Chapter 1

The Sun that Fell to Earth in Front of the Star

Somewhere in the space between the many worlds pass two lone figures. They are flying past endless streams of light and portals, which lead to worlds that are similar to the one they left from days ago and others connect to ones they couldn't even imagine. These two figures are traveling to a certain destination with a very important goal in mind. A mission that they must not fail; a mission in which the fate of many worlds hangs in the balance.

"Man, I'm glad this job is almost over." Rang the voice of Takuya over the roaring sound of the Dimensional Corridor.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. It's been nothing but trouble since the beginning." Koji yelled with a sigh, making sure it was loud enough for his companion to hear.

"Once we deliver our little package we can finally head home and get some rest." Takuya replied as he patted his coat pocket.

"Sounds good." Koji added with a relaxed smile.

These two boys are Takuya Kanbara and Koji Minamoto. It's already been five years since they first learned about the Digital World and digimon. Four years since they and their fellow warriors had been given back their spirits, the source of their power. Three years since the two of them had started receiving jobs like this. Jobs that took them out of their reality as they knew it. And two days since they left on this specific mission.

When things had become quiet and the battles for their world had ended they began to seek out places where they could do some good. These places that needed their help were the ones among the infinite dimensions of the multi-verse. It had been Lady Ophanimon who had established a connection with many worlds and would send her chosen warriors out on their different missions to protect the multi-verse. This involved traveling through the Dimensional Corridor like they were doing now to reach the different location where they were needed.

This mission however was very different from all the ones they had been on before. Never had so much been riding on what seemed to be a simple pick-up and deliver mission. The first thing that had gone wrong with this mission was that the ones they were supposed to pick up the item in question from were nowhere to be found at the meeting spot. Then they were ambush by a small army of evil digimon.

It was an extremely hard fought battle but no more than the two of them could handle. After a whole day of searching and lots of random battles along the way they finally found the 'clients' and took possession of the package. As soon as the package changed hand the traitors among the group of 'clients' sprung another ambush. With the rebellion under control again the two barely had time to hear where they had to take the package let alone rest, before they took off through the Dimensional Corridor once more.

"I just can't believe something so small is so dangerous." Takuya noted staring down at his chest.

"True, but you can definitely feel it." Koji concluded.

"You've got a point there. I've never felt anything with this level of evil aura surrounding it." Takuya replied to his friend.

The two boys were now sixteen years old and had been doing this kind of thing for three years now. Thanks to these kinds of jobs the two of them had become strong, fast, agile, and skilled; the reward for constantly facing dangerous situations and surviving in different worlds. These physical and mental improvements had proven invaluable in their new line of work.

Takuya was of course taller then he once was. He had grown his hair a little longer especially the bangs which now fell so that they slightly covered his left eye. The mass of dark brown hair came to about two or three inches above his shoulders and was held together in a shaggy but stylish way. His skin was a health shade of tan thanks to all the time spent out in the sun, with the only disruption in the color was the light pink cross-shaped scar on his left shoulder; a reminder of one of his and Koji's most difficult victories.

For the sake of this mission Takuya was wearing the cloths he considered to be his battle attire. Long black cargo pants with sets of dark brown belts wrapped around the calf and the thigh of both legs. Around his waist was a crimson colored belt with some brown pouches attached to it and a hunting knife in a holster on the back. A tight yellow shirt and a crimson red half duster leather jacket with re-enforced material at the elbows. On his hands was a pair of brown fingerless combat gloves to protect his hands. Further up his arms, hidden by the sleeves of the jacket, were black bracers held on by pull straps meant to protect his arms from damage. On his feet was a pair of very dark brown steel toed boots that had been modified so he could run well in them as well as some other surprises. Last was his personal trade mark, his pair of square glass aviator goggles which hung around his neck.

Koji just like Takuya had grown taller than when he was when he was eleven; he was now actually a quarter of an inch taller than his best friend. His hair was slightly shorter then before and he no long had it held back by bandana he used to wear on his head. This gave him a kind of pretty boy look which seemed to meet with approval from the girls. His skin, unlike Takuya's, was still the same color showing that the activities he preferred to fill his day with were most often done indoors.

On this mission just like all the others Koji was wearing his traveling cloths. His pants were a pair of dark blue jeans with the same belts on the legs as Takuya's pair. The shirt was a very dark grey only a shade off from black. Crossing his chest was a brown leather strap that was attached to a holster set behind his back onto which a hunting knife, a small first aid kit, and a mini laptop was attached. Over the shirt was a pure white full length leather duster that was usually zipped closed revealing none of the cloths underneath. The only break in the white was the dark blue bandana wrapped around his right arm. He had tied it there to remind him of his first trip to the digital world and that no matter where he went his friends would be there for him. On his feet was the same model of boots Takuya wore except his were black in color. On his hands was a pair of well worn dark blue fingerless gloves which were attached to the bracers on his arms.

"I won't feel right until it's gone." Koji confessed.

"Same here." Takuya replied with a laugh.

"According to the mapping program it shouldn't be too much long now." Koji announced after looking down at his mini laptop.

"That's the best news I've heard since…" Takuya cut off his train of thought as he and Koji suddenly sensed something behind them. They whipped their heads around to look while taking hold of their D-tectors.

This final act would prove to be a saving grace as they were too quickly overtaken by a two blurs to do anything else. The moment the blurs made contact with the two boys the D-tectors erupted with beams of light pouring out in all directions. A split second later a massive pulse was released and the two boys were thrown in different directions into the walls of the Dimensional Corridor and through unknown portals.

As Takuya's consciousness faded he saw two figures using their wings to shield themselves from the bright light of the pulse and Koji flying off into a portal behind them. This would become his final memory of that time as he fell unconscious after hitting the wall and painfully tearing through the membrane of whatever portal he had crashed into.

It's late at night as a lone figure walks down an empty street. Every so often a streetlight would cast its yellow glow on the concrete and asphalt below. New and old cars still warm from cooking in the daytime sun begin to cool under the blackened sky, while the dark windows of store fronts reflect the heavens above. All that can be heard is the footsteps of the figure and the occasional car as it drives down one of the adjacent roads. This could be any street in any world, but tonight it will change into a one-of-a-kind place for two people. Tonight it will be host to a destined meeting that will affect the course of their lives and the fate of all worlds, it will be the street where two destinies' will cross and become one.

"These late night preparations are really wearing me out." Said the figure.

"You're too nice! You just can't say no and then you get stuck with more work then you can handle." Another voice shot back at the figure.

"First, I really don't think it's possible to be two nice. Second, I like helping people. And third, it's not like we have anything else to do." The figure voiced in return.

"That's true. It's been so quiet for the last four years." The unseen voice stated.

"Anyways tonight felt really different. Somehow helping out after school seemed very important." The figure confessed to the voice.

"What do you mean that it felt important?" The unseen voice asked as the figure continued to walk.

"Almost like if it didn't I would miss my destiny." The figure answered while looking up at the starry sky and giving a little excited smile. "Do you think that's weird?" The figure added while turning its head to look behind them.

"Kind of. But it also sounds very deep and romantic, like anything could happen now." The unseen voice once again spoke.

"You really think so?" The figure said with an obviously happy tone.

"Definitely." The voice replied.

With that the figure once again turned its head skyward and looked towards the brightest star. They might have been making a wish or thinking about how just changing a normal routine can alter your entire life. Either way this would be one of the few quiet and peaceful moments that they would have from then on, because everything has begun to move forward and nothing can stop it now.

The moment is now! Everything that will happen from now on is unknown! And the start is signaled by a bright flash, a swirling vortex of energy, the sound of something heavy crashing to earth, and glass shattering.

The lone figure is thrown backward a few feet by the initial blast caused by the roaring pulse. As they struggle to recover from the shock and get back up they see the raging vortex of energy that signifies the exit of a portal. It was in this moment that everything seemed to stop for the figure. Time, sound, reality, and the rest of the world just stopped moving forward. That person just looked up in wonder knowing this is why they had to be here at this time, it was a point in which their entire life had lead up to. This phenomenon that would have terrified any other person seemed so beautiful and warm to that figure.

As time began to once again register with the figure there was another flash which caused the figure to shield their eyes with their arms. But through the cracks they could make out a shadow suddenly exit the vortex and quickly passing through the light. This was instantly followed by a loud crash of metal and shattering glass. Through the light the figure strained their eyes to see what had fallen to the earth but the light was far too bright and the pulse to strong. With another big flash the vortex collapsed in on itself and disappeared into a single spot.

The figure stood there staring at the now silent night sky in awe of what just transpired.

"Oh my god! What just happened! Are you all right! You're not hurt are you! What was that!" The recently unseen voice panicked.

"I'm fine…" The figure said with a distant tone.

The sound of movement and little pieces of glass falling onto asphalt brought the figures attention back to Earth.

"Something fell from the sky" The figure stated before running into the middle of the street to get a better look around.

"What! What fell?" Questioned the hidden voice once more.

There was no need for an answer, because just as the question left the voices lips both sets of eyes fell upon a blue car a few feet away whose roof had been crushed and the windows blown out. The roof was so caved in that it was impossible to see what had landed on it, so the figure began to move closer. When they were only a few feet away a hand suddenly fell over the side and hung their clenching something.

After taking a moment to register what a human arm emerging from atop a heap of twisted metal meant, the figure ran to the car. The figure was now right next to the car looking down on the unconscious body of Takuya and trying to figure out what she should do next.

"Kari…" The voice spoke.

"Yes, Gatomon." The figure now identified as Kari responded to her digimon partner.

"Things aren't so quiet now." Gatomon stated with an ominous tone from on the girls back.

"No they aren't… no they aren't…" She added never taking her eyes off of the boy.

With a painful twitch from the boy's muscles his hand released what it was holding and let it fall to the asphalt below. The red and black device hit the ground, its mission of protection finished for now, and bounced right next to the girl.

Any digidestine would know what this device was even if it was a completely different model. The same screen, the same buttons, and the same feel. It was a digivice.

"Is that a digivice? And a new model at that." Gatomon asked unable to take her eyes off of it.

Taking her eyes off of the mysterious boy long enough to reach down and pick up the D-tector and investigate it in her hand she came to only one conclusion.

"Hey, Gatomon."

"Yes, Kari?"

"Something news begun…" Kari whispered as her eyes returned to Takuya's face, knowing that in some very important way her world had changed.

To be continued…