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Artemis stared into her reflection angrily. You live a lie, she stormed in her mind. You swore never to become fond of a man.

"My Lady?" a voice came from behind her.

"Yes, sister?"Artemis answered, barely glancing up from the starry lake.

"Camp is ready. Thou may go to sleep if thou wish." Zoe Nightshade stepped out of the shadows lightly.

"Thank you, sister. You may sleep if wished." The goddess of the moon smiled, a slight upturn of her light pink lips.

"Goodnight, Lady." Zoe crept back toward camp. No noise escaped her foot steps on the forest floor.

Artemis finally looked up from the silvery scene of her in lake's surface. Instead, she tipped her fair head toward the moon, thinking of her loyal leuintent. You are a wonderful young maiden. I am pleased to have you be my new family. I know you will never break your oath. Artemis almost smiled again, until she realized that she would never be as carefree and happy. You had your chance. But you had to break the oath .She reminded herself. It's done. You can't change it .She sighed dejectedly, picked herself up, and walked toward camp. A wisp of cloud drifted over the moon, as if to reflect her mood.

I know it's short, but it's just a prologue. R and R, please!