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Flashback Chapter: Kenji Yuuyami

My name is Kenji Yuuyami, an Obelisk Blue student. Now when you think of the Blue dorm, you think of the best there will ever be. At the time, I thought so as well, and wanted to test that theory. But before all that, I'll show how it came to a head during my first days at the Academy.

(First Academy Day)

Since I went to prep school, all I had to do was a written exam to pass since dueling was the qualifier for that. Besides dueling those proctors at the entrance exams would have been a bore. Why would they have students battle decks that can easily defeated? Anyway, at the first academy day, I saw my new dorm. It made everything look like royalty. But after hearing who made the place, it's understandable why the Obelisk dorm his greater than even the Ra or Slifer Dorms; big ego complex. I didn't do much aside from setting my stuff in and pickup the Academy issued duel disk.

After that, I headed to welcome dinner. It was a big party yet a more sophisticated touch to it. Gourmet food, big punch bowls and classic music played by actual musicians.

'All this just for being in the high ranked dorm?' I thought to myself. 'This is just giving the people here a big head and bigger ego.'

I heard a lot of the students talk about their money and how it bought them the best cards to beat anyone. I was brought from a wealthy family as well, but from my family, I had to work to earn my way around; ninja skills and dueling arts. My discipline from all the learning and teachings are all focused in my cards as well; all ninjas and ninja dogs. Of course, I have my own fun-loving personality that's put into the dueling so that I can enjoy it too. And after seeing all this, I didn't bother staying long and went straight on my own after one plate of food.

I remember just wandering into a secluded part of the forest just train my ninja arts and meditate. Now, I don't know if this surprises you, I can actually do some of those tricks that the people in those cheesy Jean-Claude Magnum flicks. My favorite trick is walking, running and standing upside-down on surfaces. Once I got to a good spot, I start to do just that and just let myself drift. That also led me to my first friend at the Academy...

"AAAHHH!" I heard a girl scream.

"Huh!? Wha?" I opened my eyes. That served to spook the girl even more, maybe it was my silver eyes.

"Stay back!" She screamed.

"Whoa, whoa! Calm down!" I jumped off the tree I was hanging off of and stepped into the moonlight revealing who I was. "Are you okay?"

She calmed down a bit, and suddenly put on an angry face. "What's your problem!? It's not funny to scare people at all!"

I raised my hands in defense. "W-wait a sec, I was just practicing my skills and thought the forest around this place wouldn't attract any attention!" I said, trying not to make the girl any angrier that she was.

"You're supposed to be a ninja?" The Obelisk asked. "Please, you had to be either hanging off the branch by your legs, to do that."

A lot of people say that to me, either that or tell me that I using props to keep myself like that. For some reason, I lose focus and fall down afterwards. Don't know why...

"Well, I can." The boy stated.

"Prove it and I'll believe you." The Obelisk girl said, crossing her arms.

"Okay." He said, like it was the easiest thing in the world. The Obelisk boy walked up to the tree and placed his right foot on in it. "Now..." He took his left foot while the right foot was still on the tree. The girl watched in amazement as the Obelisk boy walked up the tree and then upside down on the branch. "Hi!"

"You're really doing that?" She asked.

"Yup, no wires, no magnets, it was just me and a little focus of the mind." The boy said.

"Okay, I believe you." She apologized. "Sorry for snapping at you..."

"Sorry for spooking ya, never thought someone would come out here." I added.

"Well, me neither, since there's been students missing at this dorm." She explained. "One of them happened to be my brother."

"Sorry to hear that... but as long as you keep at it, you'll find him." I told her. "Maybe he and the others escaped somehow and lying low but having trouble contacting people."

She smiled slightly. "He probably is hiding somewhere; but I'll keep my search going so that I know he's okay." She turned to me and smiled. "Thanks..."

"Oh, wait a minute..." I jumped down from the branch he was standing again. "Better to introduce myself right-side up than upside down." The Obelisk laughed a bit at that comment. "Name's Kenji Yuuyami."

"Alexis Rhodes, nice to meet you."

We shook each other's hands after the introduction.

Gotta say, it was nice meeting someone who like me; working hard to deserve her rank. After walking her back to the girls' dorm, I found out she was a first-year as well. (A/N: After remembering Duel Academy's a three-year school, Alexis had to be a first-year. Otherwise, the third season would have left her out. Azurekite4 has brought that to my attention) But the second day, would lead to my second friend; one I never knew about status at the school until after I dueled him...

(Second day)

After classes, I was able to have some time to myself around the campus. But I wanted to also duel against some guys around the campus to see how I would do against my own class. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long...

"Well, look who it is..." I turned around to see two kids from the prep school I went to. Also known as Chazz Princeton's lackeys at the time; Torimaki and Raizou. "Never expected to see your pale face around here."

"But I expect you two to kiss up to Princeton." I retorted. "It's always like you two to follow rumors of who's the 'Next King of Games.'"

"So!?" Raizou shouted.

I smirked. "Exactly my point..."

"Hey, you weren't the one who made the #1 spot back at Prep School!" Torimaki said.

"Neither were you two," I said back. "But I just learned from my mistakes and moved on to become a better duelist."

"Please," Torimaki scoffed. "As if your ninjas could beat anyone; remember Jean-Claude Magnum had some of those and lost to Mai Valentine during the Battle City tournament."

"Yet he collected five locator cards with the same deck." I held up my deck. "I may have some of his cards, but I'm not a fan of his. It's why my other cards are my heavy hitters."

"Then let's see what you've got!" Raizou held up his duel disk and inserted his deck.

"Good, I wanted a duel!" I slipped left arm out of my blazer's sleeve and flexed it before putting on my duel disk and inserted my deck.


Kenji: 4000

Raizou: 4000

"This'll be quick!" Raizou drew his opening hand and sixth card. "I start with Stone Statue of the Aztecs in defense mode!"

"Of course it'll be quick, it's a 4000 point duel." I stated as I drew my next card. I smiled at the results. "Here's some true defense AND offense; I summon Ninja Kisaragi in defense mode!" The ninja that appeared was one of my female ninjas or kunoichis. She wore a navy blue tank-top with a white Hawaiian flowered design underneath a sleeveless dark-gray vest. Both stop just below the rib-cage, revealing the midriff. She also wore khaki shorts folded back over a blue belted hip-pack, resting across her right hip and a blue and white bandanna. She took a defensive stance but look like she was ready to attack still. (500/2000)

"A weak offensive if you ask me." Raizou taunted.

"Then let's see how you like these cards, three copies of Fuhma Shuriken, boosting her power by 700 each!" Kisaragi held some small shuriken with an unknown kanji symbol and slipped them into her hip-pack, giving her a hefty amount of power... (500-2600)

"Uh oh..." My opponent muttered.

"Don't worry, your monster's not my target since I now play my Giant Shuriken!" A giant four-point shuriken landed in my kunoichi's right hand. "This gives her the power to attack directly!"

"But your monster's in defense mode!" Torimaki protested from the sidelines.

"Then it's good thing that Kisaragi's own ability let's her attack while in defense mode..." I stated. "Attack!" Kisaragi grinned as she launched herself in the air and threw her shuriken in the air, knocking down Raizou.

Kenji: 4000

Raizou: 1400

"You'll pay for that!" He shouted.

"Actually, you will since she takes a card from your hand when she does battle damage." I saw my ninja girl swiftly took a random card and threw it to my hand. "Thanks for Heavy Storm..."

Raizou growled. "I was going to destroy your spell cards next turn!"

"That's sounds like a perfect idea!" I said, as I played it. The harsh winds blew the spell card images right of the field. Both Obelisks were stunned at my game play as Kisaragi lost her big power boost. (2600-500) "And to answer to your silent question, when Fuhma Shuriken is destroyed while on the field you lose 700 life points for everyone."

Raizou gasped as Kisaragi took out the three shuriken and threw them straight his duel disk.

Kenji: 4000, Winner

Raizou: 0

"Man, this was too quick." I thought.

I can duel with 4000 points, but I find there's always high chance for a One-turn kill, plus with guys like Raizou, Torimaki and Chazz flaunting Crowler's philosophy and their own money around, I can't get a decent opponent. But that one guy came around an gave me a match to remember...

"There's no way could you beat me that fast!" Raizou shouted. "Let's go again!"

"And I'm adding myself into this!" Torimaki said, pulling out his duel disk.

"Then allow me to even up the playing field..."

I heard a stoic, emotionless voice behind me. Before I turned around, I saw a tall boy with blue hair down to the neck but had some bangs near his blue eyes. He was wearing a long white coat with blue outlines and gray pants.

"W-wait!" Tormaki and Raizou turned off their duel disks and protested. "That won't be necessary!"

"Good..." The white coat wearing guy said. "I don't like an unfair game; this kid beat you fair and square, Raizou. And I'm willing to bet that he could beat you too, Torimaki." The guy turned to me. "A good duel; I'm impressed to see you could work a deck into an advanced move like the one turn kill."

"Thanks... uh,"

"Zane Truesdale."

"Kenji Yuuyami, nice to meet you." I said as we shook hands. "You saw all that? The duel, I mean?"

"I was on my way back to my dorm room when I saw the beginning of your duel." Zane explained. "And all with one monster..."

"If your that impressed, mind if I duel against you?" I asked.

The older duelist paused a bit before bringing out his duel disk and responding with, "Are you sure?"

"Why not?" I asked. "Plus, I wanted my next duel to be someone, I haven't seen play you don't mind a longer duel."

Zane gave slight smile. "Sure... a freshman Obelisk should be quite an opponent, especially one that could pull off advance..."

"Kenji's dueling Zane!?" Torimaki shouted. "Is he crazy!?"

"It'll be over no matter what." Raizou added.

"Hey guys, a duel's going on outside!" A random voice came out of the Obelisk dorm and pretty soon a whole crowd came in just before the duel started.

"You ready, kid?" Zane said, turning on his duel disk.

"You bet!" I replied, cutting on my duel disk again.

"DUEL!" Both players drew their initial hands.

Kenji: 4000

Zane: 4000

"How about you go first?" Zane offered.

"Fine by me!" I said, drawing my sixth card. "I summon Ninja Kato in Attack Mode!" (1300/1300) "Then I'll also set one card facedown to end my turn."

"Alright, my move!" Zane drew his sixth card. "I summon Cyber Dragon!" With a roar, a metallic serpent-like dragon rose from the ground and slither next to Zane. (2100/1600)

"A level five monster?" I asked.

"My Cyber Dragon's special ability let's me summon it if I have no monsters on the field while my opponent does." He explained. "Which means, I'll make my normal summon with the Heavy Mech Support Platform!" Appearing from the sky, was a large platform with red wings and thrusters on the back. (500/500) "Now I'll turn it into an equip card, giving my dragon an extra 500 ATK and DEF!" The platform latched itself on to the back of the metal dragon, charging it with power. (2100-2600/1600-2100)

"Oh boy..." I muttered.

"Let's see you handle this! Cyber Dragon, attack his ninja with Strident Blaze!" Cyber Dragon let out a stream of fire that engulfed Kato and spread towards Kenji.

Kenji: 2700

Zane: 4000

"I knew your facedown card had to be a bluff." Zane told me. "You'll have to try harder if you want to stand a chance."

"Taken care of; once per turn, I can save Ninja Kato from being destroyed in battle!" I explained see my ninja reappear by taking off a camouflage copy of the ground.

"I'll just set this down, and end my turn." Zane said, placing a facedown card.

"My turn!" I drew my next card. I thought it was good for a little fake out strategy with my facedown card. But eventually, I'll have to play it. "I set a monster in defense mode, another card facedown and switch Kato for the defense as well." A facedown monster card and spell/trap card appeared as Kato went into defense. "That's all for now."

"Really..." Zane drew his card and held it up. "Let's see how it handles my Polymerization card!" Two more Cyber dragons came out and stood next to the first.

"Three Cyber Dragons!?" I exclaimed.

"That ninja kid is toast if Zane's playing his ultimate monster!" One of the spectators said.

"He wasn't last long enough to even attack Zane anyway." Another one said.

A lot of people were treating this Zane guy as the best they'll ever was. Especially when I heard...

"It's been three years and no one's been able even make a dent in his life points. Not even the teachers could do it!"

It's was time to prove them wrong...

"I'll fuse the two Cyber Dragons in my hand to form the Cyber Twin Dragon!" The new dragons fused within the vortex and then came out a twin-headed Cyber Dragon; one with a yellow head, the other a blue head. (2800/2100)

"Whoa..." I said, staring at the new fusion monster.

"And with this monster I can attack twice, meaning both of your monsters are done!" Zane explained. "Attack with Double Strident Blaze!" Both heads of the dragon struck Kato, completely taking him off the field. "Now, my normal Cyber Dragon will take out your last monster; Strident Blaze!" The original unleashed flames on my face down ninja, as I smirked once the monster revealed to be my Armed Ninja.

"You revealed my Armed Ninja, letting me destroy a spell card on the field!" A dozen kunai dropped from the sky and struck the small mech on the Cyber Dragon's back, making it weaker. (2600-2100/2100-1600) "And union monsters become spell cards with their special ability."

"And yet, you've fallen into my trap..." Zane said, opening up his face down card. "De-Fusion! Separate my Twin Dragon!"

"Oh no!" I gasped as the Twin Dragon split into the original Cyber Dragons. (2100/1600) x2

"Which means, I have two more attacks to use! Strident Blaze!" Both dragons unleashed their flames, until...

"I activate Call of the Haunted to bring back my Ninja Kato!" My black clad ninja reappeared in attack mode. (1300/1300) Still, I braced myself has he took the brunt of the battle and was sent back into the graveyard.

Kenji: 1300

Zane: 4000

"You saved yourself from losing with that maneuver." Zane nodded. "Not bad. Let's see what else you got..."

"Alright!" I drew my next card. "I play Pot of Greed!" I took two more from my deck. "Now I play Ninja Reptile in Attack mode!" A ninja wearing pants and boots covering his lower body, along with a black sleeveless shirt and open hood appeared. Green light armor covered his forearms and lower legs, while an open V-shaped green vest protected his torso, extending to a matching small fauld and loincloth. In his eyes were reptilian eye slits. (900/2000) "Then I'll place another card facedown, to end my turn."

"Who's this guy think he's kidding?" A spectator said.

"It's an obvious trap..." Another said. Those guys would be in for the surprise of their lives.

"Sorry kid..." Zane drew...

"I activate Battle Mania!" My trap that's been sitting from round one activated. "Now all your monsters have to attack!"

"Then, I'll have to oblige, but first..." Zane activated one of the most common spell cards of Duel Monsters. "Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy your other card!" A small tornado ripped apart my facedown card. "Now attack his ninja!"

"Slow down, Zane!" I shouted. "The card you destroyed was my Cross-Counter Trap Card, letting me activate any spell or trap card, like my Spirit Barrier!" My trap erected a shield around me with my ninja's essence as the source. "As long as a monster's on the field, I take no battle damage!"

"Your monster will be destroyed after the first strike!" Zane commanded one of his Cyber Dragons to blast Reptile. But all it did was hit the barrier and back off. "What?"

"It's Reptile's effect, while in attack mode, he can't be destroyed in battle." I explained. "Also any monster that battles with him loses 100x the number of stars! Meaning your Cyber Dragon loses 500 points!"

The spectators gasped and freaked out once they saw Reptile's face; an actual reptile. It spat out acid against the metal surface of the dragon as it cried out in pain (2100-1600/1600)

"And it doesn't stop since Battle Mania forces the other dragons to battle!" I watched as the remaining Cyber Dragons attacked, only to get acid spat at them in return, making them cry out as well. (2100-1600) x2

"I end my turn." Was all Zane could say at the moment.

"Time to get serious..." I drew my next card. "I play my Shadow Clone card to special summon a ninja monster with the same level as the one on my field, like my Ninja Commando Kabuki!" A white masked and armored ninja leaped from the ground. (700/700) "And it also lets me summon any other ninja from hand or deck, like Ninja Hattori!" Hattori drop to the field and stood up with his arms crossed. He wore a black ninja garb with silver shoulder guards, arm guards and shin guards. He also had a red cape and a katana strapped to his back. (2100/1700) "Next, I equip Fuhma Shuriken onto Reptile!" Reptile pulled out the special shuriken and got ready to throw. (900-1600/2000) "Now Hattori attack!"

With his cape flowing in the wind, Hattori unsheathed his katana and sliced through the dragon! Zane never even flinched but smile slightly, like something finally happened.

Kenji: 1300

Zane: 3500

"No way, he lowered his life points!"

"That can't be!"

A buzz among the crowd was never ending, but I went back to the duel...

"When Hattori successfully destroys a monster, I get to attack another one!" Hattori swiftly ran back to me, but as he sheathed his sword, he took down another Cyber Dragon.

Kenji: 1300

Zane: 3000

"Reptile, take down his last dragon!" Reptile threw the shuriken at the last dragon, taking it out. "Kabuki, direct attack!" The white armored ninja moved in and kicked Zane, who in turn used his duel disk to block.

Kenji: 1300

Zane: 2300

"And I'll leave it at that." I declared, ending my turn.

Zane chuckled a bit. "As you've probably heard, no one's touched my life points in the three years at this academy."

"Really?" I asked. "And you really must be good to be an Obelisk!"

"So are you, after seeing you break the streak I've been holding." He said. "Impressive." He drew his next card. "So I suggest you get ready for my absolute best, I start with Pot of Greed to draw two more cards." Zane drew his cards. "And then I'll play my Different Dimension Capsule!" A coffin with a clock in the center appeared. "With this, I can take any card from my deck and remove it from the game until my second standby phase, in that it comes to my hand." Zane took a card from his deck and slipped it in the capsule that hid underground. "Now I summon Cyber Larva in attack mode!" A small metal worm appeared at Zane's feet. (400/600) "It's your move."

"Let's see..." I drew my next card. I knew that monster had a special ability, but I had to figure out what... "Hattori, attack!" My ninja struck with his sword, the little worm never had a chance.

"Now, my larva's special ability kicks in and negates any battle damage." Zane explained. "What's more is that I can summon another one to the field!" Another metal larva appeared. (400/600)

"Since it won't do any good, I place this facedown and switch Kabuki to defense mode and end my turn." As Kabuki kneeled, a facedown card appeared at my feet.

"My move." Zane drew. "Now I reveal the card I hid in the capsule."

"It's only been one turn." I said.

"But for this card..." He held up a spell card. "Card from a Different Dimension! It comes to my hand and allows us both to draw two cards from our decks." We both complied with his card's rule and drew the two cards. "Now here comes Time Fusion!" A card that showed a clock entering a vortex was played. "By removing a card from play, I can summon any fusion monster from my deck next turn, but prevent from attack with it during that turn." I saw that the card he removed was Card from a Different Dimension, knowing he was trying to get a special card. "Next I summon Proto-Cyber Dragon in attack mode!" A small version of the Cyber Dragon appeared but had many wires hooked up to it. (1100/600)

"Now, attack his Ninja Commando!" The little dragon unleashed a laser that struck through my ninja. "I'll end my turn with a facedown card."

"Then, my turn!" I drew again. Thanks to his card, I had more options. "I summon Ninja Dog Kurojaki!" A dog of a Shikoku breed appeared. He had a light-brown fur and had a headband with his name in kanji. (300/300)

"So it's a dog now?" Zane asked.

"Yeah, and don't bother attacking him, since he's immune to attacks as long as other ninjas or ninja dogs are with him. Plus he grants them all 400 ATK and DEF!" Kurojaki howled as he gave out power to his comrades and himself. NDK (300-700/300-700), NR (1600-2000/2000-2400), NH (2100-2500/1700-2100) "Kurojaki, attack his Larva!" The dog pounced onto the metal larva, and crushed it.

"Remember, it prevents me from damage plus another joins the field." Zane summoned a new one to the field. (400/600)

"It's also your last one, Hattori attack that last larva!" Hattori's katana sliced through the last larva. "Now attack Proto-Cyber Dragon!"

"I activate Attack Reflector Unit!" Zane's trap showed some reflector panels being attached to a Cyber Dragon. "With this I can sacrifice a Cyber Dragon to summon Cyber Barrier Dragon!"

"Your Proto-Cyber Dragon counts as the original while it's on the field." I realized.

"That's right, so now... rise Cyber Barrier Dragon!" The small dragon was covered by reflector panels until it looked much like the original, except it had a large cuff-like apparatus around its neck and the tip of its tail looked like a sharp-ended probe. (800/2800)

"I'll still take it out since Hattori can attack again!" Hattori jumped behind the dragon, ready to strike...

"Not this time, my dragon can negate the next attack once per round!" Barrier Dragon turned its head around and emitted a green shield that blocked the katana and bounced the ninja back to me.

"Then Reptile will take it out!" Reptile swiftly took off and attacked the evolved dragon before it could setup the shield.

Kenji: 1300

Zane: 1100

"I place a card facedown and end my turn!" I set my card, thinking about my next play that could bring me the victory.

"My draw!" Zane drew. "And also Card from a Different Dimension comes back and lets us draw two cards!" We both drew out two cards. One of my cards was my favorite monster, Ninja Hayabusa. It always reminded me of lineage of the ninja and I had won many duels with him on the field. "Also, it's time for you to meet my most powerful monster. Because thanks to Time Fusion I can bring out my Cyber End Dragon!" From the sky, a large Cyber Dragon appeared, but this one had three heads and a tremendous amount of power! (4000/2800)

"Nice dragon!" I said, feeling very nervous. "But I'll have one turn to setup the defense and destroy that monster!"

Zane smiled. "I bet you do... but I'll be sure to stop it, since I have just the cards to end this duel!"

"I'm ready for ya!" I said, if it's true I was going to face it head on.

"I bet you are... you're talented duelist and I'm betting you'll go far after this duel." He held up one of his cards. "I play another De-Fusion to separate my dragon into the three inside the graveyard!" The three-headed Cyber Dragon separated back to the three single headed machines. (2100/1600) x3 "But you'll be seeing him real soon as I play Power Bond! It's like Polymerization but for a machine-type fusion, plus it will double its attack points, so I fuse my dragons again to return Cyber End Dragon!" The three dragons fused back into a single body and roared more powerful than ever. (4000-8000/2800)

"He's in for it now!" Raizou cheered.

"Ninja boy's gonna get slammed!" Torimaki added.

"Wipe out Hattori and his life points with Super Strident Blaze!" As the monster charged up for the blast, I found that opening...

"Activate my Ninja Smoke Ball!" I turned over my trap. "Now your attack is negated! And I know that Power Bond card has a side effect that will cause you to lose instead of me!"

"Correct, it'll cause me to lose life points equal to my dragon's Original ATK, but it won't be happening since I activate my Trap Booster spell!" Zane said, playing a spell that had a bear trap with rockets attached to it. "By sending one card to grave, I can activate a trap from my hand like my Trap Jammer!"

I saw my trap get instantly destroyed, just in time for the three headed dragon to engulf my side of the field in a bright light...

Kenji: 0

Zane: 1100, Winner

All the spectators were cheering that the duel ended and a good one two. I wasn't even disappointed in the duel. Instead of grimacing over the defeat, I laughed.

"Wow, I can't believe I found a great duelist to play against so early!" I said. "And you're a senior here?"

"And the top duelist of the Academy." He added. "It's how I earned the title of 'Kaiser.'

I bugged out, I nearly defeated the best this schools had to offer. "And I can see you earned your spot; and all without flaunting your power or your rank..."

"Thanks, I'll bet you can become top of the Obelisks with more work." Zane said, walking over to me. "Even have chance of beating me..."

"You're welcome, and thanks for the praise!" Then I thought a more brilliant idea. "Maybe it should be an 8000 point duel next time?"

"Sounds like a plan..." We shook hands again.

Ever since that duel, I've been harder at work in strategies; even hung out with Zane and Alexis at the lighthouse and just enjoy each other's company. Even though with Alexis, I unintentionally mess with her with that upside down trick. Then I even dueled with some greater duelists other than them that I found in the lower dorms..

With Ra Yellow, Claudio...


"But why lure us away from the real thief?" Claudio asked the ninja.

"For two reasons: one, your Slifer Red friends already caught up to the guy." Kenji explained. "Two..." He pulled out a duel disk out of nowhere and pointed at the Jukebox Hero duelist. "... I want to duel you!"

"What for?" Alexis asked.

"Well, I've been hearing about this guy's victories for quite some time." The Obelisk ninja explained. "I saw him at his discipline duel with Panik, also his recent victory over the Duel Giant."

"You were there?" Both Ras asked at the same time.

"I thought Jaden went after the Duel Giant." Alexis said.

"Crowler was planning to expel him for dueling with the ante rule." Claudio said. "After hearing about it, I stepped in to duel him."

"Is he still holding on to that loss?" Alexis groaned.

"Anyway, seeing his monsters in action; I figure I duel him, too." Kenji finished his explanation. "That's why I left the sandwich wrapper to get you to follow me."

"That explains it... wait, you're not..."

"No, I'm not one of those elitists looking to knock you down of a 'super-imposed ego' for beating other Obelisks." Kenji said. "Just looking for a friendly duel."

"Cool!" Claudio took the duel disk and strapped it on and pulled out his deck, shuffled it and inserted it in the disk. "Let's rock!"

"Gladly!" He unbuttoned the blazer, showing a black shirt underneath. He slipped his left arm out of the blazer's sleeve and flexed it before strapping on his duel disk and inserting his shuffled deck.

And in Slifer Red, Jethro...

"Never thought I duel a Slifer." Kenji said to the cowboy. "But if you're here, you're definitely not a pushover."

"And I reckon you won't be," Jethro replied. "After all, you are an Obelisk. Glad you're actually not taking me lightly."

"Hey, if a Ra like Claudio gave me trouble, no doubt any of you first-year Duelists could do the same."

And Jaden...

That was a great finisher, man. It'll be great seeing those monsters at the school duel."

"Count on it!" Jaden said, as he and Kenji shook hands.

And I will rise to be the best that I can by graduation, or even surpass that! Only time will tell...

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