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Chapter 29: Tomb Raiders Part 2: All-Seeing Eyes

Last time on the Duel Academy Stories: Professor Banner led some his students into some ruins for a field trip. Somehow, they get sucked into an alternate dimension where the ruins were a pyramid! Kind of insight, especially when the class gets the full history experience of what happens when you trespass on ancient ground: you get buried alive! Fortunately, they have three chances: Jaden, Claudio and Kenji having to duel to free their friends. Jaden, having experienced Shadow Games before, had to duel the Gravekeeper Chief and take all the pain to win the duel, the Slifer dorm mates' freedom and a half a medallion. (whoopee...) Let's see what happens to Claudio in his duel...

After hearing the challenge set by the Gravekeeper Chief, Jaden was eager to duel, but Claudio had to make sure he was hearing what was being said...

"Wait a sec!" Claudio jumped in. "All of us have to duel!?"

"That is correct." The Chief replied.

"Then who are we dueling?" Kenji asked pointing to himself and Claudio.

"Guards! Take the yellow one and the blue one to their opponents!"

Guiding the boys with their spears, the guards led them out of the room.

"Jaden, come out alive, you hear me?" Claudio asked.

"Like I said, I'll win this!" The E-Hero replied.

The guards were now leading Claudio and Kenji through another part of the tomb and its hallways were lit with torches.

"You think Jaden's gonna behind alright with that Chief guy?" Claudio whispered to his friend.

"In a normal duel, yeah," Kenji replied. "But we're playing for more than just to win, with everyone's lives at stakes."

"Yeah..." The Ra mumbled. "Let's just focus on getting Melody and Alexis out, while Jaden gets our teacher and two of our friends."

Both of them reached a fork in the path.

"The yellow one goes left..." One of the guards said. "The blue one goes right..."

The boys looked to each other and nodded.

"See you on the other side, ninja dude..." Claudio said walking to the path designated.

"How about when we get back?" Kenji replied as he walked the other way.

The guards never followed Claudio down the path. And the Jukebox Hero duelist took note of that when looked behind him.

'Guess they won't need to...' He thought. 'They're proabably barring the path back... Besides, I can't leave without Melody or Alexis...'

The room he went into was a dark damp place, like a crypt littered with coffins. A lot of tools were hanging around and it clearly reeked of corpses in that room.

"Aw man, this place reeks!" Claudio said, holding his nose. "If being in this place is my challenge, I might pass out before somebody calls 'start!'"

"Claudio!" A girl's voice screamed. The Ra gasped as he recognized the voice.

"Melody! Is that you!?" He shouted.

"I'm in here!"

He heard her voice coming through the only closed coffin in the room. "Hang on!" Once he got over there, he pushed the lid open. "There!" Melody was wrapped in bandages.

"Thank God!" She said feeling relieved. "I never thought I end being buried alive."

"Well, get that thought out of your head." Claudio replied. "As soon as I get you out of these bandages, we'll find the others and get out of here!"

"That's not an option..."

Both Ras turned to see the blond Gravekeeper that led him and the others into this mess.


"I prefer the name 'Ardeth' thank you." The blond replied. "I'm the descendant of the first Gravekeeper Clan." (A/N: Guess where I got the name from?)

"Wouldn't that make you, the head guy here?" Melody asked.

"Actually, we come from many Clans, all with different ways of punishing trespassers of our domain." Ardeth corrected.

"We didn't ask to come here." Claudio said. "In fact, we don't even know HOW this came to be!"

"Yet, you still crossed sacred ground!" The descendent snapped. "Luckily for you, the Chief said he'd pardon you and your concubine if you pass my challenge."

Claudio and Melody stopped listening at the word 'concubine,' and blushed at the meaning.

"Hey!" Both of them said. "We're not like that!"

"And yet you still fight for her?" Ardeth asked. "If you have no affiliation with her?"

"We're best friends, weirdo!" Melody shouted. "So let's get to whatever it is you came here for so we can get out of here!"

"Very well..." Ardeth pulled out the same type of duel disk that the Chief wielded and inserted his deck.

"Fine by me!" Claudio opened his bag that he took and grabbed his disk and deck. "Just get ready to get kicked off the stage!"

"Stage?" Ardeth asked.

The JH duelist groaned. "Whatever, let's duel!"

Both duelists' duel disk turned on and drew their opening hands.

Ardeth: 8000

Claudio: 8000

"I shall start!" Ardeth drew his sixth card. "I summon A Man with Wdjat!" The room lit up showing a man in a red-hooded cloak with a familiar symbol on his forehead. (1600/1600) "Next a facedown card." A reversed card appeared behind the monster. "Make your move!"

"Cool!" Claudio drew his sixth card. 'Figuring out his strategy's going be tough... let's play it safe for now...' "I set a monster in defense and set one card facedown." Two reversed cards showed up on his side. "Back to you."

"This isn't fun..." Ardeth drew. "Since you're hiding, let's see what you've got to play."

"And how are you going to do that?" The JH duelist asked.

"With my monster's effect; it lets me look at one card you have facedown." The gravekeeper smirked. "Let's have a look at your facedown card!"

Both Ras gasped as Claudio's facedown was revealed. It was Storm the Gates!

"So you must have a lower level monster to strike directly, eh?" Ardeth said, as he read the card's contents. "How about we destroy it..." He pulled out a card from his hand. "With Mystical Space Typhoon!"

A small cyclone blew away the trap card Claudio had.

"Now set another monster..." A facedown monster appeared. "And have my monster attack yours! Wdjat Beam!"

The monster's symbol shot out a searing beam that revealed to be Jukebox Hero KG. The beam shot through his form and destroyed him.

"And I'll activate my facedown, Ultimate Offering!" Ardeth's facedown appeared. "By paying five hundred points, I can normal summon a monster at any moment..."

"Uh oh..." Claudio mumbled.

Ardeth: 7500

Claudio: 8000

"I now sacrifice my Man with Wdjat..." The man disappeared. "To summon Millennium Golem!" In his place, a giant brick layer monster appeared and carried the same symbol the Man of Wdjat had as its eye. (2000/2200)

"Oh no!" Melody cried, bracing herself for what was about to happen to Claudio.

"Golem attack!" The giant closed its right fist and slammed it right into Claudio's mid-section, making him gasp in pain. Once removed, he fell to his knees, clutching his stomach.

Ardeth: 7500

Claudio: 6000

"I... I ... felt... the hit..." Claudio gasped.

"That's right, worm!" Ardeth sneered. "Welcome to the world of the Shadow Game!"

Melody gasped. "Shadow Game!? It's real!" She gasped again, now seeing her coffin closing up about a quarter of the way.

"Yes and as you can see it affects your predicament as well!" The Gravekeeper continued. "For every 1000 points my opponent loses, your coffin closes up. Meaning, if his life points hit 0, you'll be buried!"

"That's... not gonna... happen..." Claudio coughed as he stood up. "Are you done?"

"Actually, I am..." Ardeth said.

"Good..." Claudio drew his next card. "I activate Graceful Charity!" Claudio drew three cards from deck and discarded two monster cards. "Then, I activate another card from my hand known as Jukebox Hero- Rush the Beat!" An image of a drummer wearing a black beanie, t-shirt and jeans. "By sending him to the grave, I can summon any Jukebox Hero from the graveyard!"

"What!?" Ardeth shouted.

Claudio discarded the monster. "Now, coming to the field... Jukebox Hero Smooth Criminal!" The gangster suit wearing hero appeared, kicking the air with his right leg. (2200/1500) "Time to dance, Smooth Criminal use Moonwalker Stride!"

"Whoo!" Turning his back towards the monster and then seemed to glide on his feet as he advanced to the golem. Finally, he swiftly spun around and kicked the golem's leg off, causing the whole monster to crumble! Ardeth was trying to dodge every brick that fell as his life points went down.

Ardeth: 7300

Claudio: 6000

"And if that didn't get ya, this will!" Claudio continued. "Since Smooth Criminal destroyed a monster, I gain 100 life points x the level of the monster it battled. And with that Golem at six, that's 600!" Smooth Criminal flicked a coin Claudio's duel disk, raising the life point meter.

Ardeth: 7300

Claudio: 6600

"And with another facedown, it's all you buddy!" A reversed card was set. "But then again, since Smooth Criminal was summoned by Rush the Beat's effect, he comes to my hand..." The monster mentioned disappeared as Claudio removed his card and put it in his hand.

"Nice work, Claudio..." Melody said, a little nervous in her predicament. "Just keep it up..."

"He will not!" Ardeth drew. "I place a monster in defense mode and another card facedown to end my turn."

"Now, I can get something started!" Claudio drew once again. "I play..."

"Activate... The Eye of Truth!" Ardeth's facedown card revealed. "With this in play, you must play with your hand revealed!"

Claudio groaned as holographic images of four his cards appeared over his head. Smooth Criminal, Band Roadie, Polymerization and Sweet Chin Music. Plus, he just drew Double Summon.

"Interesting cards..." Ardeth mused. "Are all your monsters worthless?"

"Hey, don't mock the cards I created!" The JH duelist snapped.

"My apologies..." The Gravekeeper mocked. "Your mind must have been lost years ago!"

The Ra growled. "You're lucky I have nothing pummel you with! Otherwise, I'll take out your entire deck!"

Melody gasped. 'I never seen him this angry... he really cherishes his cards...'

"Since, there's no way I can hide from you, I summon Band Roadie in defense mode!" The black clad roadie appeared. (700/500) "And I'll end my turn." 'I can use his special ability to bring out another Jukebox Hero when takes out the roadie... I'll save Double Summon to hang on for the Eye of Truth's other ability...'

"Worthless..." Ardeth mocked as he drew. "Like I said, now it's time I show you how helpless you truly are by invoking the Black Illusion Ritual!"

"THE WHAT!?" Both Ras shouted as a golden urn with the eye symbol appeared.

"I can now sacrifice a one-star monster, my face down Skull Servant to summon my great beast!" A small skeleton in purple robes was sucked into the urn and let out purple mists. "I summon Relinquished!" The monster in question was a blue towering fiend that stood on a prong and had two large arms and a white panel wings. In the dead center was the eye of Wdjat. (0/0)

"That's one of Pegasus's ultimate monsters!" Claudio said, worrying about the new monster.

"Correction: MY ultimate monster!" The gravekeeper rejoiced. "And I'll activate his effect: I can equip itself with a monster on your side of the field like your Roadie!"

The white part of the body opened up, revealing a bowl-like center in the middle and the eye was attached like an eyestalk. The center suddenly became a vortex that sucked the Roadie with its force.

"Aw, no!" Claudio cried out as his monster was now attached to the weird monster, appearing on its wings.

"And now, Relinquished gains the ATK/DEF of your monster!" Ardeth claimed as Relinquished absorbed the Roadie's power. (0-700/0-500) "And I reveal my other facedown monster, Poison Mummy!" The card revealed decaying zombie wrapped in dark blue and purple bandages. (1000/1800) "And once it's flip summoned, you lose 500 points!"

The mummy exhaled a purple smoke that made Claudio cover his mouth to cough. "This... is... bad..."

Ardeth: 7300

Claudio: 6100

"And it's about to get worse... Relinquished attack!" Absorbing Band Roadie's power, the ritual monster's eye fired a pink shock directly at Claudio, making him scream in pain.

Ardeth: 7300

Claudio: 5400

"With another 1000 points down..." Melody's coffin was closing again. "And my Poison Mummy will attack you as well!" The mummy unraveled the bandages on its arm and whipped them across the Ra's face, sending to his knees.

Ardeth: 7300

Claudio: 4400

Once again, Melody's coffin closes a little, almost at the halfway mark.

Ardeth laughed triumphantly. "You really should have created more powerful monsters... Otherwise, I'd be in more danger of losing!"

"Claudio, are you alright!?" Melody asked, forgetting her predicament for the moment.

The JH duelist struggled to his feet. "I won't be... if I don't win this." Claudio drew. With the Eye of Truth, he had to reveal the card: Jukebox Hero JB. "It's a good thing that Eye of Truth comes with a side effect..." The trap card shined, making Polymerization glow as well. "If I have a spell card in my hand, I gain 1000 life points. In other words, Poison Mummy was a bust!"

Ardeth: 7300

Claudio: 5400

The coffin opened up a bit. "Hang tight, Mel! I summon Jukebox Hero JB!"

"Yeah!" JB pumped his guitar in the air. (1400/1200)

"And remember the first monster you destroyed?" Claudio grinned. "He comes back as well; KG you're on!"

"Alright!" KG stretched out and strummed his guitar. (1200/1400)

"And let's mix it up with Polymerization!" Both heroes went inside the vortex and came back with their hardcore attire. "Say hello to Jukebox Hero Tenacious D!" (2600/2600)

"Yes, take him down!" Melody cheered.

"You heard the lady, boys..." Claudio pointed. "Take out that mummy! Facemelter!"

"Faacceemelterrrr!" Tenacious D sung while playing their guitars. The deadly mummy ended up melting in a puddle with the bandages lying over it.

Ardeth: 5700

Claudio: 5400

"That put a big dent in your life points!" Claudio grinned as he set Sweet Chin Music on the field. "You see what happens when you mock my cards?"

"Bah!" Ardeth drew. "Relinquished, attack!"

"What the heck's wrong with you?" Melody asked. "You know that..." She then gasped. "Oh no..."

"Huh?" Claudio turned to Melody. "What's up?"

"This!" Relinquished rammed itself into the rockin' duo who retaliated by strumming there guitars to summon sound waves that pushed the monster back, but destroyed Band Roadie. (700-0/500-0)

Ardeth: 3800

Claudio: 5400

"Since Relinquished as lost a battle while equipped, the equipped monster is destroyed and you lose the same amount of damage!" The gravekeeper grinned as his monster opened its vortex to summon dark lightning at Claudio, making him cry out again in anguish.

Ardeth: 3800

Claudio: 3500

"And since you passed by the 5 grand and 4 grand increments, your girl has one foot in the grave!"

The coffin became half closed, as Melody cringed.

"And since Relinquished isn't equipped at the moment..." The monster's vortex opened up and positioned itself towards the fusion monster. "Absorb them!"

"Oh no!" KG as Relinquished started to absorb him and JB.

"Sorry..." Claudio flipped open his face down card. "Go De-Fusion!" Tenacious D split back up to avoid the vortex, but returned to wearing their normal clothes. (1400/1200), (1200/1400) "And I put KG in defense mode and JB in attack mode!"

"That was close." Melody said. "He lost his target."

"But I can still take a monster; your stronger one's mine!" Relinquished absorbed JB into itself and had him show up on its closed wings. (0-1400/0-1200) "And to end my turn, I set a card facedown."

"Here's my turn..." Claudio drew Pot of Greed. "And I gain another 1000 points since a spells in my hand."

"You won't..." Ardeth activated his facedown. "Bad Reaction to Simochi turns it into damage!"

Ardeth: 3900

Claudio: 2500

Melody's coffin closed in some more. "This is really getting bad!"

"Crud..." Claudio muttered. 'Now, I have to get something to take out his trap cards.' "I play Pot of Greed!" Claudio drew his cards. One was a new monster, the other his trap card: Let There Be Rock! 'With some luck, I'll be able to get his points down low enough for this to work...'

"I sacrifice KG..." KG vanished. "So I can summon my new monster: Jukebox Hero- Tupac!" On the field, now was a black man wearing a white muscle shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. On his hands were brass knuckles. (2000/1300)

"And who's he supposed to be?" Ardeth scoffed.

"A legend, but I don't expect you to get with my love for music." Claudio replied. "Even though I'm usually a rock fan, my new friend here got some hits for you!"

"So you wish to put your dear friend in more danger by damaging yourself?" The gravekeeper asked.

"The only way to knock off your weird looking monster, yeah!" Claudio pointed to Relinquished. "Tupac, knock that monster and get JB outta there!"

Running into the fray, the new hero punched Relinquished with both knuckles, making it spit out JB. (1400-0/1200-0)

"Now you take the same damage as me!" Ardeth shouted. "Your friend's only a quarter of the way to be buried!"

"Try to get two monsters on the field to avoid Relinquished's side effects!" Melody shouted as her coffin closed in more.

Ardeth: 3300

Claudio: 1900

"I set one card facedown and end my turn" Claudio concluded.

"Perfect!" Ardeth drew. "I can take control of your monster and bury the both of you!" Relinquished started the suck in Tupac.

"Sorry, no dice!" Claudio shouted as a halo appeared over his Jukebox Hero's head and pulled him in.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Ardeth bellowed.

"Your fault, man." The Ra told him. "When Jukebox Hero- Tupac is targeted by any card effect, he leaves the field until the end of the turn!"

"Fine! I summon King of the Skull Servants!" Another Skull Servant appeared, but a more taller one than normal. (?/0) "And he gains 1000 attack point for any Skull Servant in the grave and I think you remember I set one to bring Relinquished here!" The king cackled as his points were set. (1000/0) "Now, direct attack!" The skeleton leaped at Claudio...

'I could activate my trap and use a monster to block his attack...' Claudio looked at his facedown card. 'But Relinquished would take him... as long as Melody doesn't go six feet under after my dec... Wait! My other card!" "I activate Sweet Chin Music!" When the skeleton got close enough, Claudio gave a swift kick to the skull, knocking it off and sending the body into the grave. "When I'm attack directly, I can destroy the attacking monster and deal 500 points of damage!"

Ardeth growled as the skull hit his duel disk.

Ardeth: 2800

Claudio: 1900

"Just you wait, I'll make sure you don't walk out of here by stopping all of your attacks!" Ardeth shouted.

"With what?" Claudio asked.

"This..." He summoned a strange looking beast that had many eyes covering its body and a blue cape. (0/0)

"Claudio! He's got the Thousand-Eyes Idol!" Melody shouted. "That only means one thing!"

Claudio gasped. 'Thousand-Eyes Restrict!'

"I can see the fear in your eyes for what's about to come..." Ardeth grinned. "But first, I play Magical Blast to deal two hundred points of damage for every spellcaster monster I have! And if you didn't know, both of these are Spellcasters!"

Both monsters gathered their hands and shot two blasts at the Ra, knocking him on his back.

Ardeth: 2800

Claudio: 1500

"Now I activate Polymerization to fuse my monsters together!" Instead of the usual fusion effects, Relinquished actually absorbed the idol into it.

"What gives?" The JH duelist looking confused.

Then that's when it happened... Relinquished quickly turned a sinister purple, afterwards a lot of eyes were opening like crazy. And then, the wings opened up to reveal a horrifying face with two giant green eyes. The core was now its mouth and the Wdjat eyestalk was a lot livelier as it blinked!" (0/0) "Meet the Thousand-Eyes Restrict!"

"More like the Thousand-Eyes ugly if you ask me..." Claudio cringed as half of the new monsters eyes were focused at him, glaring. Melody felt lucky that most of her vision was obscured by the coffin lid.

"You shall see its power first hand, once your turn starts. So go!"

On cue, Tupac came back to the field. (2000/1300) Suddenly, he was frozen still once he landed on the ground!

"What!?" Claudio stepped back.

"As long as my monster's in play, no other monster can move!" The gravekeeper informed him. "Now draw your card!"

'There's one monster to use for this occasion..." Claudio drew Pts. Of Authority. "Oh man..."

"With my traps, you lose 1000 points!" Bad Reaction to Simochi blew purple smoke at Claudio, reversing The Eye of Truth's effects.

Ardeth: 2800

Claudio: 500

Melody's coffin was almost closed now!

"Well too bad Melody won't be buried; I activate Pts. Of Authority, paying 400 life points to draw two cards!" Lightning jolts struck his fingers as he took two cards from his deck. "Stupid Shadow Game..."

Ardeth: 2800

Claudio: 100

He looked at his two new cards, Clementine and Jukebox Hero Slash. He beamed at the monster 'Perfect!'

"Claudio, you got anything?" Melody asked. "I can't see the duel anymore!"

"Well, listen carefully to this... I summon Jukebox Hero Slash!" A tower of fire erupted to bring out the shades and top hat wearing Jukebox Hero. (1300/1500) But just like Tupac, he was frozen stiff.

"Please tell me you're done..." Ardeth groaned. "From your cards, you have nothing play since Thousand- Eyes Restrict stops everything in their tracks."

"Yeah, but not any of their effects!" Claudio grinned.

"What are you talking about?"

"Gee... and you're the one saying I'm dumb?"

"Shut your mouth, boy!"

"How can when I have to announce my next moves? Such as activating my final facedown card!" The card flipped up showing many Jukebox Heroes standing at attention on a stage. "Let There Be Rock!"

"So, you can summon a few monsters..." Ardeth waved off. "But it won't matter, Thousand-Eyes Restrict will stop your monsters! Then on my next turn, I can take Magical Blast from my graveyard instead of drawing. And because of your earlier attempt to draw cards, I win this match and bury the both of you!"

Claudio was just staring at the gravekeeper as he continued to rant. "...Right. Now, with my trap I can send any number of cards from my hand to the grave." He discarded two cards. "In exchange, I can summon Jukebox Hero monsters up to level 4 equal to same amount of cards I discarded. "So come out Jukebox Hero JB!"

JB returned standing next to Tupac. (1400/1200)

"And a new one called Jukebox Hero- Bon Fire! I sent this one to my grave with Graceful Charity!"

A flaming microphone dropped to the ground as another man followed and swung it around by the cord. He had brown hair down to his neck and wore only blue jeans and black shoes. (1800/500)

As soon they were summoned, they met the gaze of the Thousand-Eyes Restrict and were frozen stiff.

"And now with Slash's ability, when Jukebox Heroes are summoned you lose 500 points! And with two that's 1000! Try stopping this!"

Slash was able to break the hold Ardeth's monster had and summoned his golden acid rain on him.

Ardeth: 1800

Claudio: 100

"And remember, when JB's summoned, KG is too!"

KG joined JB's side. (1200/1400) And that caused, Slash to pelt Ardeth with golden acid rain.

Ardeth: 1300

Claudio: 100

"So what!?" Ardeth snapped. "You can't do anything else!"

"You're right, I'll end my turn now." Claudio smiled. "But at the end phase, Bon Fire's got a little song for you! As he wipes out your life points!"

"He can't! It's another effect!" The gravekeeper gasped.

"Oh yeah!" Melody shouted from her coffin.

"Yup, and he hit's you with 300 points for every Jukebox Hero on the field!" Claudio grinned. "And with 5 on the field, it's over buddy! Hit it!"

(Let There Be Rock by AC/DC)

JB, KG and Slash broke their paralyzing effects and started playing. Tupac started glowing white as he smirked and gave a peace sign to Ardeth. Bon Fire then started singing into the mic...

In The Beginning
Back in nineteen fifty-five
Man didn't know about a rock 'n' roll show
And all that jive
The white man had the schmaltz
The black man had the blues
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tchaikovsky had the news
He said -
"Let there be sound"

(Slash played a small solo)

There was sound!
"Let There be light!"

(A giant spot light shone down on the five Jukebox Heroes)

There was light
"Let there be drums"

(The Spirit of Rush the Beat made a special appearance to start drumming)

There was drums!
"Let there be guitar"

(All guitarists held up their guitars)

There was guitar!
"Oh, Let there be rock!"

(Bringing it all together, the Jukebox Heroes started rocking. At the end of the play, Bon Fire used his microphone to launch flames at Ardeth, ending the game)

Ardeth: 0

Claudio: 100, Winner

"Yeah! How ya like that!" Claudio cheered as the holograms disappeared. But he saw, Ardeth kneeling on the ground in exhaustion.

"So... you and your friend live..." Ardeth muttered. "Very well..." The gravekeeper snapped his fingers then saw Melody's coffin open all the way.

"Thank God!" Melody sighed and then smiled at her friend. "But then again, I never doubted you!"

The wrappings around her unraveled, setting her free and letting her run over to the guys.

"I must be losing my touch, for you to pass my trial..." Ardeth rolled up his sleeve and took off what it seemed to be armlet with a green orb attached. "I bestow upon you this magic armlet."

"Thanks..." Claudio took the armlet to get a better look. But it was missing half of it. "Why's there only a part of this armlet?"

"Another has also passed this trial with otherworldly creatures that were also not of this world." Ardeth claimed. "You'll have to beat him to gain the other half."

"Okay..." Claudio slipped on the armlet. It was a little bigger than his arm until, it was able to cling to the side of his arm. "Whoa..."

"So, are we free to go?" Melody asked, looking cautiously.

"You two are, but I can't say the same for your friends." Ardeth admitted. "If they have lost their trials, then by order of the chief they'll be buried."

Claudio and Melody looked to each other with worried eyes...

Two down, and one to go!

Jukebox Hero - Bon-Fire (Bon Scott from AC/DC)
Attribute: FIRE
Level: 4
ATK: 1800
DEF: 500


During the End Phase of your turns, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the number of "Jukebox Hero" monsters on your field x300.

Jukebox Hero - Rush the Beat (Rush the band, best drummer)
Attribute: EARTH
Level: 3
ATK: 1100
DEF: 1800


Discard this card from your hand to Special Summon 1 "Jukebox Hero" monster from your Graveyard. You can only attack with the selected monster this turn. At the End Phase, return the selected monster to your hand.

Here's a twist

Jukebox Hero - Tupac (The legend that never dies. The rapper, Tupac Shakur)
Attribute: LIGHT
Level: 5
ATK: 2000
DEF: 1300


When this card is selected as a target for a card effect, remove this card from play until the End Phase of the turn.

(A/N: Just so you know, Tupac's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognizing his talents even though I know it's hip hop music.)

(These three monster cards were created by GuardianSparrow9, creative rights go to him)

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