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Love... He had gotten many definitions of the seemingly simple word, but none of the matched up. None of them made any sense. To Axel, it was something very special that two people shared. To Xaldin, it was nothing more than a human weakness.

Roxas didn't know why he was fretting over it so much; they both had told him that a Nobody couldn't feel love. But his curiosity was unquenchable. He kept thinking weird thoughts, the kind that his colleagues would laugh at him for.

If I had a heart, who would I love?

The same sentence, the same question, Roxas had been repeating it to himself, trying and trying to find an answer. He cared very much for his best friends, Axel and Xion, but if he was capable…then who would he love? Xion was so nice and sweet. She reminded him of himself a bit, yet at the same time she was familiar in a way that he couldn't hope to explain.

And Axel…

Well, he had known Axel first. Axel had introduced him to sea-salt ice cream. It was Axel who had shown him the ropes when he first arrived. Axel, with his green eyes and paint-red hair. Axel's smile, his laugh, his knowing words…

Maybe he'd go with Xion. She didn't make his stomach do that weird, twisty thing. She didn't say cynical words that made his hollow chest ache. Xion was nice, simple, and—special! Xigbar had said that the two of them were special Nobodies, hadn't he? Though Roxas was sure that Xigbar hadn't meant it that way, he figured it was an easy way out of his confusing thoughts. Xion. Love. …Right.

But what about Axel?!

Roxas was seated up on the clock tower after finishing a mission quite early, and he hadn't gotten his ice cream yet. He decided to play a game. Whichever of his friends reached the clock tower first would be the one that he would love…if he had a heart, that is. He clenched his eyes shut and tucked his face against his propped-up knees.

Tick, tock, Axel, Xion, love, hearts, no hearts, no soul, no life, no body, Nobody, one, two, three, Axel, Xion, tick, tock…

After a long period of time, he heard steps. Fighting to keep his eyes shut and his mouth closed, Roxas huddled further into himself. A body plopped down next to his, and slowly he opened his big, baby blues.

The first thing he saw was a gloved hand holding out a bar of ice cream. Slowly, he let his eyes trail up that arm, over the shoulder, and to a face. A thin face, a white face, a face—surrounded by crazy, red hair.

He felt his lips turn into a natural smile as he reached out and took the offered ice cream.

Well, he certainly didn't hate the stomach twisty thing…

Well? :3