Okay, a short drabble I just needed to get out from my head. Ever wondered if the bickerings between our BB couple leads to something more?

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"I'm telling you, Bones" Booth said as they entered the Jeffersonian, "A kiss is more than just a kiss. It means something."

"No. A kiss is the same no matter who you do it with. Lips against lips, tongue against tongue, it's the same even if a man kisses a man or a man kisses a woman."

"No. I do not believe you. Kisses are more intimate than that." Booth said as they walked onto the platform where Zack, Angela and Cam were waiting for them. "When a man kisses a woman is completely different if he kisses a woman he loves. Kisses and love are not things you can explain with science."

"It's just hormones, Booth." Brennan said as she put on rubber gloves.

"No, love is more than that. If I were to kiss a man, I wouldn't enjoy it as much as if I kissed a woman."

"I don't think so."

"Well, it's true."

"Not unless you prove it with valid facts, as I have."

"Kisses are not science, Bones! You can't explain it in numbers-"

"That's math, Booth."

"-or long scientific words! Kisses are something intimate between a man and a woman, there is no way in hell I would enjoy kissing a man!"

"You're wrong."

"Oh, for the love of-"Booth grabbed Zack and kissed him closed-mouthed on the lips. Zack's eyes went wide like a deer caught in the headlights.

Booth let go of the barely shorter man who looked at him with wide eyes. Everyone had gone awkwardly silent.

Booth coughed and blushed.

"Why did you do that?" Zack said, breaking the silence. Booth, ignoring the question, turned to Brennan.

"As proven, I did not enjoy kissing squinty here. I win." Booth awkwardly scratched his head as everyone just stared at him.

"I'll go wait in the car." He stated and half ran away from the platform.