AN: I've been fighting the urge to start writing this one before I finished Lost Files, but my will power is apparently weak. This is the first chapter to an idea that I've been holding on to for a while. This is my first ever crossover, and it will involve a heavy dose of Criminal Minds with a dash of Higher Ground. This will most likely be a two-part fic, with the first part focusing on the case and the second part on the aftermath. Since A.J. Cook is the only person to star in both shows, the fic will center around her characters. To all the CM fans that read my fics, but haven't seen Higher Ground, please don't worry. I plan on explaining the relevant parts of HG as the fic progresses (mostly in Part II), and my inbox is always open if you have questions. Please feel free to read and review! *DISCLAIMER* I do not own Criminal Minds or Higher Ground. I do not have a beta, so all mistakes are my own.

I once read a fortune cookie that read "Learn from the mistakes of the past, lest you make the same mistakes again." Had the man who wrote this knew that someone like me would receive it, he would have probably changed his tone to something along the lines of "Run like hell away from the past." And it would have been sound advice, too. Running saved my life on multiple occasions. It helped me escape my demons, helped me earn a scholarship on the soccer field, and even got me a job with the FBI. Running was familiar and it was something that I was damn good at. Running was easier than facing it, easier than talking about it, and definitely easier than fighting over it. Running never failed me, and if someone ever gets too close to stirring up my past, you can bet your life that I'll take off again.