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Where are you going?

They were gone. The coridors of Council Hall felt lacking with them beyond the rim. With out them, who would guide the rest? Themselves was the obvious answer, Envoy Th'lu'kta claimed. He and the rest of his race said that the predicted day had come; the younger had to look out for themselves now. The Five only truly had each other now; it was as the Elders had wished. Knowing the Elders wanted it this way didn't calm the unrest on most of the planets, only her own was reacting well. Of course, they reacted well to most things. The other races were still uneasy about the situation, even five years later there were still heated discussions. It would calm down in the end; everything always did one way or another.

The halls were anceint, no one knew who built them. Some said a race evolved on the planet only to die out. Others believed it the home of the Elders. There was no logical explanation. It did not mater. The Halls existed, and that was all she needed to know. Tapestries lined the walls, and ornate carvings covered the door ways. The original inhabitants had woven and carved the place. The carvings had a unique flowing pattern, while appearing repative, there was no repitition-a visable form of PI.

She came to the Main Chamber door. It was a gay affair, ornate, colorful and garish. The design on the door was a pentagon. In each triangle was the mark of each races government; the Elders had chosen not to place their symbol on the door, marking that they would leave one day. That day had come all of a sudden five years ago, now they were all alone. News had come to them of other races joining together in mutual support, led by only a few people. It was interesting that such races who had been arguing for so long could come to terms so easily under a common excepted leader. The Five had never had that chance; the Elders had made it so. The Five had been free to control their own lives as long as they never violated the Elders' rules. To this day no one had broken a rule; it was second nature to them all now. Many were sickened by the idea of harming any member of the Five, to even think about the act was unthinkable!

Brushing back her long dark brown hair she tugged down the jacket part of her formal uniform, making sure it was flat. Head raised with all the pride of a Commandant, she knocked briskly on the Chamber door, and waited to be called on. Even logic could not give her a reason behind her summoning. The Council would explain shortly, she knew that much. Black eyes not reflecting her internal confusion, she stepped through once the door had opened of its own accord.

She walked briskly into the center of the pentagon council table. The eldest race, represented by Envoy Th'lu'kta, of the mo'Ka'ma'ta'tir'e'vil, sat at the head of the table. He would start the conversation when he chose to, not before. Th'lu'kta's peoples skin was blue, nearly a translucent blue. Other races found his kin's large opaque eyes unnerving, it was near impossible to tell when they were looking directly at you. His long, four jointed fingers rested easily on the table before him. The mo'Ka'ma'ta'tir'e'vil looked incredibly fragile but were as sturdy was the rocky land which they came from. A motto of Forces of the Five was, 'Fragility harbors a strong interior'; as inspired by the mo'Ka'ma'ta'tir'e'vil.

"Commandant T'Prel, you have come as summoned." Th'lu'kta gave the customary greeting to all called before the Council.

T'Prel bowed, a fist over her heart, "I serve the Council until the end of the Five." The customary reply from the military was acceptance of change. All who joined the Forces accepted that nothing ever stayed forever.

"Your loyalty is why we have chosen you." Envoy Saavik spoke in the customary emotionless manner. Envoy Saavik and T'Prel were second cousins and childhood friends, but that would never influence a decision made by either; after all they were children of logic.

Before T'Prel could comment, the Envoy of the Zakdorn chose continue, "It is the wish of the Envoy Council that you speak for the Alliance of Five during a diplomatic mission to the Station known as Babylon 5."

That made sense, with a reputation as both a diplomat and skilled commander she was logical choice to open negotiations with the None Aligning Worlds. The selection most likely also had to do with her people's use of pure logic and refusal to ever agree with anything that went against their logic. The rest of the Five praised them as negotiators and hated them for their stubbornness. Of course to be stubborn required emotion, her people were emotionless. She bowed, "I am honored to serve."

After her acceptance the Envoys hurriedly filled her in on everything she would need to know. A box of data crystals was handed over with information on the races living on Babylon 5, the command staff and the Ambassadors. The entire meeting, a full six hours, flew by before she was sent on her way. Leaving the Envoys to their discussions. From the Council Halls she hurried down the seeming natural crystalline steps, in to the awaiting transport, which ferried her up to the space dock above the capital. The Envoys had had everything ready for her, her ship was even all set to take off. Some of her crew would undoubtedly find being sent off again so soon annoying. It didn't mater, they would adapt, and they always managed to… somehow. The crew's methods were unorthodox to say the least, but they seemed to amuse themselves at the same time. It was all so illogical, how any of their races could have survived so long completely puzzled her and most of her kindred.

"Ambassador on deck!" cried her first officer, Caitian man, with a rather fluffy black mane.

Not responding to the amused smiles of the crew, she took the command chair and ordered them out of orbit. Once they were on the way to Babylon 5, a six day journey no less, T'Prel locked herself in her quarters to review the data crystals. It would very unwise for her to know nothing of any of the races and be the Five's Ambassador at the same time.

The reviewing was going well until she learned about the humans. Never in her life had she heard of such a race! They were a complete mystery to her, even more confusing than the Selay. The shear hypocrisy marking culture was dumbfounding, she tried applying logic, but failed miserable. Where they a race without logic? Judging by their history they were. However a completely illogical race could survive to reach space travel, but they were an illogical race. It appeared to one giant circle; after hours of trying to puzzle out humanity she concluded they were logically illogical, despite the being a contradiction in logic. How was she supposed to deal with such a race? There had to some logic to their reasoning, but what was it? It was not the pure logic her people used, so what was it? T'Prel was brilliant even by her people's standards, yet there appeared to be no solution. Completely baffled she chose the only logical course of action: meditation.

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