Ok, yeah I know I don't need a new story, but I couldn't get this outta my head! I don't own anything besides my imagination!

" I can't believe that asshole!" I fumed. "Sticking me here in this bullshit fucking place!" I yelled, kicking over an empty trash can.

I looked around my….new home. It was empty, all my shit was in a U-Haul out front. The problem? How the fuck am I supposed to carry a couch in by myself? Huh? That's impossible!

My dad bought my this house, exiled me here and can't even help move my shit in! Wasn't it torture enough, making me switch schools my senior year? The beginning of my senior year no doubt. Guess this is what I get for finally putting my foot down and beating him back. It's his fault I've been in MMA since I was 10!

I sighed, "Might as well move the shit I can."

3 hours later I had moved all the stuff I possibly could on my own and I set it all up. Looking around, my house WAS pretty badass. I had 2 rooms 1 bathroom, a HUGE kitchen and dining room and I had a garage for my truck. Too bad it wouldn't fit in there because it was so big. I checked my phone. 2:30pm.

"Might as well grab lunch." I mumbled.

I wiped my hands on my dark denim jeans before grabbing my keys. I stopped by the mirror and took a look. It wasn't THAT bad. I had stitched in my left eyebrow and there was a slightly fading bruise on the left side of my face, but my green eyes were bright as always and my blonde hair was up in its trademark messy bun. Ehhh…I hated being a blonde. I needed to dye my hair fast! I also needed to get more tattoos, oh yeah! Change was coming.

I locked everything up before I went to a small café in town.