elemental: 0

Spiritual: 0

Body: 2

Magical Girl: 1