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The Walls of JerichoChapter 1

"Ok kids. It's going to be a long night. So here we go. Greg, there is a 402A on S. Pecos Rd. Riley; I need you to head over to Hildebrand for a 406. The addresses are on the assignment slips. Nick, you and I have a 419, possibly a suicide." Catherine wasn't sure if she wanted it to be a suicide or not in this case. Neither option was particularly pleasant. Catherine thought to herself. "If you need me call. Ready to go Nick."

Catherine grabbed her jacket off the chair and was out the door before any of then could say anything. Nick stood and stretched. "Well, good luck to both of you tonight. And be careful." Nick put his jacket on and turned to the two younger CSI's. "You both have my number too." With a wink Nick was out the door to catch up with Catherine.

"What did he mean by that?" Riley stood and threw her cup away.

"Well, here's the deal," Greg grinned. "When I was a CSI Level 1 like some people." Said Greg throwing Riley an exaggerated wink, "and started working my own cases, I sometimes had questions. So what I would do was call Nick or W…. Anyway, he would give me an idea of what to do. He never came right out and told me mind you. But it was a big help knowing that Nick would point me in the right direction, but I had to figure out what to do on my own. It sure kept me from looking foolish sometimes."

"Oh, so Nick doesn't think I can handle this because you couldn't. Interesting!" Riley snickered as she walked past Greg and out the door.

"That wasn't what I meant Riley! Riley, hey Riley wait up! I want to clear this up!" Greg jogged after her. When he caught up to her at the locker room Riley couldn't contain her laughter any longer. "Got ya!" And with that she disappeared into the locker room leaving a miffed Greg Sanders standing with his mouth hanging open for all to see.


"Hey Cath, I'll drive." Nick called to her as she crossed the parking lot towards her Denali. Since Grissom had left Catherine had taken over most of the driving. It made sense when she was with Riley or Greg.

"Umm…. Not tonight Nick. I just feel like driving." Catherine wasn't sure what shape either was going to be in once they arrived at the scene. And she knew Nick didn't like other people driving his Denali.

Nick wondered to himself what he might have done to make Catherine mad. Normally when they rode together she let him drive without question. Geeze, this case must be getting to her already. Nick thought. Maybe I should keep an eye on her tonight.

The ride to the scene was accomplished in complete and apprehensive silence. Each worried about how the case was going to affect the other.

When they pulled up to the house Nick was only slightly impressed with the house itself. The thing that caught the bird lover in him was the number of bird feeders, birdhouses and shrubbery to entice the feathered creatures to the yard. Nick was wonder struck with it.

"You coming Nick?" Catherine was already half way across the front lawn and grinning at his boyish like admiration.

"Oh, yeah. Right here!" He cringed as he reached her after several large steps. Slightly self-conscious from his lack of concentration up to this point.

Jim Brass had walked up to Catherine as the two were approaching. "Cath, Nick. He's inside." Nick couldn't remember the last time he had seen Brass look so physically ill at a crime scene. Purposefully pushing the thought of Warrick's death to the back of his mind.

They mutely followed Brass inside; neither one looking forward to what was about to be shown to them. It took a lot to make a seasoned cop like Brass look like a rookie who had just seen his first body.

As they reached the second floor the officers standing in front of the open bedroom door stepped gratefully aside. Nick and Catherine didn't miss the look that passed between the two officers. In fact they took a moment to look at each other with raised eyebrows.

From the door they could see a twin bed that was neatly made with a dark blue comforter. Next to that was a small nightstand done in a dark walnut. The walls were painted in a softer blue with various posters here and there. Nick was the first to step into the room. To his right was a small desk with a laptop open. He would save that to take to Archie. So far the room looked like a typical boys room. It's a kid! No wonder Cath is on edge tonight! Nick barley had the thought processed when he turned to his left.