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Kasumi's Bedtime Story

Chapter 2 Home Again

Putting her arm around Setsuna, Nabiki pulls her into the mirror. "You will love him. Just think of a great parent, and best friend rolled into one."

As Nabiki, and Setsuna vanish into the mirror, Kasumi does the same in the puddle of water that remained in the furo after the earlier light show.

Moments later, there is a wavering effect in the air, like heat waves. A beautiful, green haired goddess, with red eyes steps out of the effect, and into the room. She closes her eyes, then her body, and clothes change to the mortal form she hasn't worn in eons, Akane Tendo. With a small smile, she begins to pick up the clothes, and towels. 'I better pick these up before Kasumi gets back. It has only taken me twelve thousand years to clean up my mess in here. There, now for a little TV until the fun starts tonight.'

Later, after Kasumi, and Nabiki return home, via Nabiki's mirror in her room, they come downstairs, heading for the kitchen. As they pass through the living room, Akane waves at them from the couch without taking her eyes off of the TV. "Hi Nabs, hi Kasumi."

Without stopping, Kasumi waves back. "Hi Akane." Then both she, and Nabiki freeze, and turn to the girl on the couch.

Akane grins at the dead fish look on both of the girls. "Nani? Do I have something on my face? Kasumi, I picked up my mess in the washroom, sorry it took me twelve thousand years to get around to it."

Before Akane can blink, the two girls have jumped onto the couch, on either side of her, and Kasumi quietly asks. "Setsuna?"

Akane gives Kasumi a lopsided Ranma grin. "Did you expect Sailor Pluto? It's me your big sister-in-law."

Nabiki gives her a puzzled look, and asks. "I would have expected your Sailor Pluto form. The wishes have been filled, so why are you Akane?"

Akane gives Nabiki an evil grin. "Because you told me to be here for dinner, and this will be more of a surprise for Ranma, and those two simpletons. Just play along. I expect uninvited dinner guests this evening, who will help me surprise my husband."

"Your Sailor Pluto? Can I have your autograph" Kasumi says staring with puppy eyes at Akane. When she sees the incredulous looks on the two girl faces she starts laughing. "I finally got you. ah...Sisters, why are you looking at me that way?" Before she can make a run for it, Kasumi finds herself the target of a tickle fest.

"Tadaima." Ranma announces as he walks in the front door, then sees the tickle fest going on. 'It has been years since I have been able to do that with my sisters. I wish I could join them, but Akane would just think I was being a pervert, and start pounding me.'

As if just thinking of Akane pounding him was all it took, Akane suddenly jumps up, and glares at him. "Ranma no baka! Nabiki told me that you went out looking for Ryouga. If you have been picking on him again." At which point her trusty Ranma basher, Mallet-sama appears in her hands.

Making warding gestures, Ranma quickly backpedals through the room toward the stairs, and hopefully safety. "Hey't picking on P-...I mean Ryouga today. Nope, never even saw him today." As Akane's hammer vanishes to whatever strange place it comes from, Ranma wipes the sweat from his brow, and rushes up the stairs to the relative safety of his room, to wait for dinner.

Once Ranma is in his room, Nabiki turns to Akane. "Let me guess. For Kasumi, and me, it was just this morning since you did that to him last. But for you it has been twelve thousand years, and you just had to see if you could still do it?"

Akane grins at Nabiki, and winks. "As Skuld used to tell me. Sis, you got it in one try." She then takes Kasumi's hand and starts walking toward the kitchen. "Come on Kasumi-chan, I will help you make dinner."

Hearing Akane say that she is going to help make dinner, Nabiki turns green, and begins contemplating escape possibilities, while her stomach makes strange noises in distress considering what it may have to put up with for dinner.

Akane sees Nabiki's color change, and while giggling smacks her on the back of the head. "Nabs relax, breathe. Remember, I am not the Akane of this morning, I grew up a long long time ago. I am Setsuna, and my big sister Belldandy taught me how to cook. Later I taught our baby sister Kasumi, when Ranma, and I helped raise her."

Smacking herself on the forehead, Nabiki says. "I'm sorry sis. It is hard to think of my sister-in-law Setsuna, that I have known for over twelve thousand years, and the mortal Akane that I have helped to raise for fourteen years, as being the same person. Though, I should have known before it happened this morning. I remember the bedtime story you used to tell Kasumi when you were tucking her in at night. The story of the mortal girl, that loved a god. How she was granted a wish, and became a goddess, and went back in time, to grow up with her new Kami family. So that she could marry her boyfriend that was a god, and be there to tuck in a little goddess named Kasumi. That story was why I slapped my hand over Kasumi's mouth earlier. She still loves that story, and I knew she put all the pieces together as soon as she saw your hair, and eyes. I was afraid she would have named you, since your name had to come from someone that didn't know Setsuna."

Akane sees the puzzled, and fearful look on Kasumi's face, and gives her a gentle hug. "It's okay Kasumi-chan. You can repeat the story to me now, anytime, and nothing will be harmed. What Nabiki is saying, is that if you had said my name Setsuna before I did, it might had created a paradox, if I wasn't really supposed to be Setsuna. There would had been two Setsunas. The real one that Ranma was supposed to marry, and the Akane/Setsuna that wanted to marry Ranma. Don't worry about it too much little sister. I am, and was always supposed to be, the one, and only, real Setsuna. Now lets go make dinner, before my victims, I mean uninvited dinner guests arrives. Besides, I have one more thing I want to do, for old time sakes as soon as dinner is ready."

Two hours later, a very dripping wet Ranma-chan sloshes down the stairs following Akane. The latter keeps her face turned away from Ranma-chan, to hide the grin on her face. "Quit complaining Ranma. I told you several times that dinner was ready. Now go dry off, and get to the table. Oh, by the way, the hot water is broken again, so I guess you will just have to stay that way. Pervert!" Akane then runs to the dinning room, pretending that she is ignoring Ranma-chan's grumblings.

"Uncute tomboy. She didn't have to throw the whole bucket on me. How did she get so much water into one small bucket?" She continues to mumble as she closes the door to the washroom, to dry off, and change clothes.

Nabiki who was watching the exchange, asks Akane. "How did you get her so wet with one bucket?"

Showing a really evil grin, that would had made her Auntie Hild proud, Akane explains. "Since it is the last time that me as Akane gets to do that to Ranma, I had to make sure to do it big. I made a subspace pocket in the bucket. So, instead of the bucket holding four liters of water, it held a hundred liters, yet never weighed more than an empty bucket."

Picking herself off the floor, Nabiki shakes her head to clear her vision. Facefaulting from the standing position hurts. She then follows Akane to the table, and sits down, looking over at the supposed fathers, Tendo Soun, and Saotome Genma, as the blundering duo cook up another of their plans to marry Ranma to Akane. Usually their plans call for trying to knock Ranma out, and get him married before he wakes. She sighs, as she shakes her head slowly, and thinks. 'Father says, that when we leave tonight, it should be a wake up call to these two. I hope so, even if they weren't part of the wish. Freewill sucks when mortals use their gift to crawl into a bottle, and hide from life.'

Later, as Kasumi brings out dinner. "Kasumi, this is quite the feast you have here. What is it, and what is the occasion?" Soun asks, as he, and Genma wipe the drool from their mouths.

"Thank you daddy. It is Norwegian Gravlaks, a salmon dish. And the occasion is that I am celebrating a birthday for someone very dear to me." Kasumi answers, while she avoids looking toward Akane, and Ranma-chan.

'Kasumi remembered, that today is Setsuna's birthday, and missing her on her birthday is why I have been so upset today.' Ranma-chan thinks, then looks up at Kasumi, with a weak smile, and a tear running down her cheeks. "Thank you Kasumi, I am sure she appreciates it, where ever she is."

"SHE?" Akane yells, turning red, Mallet-sama appearing in her hands. "RAANNMMAA, is this another one of your hussies?"

"SETSUNA IS NOT A HUSSY!" Ranma-chan yells back, then her brain catches up to her mouth. 'Oh my, what have I said? How does Akane always push my buttons so easily. Think Ranma, I need to dig my way out of this, without telling a lie.' With her brain now engaged, Ranma-chan goes on to explain. "As Kasumi has said, she is someone very dear to her, and I know she has always treated Kasumi like a little sister. Kasumi has told me many times about her 'big sister' Setsuna."

"Oh, alright then." Akane says, dispelling Mallet-sama, she turns back to Kasumi, while ignoring Ranma-chan's facefault onto the table. "This Setsuna sounds like a wonderful person Kasumi."

While dishing some food onto her own plate, Nabiki comments. "Oh, I heard that she is a wonderful person, but that she can have a really warped sense of humor at times."

Not even wondering how his daughter that is not allowed to have a life outside of the home, can have such a friend, Tendo Soun tells Kasumi. "Daughter, I would like to meet this wonderful friend of yours. You say her name is Setsuna? What is her family name?"

Before Kasumi can answer, a loud crash is heard in the back yard, then a very familiar voice. "Ranma Saotome prepare to die!"

'Great, now he shows up!' Thinks Ranma-chan. Putting down her chopsticks, she growls. "RYOUGA!"

Before Ranma-chan can get up from the table, she feels Akane gently place a hand on her shoulder. In a defiantly non-Akane manner, Akane calmly says. "Ranma, I don't want you to pick on Ryouga. Let me deal with him this time." Shocked by this change in Akane, Ranma-chan can only nod, and stare.

Excusing herself from the table, Akane walks over to the open doors to the yard, and looks at the perpetual lost boy. "Ryouga Hibiki, we were trying to enjoy our dinner in here, before you felt the need to destroy part of our property. Now normally, Ranma, and you fight, then I tell Ranma not to pick on you, and Nabiki makes you pay for the damages. This evening, I want to deal with this myself. So all I am going to say to you about this incident is two words;... Dead Scream."

The resulting energy blast, combined with Ryouga's body, digs a furrow from a few feet were Akane stands, through the back porch, the yard, the wall around the yard, the street, the neighbor's walls, the next street, and three quarters of the way through a parked car. Oddly, the koi pond which always seems to suffer from any fights in the yard, is spared this time, until a few moments later, when the Sakura tree near it, falls over, to crash into the pond.

Nabiki, pretending to ignore what is happening, looks up at Ranma-chan. "Ranma this Gravlaks is really good...Ranma...hello Ranma?" Ranma-chan is staring unblinking, with her mouth open. Nabiki giggles, and waves a hand in Ranma-chan's face. "Ranma, it's okay, she didn't yell, she said it softly. Besides Ryouga is only a pig demon, not even part of the doublet system...hello..Hey Akane, I think you broke her."

Giggling Akane walks over behind Ranma-chan. "That's okay Nabs, I know how to fix her. Ranma lover, Urd is looking for you."

Ranma-chan jumps up, and grabs Akane. "Setsuna! Kasumi's bedtime story? When?"

Akane wraps her arms around the smaller girl, pulling her tight. "Yes lover, it's me, and yes, Kasumi's bedtime story is real, it's my story. As for when, today. As of today, I am 12,328 years old, but today is the day of my birth. This morning I was Tendo Akane, and a half hour after you left, I was Setsuna, and heading for the past, and my destiny. After the me of this morning, left for the past, the me of the present, Setsuna that has spent the last 11,713 years as your wife, came here to take care of some unfinished business, have some fun, and to fetch my husband, who I am glad doesn't think of me as a hussy. Now, that I have done with what I came to do, what do we do about these two catatonic simpletons?"

"Nothing, they will snap out of it, in about 5 minutes after we all leave." Nabiki says, while she waves her hand in front of Soun, and Genma. " Except for those with obsessions, the memories of everyone that has ever dealt with us, are getting fuzzy, and even the obsessive ones memories will fade given enough time. All pictures of us, including all the ones that the Kunos bought are vanishing, and all of our personal items throughout the house are gone, transported to our homes in Asgard. Father has already given these two back their original memories. Genma is now remembering that his wife Ikuko committed seppuku a year after he kidnapped their son Kenji, taking him on a training trip. Also that he killed his son with the Neko-ken training at the same time that Ikuko died. Until Ranma found him, and brought him here from Jusenkyo four years ago, Genma had been wandering aimlessly, too ashamed to go home. Soun here is having an easier time. He is still in the same place he has been since his wife died, mourning her. Later, he will remember that his only child Akane left this morning, to be with her boyfriend, tired of her father neglecting her. He also no longer remembers that we have ever existed, and he attributes all the work that Kasumi, and I have done, to Akane. Without her to manage his life, he will have to decide to either do something, or sit and wait for death. At least these two will have each other to try to straighten out their lives, before they end up guests of Hild." Nabiki pauses, looking around the room, then asks. "Speaking of guests, Setsuna, I thought you had more than Ryouga planned for this evening?"

Changing back to her normal green hair, red eye form, Setsuna stretches, and putting her arms back around Ranma-chan says. "Ah, that's better. Nabiki, we did have other guests, Shampoo, and her great great grandmother Cologne were here, and they got my message. They were standing on the wall when Akane blasted Ryouga through it. From what the Time Gates showed me. After those two picked themselves up out of the rubble a block away, they ran to their restaurant, packed a few belongings, grabbed Mouuse, and are rushing back to China. They thought trying to get Ranma difficult, and a little dangerous, but he was only a male. Now, when they saw Akane do, what to them was a new attack, making her, a female much more dangerous then Ranma, and knowing Akane's temper." Setsuna pauses giving everyone an innocent look. "Well, they decided that Mouuse would be a good husband for Shampoo after all. Now Ranma, can walk the streets without having to look out for Amazons."

"Hey, I can look out for myself! I am the Goddess, and God, of Martial Arts!" Ranma-chan exclaims while still being held by Setsuna.

Setsuna just smiles at the little redhead in her arms. "You know, all this time, and you are still so darn cute when you say that in your goddess form. Change lover, I want you to hold me now, and you can screw with my Senshi roommates' minds later." She lets go of Ranma-chan, and watches the little goddess that she loves change to the god that she loves. Ranma enfolds her in his arms from behind, and as she leans back into him, she sighs. "That's better lover. Oh, how I have missed this. Anyway, I know you can take care of yourself lover. The problem is that in all the timelines where we didn't give Cologne a display of power, even the ones where we showed her that we were gods, her obsession with getting you into her tribe doesn't stop. She ends up using dark magic against you, and us. In most of those timelines, the one that rescues us, and looses her innocence, when she has to blast Cologne, and her tribe to cinders is Kasumi. I don't want my baby sister to go through that." She feels Ranma stiffen, and hold her even tighter. "Relax lover, no matter what it takes, we won't let that happen. I would have just changed time, so that they would never had met you, but Shampoo was important to get me to make that wish."

Kasumi who had been listening, sits down, hugging her knees, she begins to cry. "I don't want to blast people. But they better not mess with my family!"

Before a single tear can fall from her face, Ranma, Setsuna, and Nabiki are holding her. Ranma in a soothing voice tells Kasumi. "It's alright little sis, you won't have to blast anyone. Now what do you say we go home? I am sure Mom would like to see everyone, and I want to see my kids." Kasumi nods, and smiles, as she wipes her eyes on Ranma's shirt.

Setsuna stands up, turning to Tendo Soun. "Wait a minute everyone, and I will take us home my way. I just need to do something first." Kneeling down next to Soun, she kisses him on the cheek. "Get well daddy, I do still love you." Wiping her eyes, she stands up, turning to her family, waves her hand, causing a distortion to appear in the air. "Come on, everyone aboard the Pluto Express. I want to see our kids. Mother Nodoka has had four years to spoil them." After everyone else has stepped through the distortion, Setsuna takes one last look around. "Yes, there are still a lot of good memories here. Goodbye again old life." She quickly turns and steps through the distortion, which then vanishes. ***

*** Author Note; This was the original end of the story.

Kasumi's Bedtime Story

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