Chapter 3 : Hearts

Sora mentally groaned. He turned slowly towards Roxas, who seemed frozen on the spot. Axel and Demyx raised an eyebrow upon seeing the three boys. Riku cleared his throat before stepping into a calmer position.

"Good day." He said before hitting Axel across the face. The redhead was shocked for a moment, and Riku took that moment to run. Sora and Roxas were rooted to the spot. Sora's mom's eyes widened, as she realised they wouldn't run.

"Sora! Go! And take your friend with you!" She shouted and Sora snapped out of his shock. He stepped towards Axel and Demyx.

"Why were you looking for me?" He asked calmly, keeping a firm grip on his Keyblade. Roxas stepped up next to him, both Oathkeeper and Oblivion in hands. He nodded, also wanting the question answered.

"Xemnas, quite simply. I didn't think tailing you would be this easy though." Axel chuckled, and Sora raised an eyebrow.

"Roxas, go. I think I don't need you to deal with this. I may need you for something else." He said, and Roxas nodded. He disappeared in a blink of an eye. Axel and Demyx took a step back from shock. But Sora's mom was behind them, and just pushed them back. They glared at her then looked back at Sora.

"So, you're all back, huh?" Sora whispered, and Axel rolled his eyes.

"Every single member, except Zexion, Roxas and Xion. Roxas and Xion, we know about. But number VI... That's a shock. He was a founding member. But he hasn't popped up. We all think he's deserted, because it doesn't seem likely that only one member didn't return." Axel and Demyx chuckled, and Sora scowled.

"So Zexion may have deserted?" He hissed, and Demyx nodded. "Would it be priceless for you to know if he was around?" A vigorous nod from Axel. "Then, you will not find out." Sora finished, with a smirk. Axel growled, and pressed his palm against Sora's throat, squeezing it slightly, making Sora out of breath. Riku, who had joined Zexion and Kairi, said others, Demyx and Sora's mom tensed, and Sora struggled for air. Axel lifted the boy off his feet, and 2 feet into the air, so his face was higher than his. Sora squirmed and Demyx flinched. Axel grimaced.

"G-get off me..." Sora gasped as even more air left him. Axel softened, as he realised what he was doing. He gasped as Sora's arms and flailing legs went limp, and his head lolled to the side, eyes closed. He was killing Roxas... He was killing his best friend.

Axel dropped Sora and cowered back, covering his face with his hands. Sora had fallen unconscious, and Riku was hurrying back, Kairi behind him. Sora's mom came out of her shock.

"No!" She yelled, and Riku reached his best friend. Kairi reached the boy next, and shook him slightly. Sora's mom, stood rooted, behind Axel, who looked distraught, and Demyx, who simply looked shocked.

"Axel... What have you done...?" Demyx whispered, realisation hitting him with an impact. Axel looked up from his hands and shook his head.

"X-Xemnas knew this would happen... T-that's why he sent m-me... H-he wanted me t-t-to... K-kill him..." Axel stuttered, and a small tear about the size of pea rolled down his eyes. "I w-want to kill him... I want t-t-to d-d-desert..." Axel gasped, and clasped his hands at his mouth realising what he had said. Demyx's eyes widened, and then he relaxed.

"Perhaps I could join you too." He whispered, surprised the treacherous thoughts were coming to his head. Riku and Kairi looked taken aback, and then smiled.

"I won't forget this though." Riku warned, indicating Sora.

"And nor will I." A different voice added, and they all turned their heads to see a glaring Zexion. Axel and Demyx looked shocked, then smiled and relaxed.

"It seems you also deserted, Zexion." Axel grinned, and Zexion nodded stiffly.

"I felt I had to undo my mistakes. Castle Oblivion just wasn't right. I had to meet Sora..." Zexion whispered, looking at the ground. Axel strode over to the boy, and clasped his shoulder firmly.

"Awe...! C'mon Zexy, lighten up a little!" Axel laughed, and Zexion shot a part amused, part angry, part worried look.

"Ahem. 1; Call me Zexy ONE more time and I will disembowel you. 2; I am light enough as it is. And 3; I will lighten up profusely when Sora wakes up. He's my only hope to stop Xemnas." Zexion growled, and Axel's grin dropped a little.

"Why do you need to stop Xemnas?" He asked, seriously. Zexion gaped as he realised he had almost revealed his plan to Axel.

"I... Never mind..." Zexion trailed off, and looked at the sky. Axel sensed there was something wrong, but held it back. They had to make sure Sora was okay first. Zexion went over to where Sora lay, and lifted the boy's shoulders up. He studied Sora's face for a minute, before letting him down softly, and turning to Riku and Axel.

"We should get him inside." He declared, before striding past Sora's mom, and into the house. Sora's mom stood there for a second, but then moved out of the way when Axel and Riku carried an unconscious Sora into the house, with Demyx and Kairi close behind. She followed them in and shut the door behind her. She hurried herself into the kitchen, where she often feels at ease, when Kairi comes in.

"They've taken him upstairs, Sinai. He'll be fine; we all just want a drink, if you don't mind." Kairi smiled and 'Sinai' nodded, before busying herself with making some drinks; coffee, tea, cola, orange and water were bundled onto a tray along with some cakes and biscuits, which she carried upstairs, into Sora's room, with a little help from Kairi.

"We got some food." Kairi huffed as she entered the room. Riku smiles and helps her with the heavy food laden tray she is carrying. Kairi smiles her thanks and Sinai places the drinks tray on a small coffee table in the room. After that, she examined the room and its occupants. Sora was on his bed, and Axel and Demyx were sitting on the floor, heads lounging on the metal frame. Zexion was sitting on Sora's beanie chair, and was reading a thick book, brow creased with worry. Riku had been sitting on Sora's bed when they had entered, but now it was Kairi sitting there, and Riku was sitting on the corner wicker chair. Sinai smiled slightly, and left the room, closing the door behind her. Riku made sure she was gone, but talking to the company ensemble in Sora's room.

"Well, while Sora is out cold," He started and shot a cold glare at Axel, who just lowered his head in shame. "We – Zexion, Kairi and I – shall be explaining what we were talking about before we heard some sort of screaming fight." He shot another harsh glare at Axel and Demyx, and then turned to Zexion. The boy coughed.

"I appeared to Sora in his dreams last night. We were in Nome, and I explained everything to him. The Organization and that World mostly. I had requested his help in said dream, but then he woke up, and I did too, but I had fallen asleep in Hollow Bastion, and I awoke in Destiny Islands. Sora, and his Keyblade, is needed once more. I have predicted that the Organization will rise soon if they do not get defeated. Same with the Heartless. But if they do not get defeated soon, a new, more powerful enemy will arise, and I do not want to see that happen." Zexion finished, and Axel looked at him in disbelief. Then, a maniacal laugh came from Demyx. Zexion raised an eyebrow at him, questioning him silently. Demyx stopped, seeing the glare from Zexion.

"Well, here's the thing Zexy... Nome doesn't exist. Like Nobodies." Demyx sniffed, and Zexion smirked.

"We aren't Nobodies any more Demyx." He stated, and everyone save Sora looked at the genius.

"Repeat that... Slower..." Axel muttered and Zexion laughed.

"What I mean is that because we were destroyed by several members of this room, except one, that being Axel, I believe, we faded into the Chasms of Nome, and they we regained a heart. Okay, maybe we had to get destroyed to finally obtain one, but we were granted that heart. So therefore, you are no longer Nobodies... You are now Raemons. Clear?" Zexion eyed the others and they all nodded.

"But... What's a Raemon?" Demyx questioned and Zexion rolled his eyes.

"A Raemon is a Nobody who has regained their heart, so to speak, by being annihilated by a Human. Or somebody with a heart. Axel counts as a Raeson, because he did a suicide death, or so called 'Sacrifice'. Same with Roxas. Roxas gave himself up too." Zexion finished, and Axel and Demyx made a 'o' face, forcing a snigger from Riku. Axel sent a glare at the silverette before looking at the food. Riku saw the hunger in his eyes.

"Dig in." He said quiet and Axel looked at him with glee, before taking the hugest slice of Pizza on the plate.

"So we have hearts?" Axel said, before biting into the pizza slice. Zexion simply nodded.

"Yes Axel. We do. And Xemnas doesn't know... Yet." Zexion smirked, and Demyx raised an eyebrow, but then Sora started to cough.

"Urgh... I hate you Axel..." He muttered, before turning over in his sleep, and snoring loudly. Axel and Zexion gave each other a look, while Kairi, Riku and Demyx tried not to laugh, but failed dismally. The mumbling continued.

"No... I have no pepperoni in my chocolate... Yes, I do love the candy man... No, I am not in love with Bella Swan... HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW!?... Shut up..." Sora snored and all of them, apart from Zexion who was able to contain the laughter, laughed. Riku was about to drink when Sora had said those words, and now, said drink was spilt all over the carpet. But then, Sora became silent, face scrunched up. He began to toss and turn, and the others raised a worried eyebrow.

"...No... No... I won't let you... Just go and leave my friends alone... What... NO!" Sora screamed and shot up in his bed, sweat on his brow.

"Sora!" Riku yelled, and rushed over to the bed, Kairi already coaxing the boy who looked like he had seen a ghost.

"Are you okay?!" Riku worried and Sora looked at him, horror in his eyes. He shook his head, and looked over the room.

"W-what happened?" He croaked and Riku shook his head.

"Axel kind of knocked you out, we brought you here, and you start mumbling... then screaming..." Riku muttered and Sora nodded.

"What were you dreaming about Sora...?" Axel asked, curious. Sora looked at him, dazed.

"...Xemnas is coming..." Was all the boy said and the others looked at him in horror.