So i know it's extremely short and possibly not worth reading but hey; it's all I've got at the moment :)

"So what else did Paul get you?" Emily asked.

The guys were all out doing something, so it was just us two.

"THESE!" I exclaimed taking them off my neck, handing them to her.

She read them and squealed, "No joke! What did you say?"

"Well, I was already going to ask him to move in with me, so I did an of course we both said YES!"

Emily and I jumped up and down squealing like little girls in the kitchen until everyone came running in.

"Everything alright?"

We stopped and stared at Sam, Paul, Quil, Embry, Leah and Seth.

"Of course everything's alright." Emily said.

"OOO! I sense good news!" Leah smiled walking up to us.

"Go outside!" We three shooed them.

They looked at us like we were crazy and went back outside.

We told her and all three of us started squealing in excitement.

They ran back in.

"Why are you three squealing like little school girls?" Embry asked annoyed.

"Paul didn't tell you?" I asked.

They shook their heads.

"Well, I told my girls. Paul can tell you guys when he decides to." I smiled.

"We'll just see it in Leah's mind." Quil said.

"Nope, I'll think of something else." She grinned.

They turned to Paul. "Fine, fine, let's go to the woods."

They were only gone a few minutes before Embry and Quil came running in full speed. They hugged me, and twirled me around.

"Oh my god sis!"

"That's awesome!"

"I know." I beamed.

Then they looked at each other and frowned.

"Wait, does this mean you won't come to the house anymore?" Quil asked sad.

"Or cook for us anymore?" Embry asked with a worried look.

I chuckled, "You can't keep me away from you two! And Em, do you really think I'd let you starve?"

"Hope not." He smiled.

"Yo Paul! When you moving your shit? I need a bigger room." Quil asked as the rest of the guys walked in. Paul shook his head and kissed me.

"I get the bigger room!"

"No! I do!"

I let them bicker for a few minutes before I got tired of it.

"BOYS!" I yelled loudly, making every wolf in the room cringe. "Neither of you get the room."


"That's not fair!" They wined.

I held up my hand and it got quiet. "It'll be a guest bedroom."

They started to protest.

"And that's FINAL. If you argue with me I WILL get my baseball bat and put it to good use." I glared at them, letting them know I was serious. They didn't say a word.