Kasumi's Bedtime Story

Note from the author

I originally wrote this story, as a one shot, short story. Starting with the prologue. Then it kept growing. I posted it believing that I was done with it. Now I find that I am working on an addition to the middle of the story, along with a couple of side stories, and hopefully an epilogue. I will be working on this story as I have time, since I am also working on several others, including one that I need to beat into submission, since it now trying to take on the size of a large novel.

If anyone has any comments, or idea, please feel free to let me know them. Many of my ideas come from my own strange life, and from my family. But, I always welcome constructive feedback.

Shannon Dee 11-13-2009

Standard disclaimer here. I don't own the characters in this story, and I only wrote it for fun, for myself, and others to enjoy without any desires for compensation.

Kasumi's Bedtime Story


Walking along the beach with her sister Akane, Kasumi stops to sit on some rocks, where she can watch Ranma, and Nabiki playing in the surf. "Little sister, this is wonderful, though I am surprised that Auntie Saotome would suggest that our families spend the day at the beach. I know how she hates for Ranma to be in his girl form, and here, he has to be female, and wear a bikini."

Akane, her battle aura glowing, is pacing in front of Kasumi, who is watching the sand her little sister is walking on begin to melt, turning to glass, as Akane begins to rant. "Yeah, wonderful, for them. You get stuck babysitting me, making sure that I don't get too near the water, while that jerk, and Nabiki get to have all the fun."

Climbing to a higher rock to get away from the heat of the molten glass, Kasumi tries to calm her little sister. "Akane, Dr. Tofu has told you that it is not your fault, that you can't swim. That it is because of your muscle weight compared to your size, that you have negative buoyancy."

Paying no heed to her glass footprints in the sand, Akane stops her pacing to pickup a very ornate bottle that is stuck between the rocks, and then flops down next to Kasumi. "It's that jerk's fault. He is faster, stronger, and a better martial artist than me. He can even, swim, sing, sew, and cook better than me." As her ki enforced hands unconsciously begin to rub the grime off the bottle, Akane starts to cry. "Oh Kasumi, I love that jerk so much. I just wish that I was the perfect mate for him, so that we could be together forever."

Suddenly the bottle in Akane's hands begins to glow, and black, smoke pours out of the top, condensing into a small man wearing a hakama, eh begins running around, waving his hands. "Owowowow, hot hot hot." After dancing around a bit, he walks over to the two stunned females. "Okay, looking at you two beauties, sitting there making faces like dead fishes, and from the threads that I am wearing, I can assume this is Japan. Nice, I haven't been here in a millennium. Anyway I'm Genie, and I am here to grant your wish. Just as soon as you throw my bottle back into the sea, that is."

Kasumi blinks blinks, then as per Kasumi rules #1 says. "Oh my." Then route to Kasumi rules #2; Tea; No tea available, route to Kasumi rule #3 Conversation. " You mean so that others can find your bottle?"

Genie floats up to Kasumi's face. "No you ditz, that black smoke is my furniture on fire. Your sister, set my house on fire!"

Akane snaps out of it then, and flings the still smoking bottle out into the surf where it starts skipping until it hits a ocean liner about a mile out, that begins to list as it takes on water.

Genie smacks himself in the face, as he moans. "Way to go Godzilla! Now instead of just needing new furniture, I need a new home. Well, you still get your wish, you will now be the perfect mate for Ranma." He snaps his fingers, and vanishes, as Akane is engulfed in a cloud of purple smoke.

As the smoke clears, Akane sees Kasumi doing her dead fish imitation again. Then in a rich baritone voice, Akane says."What?... My voice! Oh my, I'm a guy! No, I am a bisexual guy, which means male Ranma is GAY!"

Throwing sweat soaked linens aside, Akane jumps out of bed, quickly turning on the lights, and checks the mirror. "I'm still a girl! It was just a dream. Kami, thank you, it was just a dream."

Kasumi's Bedtime Story

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