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The Princesses Knight

Chapter 1: Goodbye Hell, Hello Hime

'What do I do now' she thought to herself as she ran through the trees. The council finally banished her. It had taken them 16 years but they finally did it. It had been 16 years since the Kyuubi attack. Four years since that bastard Uchiha Sasuke left. One year since she got back from training with one of the Sannin. Four months since she took out over half of Akatsuki. Two minutes since she left the village almost at kunai-point, no scratch that she barely got out alive.

The council claimed that it was her fought that the "Last loyal Uchiha" left and listed other things that "The Demon" did in the last 2 years… like killing 73 civilians, a few shinobi, stealing money and other things like some jutsu.

It was all a lie and everyone knew it. They were all impossible charges seeing as she had not been anywhere near the village in the last three years. It was not meant to be believable. No, it was only meant to give her a charge and reason for banishment. Anything to get the demon out of the village for good. So now here she was no where to go. No village. No country. No home. No friends. No family… wait no she was wrong she did have family…

"I'll come back one day I promise"

She still remembered when she made the promise.


A nine year old Naru smiled sadly down at the crying girl in her arms.

"Naru-chan p-please d-don't go! I know i-I'm being selfish but you promised to be my knight y-you can't go! What if something happens and your to far away to help or if you get hurt mama can't help you so far way! Please stay here!" cried the brown haired girl as she clung to the front of the girls red jacket.

"Don't cry… Tohru a princess like you should always smile and be happy so please don't cry for me I'm not worth your tears so please smile for me." She lifted Tohru's head so that she was looking at her "I'll go back to the village and get stronger to protect you then one day your knight will return to you no matter what so please until then keep strong for me." She turned to walk away with the old man she looked over her shoulder and gave her cousin her foxy grin "I'll come back one day I promise!"

***End Flashback***

Naru smiled it was high time she fulfilled the promise she made to her princess all those years ago. She changed direction and thought to the first time she met Tohru.


"Where are we going old man?" ask a 6 year old Naru as she clung to his pants leg (they are wearing civilian clothes)

The old man also known as Sarutobi smiled as he looked down at the red haired girl "we are going to visit your aunt and cousin. That is where you will be staying for a while" he replied.

Naru was shocked at the mention that she had family though she hid it well. "I have… a family" she asked the third and he nodded. She had family. Why didn't she know about this before? Where had they been all those years.

She was brought out of her musing when Sarutobi knocked on a door. She moved slightly behind Sarutobi as the door opened she peeked her head slightly around Sarutobi's leg to see.

The door opened to revile a woman with long orange hair and a little around her age with short brown hair.

"Good Afternoon Kyoko-san," Sarutobi greeted he reached behind him and brought Naru out from behind him "this little girl here is your niece."

"Hiya! I'm Kyoko your aunt! And this cute little girl next to me is Tohru!" Kyoko motioned to Tohru beside her.

"H-hi it's a pleasure to meet you" Tohru Said nervously.

Naru look at them then up at the old man who smile down at her reassuringly

"H-hi" was the short soft responds.

"Tohru-Chan why don't you show Naru-Chan where to put her stuff. " Kyoko suggested

"Ok" Tohru went to grab Naru hands but she step back out of her reach "I'll just follow" she said softly.

"Um o-ok" Tohru turned and walk further into the house Naru followed.

Once they where gone Sarutobi took something out of his coat, a file and bracelet. The bracelet was made of beads the color pattern being black and red one after the other. He handed them to Kyoko who took them.

"If you would please read other that file it will tell you all that you need to know about Naru and please give that bracelet to her it's a suppresser once you read that file you will understand why-"

"I already know about the Kyuubi Sarutobi, my sister left a letter explaining everything which I just recently received." Kyoko cut him off "I will take good care of her"

"Thank you Kyoko-san, please tell Naru I said goodbye" Sarutobi said as her turned to leave.

"Yah, Yah" was the reply.

***End Flashback***

Naru smiled to herself as she found her self in Furuba city. The train ride was shorter than she thought. 'It's May first I should go visit Kyoko-Chan' she thought.

*** At the Temple***

In front of the temple walked three people who where making there way to the entrance.

"This temple is tiny." Remarked a boy with orange hair.

"Yes!" replied the browned haired girl walking between the two boys. "It has a homey feeling. I like it!" she said with a big smile.

"Why would you want that feeling from a temple…?" the orange haired boy, Kyo.

"Huh!? Is that strange" the girl, Tohru asked frantic.

"It's Okay" Kyo replied with a bored expression.

"But…" started Yuki the boy on Tohru's other side "I'm happy the weather is nice. It's been so overcast lastly" he said looking at the sky.

"Maybe it's because mom is so happy that everyone is coming to visit her grave." She said with a smile.


"Tohru" came a voice

"Hi!" she replied happily.

"Yo! Nice day for visiting graves. Huh?" a blonde haired girl wearing a black trench coat greeted. A girl wearing a long sleeve black dress that reached the ground, and a net veil over her head stood next to her holding a bouquet of flowers, Saki or Hana for short.

Yuki and Kyo had an odd feeling about them. "WHAT'S WITH THAT OUTFIT?!" Kyo Asked/yelled

***At the gravesite***

"It's so clean" Yuki noticed upon arrival "has someone already been here"

"Oh, it most have been grandpa, he know moms favorite food." Tohru came up with.

"You're grandfather on which side?" Kyo asked.

"My Father's father!" she replied

'Kyoko-san was estranged from her parents' Arisa thought.

They placed the flowers on the grave and got out the lunches.


"It's okay Kyoko-san would be happier if we made a lot of noise." Arisa said

Sighing in defeat he sat down to eat.

"That's a lovely necklace you're wearing Tohru" Hana remarked seeing the necklace around Tohru's neck for the first time.

"Oh this," she looked down at the necklace. A fox shaped pendent with purple eyes. It was about the size of a quarter with what looked like a knowing smirk on its face "my cousin gave this to me a long time ago." She said with a smile though it looked a little sad.

"Cousin? On what side" Arisa asked.

"My mother little sister's daughter." Tohru replied with the same smile as before. "I haven't seen her in seven years though"

"She didn't even come for Kyoko-san's funeral?" asked Hana

"Nope, I'm not even sure she's still alive" she replied, a silence drifted through

"What… happened to her" Kyo dared.

"I don't know she came to live with me and mom when I was six, I remember that when she first came when ever we touched her she would jerk away, but when some kids were picking on me she came to me rescue!..."


"Look at those at those pig tails" one f the boys taunted pulled poor Tohru's hair.

"Yah" another boy pushed her down the last boy laughed at her.

"HEY LEAVE HER ALONE!" a voice yelled from behind the boys. They turned to see a red haired girl in shorts and a t-shirt standing there with her arms cross over her chest.

"Oh it's just a girl" one boy said turning back to Tohru

'Naru-Chan' Tohru thought


"And what is a sissy girl going to do about it" the second boy taunted

"TWO" she continued

"Get lost you sis-"he didn't finish as a fist met with his face "THREE!" Naru finished as she punched the boy.

"H-hey Hiku are you ok?" asked one of the other boys only to be round house kicked in the face by the red haired girl.

The third one looked between Naru and the two groaning boys and the floor and took off running. Naru pick up a rock and with perfect aim threw it at the back of the running boys head making him fall face first into mud.

"Heh" Naru chuckle d with a small smirk. She turned to Tohru who was still on the ground looking on in awe. She helped the fallen girl up. "You ok?" Naru asked softly

Tohru nodded before giving Naru a hug said girl stiffened before relaxing ever so slightly. "Thank You!"

"N-No problem" Naru said awkwardly.

***End Flashback***

"Wow" Arisa whistled after the story "your cousins hardcore"

"Yah she was, she was a really good fighter she always fought for me. But one day the people who were in charge of her wanted her back. Mom said that they were bad people and tried to fight for Naru to stay but in the end Naru said she didn't want to put us in danger and left with them I haven't seen her since. But I know she'll come back she promised me after all." She finished with a smile.

'Wonder what her cousin was into to put someone else in danger'

*** On the way to the entrance***

"Oh no!" Tohru said suddenly causing the others to look at her." I forgot one of the bags at mom's grave!"

Kyo sighed "c'mon lets go get it" they all walk back to the grave. When the grave came into view they saw some one standing in front of the grave. Going a bit closer they could see that it was a girl their age. She was wearing a tattered long black trench coat that reached five inches above the ground. The bottom seemed to be torn and what look like burned in some places. She had on black cargo pants and a fitted crimson red shirt. She had fury red hair that looked like it had to have been died that reached just past her knees. She was holding a black rose in one hand the other was stuffed in her pocket. From their vantage point they could not see her face.

"Um excuse me," Tohru start trying to get the girl attention.

"It's been a while, Hime-Chan" the person said in a soft angelic voice turned to look at them showing half her face. Knowing only one person gave her that nickname.

"N-naru? Is that really you?" Tohru asked hopeful.

"The one and only" Naru turned full giving her cousin a foxy grin.


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